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on December 16, 2008
Reliable watch has withstood three deployments, among other things, and still works great. Date, alarm, indiglo, stopwatch, and dual time zone features have been very useful. Plastic parts aren't colored all the way through and are wearing off on some edges, but that's absolutely acceptable given the wear I've put on it. The face is still clear with no major scratches despite my scraping it against everything. I don't think you can beat the durability and functionality of this watch for the price.
2012 update-- I'm still wearing this watch regularly during workouts and rowing sessions on the water, and it's still running on its original battery. Keeper!
2015 update-- original battery died after 7 years, easily replaced. Great watch!
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on February 22, 2015
Actually liked it. Good price. It's small. I'm not a watch person. I got it for EMT class. And I grt compliments on it all the time. I had someone one tell me my "watch game was on point"
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on February 28, 2016
I wanted a watch for our camping trip, since my cell phone (which I was using as a watch) would most likely be dead. This is comfortable and holds up to everything I've thrown at it. I haven't gone swimming with it, but it hasn't been affected by showering or washing the dishes. My only complaint is that the watch won't "stay" in the second time zone. It can be programmed for two time zones (primary and T2), but I cannot get it to stay in the T2 time zone (which would be helpful for traveling). I can change the screen to T2 to check the "other" time, but the watch won't stay there (changes back to the primary time after about 30 seconds). This isn't an issue most of the time, but it would be more convenient to just switch between the two time zones rather than having to redo the time in the primary when I travel (which is relatively often, as I live in the central time zone and travel to the eastern time zone). Overall though, I am happy with the watch.
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on January 5, 2016
I love this watch!!!! I've had it for about 4 months now and i wear it for work (5 days a week). I'm a infant teacher so you can imagine all the spit up, paint, glue and everything this watch endures. Naturally it also puts up with the babies pressing multiple buttons as i'm holding their feet up while i change their diaper. I can't even tell you how durable this is, there's is barely a scratch on it! You move so fast in infant rooms trying to take care of everyone that sometimes i don't even notice how hard i bang it against anything until i hear the clang of it hitting something. When I first started doing this i would wince and hesitantly check it expecting to see a giant scratch or a button completely off, but i found nothing!!!!!! Now I barely notice when i hit it. I knew it needed to be water resistant because of all my previously mentioned items it just needed to be able to be cleaned. So when i'm washing my hands i go ahead and splash soapy water all over it and clean it through out the day. Keep in mind i don't know for sure if the soap is bad for it or not, this is me just saying I've been doing it for 4 months and it's been fine. I hope this review helped, I really couldn't recommend it enough!
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on June 8, 2015
This is my 4th 1440 and I just can't stop getting them! I've been buying these for years. I don't destroy them, only the straps have ever worn out. I simply like the way they have flawlessly functioned year after year. I replace batteries and the occasional strap, but the watch itself is, dare I say, bulletproof. I only need a stopwatch that will give me lap times and boom, there you have it. I have small wrists (only about 6") and there are still holes left over.
If you're into that sporty look, this is just as nice at the grocery store as it is on the trail. It's a Timex and it's a great price.
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on December 11, 2011
I purchased this watch to use as a stopwatch during my runs. I didn't have anything that was particularly good for working out, and my husband has had his Timex for years with only battery and strap replacements. I found this Timex and figured it would be a good buy, and I was right. I didn't expect much out of it, given the price, but it really has exceeded my expectations.

The functions are a little different than most typical digital watches (e.g., the Indiglo button is the bottom right, whereas every other digital watch I've seen, including my husband's Timex, is the top left button), but that doesn't take that long to get used to unless you're switching between watches often.

The strap material is good because it doesn't chafe, and it doesn't get particularly sweaty or sticky like some plastics. It stays in place, more or less, unless I move it. I don't find it the least bit annoying to wear on my wrist while running, which says a lot, since my metal watches for everyday (non-exercise) wear annoy me if they aren't loose like a bracelet.

I have been wearing this watch for 3+ months now, and I run or Spin 6 days/week (mostly running - only 1 day/week is Spinning). I have run in high humidity, in the cold, in fog, and in the rain. I have had zero issues with moisture in the watch or malfunctions of any kind. I definitely don't swim or shower with it, but it's gotten pretty decently wet in the rain and has not skipped a beat, so to speak.

My only complaint is that at 30 minutes the appearance changes so that the minute reading is big, but the seconds are small. This can be annoying to try to read while you're running, but you get used to it. I'm not sure why they did that (there's certainly enough room for "30:01" on the face), since the changeover could have certainly occurred at one hour rather than 30 minutes, but at this price it's hard to get too upset about it.

