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on February 3, 2015
Like other reviews have said, buy the next size up. I wear a men's 10 1/2 EEE. I bought the XL size for 11 - 13 mens. They fit perfectly, not lose at all and not too tight. So far I'm happy.
Also, this product is intended for Dress Shoes, NOT sneakers. The XL size does not fit my 10 1/2 EE Asics but really I didn't expect it to.
So far they have held up well in all this snow we've gotten. The textured rubber sole has provided good traction even on ice. I like these better than the Totes brand.
The only thing I don't like is the "tongue" on these. I guess they thought the "tongue" ads "style" but it constantly catches my shoe and it rolls under when I put them on. It's annoying and seriously it's a black rubber shoe cover, there is no style!

1 Decent traction
2 Keeps Dress Shoes dry
3 Holding up against road salt & ice melt
4 Seems better made than other brands

1 Annoying "tongue" design rolls under when putting them on.

Other thoughts:
1 Runs a size small (could be a con too I guess)
2 Product is NOT intended for sneakers.
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on March 13, 2017
What happened with their quality? I bought a pair of Tingley shoe protectors about five years ago. Since then the quality just ahs not been matched. And that is the same with my most recent purchase. I was walking in the rain for about two minutes and I began to feel the bottom of my socks getting a little wet. They were not getting a little damp they were actually getting a little wet. And I was not even walking in a puddle. I hope to find a better brand in the future that is more reliable..
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on September 25, 2016
Overall these are good. As for the fit I think they fit small as I ordered the 9.5-11 so you would think it would fit my size 10 shoes. I have several pair of dress shoes and these do not fit them all. What I found is my slip on shoes seem to fit ok the overshoe has to stretch just a little and it's on snug. But for shoes that have laces it's more of a struggle to get them on the shoe. I have a few low profile dress boots (when I say dress boot we are talking a shoe with a high side) and these do not fit at all. The problem seems to be that if you have a shoe with laces or higher front there is not enough give to get the overshoe on. I would recommend to all that you order a size larger than what you think. Think about it I ordered the 9.5-11 and my size 10 shoes just barely go on if I was a size 10.5 there is no way these overshoes would have fit.
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on December 15, 2013
The size listed are much to small to fit over your shoes or sneakers. I ordered 2XL which is "suppose to" be for size 12.5 to 14 and I wear a size 12. I was able to get the right overshoe on over my shoe although the overshoe heal didn't cover my heal completely, BUT try is I could I couldn't get the left overshoe on over my shoes. I did try to put the overshoe on without shoes, but it was MUCH to large and wouldn't stay on.

The really odd part is that I went to my local Tractor Supply and purchased a pair of 2XL Tingley Hi-Top Work Rubber Overshoes and they fit without any issues. The appearance is very similar to these with the exception of the sole, which is ribbed to prevent slipping.

I don't know if the pair from Trademark Supplies (Amazon) was an older model as the Tingley site mentions that they had modified their sizes.

Trademark Supplies (Amazon) were quick to issue a RMA and shipping label, so I still feel comfortable ordering from them.
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on February 6, 2018
These are the first rubber overshoes of this kind, that I've bought, that fit. They don't seem to stretch as advertised. I had mediums, that were supposed to be appropriate to my shoe size (9 to 9-1/2), but I had to go to extra large to find a pair that fit. Now that I've found a good fit, I like the overshoes very much. They seem sturdy and designed to provide very good protection.I definitely give them five stars for that! And I don't think that the size issue is peculiar to this brand, because I had some others that were a different brand, and had the same problem. Maybe it's me??
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on December 25, 2015
These are rubbers so you don't wear them by themselves, you wear shoes inside them. Instead of struggling with them each time it rains, I leave a pair of shoes at the office and have an older pair that I leave in the rubbers ALL THE TIME. Then you don't have to struggle putting them on each time it rains. Works great for me. Buy a cheap pair of shoes at Goodwill or Salvation Army and leave them in the rubbers. Will save you time !!
I love the fact that no one notices these when I wear them. I hate wearing big awkward boots or rubbers and these fit the bill. They look like regular shoes when your pants fall over them. Keeps the water off your feet and shoes. They are great !
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on September 19, 2013
I do not think anyone will doubt, this pair of rubber loafers are perfect, and will last a lifetime. My shoes are size 10, and if you follow the guidelines for selecting your rubbers, they will go on tight. I guess that is how they should fit. But, the number one complaint listed is: they are too small. You can tell many people do not want to struggle on one foot to put them on and take them off.

