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on December 9, 2011
First let me say that I am one of those people that has to research EVERYTHING before i buy it- i looked at a zillion of these mats before narrowing it down to this one. I couldn't decide between
-the fisher price jungle mat,
-this one,
-the boppy circus mat.

i chose this one because of that super cool feature it has that allows you to customize how the arch is positioned. I wasnt sure if we would like it or not- but it ended up being one of our favorite features!

Things i love about this
1. my kid loves it. he is 2 months old now and has really just started interacting with it, but before this he would LOVE to stare at the lights when we had it turned on.

2. I DID NOT KNOW the light up/sound flower was removeable. this is nice.
3. the music on the flower is not annoying at all
4. NOT ADVERTISED: there is a red monkey dangling from the center of the sound flower- when the baby hits it, it triggers the lights/music.
5. there are two settings for the music/lights- continuous, or a setting where the baby has to hit the arches or the monkey to activate it.
6. the fact that we can position it however we want
7. the raised edges are great for tummy time right now- they really capture my sons attention- i had no idea! :)
8. the mat is MACHINE WASHABLE. this is wonderful.
9. if you have those links laying around (and what new parent doesnt? haha) you can link your toy to wherever you want on the arch.
10. we can use it for a boy or a girl
11. the toys that come with it are cute- not cheap like a lot of toys that come with these mats.
12. the lights hold our sons attention really well
13. we can easily fit two babies for when i have a friend and their baby come over.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: this is an awesome product, and I am a tough critic....i usually dont write reviews but this is such a great product I felt compelled :)
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on December 6, 2013
My baby has loved this mat since he was born. He's 3 months currently and rolling on his side to grab the purple elephant which holds his fancy. The mat is HUGE and gives us space to teach him to roll without landing on our hardwood floors. Other mom's often comment how much they like this! I've taken it to playdates with me and it folds up EXTREMELY fast for quick grabbing. I haven't even put batteries in it yet because it has managed to keep my son entertained with the different textures on the mat and the colorful dangling toys it comes with. I would strongly recommend this to any mom concerned that her baby will be long, or if she wants to be able to use it as he grows (since the bendy poles pop out, it's an amazing mat to take just for them to have something to sit on and play).
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on February 18, 2016
I looked at the video that went with this play gym before I bought it. I also like that this one is one of the only gyms made in America. I like the feature that allows the rails to slide down so baby can access toys while having tummy time. The music is upbeat, and children laugh at the end of some of the songs. The blinking lights with colors and animals keeps baby engaged. Have started using with my grandson at 2 months and he loves it. He will grow into as time passes because he will begin to have more control of his arms and legs. Can't wait for that. For now, he inadvertently bats at animals and loves the lights and music. Great way to engage a young baby.

Very happy with purchase.
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on September 28, 2016
This was my daughter's favorite toy/place to play for the first six months of her life. She liked it even then, but when she started crawling, she would bump her head into the mobile, so we dismantled it. The music is easy to listen to, and the lights keep tiny babies very entertained, while the toys entertain older babies. The toys are removable, so they can travel with you, or you can hang your own. We'd slide the lights down near the floor when she was little to practice tummy time... she loved it! This mat was a staple at our house for a long time!
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on January 25, 2015
My LO got this at 4mos, and loved it right away. It's great because it also has interesting things for him to play with on the mat itself, to make tummy time more interesting (crinkly elephant ears, zebra mane & tail, crinkly kite). He's now almost 7mos, and still loves all the little toys that hang as well. He likes the lights and music feature which has two settings to allow songs to play on a loop or only play in short segments if he bats at the monkey. I think this provides the perfect level of stimulation, because I feel like the play mats with tons of sound and music at baby's every move are a bit too crazy, and overstimulate their poor little brains.

The bar adjustment feature is really convenient, especially if your baby is taller. If we couldn't adjust it to move the bars more to one side, he would be hitting his head into it constantly (he's a long baby, and holds his head pretty high up).