All in all a good value because I wasn't expecting this watch to do much more than act as a reliable stopwatch. Oh, and the colors are nice, too. Not too masculine, but not too feminine, either. Very sporty-looking.
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on May 7, 2014
I am a small girl and didn't want to wear a huge and ugly sport watch. I decided to take a chance on this one and am glad I did. This watch is grey and pink, not black as described. The grey color, in addition to the small size, softens the look. Setup is straightforward, and the timer is a cinch to access. I have one kink to work out with the timer, though. My first run with it was a killer--up and down a series of ravines. After an hour and twenty minutes I had to walk for a few, so I stopped the timer. When ready to resume running, I pushed the start button without looking down. After a while I checked my time, only to find that I was back in regular watch mode. I switched to timer mode and found my hour and twenty minutes still on the ticker. I resumed the timer and it worked fine for the rest of my run. My guess is that if you stop the timer it automatically reverts to watch mode after a few minutes (the instructions don't mention this). I'll have to remember it in the future. Other than that, this works fine for me. And it's cheap enough so that I don't care if I have to replace it once a year.

UPDATE: The watch still works and looks great after several weeks of use. However, I just noticed a comment by a reviewer of the Timex 1440 (purple color) claiming the watch is counterfeit--it doesn't say "Timex" anywhere. She's correct! In fact, if you look closely at the pics in the description for this version (grey and pink), some say "Timex" on the face, and others don't. I have looked my watch over front and back, and the Timex brand is missing. Shame on Amazon. I still love the watch, but I don't appreciate the misrepresentation.
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on June 17, 2013
I needed a watch to wear while camping and working out. I didn't want to spend much, because I honestly don't wear a watch often. But I needed something waterproof (just in the case of rain and sweat, not for swimming necessarily), something digital, easy to read, with an alarm and a stopwatch feature. This fit the bill, it looks great, fits great, and is simple to use.

When sweating or wet, the band can get a bit uncomfortable since it is plastic, but I just loosen it up. It's been great to use while working out, because I can easily check the stopwatch when I'm doing a set of weights and want to time a minute between sets. I haven't had to read the instructions, because it's pretty much like every other watch in terms of setting the time and such.

I wore it hiking a few times already. It's held up to the rain and a brief dip in a waterfall. I've only had it about a month, but so far, so good. I'll be happy if it lasts me a year, but so far this watch does its job.

UPDATE: I spent a week in Saranac Lake, NY where it rained almost every day. Poured, even. The watch got moisture inside, leaving it foggy and impossible to read. I tossed it aside thinking I would never be able to wear it again. However, a few weeks later I picked it up and the water had dried and the watch still works. I probably could have put the watch in with a bag of rice to help dry it out (I'll do this in the future) but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it still works.
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on January 6, 2014
This watch is just that. A perfectly acceptable watch. I ordered the watch for a trip to Mexico, because I didn't want to bring any of my other, nice watches. This watch certainly fit the bill. It is cheap, water resistant, and has a button to light up the face. PERFECT.

I would have given this watch a higher review, except that the watch showed up the day before my trip with a dead battery. Very disappointing. Without time to return the watch to Amazon, I opted to purchase a battery from Walgreens and replace it myself. The manual suggests having a jeweler change the battery to better preserve the water resistance. However, since I didn't have the time, I just screwed off the back and did it myself. The change was easy, and the watch retained resistance. I took the watch swimming and jet skiing without issue.

I called Amazon after changing the battery, and they were kind enough to credit my account the cost of the battery, which was excellent. Amazon never fails to disappoint in regards to customer service.

Overall, I recommend this watch as a gym, hiking, biking... whatever kind of watch to wear when you would prefer to leave your nice watch at home!
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on July 11, 2014
Ah, yet another inexpensive Timex watch I love. I gave my Expedition to my mom when she was in a nursing home and couldn't see the clock or calendar at night (it has Indiglo with the day/date right on the face). I bought this one in a pinch after giving mine away and like it better than the Expedition. I never take it off, whether I'm washing dishes or showering. The Indiglo face lights up very nicely, with the traditional blue background and dark numbers and letters. The digits are large enough for me to see easily. The band is vinyl, which I like better than a cloth band, which stays wet and clammy after submerging the watch in water. Even on my very narrow wrist there are two more holes to go to tighten it, and six to loosen it. So it will fit a large range of wrists. And it's not big and bulky. The brushed silver and little bit of shiny silver around the face are pretty but not gaudy. The gray vinyl is not as obvious as a black vinyl band would be. It's an economy watch that is dependable.
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