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on November 28, 2015
I LOVE this play gym. I performed a lot of preliminary research before my husband and I settled on this particular play gym. The reasons we liked it were:
1) Compared to all the other available play gyms, this gym had the biggest mat. (We compared all the dimensions with those of the other gyms available on amazon.)
2) I liked the fact it had plastic circular hooks to hang the toys from. It makes changing the toys around on the spot so quick and easy.
3) Machine washable play mat. Once I removed the music and light pad from the mat, I just threw it into the washing machine (on the gentle cycle to be safe) and line dry it. Since it's made of a light material, it dries quickly.

So far, we have had the play gym for a month now and it still looks good. They toys are all very bright, cute, and easy to remove and change around. The only down sides are: 1) the mat isn't very thick, so you have to fold a comforter and place it underneath the gym before placing your child in it; and 2) this gym does not include a tummy time pillow. I have a boppy nursing pillow which we have been using to prop our son. As soon as he is 4 months old, we can use it as a tummy time pillow, so it isn't really a big deal this gym didn't bring one.

All things considered, we couldn't be happier. And for the price, it was worth it.

The mat includes 5 toys: a monkey (rattle), a giraffe (rattle), an elephant (pull/vibrate toy), a bird (she swings when swatted at), and a ring in the shape of a frog head. The toys can not be placed in the washing machine, but you can clean them with a damp cloth. The mat also has sensory parts for tummy time: the zebra's main is made if strips of cloth, as well as the giraffe's tail. The elephant ear, butterfly wing, and the flowers are all things baby can grab. And the mirror is removable. Everything comes in a really useful plastic carrying case which makes taking it to grandma's house and other places so easy. Simply twist, fold, and slip it into the plastic case and you are set to go. I will definitely gift this to others in the future.
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on October 11, 2016
First, let me say, I think I keep Amazon in business with all of the things I buy on here! I am rarely moved to write a review. This play mat has been one of the best (of many) purchases that I've made! We had another play mat, but it was a smaller one and I wasn't happy with the quality of the mat or the toys. The mat was just a mat, whereas this mat has a crinkly ear for the elephant, flowers that are raised up for her to grab, and some other fun tag like things for my baby to experience and keep her interested. The toys are also really nice quality, and hang down low enough for her to interact with them without getting frustrated. Plus lights and music! Another huge plus for me is that it folds closed very easily and has snaps to keep it closed. Because you know you've battled with those foam arches if you've ever owned a playmat! Very well designed, and will keep my baby busy and happy for a while!
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on February 28, 2017
My baby loves this play gym! He enjoyed reaching for the animals when he was 2-3 months old. Now that he's 6 months and a pro at tummy time, he enjoys looking at the animals on the mat, flipping the elephant's ear, pulling the giraffe's tail, etc.

Some of the other reviews note that the hanging elephant toy is dangerous because plastic tears off its tummy; however, the elephant that came with mine is entirely made of felt. I'm assuming they re-designed it so it's safer.

I love how it's washable; every week or so I snap off the poles (super easy compared to other play mats) and wash the mat and the animals (sans plastic hooks) on delicate (lay flat to dry). So far, if still looks new and I haven't noticed and obvious wear.

My one complaint is the light and music feature. First, the batteries were a pain to get in the right position for the darn thing to turn on. Also, from week one, the lights and music never turned on/off properly. The switch would be "off", and yet the lights for the flowers would be on. Kinda creepy when you stumble past three dimly glowing red lights on the floor at 3am. Also, the songs are pretty standard baby songs, but they ate up batteries fast, which resulted in another fight with getting the new batteries back in place. I gave up and just took the device out, and haven't used it since.

All in all, a great option for a play gym, but don't buy this is you really want a music/light feature.
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on March 8, 2015
This was recommended by a good friend who used it for her child, so I registered for it for my baby shower. My child loved it to pieces and used it in various configurations for over a year! She's now almost two and still sometimes wants to pull out the little animals. As a newborn, she layed on her back or tummy, listened to the music and loved the bright colors. As she got older, she started to grab for the animals and kicked at the little rattle. As she started to sit up, again, she grabbed for the animals, could start kicking to get the music started, and could even start to move the switch to turn the music on. The bars on this were actually the first thing she used to pull up on! It's amazing, I would recommend this to anyone, and have already bought it as a gift for two friends who asked what activity mat they should register for. Also, it is really easy to unsnap and fold up if you need the space, and very easy to take the music element out and wash the cover if your child spits up or has an accident. Highly recommend!!
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on November 13, 2014
We chose this gym after researching tons of other popular gyms(Infantino, Fisher price). We got this for our son's 2nd month B'Day , he just turned 6 months and still enjoys it! This is one of those toys that grows with your child.This is one of the few gyms with bigger mats.I have machine washed the mat a few times , it has totally retained it's color and quality. The mat has decent padding so you can place it directly on the carpeted floor(I have never placed it on wooden floor). The arches can be removed completely or can be laid down during tummy time.It does come with nice colorful toys which make different sounds, I also hang few of this favorite rattlers and teethers using the links (Bright Starts Lots of Links- Solid Colors).

