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on January 14, 2012
I purchased this Tingley Mens 1400 Pull-on Boot for the sole purpose of protecting my shoes and lower pant leg.
If you're familiar with wearing standard height (ankle-high) shoes in the winter time across parking lots and salted sidewalks, you'll know how salt will damage your shoe and stain your pant leg, not to mention how your shoes and pant leg get soaked if you have to walk through an unexpected snowfall without tall boots. I didn't want to lug around a second pair of tall boots for those "in case it snows" days and these pull-on boot covers seemed like the next best thing.

Summary: They run small, I had to get 2 sizes up to make this product usable.
I wear shoes ranging in size 11-1/2" to 12" with medium/medium-wide widths depending on make/style.
I originally purchased an XXL (12.5-14") figuring that it would give me a little room and make it easier to slip on/off.
WRONG, I could not slip it on all but one of my shoes, and even that was an acrobatic feet.
I returned it and bought an XXL (14-15.5") and it fits, with just a slight amount of wiggle.
If your wear your shoes loose, it's likely that your foot would slip out of your shoe instead of the shoe slipping out of the boot, since the shoe cover does not come off too easily (as long as it's sized right).

The following are exterior dimensions I obtained from Tingley's which helped me pick out the right size:
Length*: 11.35 (S), 12.18 (M), 12.74 (L), 13.13 (XL), 13.69 (2XL), 14.24 (3XL)
Width: 4.28 (S), 4.68 (M), 4.70 (L), 4.75 (XL), 4.88 (2XL), 4.95
* The length includes the kick-off heel that extends 1/2" out the back.

The boot cover is molded from a nice high-quality black rubber and is non-glossy.
The sole has a nice boot-like tread that has good traction on asphalt, concrete and vinyl floors.

The fold-over snap closure (when unsnapped) offers a generous opening that makes it easier to slip in/out.
The snap closure is really more a rubber button and hole, not a true "snap" closure.
If your snap closure hole isn't all the way through, just cut a "+" slit so that the button will fit easily.

Since it's made of a nice flexible rubber, they fold down nicely, I just put it in a plastic bag and slip it in my backpack so it's there when I need it, beats having to lug around bulky tall boots.

I can't speak for durability but the flexible, stretchy rubber looks like it will last a while. I would avoid storing it in direct sunlight or places that have large temperature swings since it is rubber after all and you don't want it to dry-rot.

I've already accidentally stepped in to a frozen puddle, saved my shoes, socks and pants a royal splash.
I think I'll probably pack them even on rainy days, so I can stay dry through puddles.

I'm giving this product 5 stars despite the sizing error because it is a good product.
Amazon needs to update the sizing so that people are not misled in to buying too small a size and go through the hassle of returning it.

Edit (4/13/2013): A tip to help slipping them on/off. Put a plastic bag over your shoes before you slip these boots on. They slide on easy and you also won't transfer dirt from the soles of your shoes to the inside of these boots :)
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on August 5, 2016
 Watch the video for product demo and more information!

I wear a size 13 men's shoe, and at first I ordered the XXXL size based on the reviews I read about how the overboot fits. When I received the XXXL boots, I found them to be too big so I ordered the XXL size (which equals the 12.5-14 size) and found this size to be much better for me. Some people wrote that they had difficulty slipping the boots over their shoe and had to use plastic grocery or trash bags over their shoes to even get the overboots on. I have not had this problem with the size XXL for my size 13 foot, wearing running shoes or basket ball shoes. They go on relatively easily, but are a little more difficult to get off, in fact sometimes my entire shoe comes off with it. These boots are perfect for traveling because they are not super bulky and I used them at an outdoor weekend festival where there was a lot of rain. They kept the one pair of shoes I brought clean and dry for the duration of my trip. They do have a strong rubber odor that seems to dissipate with time. I've had them for a month and now it's down to a faint smell. When I packed them in my suitcase, I put them in a plastic bag to keep the smell at bay and had no problem with the odor rubbing off on anything else.

I'm giving these four stars because I would prefer a flat sole instead of the slight heel that these have and I would say that the tread could be improved, but I was able to walk through puddles and wet ground without slipping.

I have recommended these to many people because they are lightweight, packable, and functional.

