Customer Reviews: Tiny Love Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym, Super Deluxe Lights and Music
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on August 21, 2003
We didn't get this toy right away and weren't sure how much our son would like it, but we picked it up when he was about four weeks old and I am so glad we did.
At first he was mostly interested in the mirror (which is a tiny bit warped, by the way, but not too bad at all), although the toys are close enough that he could see them and would spend some time looking at them too. Now he is almost three months old and he still loves the mirror, but also spends lots of time smiling and batting at the toys. He can happily spend about half an hour in there. If he does get bored, I move him to another spot to change the view and he's usually happy again.
We also detatch the toys and take them with us in the car, stroller, etc. He particularly likes the monkey (which has a big smile) and smiles back at it when he sees it. The elephant has a sparkly tummy that he also stares at for a long time.
Some things we didn't know when we bought it:
1. Each of the toys has something different that is interesting about it. The monkey and the giraffe are both rattles, while the elephant is one of those pull toys that shake. The parrot has crinkly wings.
2. The mat washes well but has faded a bit after only a few washings (we put it in the dryer on low). This is my major disappointment with the toy - for the price it should hold up a bit better. The toys have to be washed with a damp cloth.
3. The whole thing colapses down quite flat. We took it with us on a plane trip and it fit nicely in the bottom of a suitcase.
4. The music is quite tinny, but not bad for a toy. It does get old after a while (there are only two settings), so we usually put on our own cd when we want music.
5. The mat is nice and soft (good if you have have hard floors) and has some interesting textures: the giraffe's tail, the zebra's mane, etc.
All in all, we are quite pleased with this toy. My son seems to find it entertaining, and he hasn't even begun to use all of its features. I think we'll get a lot of use out of it in the months to come. Hope that helps!
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on September 1, 2003
This play gym is the best. We didn't register for it, and when I received it as a gift I thought it had too much going on. Little did I know how thankful I would be for it! My baby started playing on it around 6 weeks old. I've seen his brain develop right before my eyes thanks to this toy. He started to reach out for toys, he started rolling over, he started noticing himself in the mirror, bringing things to his mouth, and now he's starting to scoot himself around to get to all the fun stuff. Soon he'll be crawling! All of the toys that hang from the arches do something neat and different to stimulate your baby. The mat itself has little surprises...mozart, crinkling ears, a hidden squeaker, a giraffe tail. It's the perfect place to put your baby for his developmental "tummy time" as a newborn and then for his developmental play time as an older infant. I'll cry when we have to put it away! A definite must-have!
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on March 9, 2004
I first saw this gym while registering at Toys-r-Us before my baby was born. Because of the sticker price I didn't even consider adding it to my registry; however, once my son was born I realized how alert babies are at such a young age and how intriguing colors and patterns are to them. He didn't really have many toys and I felt he needed something fun to look at and learn about. While killing time in Toys-r-us I ran into this gym on display. After a couple of weeks of deliberating, my husband and I finally cracked down and purchased the gym. Let me tell you it was the best purchase we have made for our baby up to date! We also purchased the windchimes separately and I highly recommend them to anyone. At 2 months he loved staring at the colorful animals and was already kicking the windchimes with his feet. By 3 months he was grabbing the toys with his hands and batting them to make them swing. Around 4 months he started noticing his reflection in the mirror. The mirror is also slightly movable and he would push and pull the mirror while looking in it so he could see different things around the room. I could literally have left him on this mat for hours and he would have been completely content. We took it with us everywhere... to grandma's house, to visit friends, to playgroup, even to a Christmas party... and our baby was completely entertained. The animals unhook and we clipped them to our stroller for shopping trips. Our son has a cousin his exact age and they both loved this! It was so fun to watch them play on it, and for all you photo moms... pictures taken on this mat turn out really well because of the bright colors!
Tiny Love is also very easy to work with. One of the lights burned out on the play mat (all of their products have a lifetime warranty) and they replaced the entire musical pad free of charge. They even have a website you can go to to order replacement parts ([...] click on "contact us").
Our baby is now 10 months old so I (reluctantly) have cleaned and stored this away for our next baby. This has been the best purchase we've made. The only drawback I can think of is the price, but if your experience is anything like ours, the price is definitely worth it. Buy this one larger toy as opposed to several smaller toys. I did, and I would do it all over again. My baby got more play time and use out of this gym than he has out of all the rest of his toys combined.
The only other thing to note is that when my baby was really young (like 2 months old), he would sometimes get overstimulated when all the toys were hanging from the bars. I would put 2 toys on at a time and rotate them so he always had something fun and different to look at. That seemed to solve the problem (and it really only happened when he was really young). This probably isn't the case for most babies, but if your baby cries when you put him/her on the mat this may be why and hopefully this suggestion will help. In all, I highly recommend this gym! I've become a big fan of Tiny Love!
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VINE VOICEon November 2, 2009
This toy really entertains baby for hours and there are so many ways to play on it. You can change the position of the toys, and even add additional toys to it. Our son loves to stare at himself in the mirror, or lie on his back and bat away at the toys overhead. He started to enjoy it at around eight weeks. Now, he can play there for about an hour as I sit in the room with him folding laundry or cleaning up the nursery. Early on, they will want you to play on the mat with them.

