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on December 9, 2016
I really like this watch. I use the app feature for nursing to time intervals between feedings. I just ordered my fourth watch and I give it four stars due to the fact that they ALL have lasted just shy of a year each and all break in the same place. See the picture. On one the indiglo feature burned out at ten months and on one the mini band to keep the end down broke. Lucky for me I had my old watches and could use that piece from a different watch. I've also had condensation inside the screen for one. I used to use this watch for lap swimming and it worked great for that. No more swimming for me unfortunately. I do love the waterproof feature. So nice for giving The kids baths not to have to worry about taking it off, or for my shower. I wear mine all the time. Night and day, so if you never take yours off- your watch won't last for years like several reviews here I am seeing. But for the cost, a year isn't a bad output so I am pretty satisfied.
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on November 27, 2014
I've always had exactly this type of timex for my watch my whole life, just in different colors. I wear it ALL the time.

What you need to know is:

` With these types of watches, they'll last a good year

` The strap will slowly break and they do not have replacements for straps(I use ducktape when they break and have to keep changing the duck tape cause the strap will keep breaking)

` The actual center watch will last forever even if the strap won't, the watch never runs out of power

` This purple color has the most durable strap and the indiglo(light-up) lasts longest, so I recommend this one the most.

` I've found that any other color is less durable(I've had pink, blue, and yellow)

` I've found PINK is the LEAST durable, and also turns a dark pink/purple color after barely a few days of wear, AND the indiglo(light-up) feature breaks almost instantly, in a few days usually.

So keeping all that in mind, I do recommend this watch. It's good for the price and I've always loved it, especially in the purple color because this one specifically is more durable than any other color.
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on May 19, 2015
I collect watches. What I have noticed that I miss is the day/date feature that isn't on most watches. Some have the small date number at the three o'clock position but since I only need glasses for reading, I can't just glance down, but I have to put on glasses. Just to see the date. This watch has all the information and I actually don't need glasses to see the info I am looking for. It is exactly the color in the picture. It has an indiglo feature and it lights up bright enough to see everything on the face of the watch. It also has timers and stop watch settings that I don't use and it can be set to chime on the hour which I do have set. It is not so loud as to be annoying or probably even noticed by anyone else. You can leave it on in the shower and use it for swimming but not diving. I have only had a couple of weeks, but it is keeping time very well. It also has 24 hour (military) time, but I use the 12 hour AM/PM time.

I recommend this watch if it has the options you are looking for in a watch. If there is any change I will update this review here.
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on October 8, 2012
This item has an expected half-life of 6 months. That is, within a year, it will likely have a problem that many will feel is unacceptable. The problem is not the timekeeping part of it. That part takes a licking and keeps on ticking. The problem is the band design, which is weak to the point of falling off. I have now had 4 or 5 of these in various colors (and my daughter had a couple as well) because the combination of feature set and aesthetics were unbeatable.

Where the problem lies is in how the rubbery dark purple band attaches to the hard plastic watch (light pink plastic border, darker pink central border and face). After a year, the band separates from the plastic watch part. This usually happens over a period of several days/weeks, so I've gotten really good at super-gluing them back together. (Beware: the first time I tried it, the glue got under the buttons and they no longer worked!). Once this is done, the result is stronger than the original, though the buttons may stick.

I have used pretty much every feature on the watch, and I love that it is very intuitive. With other digital watches, I have had to pull out the manual to figure out how to set it/change it/use the features. This one is very very well labelled and intuitive. I never have to search to find a feature.

I use the dual time zone feature when travelling. I use the three alarms like a snooze. I have used the lap timer for sports (and I am definitely NOT a tri-athlete or really an athelete of any kind) and the countdown timer for everything from yoga poses to baking to Pictionary. I've also gotten it wet on occasion at the beach with the kids though I rarely immerse it. I use the light-up feature frequently and have used it as a light on occasion as well.

Before this sleeker, more feminine design came along, I wore the conventional ladies Ironman Triathlon design (without the triangle cutouts above and below the dial). That other model was much more durable with a similar/identical feature set. But I wear this so much that I'm willing to sacrifice the durability for the appearance. I think it's the best looking digital watch I've ever seen - but it's the feature set that makes it really great.

I wear mine 24/7 and it has scuffs on the face, but it's not unsightly.
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on April 5, 2017
Had to return FIRST one but ordered again because from warehouse deal scratched badly on face and close to face it was down to metal scratch were bad almost couldn't see numbers I know this next one will be better
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on December 3, 2012
I've been wearing ironman watches for almost 10 years. I wear these watches 24/7. I even shower with it on. I love the fit and the feminine touch to an otherwise boring digital watch. I am known for always having my watch on. I only have one complaint- They wear out after about 2 years of hard wear. Droplets get under the screen and start condensing and making the numbers go wacky. This happens even faster in a greasy environment. I wore them out faster back when I worked in fast food. Now that I work in a hospital, they last much longer. In the hospital, we use military time which is a feature on this watch I use constantly. I keep buying them over and over because they are easy to use and comfortable to wear. I love that the day of the week and day are present. I also use the timer and alarm occasionally. I use the indiglo button all the time. I feel lost without this watch. It's guaranteed I will keep buying them.

EDIT: I do love these watches, but this particular design seems to be a little less durable than the others. The "sleek" wristband pulls away from the buttons after about a year. It also got foggy/water droplets under the screen and part of the display stopped working. Doesn't change the fact these are still my favorite brand of watches and I'll continue to wear them and replace them every 1-2 years.
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on December 30, 2015
Unfortunately this is the second time this model of watch has experienced water damage while swimming. I am confused how a watch that is water resistant to 100m can become fogged or damaged when used at a depth no where near that. It seems from reading reviews that I am not the only one having this problem. When I tried to contact Timex, not only did they not explain this, but they said "sorry about the confusion, sometimes they can get condensation even if they say 100m water resistant", please return it with eight dollars and we might fix it under warranty. I then had to follow a link to Timex's own site fill out forms only to have the website be down when I tried to submit it. This is unfortunate; I will not buy another one of these watches even though I like the style and the features. It is also funny that my husband's ironman watch seems to have no such problems. Do women ironmen not swim?
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on January 14, 2016
Love the color, fit, and features. This is my 8th or 9th Timex sport watch. Three things generally happen with these watches that cause me to buy a replacement: the back light stops working (I camp so back light is essential); the band breaks where I buckle it; or it gets moisture in and fogs up and stops working (The deepest water it is in is swim laps in a pool). One of these three things happens at about the 2-2 1/2 year point. When I first started using this type of model, they would last for several years so I have noticed the longevity (quality) going down. I still like the Timex features and size better than other sport watches I've seen. Wish I could get more good years out of them before having to replace.
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on November 13, 2012
I bought this watch for a half marathon and at first it was lost in the mail. Amazon was wonderful and sent a replacement which arrived the day before the race. I was nervous to use it for the first time in the race but it worked out great! It was very easy to use and set up and I was amazed at how much I enjoyed having a watch tell me when to walk/run instead of having to watch my cell phone. It is a cute watch and the light up feature and date on it are great as well-- i wear it for my normal watch anytime i can make purple match.... I would recommend this watch to anyone. I do make a point to keep it out of the water due to previous reviews about it not handling that very well, although i have washed dishes while wearing it. Overall great purchase, product, and customer service.
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on November 11, 2016
Not my normal style of watch. I tend to like dials but I wanted a watch that was reasonably priced while my daily watch was being repaired. What I do not like it the band. The end of the band tends to poke out from the little strap that should hold the end of the strap down. The face is a good size for a small wrist. Other than the band, it has served its purpose well.
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