I am like the latter. I prefer my larger size 12s. They slip on and off easily, and yet the fit is snug enough to be worryfree.

I highly recommend this rubber loafer, and for a struggle free fit, two sizes larger. They deserve all 5 stars. In addition, the company service is 5-stars too.

This is my second pair in 15 years. Someone accidentally took mine from beneath the church coat rack.

Buy these: "Get The Best & Forget The Rest!" You will never regret quality.

David Hall
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on January 19, 2016
Found myself in a different environment, before I went from my garage to an enclosed parking area. Now, changing jobs, I am parking in a open air parking facility. So, I wanted covers to protect my dress shoes. I wear predominately Allen Edmond shoes and I will admit some styles can be rather bulky at the base, but that is why they are so comfortable.

My first order of Tingley's cover honestly felt like they were way too tight to even try to "put on, take off at office, then put on again". I'm fairly strong, and these things had me! So, I ordered the size larger. In the mean time, Shoes on the Go contacts me to inquire my satisfaction, something I truly admire. Told them my concern on tightness, and additional order of a larger size. They were very accommodating, they wanted me happy.

As it turns out the size above ... well I will step right out of them! So, the solution for me: I have a pair of dress shoes, slip-on, that will be dedicated to these covers during inclement weather, I will leave my "dress" blacks and browns at the office and simply change over. Is it a bit of a hassle? Maybe, but I have some Edmonds over 10 years old, and still want to keep them, these covers will help.

Would I recommend this product, absolutely. I would caution that you are asking them to protect your shoes, and in doing so the fit may be tight and you may need to alter your pattern during the times these are necessary. Other than that, we are getting at least 3" of snow tonight, and my "walk-in" shoes with cover are ready!
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on December 23, 2015
These have saved me money. I walk about 1.2 miles twice a day between Penn Station and my office in NYC and was going through a pair of shoes every couple of months. (I figured out an average pair of dress shoes is good for about 100 miles of walking). Since buying these, I haven't needed to buy another pair of shoes due to wear.

I started using them for rain, then snow, then I wound up wearing them everyday, all winter long. When I noticed how they protected the shoe, I started wearing them every day and just removing them at the office.The only issue I've had is that the rubber has a tendency to rub off onto the shoe after a long period of time. That is why I gave only four stars, but I don't think that would be a problem if you used these only a few times during inclement weather.

I bought these to protect my expensive shoes from the rain and snow and they do that fantastically well.
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on January 24, 2016
My husband had a pair of these and wanted a replacement. His old pair said extra-large on the bottom, and he wanted the exact same thing. However, the online ordering choices go by shoe size. So the four choices offered are listed in this order: 11-13M, 13-15M, 6.5-8M, 9.5-11M. Hmm.. Even if you put them in numerical order you can't be sure what corresponds to an extra large. To make it more confusing, if you look at the close-up of the photo of the bottom of the shoe, it says large. So, you know they aren't using numbers. We ended up ordering 13-15, figuring the four choices aligned with s, m, l, xl. Nope, they arrived and the box says 2xl - as does the bottom of the shoe. Rather than messing around trying to exchange them, he's just using them. They are a little big, but it makes them easier to put on (and they aren't so big they fall off). So, while the sizing is nuts, these are a great product - his last pair lasted 20 years and he saved hundreds by not wrecking his expensive work shoes in the rain!
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