This gym keeps him engaged for 15-30 mins easily .Initially he would just stare at the colorful toys hanging above, then he started to bat at them...After few weeks , he started to grasp them and started enjoying the sound the bead rattlers and the birds wings made. After he started to roll over, he started exploring the lighting flowers, elephants ear and different textures and pictures on the mat! The mat is now a little small for him , I plan to remove the arches and place this on a bigger mat. This gym is a winner..Totally worth the money!
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on October 28, 2014
Best play mat by a mile!
Our baby loves this mat. There are tons of animals that hang and can be changed and put into different spots. They are all different colors and do different things (rattle, buzz, jingle etc)
The mat does have music built in, and there is a part on the mat that when pressed plays the next song or music. This is great for when the little one is kicking.
It has a mirror for tummy time that is large and angled downward so it encourages the LO to lift their head when on their tummy.
Folds up and has snaps on the bottom for easy storage.
Mats material is easy to clean and the whole thing is washable... just remember to take the music box out first :)
Our LO has been using this mat from 6 weeks - 13 weeks and so far never gets bored while on the mat.
Wouldn't recommend more than 30 mins at a time as they can get very over stimulated with everything on this mat, which turns happy baby to cranky baby in no time at all.
If you're looking at the mat thats cheaper than this one... don't - get this one, you and your LO will be happy you did.
Well thought out product!
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on March 4, 2017
My grandson has been playing with this for a couple of months, since he was 3 months old. He loves it. After his bottle he will strain towards it and fuss to play in it. The arches can't fall no matter how much he kicks or rolls against them. You can adjust the height and location of all the toys and add your own. It folds up and goes back in it's bag without taking it apart. The mat is machine washable line dry. It's light weight so you can pick it up with one hand and move it to another room while holding baby. Very cute and colorful.
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on April 21, 2014
So many baby items come in pastel colors that are hard for babies to see as their brains and eyes develop. Bright contrasting colors are actually the best and this play mat is just perfect for that! Our little girls used it until recently and that's mostly because now we want to enourage her to sit up instead of laying down and playing with the hanging toys. The toys that come with it are all interesting and feature different things to keep babies entertained: there are the green all-plastic keys, the bird with crinkly material in its wings, the giraffe with the rattle inside, etc. So, there are different things for different interests at each stage of development as well as just changing things up for the sake of boredom! The music is a bit annoying to us and we don't use it often, preferring to turn on music from another source. However, it's a nice feature to have. We've washed the mat several times when we feel like it has been covered in one-too-many instances of spit up. It's easy to watch and the colors have remained bright; it looks like it's still in the same condition as when we bought it. The other big winner with this is the large mirror. It's a good size--bigger than on any other play mat I have seen--and perfect for development and entertainment. I am so glad that we bought this mat instead of one of the others that might look prettier to our adult eyes but wouldn't be a great for our baby.
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on May 5, 2014
I originally thought we'd just skip the baby gym. But around the 2 month mark my baby started to seem, well, bored. We could tell he could see the little toys that dangled over his swing, but he wasn't quite able to do anything with them. When someone gave us an Amazon gift card as a late baby gift, we knew we'd use it for a baby gym. Was going to go with a Fisher Price that we had previously picked out for our registry, but after seeing several reviews for that and other models where people said they wished they had just bought the Tiny Love brand, I'm glad this is the one we got.

Our baby loves this, and will play on it for sometimes up to an hour. It has really got him reaching and grabbing for things which he wasn't doing before. The music is nice that it plays and then repeats only when baby kicks the right section of the mat. The mirror is large enough and clear enough that he can see himself in it. I especially like how easy it folds up and tucks away when we're not using it. I was even able to pack it in a suitcase and take it with me on a trip. We can put him on the mat to play while we get dinner ready or do something with our older kids and he actually is 'doing' something rather than just swinging away and staring in the swing.
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on December 6, 2013
I bought this for my 2-month-old daughter after researching several activity mats. Based on reviews, this one had more toys than others, and I found that to be true. There are 5 hanging toys--beads, giraffe, parrot, elephant, and monkey--and a mirror for the baby to look at. The mat itself also has lots of stimulating things for baby. The flowers light up as the music plays, there is a big elephant ear that crinkles, the bird has a squeaker in it so it squeaks if you press on it, and the giraffe tail is a piece of fabric attached to the mat for baby to play with. My daughter is almost 4 months old now and has loved this mat since the day we got it. The giraffe is her absolute favorite (in fact, we disconnect it from the mat and take it everywhere with us) because she can easily grab its legs and rattle it. She's just starting to roll over, so she spends a lot of time laying on her side in front of the mirror just watching herself. I'm very happy with this mat and would recommend it to everyone. It's great quality so far, though I haven't had to wash it yet.
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