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on January 14, 2012
I purchased this Tingley Mens 1400 Pull-on Boot for the sole purpose of protecting my shoes and lower pant leg.
If you're familiar with wearing standard height (ankle-high) shoes in the winter time across parking lots and salted sidewalks, you'll know how salt will damage your shoe and stain your pant leg, not to mention how your shoes and pant leg get soaked if you have to walk through an unexpected snowfall without tall boots. I didn't want to lug around a second pair of tall boots for those "in case it snows" days and these pull-on boot covers seemed like the next best thing.

Summary: They run small, I had to get 2 sizes up to make this product usable.
I wear shoes ranging in size 11-1/2" to 12" with medium/medium-wide widths depending on make/style.
I originally purchased an XXL (12.5-14") figuring that it would give me a little room and make it easier to slip on/off.
WRONG, I could not slip it on all but one of my shoes, and even that was an acrobatic feet.
I returned it and bought an XXL (14-15.5") and it fits, with just a slight amount of wiggle.
If your wear your shoes loose, it's likely that your foot would slip out of your shoe instead of the shoe slipping out of the boot, since the shoe cover does not come off too easily (as long as it's sized right).

The following are exterior dimensions I obtained from Tingley's which helped me pick out the right size:
Length*: 11.35 (S), 12.18 (M), 12.74 (L), 13.13 (XL), 13.69 (2XL), 14.24 (3XL)
Width: 4.28 (S), 4.68 (M), 4.70 (L), 4.75 (XL), 4.88 (2XL), 4.95
* The length includes the kick-off heel that extends 1/2" out the back.

The boot cover is molded from a nice high-quality black rubber and is non-glossy.
The sole has a nice boot-like tread that has good traction on asphalt, concrete and vinyl floors.

The fold-over snap closure (when unsnapped) offers a generous opening that makes it easier to slip in/out.
The snap closure is really more a rubber button and hole, not a true "snap" closure.
If your snap closure hole isn't all the way through, just cut a "+" slit so that the button will fit easily.

Since it's made of a nice flexible rubber, they fold down nicely, I just put it in a plastic bag and slip it in my backpack so it's there when I need it, beats having to lug around bulky tall boots.

I can't speak for durability but the flexible, stretchy rubber looks like it will last a while. I would avoid storing it in direct sunlight or places that have large temperature swings since it is rubber after all and you don't want it to dry-rot.

I've already accidentally stepped in to a frozen puddle, saved my shoes, socks and pants a royal splash.
I think I'll probably pack them even on rainy days, so I can stay dry through puddles.

I'm giving this product 5 stars despite the sizing error because it is a good product.
Amazon needs to update the sizing so that people are not misled in to buying too small a size and go through the hassle of returning it.

Edit (4/13/2013): A tip to help slipping them on/off. Put a plastic bag over your shoes before you slip these boots on. They slide on easy and you also won't transfer dirt from the soles of your shoes to the inside of these boots :)
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on August 5, 2016
 Watch the video for product demo and more information!

I wear a size 13 men's shoe, and at first I ordered the XXXL size based on the reviews I read about how the overboot fits. When I received the XXXL boots, I found them to be too big so I ordered the XXL size (which equals the 12.5-14 size) and found this size to be much better for me. Some people wrote that they had difficulty slipping the boots over their shoe and had to use plastic grocery or trash bags over their shoes to even get the overboots on. I have not had this problem with the size XXL for my size 13 foot, wearing running shoes or basket ball shoes. They go on relatively easily, but are a little more difficult to get off, in fact sometimes my entire shoe comes off with it. These boots are perfect for traveling because they are not super bulky and I used them at an outdoor weekend festival where there was a lot of rain. They kept the one pair of shoes I brought clean and dry for the duration of my trip. They do have a strong rubber odor that seems to dissipate with time. I've had them for a month and now it's down to a faint smell. When I packed them in my suitcase, I put them in a plastic bag to keep the smell at bay and had no problem with the odor rubbing off on anything else.

I'm giving these four stars because I would prefer a flat sole instead of the slight heel that these have and I would say that the tread could be improved, but I was able to walk through puddles and wet ground without slipping.

I have recommended these to many people because they are lightweight, packable, and functional.