It would be great if the mat was a little bigger (though it seems bigger than most mats). Also the quality of the mat's stitching could improve (there's a stray string at the zebra mane, and I need to restitch a small portion of one of the mat's corners). Not a deal breaker for me, but yes, inconvenient.
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on August 25, 2015
3.5/4 stars. I was very hesitant to order this due to the price, however i am a proponent for our society to learn to pay the real value of living wage for those who produce the item. That being said:
Pros: lovely colors, i do apreciate the flexibility of adjusting toys in different locations and even using our own toys. The light sounds are okay. It does the trick many times to distract a crank or crying baby.
Cons: is the "tummy time" mode...the light you can pull down closer to the floor that is meant to make tummy time entertaining does not help us much. The angle is not sharp enough inwhich the flower lights can turn. Its still facing down too much, so i just use it for when he is on his back...which was the reason i bought this model.
Conclution....if there is another model that allows me to switch toys around for a bit less $ or a look i like better i would go for the other. However its a nice all around product
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on September 14, 2015
This mat is so nice and large!! I can fit both my twins AND my 5 year old on it - not that he regularly plays with it, but just for sizing purposes.

The colors are bright and cheerful, and the material is soft. It folds very nicely. I love how each toy or hanging spot can slide individually up or down the bar - I have not seen this before on other playmats and it is a fantastic feature as you can bring things closer or farther depending on their size and the baby's mood.

The hanging toys it comes with are adorable and hold my babies interest, but it will be easy to switch them out if needed.
My one criticism would be that it seems like the mirror is better angled for Tummy time as opposed to lying on the mat on their backs, but maybe I just haven't adjusted it right.

Overall, a great large mat with lots of adjustment & personalization possibilities.
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on June 16, 2015
I searched for activity mats and researched and read so many reviews. You are always going to find a product that has negative reviews. You just have to use your best judgment. For me, I loved this mat. My son loved it. It's big enough that he has plenty of room to roll over and play with all the different toys. The music on the flower in the middle isn't annoying and the lights don't blink too fast and overstimulate my son. It's machine washable. You just have to unsnap bars, throw the mat in the washing machine and let it air dry for a couple of hours. I would always put it to wash at night and then let it dry while I was at work. I read some reviews that it was made cheaply, but I disagree. The mat itself could be a tad bit thicker, but we have an area rug in our living room and I would always put it on that and it was perfect. Overall, a very good product and I'm very satisfied with it.
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on January 17, 2014
I have been wanting to buy a play gym for my 3 and a half month old son for the longest. I read all the reviews on the other gyms and this one seemed to stand out the most because of its features. My son loves it. As I was unpacking it to set it up he was just staring at it, all of the colors and patterns were very engaging to him I guess. This product is so easy to set up, reading the instructions would probably be a good idea but I didn't even need them, that's how easy it was to set up and i'm usually set up challenged and have to wait on my husband to do it. I can't compare it to other gyms out there as I have never purchased any but this one is adjustable (easily) you can position the toys anywhere so the baby can see them properly & play. I also like that the corners fold to provide a more secure feeling. The music it plays is not annoying and the baby loves the lights in the center mobile type thing. I saw him do a move he's never done before: picking up his legs all the way whilst lying down to try and touch the toys with his feet. I only received this yesterday but already threw the box out b/c it's a keeper. You will be satisfied with this purchase. It's worth every penny and already I notice the baby starting to take aim and hit the monkeys that are dangling so it's great for their hand eye coordination as well. Packs away nicely (you don't have to remove all the toys from the links every time). It folds in half with the toys & red overhead bars still in place.

Con: there is one annoying laugh that plays in the music. It comes on after the music stops or you can set it so only the laughing plays. I'm not too fond of the laugh, but that is by far nothing to complain about. It's not excessively annoying & I can deal with it. Still giving this gym 5 stars!
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on May 15, 2014
When I started looking around for a play mat, I wasn't aware of any major differences or key features to look for. I found a few good options, but I really liked the ability of this one to change the angle of the bars. When we got it, I knew I'd made a good choice. It's well built, bright and colorful, and gender-neutral with cute animals. The toys are cute, with a variety of colors, textures, movements, and sounds - some hanging and some on the mat itself. It's also easy to add your own (I've already added a couple!).

Most importantly, I *love* the ability to quickly and easily adjust the angle of the bars and location of the toys. My daughter is still working on tummy time, so I adjust the angle based on whether she's playing on her back or on her stomach. It's fast and easy and makes a huge difference. My daughter is fascinated, especially with the hard plastic flower that lights up and plays music. It's nice that you can set it to two different volumes and to either play only when the monkey is pulled or to play continuously. It's a good size, only an inch or two wider than our pack and play when the corners are folded up (we have dogs, so that's where the play mat stays and tummy time happens). Easy to put together and so far easy to clean up.
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