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on January 14, 2012
I purchased this Tingley Mens 1400 Pull-on Boot for the sole purpose of protecting my shoes and lower pant leg.
If you're familiar with wearing standard height (ankle-high) shoes in the winter time across parking lots and salted sidewalks, you'll know how salt will damage your shoe and stain your pant leg, not to mention how your shoes and pant leg get soaked if you have to walk through an unexpected snowfall without tall boots. I didn't want to lug around a second pair of tall boots for those "in case it snows" days and these pull-on boot covers seemed like the next best thing.

Summary: They run small, I had to get 2 sizes up to make this product usable.
I wear shoes ranging in size 11-1/2" to 12" with medium/medium-wide widths depending on make/style.
I originally purchased an XXL (12.5-14") figuring that it would give me a little room and make it easier to slip on/off.
WRONG, I could not slip it on all but one of my shoes, and even that was an acrobatic feet.
I returned it and bought an XXL (14-15.5") and it fits, with just a slight amount of wiggle.
If your wear your shoes loose, it's likely that your foot would slip out of your shoe instead of the shoe slipping out of the boot, since the shoe cover does not come off too easily (as long as it's sized right).

The following are exterior dimensions I obtained from Tingley's which helped me pick out the right size:
Length*: 11.35 (S), 12.18 (M), 12.74 (L), 13.13 (XL), 13.69 (2XL), 14.24 (3XL)
Width: 4.28 (S), 4.68 (M), 4.70 (L), 4.75 (XL), 4.88 (2XL), 4.95
* The length includes the kick-off heel that extends 1/2" out the back.

The boot cover is molded from a nice high-quality black rubber and is non-glossy.
The sole has a nice boot-like tread that has good traction on asphalt, concrete and vinyl floors.

The fold-over snap closure (when unsnapped) offers a generous opening that makes it easier to slip in/out.
The snap closure is really more a rubber button and hole, not a true "snap" closure.
If your snap closure hole isn't all the way through, just cut a "+" slit so that the button will fit easily.

Since it's made of a nice flexible rubber, they fold down nicely, I just put it in a plastic bag and slip it in my backpack so it's there when I need it, beats having to lug around bulky tall boots.

I can't speak for durability but the flexible, stretchy rubber looks like it will last a while. I would avoid storing it in direct sunlight or places that have large temperature swings since it is rubber after all and you don't want it to dry-rot.

I've already accidentally stepped in to a frozen puddle, saved my shoes, socks and pants a royal splash.
I think I'll probably pack them even on rainy days, so I can stay dry through puddles.

I'm giving this product 5 stars despite the sizing error because it is a good product.
Amazon needs to update the sizing so that people are not misled in to buying too small a size and go through the hassle of returning it.

Edit (4/13/2013): A tip to help slipping them on/off. Put a plastic bag over your shoes before you slip these boots on. They slide on easy and you also won't transfer dirt from the soles of your shoes to the inside of these boots :)
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on December 27, 2013
 i bought these to see if they could replace my winter snow boots; they did and then some. boots are rarely waterproof, they are bulky and heavy and extra baggage, in addition to your other shoes. i put these over cross-trainers and Diesel slip-on shoes and they work well with both. they are flexible and water-proof. i do suggest a snug fit so they don't move around over the shoes. these are slippery when wet so consider adding shoe chains over these if you plan to use on slick surfaces like ice. roll them up when not in use and stick in a gallon ziplock bag. i used these and chains for icy mountain climbing in Tahoe in December.
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on January 31, 2011
For decades I've struggled during winter snows in Cambridge, MA with overshoes. But now I've found the answer. Not having a car, I've ridden a bike for work, food shopping and swimming year around. I also must walk my dog. Even in big snow accumulations like this winter, I must bike at least every other day to swim and food shop. To make matters worse, few shoes or boots work for me because of my weak arches. The only dependable shoes without paying for special arch supports have proved to be big-soled shoes approved for police and postal workers and German Finn Comfort thick-soled sandals that happen to have built-in arch supports that work well for me. Before this Tingley overshoe, I had to choose between overshoes that I could put on and take off easily but were so large they were difficult for biking and walking or a smaller size that was OK for biking and walking but was a pain to get on and off. I chose the small size and had to sit on a bench or chair to get them on and off. Moreover, my previous overshoes wore out at the heel and began to leak or they would eventually tear somewhere as I struggled to get them on and off.