Hope you found this review to be informative and helpful!
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on January 18, 2015
I was looking for waterproof boots for a hiking trip. I wear a size 8.5 AAA women's shoe so it's very hard to find hiking shoes that fit comfortably and are very light weight. Since these boots stretch on over my own running shoes, I thought there was a chance they wouldn't be too wide. I was right. They fit perfectly. I ordered size Small based on the sizing information from another review that listed the length and width of sizes in inches. When they arrived, I slipped them over my shoes for a perfect fit. No wiggle room, which is what I was hoping for. The rubber is very pliable and stretchy and they are extremely light weight so I will be able to throw them in my backpack when not needed. I can wear my summer running shoes, which have breathable fabric and are very flexible, until I need protection from crossing steams. These boots appear to be very well-made and no seams to split open. I'm anxious to try them on my upcoming trip.
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on January 10, 2016
I haven't worn these yet, but I'm so excited that I ordered them after reading the reviews on Amazon. I used the size chart on the Tingley website to make sure I got the right size. I bought them to wear over my ankle height hiking boots for trips through the muddy woods. I don't want to ruin my nice boots. I used the technique described by the reviewers who suggested that you put your boots or shoes in a plastic grocery bag before trying to fit them in the rubber overshoes. First I tried it without the grocery bag, and I couldn't get the boots inside the overshoes. Then I tried it with the grocery bag and it worked like a charm! I'm so excited. Can't wait to try them in the muddy woods and rain. In the photo you can see my hiking boot on the right and on the left is me wearing the hiking boot inside of the rubber overshoe. So you can clearly see how these large boots fit inside the overshoe with no problem (once I used the plastic bag method of putting them on).
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on October 21, 2016
The problem seems to be that the Tingley folks live in a world in which the users stuff heavily socked feet, or at most, old-time, very trim sneakers with barely enough sole to encase the foot. These days walkers, which I use, and flashy tennis have big-time soles with bright orange or neon edges, that extend out past the foot perimeter to make a statement. These do not fit in the Tingley overboot of the predicted size. But, with a little bit of struggle, my size 11.5 wide Orthoshoe did manage to get all the way in. I opined that the problem was that the two rubber parts could not slide across each other so I took a plastic bag that the paper comes in, slit the top side of the bag half ways down the length, put on the Orthoshoe down to the bottom of the bag, and stuffed the shoe and bag into the overboot. I got it all the way in. Wooo Hooo! Getting it out, was another story, and not one that I am willing to repeat. Tingley Rubber 10-Inch 1400 Rubber Overshoe is stamped with a size of Extra Large. I suspect that I will need at least a 2XL or, most likely, a 3XL 3XL size, if available.
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on March 12, 2014
The Good:
A. Size XL fits over my US 9.5 (Euro 44) shoes like a glove--nice and snug but not too hard to get on/off.
B. The closure is secure and easy to use.
C. I like the one-piece molded construction, and the sole is nice and aggressive.
D. The price is right!

The Bad:
A. They fit so well only because I recognized THE SIZE EQUIVALENTS IN THE DESCRIPTION ARE BACKWARD. The description says "11-12.5US Mens/9.5-11US Wmn" but actually a US Men's 9.5-11 is equivalent to a US Women's 11-12.5, so it should read "9.5-11 US Mens/11-12.5 US Wmn." Knowing this, I bought the correct size and got the right fit. However, my size (Men's US9.5/10 or Euro 43) is on the bottom end of the range and they wouldn't work if they were any smaller. SO, err to the large side and they will fit OK.
B. These boots are relatively soft and thin, and are solid PVC (no embedded fabric or reinforcement). That's good for easy entry/exit, but is a trade-off. Calling it a "work boot" may imply a bit more durability, and I doubt this type of boot would last long in rough use. Just my opinion, though, and they will certainly work fine for my occasional/emergency use.
C. As others have mentioned, the button hole was covered with a thin membrane of PVC from the molding process and had to be cleared for the closure to work. No big deal, though, as it took only a few seconds.

BOTTOM LINE: I would recommend to others as a waterproof occasional over-boot. Beware the size equivalents, and enjoy!
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on March 5, 2015
Solid rubber boot only issue is there is a little extra rubber at the back of each heel which makes them a little uncomfortable to walk in because it feels like there's something extra in your boot.
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on August 17, 2015
These are utilitarian. I'm not saddened to say they provide "bad" arch support, if that is the only option other than, "Yes, they provide good arch support."

Funny, I had them delivered to work, carried them home excited to start saving my shoes from Chicago weather, and make them last longer.

I walked down 3 flight of stairs the next morning, into a torrential downpour, and looked at my dress shoes, and up the 3 flights of stairs my "Rubbers" were. I cursed and said my dress shoes would survive one more day.

I'm looking forward to this Winter, because the 3-4x I've worn them since I remembered them the 1st rain storm after I bought them, I've stepped INTO puddles, muck, slush and such. I do so smugly, and with child like glee.

There is the issue that the button/loop is very tight, and adds 3x as long to finish the job, as tugging these bad boys over a shoe to begin with. I've just used my pant leg to keep the loose mouth of the boot in check, The problem is, that makes these boots under-taskers. They should be tough enough to slip into so they fit and don't flop when I walk, and clasp OVER my pants leg easily. That would be functional to their height, and task. That is their task, right?

A rock solid rivet holding a piece of cord like para-cord, that slipped over/off the button. That would be a fantastic design improvement, because the 1st time you overextend the rubber loop and break it, is the last time you can clasp these things closed.
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on August 2, 2015
I've been using these boots for 3 summers now and they are still very functional. The heavy rains in Florida flood most of my yard every summer ... got a record 3" of rain yesterday ... and I could not do anything in the yard without these boots. I keep an old pair of heavy duty clogs in the boots so that I can just slip the boots on and off easily. My clogs are a women's size 10 wide and fit into the XL boot nice and snug as you don't want to be slipping out of these boots while you are sinking into the rain saturated ground. There is a heavy sole on the clog and this makes it easy to use a shovel with the boots over the clogs. No issues w/ the boot tearing. I recommend wearing socks because the black rubs off on the exposed heel skin. I wear my socks over my long knit pants and have no trouble getting the boots on and off. I often sink to the ankle in these boots and my feet stay dry. The only time I get wet is when some water gets in through a slush through the top of the boot. Overall, these boots have been great and I highly recommend them for this purpose.
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on April 26, 2017
So far, so good. In the photo I am wearing size 10 men's Keen walking shoes with orthotics and you can see the outline of the eyelets. This is a perfect fit for me, but my shoes stay in the boots when I pull them off, then I have to reach into each boot and remove the shoe. I'm ok with that because I don't want any gap, play, or shifting when I walk. This boot was recommended on a mail carrier forum. I haven't worn them on duty yet, but tomorrow it is supposed to pour so they will get put to the test.
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