Hope you found this review to be informative and helpful!
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on January 18, 2015
I was looking for waterproof boots for a hiking trip. I wear a size 8.5 AAA women's shoe so it's very hard to find hiking shoes that fit comfortably and are very light weight. Since these boots stretch on over my own running shoes, I thought there was a chance they wouldn't be too wide. I was right. They fit perfectly. I ordered size Small based on the sizing information from another review that listed the length and width of sizes in inches. When they arrived, I slipped them over my shoes for a perfect fit. No wiggle room, which is what I was hoping for. The rubber is very pliable and stretchy and they are extremely light weight so I will be able to throw them in my backpack when not needed. I can wear my summer running shoes, which have breathable fabric and are very flexible, until I need protection from crossing steams. These boots appear to be very well-made and no seams to split open. I'm anxious to try them on my upcoming trip.
review image
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on January 10, 2016
I haven't worn these yet, but I'm so excited that I ordered them after reading the reviews on Amazon. I used the size chart on the Tingley website to make sure I got the right size. I bought them to wear over my ankle height hiking boots for trips through the muddy woods. I don't want to ruin my nice boots. I used the technique described by the reviewers who suggested that you put your boots or shoes in a plastic grocery bag before trying to fit them in the rubber overshoes. First I tried it without the grocery bag, and I couldn't get the boots inside the overshoes. Then I tried it with the grocery bag and it worked like a charm! I'm so excited. Can't wait to try them in the muddy woods and rain. In the photo you can see my hiking boot on the right and on the left is me wearing the hiking boot inside of the rubber overshoe. So you can clearly see how these large boots fit inside the overshoe with no problem (once I used the plastic bag method of putting them on).
review image
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on March 5, 2015
Solid rubber boot only issue is there is a little extra rubber at the back of each heel which makes them a little uncomfortable to walk in because it feels like there's something extra in your boot.
review image review image
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on January 8, 2016
I use these overboots in my pressure washing business so I'm happy that they are completely waterproof. I wear them over my lightweight mesh sneakers which I LEAVE inside the boot. It's sometimes a little tough to get my foot in that way but WAY easier than putting them on and off my sneakers each time. I'm a bit worried about their durability but you can't have it both ways - if it's more durable then you'd be very hard pressed to get them on and off of any shoe. You NEED the flexibility for easy on/off. That flexibility will mean the sole will wear out more quickly. BUT! I prefer this type of boot over other calf length rubber work boots that fit terribly. THAT pair of boots is on the shelf in the garage because of the pain and rubbing spots fro their inflexibility. The 'button' that snugs them around your pants is helpful but difficult/stubborn. People are like that too sometimes but ya just need to be patient. It does button but just not quickly/immediately. So, I'm patient and happy with these 'galoshes' as grandpa might say.
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on March 13, 2017
The Tingley Rubber Overshoe (med) are a bit larger than I expected. The reviews from other women seemed to indicate that for my womens size 9, I would need the medium. They are not sloppy big so I am not sending them back. They do fit over my Clarks shoes just fine without the grocery bags that I was expecting to use I used them last week that they were fine So the bit larger size did not matter and it made getting my shoe out very easy.
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on December 28, 2010
These boots are really nice! They are a little bit hard to put on and take off but a little bit of talcum powder took care of that. If you live in the snow country like me, these are perfect. Those "water proof" shoes and/or boots are NEVER water proof. These boots are water proof and your feet won't be wet when you're done plowing or shoveling the snow. I'm sure they would be nice in any wet areas as long as the water isn't higher than the boots. **MAKE SURE** you measure the length of the bottom of your shoes. Use that measurement (in inches) for the boot size. My first pair were too small and I had to exchange them for a larger pair.
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on June 13, 2015
After all the reviews I was utterly confused as to what size to buy to fit over my American Size 8 D width walking sneakers. So, I ordered 3 sizes....Medium, Large and Extra Large. Using the shopping bag idea to put over my tennis shoes first and then installing the boots, I was able to get the mediums on was a little work but definitely doable...the Mediums actually fit my size 8 sneakers length and width wise pretty well...but after wearing for a few minutes I could feel the boot really trying to clamp down on my high insteps...I knew from past experience with Ski boots that clamping down on my insteps does not bode well for long-term comfort so I opted to try the next size up...the Large. The large went on easier and had more room in the instep...Width was still about right but length was now more than I needed by about 3/8 on an inch.....not so long so as to be sloppy feeling but just a little looser than I would normally shoot for.... if the mediums hadn't created the instep issue I would have kept them. Quality otherwise seems good and soles seem grippy. I'm happy with them so far now that I have the right size.
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on October 4, 2016
I took the advice of many of the reviews and ordered the size larger and glad I did. I barely got the "larger" size on and they were very hard to get off. I did have rubber soled shoes and that seemed to stick to the rubber of the boot. Maybe if I use a hard rubber sole and leather shoes they would be easier to get on and off. They do seem to be well made, but make sure you order at least a size larger.
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