I've never bought an "extra large" size before but based on the Amazon.com reviews of this Tingley overshoe that said to get a size larger than normal, I decided to get this very large (for me) size. I also hoped the rubber knob at the heel would make it easier to take the overshoes off and give protection against a leak developing at the heel. I'm so delighted with the results, this is the first product review I've ever written for Amazon.com. Due to the heel knob, I'm able to take the overshoes off standing when they are messy and they slip on easily when I sit. (I've not tried it standing.) And yet the overshoes are not so long and wide they create a problem for me when biking or walking. Except for dealing with car traffic and potholes in the much narrowed snow-lined streets, I no longer dislike the prospect of getting ready to go out in the big piles of snow.
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on July 31, 2012
I am a farmer, and I wear these Tingley boots in harsh conditions, and they last about a year. I have used these boots for years, but I am considering switching brands. Simply put, they do not fit. I order the XXL, and my feet are not that big, but they are difficult to get on and remove because the ankle section is too tight, and the heels of my shoes are incredibly difficult to fit into the boots. Farmer that I am, I use silicone spray to enable my shoes to slide into the boot easier. Without the spray, the boots would tear. Alas, my silicone spray keeps disappearing. My wife puts it somewhere, or uses it, and, ergo, we have endless fights. This is getting old, and so I may switch.
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on February 13, 2014
I ordered a size larger than I normally would have and based that on the reviews that said these ran small; based on the pair I received they now (February 2014) seem to be sized accurately. However, my wife took one look at them and said she would rather I bought new shoes if the weather wrecked whatever I was wearing rather than be seen in public with these pull-on boots. I expect they would do the job of keeping your feet dry in all but a flood so they might be good to keep in a car or truck during a rainy period, but stylish they are not.
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on February 10, 2013
I've had these now for several months, and just wore them through Winter Storm Nemo for shoveling and walking...and they are every bit what I hoped they would be. These are NOT the flimsy pullovers that used to be popular, and which tore after about three uses. They're heavy duty, but still can roll up into a tight ziploc and go in your backpack. There's a button at the top to allow them to open wide enough to get on, but not flop around after.

They take a little effort to pull on, but not that much, and when it's time to take them off, there's a little tab at the heel to give you something to pull on. Be sure to order larger than you think, though. I wear Rockport World Travelers (thick sole) in size 11, and the extra-large size of these is just fine for that, but the large would not be. Haven't tried this trick yet, but a friend with similar boots sprays his shoes with silicon before sliding them into the boots.
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on December 30, 2012
I agree with others who said they needed a larger size. I fit a 9-9.5 and ordered an extra-large. I tried on several pairs of shoes --- athletic shoes and ordinary shoes --- the fit was a little loose but sufficient. You can't jog in them but they will work.

I tried to buy pull-on rain boots from every store in town before giving up. The next choice was a pair of dairy boots from Wall Mart.

If this review was helpful, please add your vote.
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on December 10, 2013
First, I have owned a pair for years. It's a great product. It's good in snow too.

I bought a pair for my wife based on the sizes they show. The boot is almost an inch too long.

Forget about shoe sizes. I wish Tingley would. The only thing that matters is the heel to toe length of the shoe sole you plan to stuff into this boot. **That and only that** is the only sensible thing to say about TIngley boot sizes.

I own XL. My shoe sole measures 12 ¼" from tip toe to heel. The shoe fits a bit snug, but it definitely fits.
For my wife, it's a guessing game. I'm sending back this new pair and trying a size smaller. I hope I don't have to do it again.
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on November 10, 2011
I can't speak for the smaller sizes, but starting with X-Large and going up I believe this is what has gotten confused:

X-Large is as it states in the main drop-down menu (i.e., Mens size 9.5-11 B-width/Women's size 11-12.5 B-width).

XX-Large (or 2X) is listed as Men's 12.5-14. In other words, the Men's sizes 11.5-12 are NOT LISTED ANYWHERE. My guess is that they really go like this:

XX-Large (2X) is Men's size 11.5-13 (or Women's size 13 and over if there is such a thing)

XXX-Large (3X) is Men's 13.5-15 (not 14-15.5 as listed).

This would also explain the reviews where some of the larger men's sizes were found to run small. I got the 2X size for my son (who wears men's size 11, since I would rather they run a bit large than too tight) and I got X-Large for myself (a women's size 11) for the same reason.

I hope this helps. The people at Toby's Tool Shed are very nice and I highly recommend the boot as well as the company that is selling them as very helpful and kind.

Later addition to this review: After wearing these more times I have discovered that black rubber comes off onto my right heel at times (very hard to wash off) and also onto the tops of whatever shoes I am wearing inside of these shoes. For this reason I recommend wearing only scruffed-up shoes inside these boots!
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on February 25, 2014
I bought these for work because i am required to wear rubber boots and rather than wear rubber boots all day long i stay in my leathers and slip these on. the actual item isnt as thick as i thought and makes me concerned as to how long it will be before they rip but other than that they work perfect. price is good too.
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