If you have been holding your baby non-stop, you'll love this playmat - a chance to put your baby down and he'll still be happy as a clam.
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on October 14, 2002
I bought this for our daughter when she was only about 6 weeks old and started laying her on her back underneath the hanging animals. She LOVES it! She is now almost 3 mos. old and is able to kick at the animals and bat at them with her hands. I have many pictures of her laying on her playmat with big smiles on her face! The music and the lights are nice. She particularly likes to look at herself in the mirror. What makes this mat very nice is that you can buy additional hanging toys for it and change things around so baby doesn't get bored. I highly recommend it!
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on November 20, 2012
Tiny Love, I am so disappointed with you. My friends bought this gym a couple of years ago, and it's fabulous. Good design, the kiddos love it, and good quality toys. Fast forward 2 years and we decide to buy it, based on our favorable in-person try-out. What could go wrong?

Well, Tiny Love, apparently what could go wrong is you could switch from a cheap Chinese manufacturer to - what? - a CHEAPER Chinese factory? I feel bad enough not being able to find such a product that doesn't outsource overseas, but you couldn't stop there. No. Now I feel like I've been bait-and-switched thanks to your product redesign, which switched nice 3D grippy tailfeathers on the toy parrot for flat felt strips. Same for the monkey feet. And the formerly cottony-feeling pad is a different weave, with a texture that makes me wonder what it's been treated with. Overall, the product FEELS cheaper (I had to double-check that some fake manufacturer, misspelled "Tinny Luv", hadn't actually made a knock-off of your product), though I'll admit it's probably still quite durable.

I give 3 stars because, despite my disappointment, this is a fun gym for the kiddo. I can pretend that you're cheaping out on materials because you decided to pay your foreign workers more (right?). And anyone who hasn't seen the earlier model will likely not notice the cheapness.

But I have noticed, Tiny Love. Oh yes. And I bear witness.
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on May 8, 2003
My 3 month old really likes this. It's taken him awhile to enjoy it because of his age, but he's starting to really get into staring at the toys and grabing at them. It has a good amount of removable toys hanging from it and an attached mirror in one corner. Also 3 flowers on the mat that light up when the music is turned on. Things I like about it are that the toys are of good quality as well as cute and the mat is nicely padded. It also has a few different interesting features such as a crinkely elephant ear, furry zebra mane, squeaky bird, etc.. which are on the mat itself. I also like that you can detach the toys to wash or take with you. My son loves chewing on them. The colors and patterns of this mat are very nice. Visually stimulating for the baby yet not gaudy. Very cute and fun. And the music isn't annoying as on some toys. The tune can be changed and the sound quality is good. I found the price of this was a bit high, but when compared to some of the other ones, the little bit extra that you pay is worth it. I have another one someone gave me and I don't like it half as much simply because it's lacking a lot of the features this one has. The only thing I don't like is the mirror seems a bit warped when you look into it, so I'm guessing the baby doesn't see himself all that well in it. But other than that, I love this product and highly reccommend it.
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on November 9, 2005
This is our best baby purchase hands down! It has entertained our twins from the time they were six weeks old. The boys started by watching and cooing at the toys, then graduated to batting at them. Now they have discovered the special features of each toy (crinkling, rattling, vibrating) and are working hard on taste testing each and every one.

It is big enough and has plenty of toys for both of them to play at the same time. Even at six months they have plenty of room. When they become bored, I rearrange the toys or roll them over for tummy time as the mat itself is entertaining as well.

My twins had acid reflux, so the mat has been washed a lot. I do not dry it in the dryer, and it still looks great. It has not faded and any stains have washed out easily.

We did purchase the chimes to attach to this mat. After the purple elephant, I'd say the chimes are their favorite feature of this toy. In fact, they may have had their first fuss while both pulling on them at the same time.

I highly recommend this activity mat!
review image review image
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on October 6, 2004
My son almost choked on the pink plastic from the bottom of the elephant's stomache. If my father didn't see it in his mouth, he would have choked. So make sure to either get rid of that piece, or supervise when child is playing with the elephant.
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on October 29, 2013
I looked at several similar products and the reason I chose this particular one is due to the fact that it had several holes to hang toys. so You could add your own in addition to the toys it came with... but when the item came it was not as advertised. They changed it to cheap plastic clips that slide back and forth. so if a baby pulls forcefully enough it will slide down to the bottom of the arch. while in the picture you can see 6 hang holds on each arch (making it a total of 12 toys you could hang) what your really going to get it 6 cheap plastic clips. That's half the amount as advertised in the above article. the toys also look cheaper than pictured... which I didn't feel looked that awesome anyways... so basically I picked this one for the options to hang a bunch of my own toys... had I known this product had been changed since the making of this advertisement I would have chosen a different product. Amazon, or the company, I don't know who is at fault, needs to update this so other buyers aren't mislead like I was...
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