Customer Reviews: Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym, Animals
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on December 9, 2011
First let me say that I am one of those people that has to research EVERYTHING before i buy it- i looked at a zillion of these mats before narrowing it down to this one. I couldn't decide between
-the fisher price jungle mat,
-this one,
-the boppy circus mat.

i chose this one because of that super cool feature it has that allows you to customize how the arch is positioned. I wasnt sure if we would like it or not- but it ended up being one of our favorite features!

Things i love about this
1. my kid loves it. he is 2 months old now and has really just started interacting with it, but before this he would LOVE to stare at the lights when we had it turned on.

2. I DID NOT KNOW the light up/sound flower was removeable. this is nice.
3. the music on the flower is not annoying at all
4. NOT ADVERTISED: there is a red monkey dangling from the center of the sound flower- when the baby hits it, it triggers the lights/music.
5. there are two settings for the music/lights- continuous, or a setting where the baby has to hit the arches or the monkey to activate it.
6. the fact that we can position it however we want
7. the raised edges are great for tummy time right now- they really capture my sons attention- i had no idea! :)
8. the mat is MACHINE WASHABLE. this is wonderful.
9. if you have those links laying around (and what new parent doesnt? haha) you can link your toy to wherever you want on the arch.
10. we can use it for a boy or a girl
11. the toys that come with it are cute- not cheap like a lot of toys that come with these mats.
12. the lights hold our sons attention really well
13. we can easily fit two babies for when i have a friend and their baby come over.

TO SUM IT ALL UP: this is an awesome product, and I am a tough critic....i usually dont write reviews but this is such a great product I felt compelled :)
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VINE VOICEon August 30, 2011
Color: Animals|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have mixed feelings about this Tiny Love play gym. I have experience with two prior Tiny Love Gymini models and while there are things I like about this one, there are also things that I don't like. My first Gymini, and the one I like the best was the Gymini Deluxe which had a cotton playmat with crinkle and squeaking flaps along with several well made machine washable toys. This ten year old model is still my favorite.

I have also owned another Gymini which had sounds and lights in the playmat. I liked this one the least. While many of the toys could still take a spin in the washer and dryer, the playmat was polyester and did not fold up nicely because it was so thin and flimsy. That play gym ultimately found a new home.

This Move and Play Gymini has some nice features, like a generously sized playmat and the versatility to set it up several different ways. I like those features, but there are certainly things I don't like about this gym. For one, the play mat, while machine washable, cannot go in the dryer. Tiny Love also recommends that you hand wash the mat for optimal care. I don't know about you, but when it comes to baby products, I prefer convenience factors such as being able to pop the item in the washer and dryer so I have the item ready to be used ASAP. Most busy moms don't have time to hand wash large play mats and line dry them. If you have a baby who spits up frequently, you'll understand why the care instructions irritate me. The cloth toys are also not machine washable. My original Tiny Love mat had cloth toys that were machine wash and dry. They were also made nicer. Babies chew on toys and can sometimes spit up on them. Surface washing a toy that has been doused with baby spit up isn't enough to get it thoroughly clean. The plastic toys that come with this gym are cute, and could easily be washed by hand.

As I set up this activity gym I was struck by how much Tiny Love has cheapened their products over the years. Gone are the days of the nice cotton play mats and quality rattles. The rattles and cloth toys on this gym are certainly not of the same high quality of their older Gymini products. The plastic on the mirror toy is flimsy and cheap feeling. Even the links are of a cheaper quality plastic. The cloth toys seem no better than the cloth toys on the Bright Starts baby gyms.

The mobile toy is cute and it's flashing lights will capture the attention of babies. Putting batteries in this mobile isn't the easiest process. In fact, the company realized they complicated the battery housing enough that they had to create a video on their website showing you how the battery housing is opened. I suspect that many sleep deprived parents will find replacing the batteries to be a bit of a hassle.

Some of the good points of this play gym are:
It folds up nicely for storage
It's colorful toys and mat will be engaging for your baby
The toys can be positioned in a variety of ways thanks to the sliding hooks for the toys
The arches can be arranged in infinite ways
The play mat is generously sized
The play mat can be used with or without the arches and the sides fold up and snap together to create a secure feeling area for a newborn

Overall, it's a nice play mat, but I wouldn't say it's superior to its competition. I'd say it's pretty comparable to a Bright Starts play gym that I have, just with more bells and whistles. This type of baby toy will see the most use between 0-5 months. Once your baby is rolling, crawling and sitting a toy like this begins to lose it's appeal.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon September 7, 2011
Color: Animals|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
When babies are happy, they just kick and kick and kick. And that's exactly what my little 5 month old does in this gym. She's reached a stage where she protests - LOUDLY! - if mommy or daddy put her down and walk away. We were wondering how we'd ever do anything without taking her around the house with us until we got this. You can see from the video she is *very* happy.

With our first baby, we used the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Kick and Crawl Gym and a full size gym that was similar to the rainforest gym. My son was never all that thrilled with playmat/gyms though, and none of the trinkets etc kept his interest that long.

It's been a few weeks now, and she still loves this gym. It offers her:

- Hanging or detachable teethers, one rubbery and one plastic (she has both constantly in her mouth) and two plushies (crinkly / boingy)
- Mirror (not real glass, a little similar to a funhouse mirror but still fascinating)
- Centerpiece with lights and music, can be set to different sound level and also can be set to activate on pulling
- Mat with touchy feely items, her favorite is the crinkly diamond attached to a short string, she'll grab it and crinkle it and roll, then clutch it madly with two pudgy hands so it doesn't get away
- The mat easily snaps to have raised sides, which I like because it stops our 3 year old from stepping on the mat or the baby (I'm pretty sure he does it on purpose)

But what is really important to me is that I can easily wash the mat, because I have a baby who loves to spit up. You just pull the legs out of the loops and wash. Wonderful!

A little bit of a challenge to set up, but the adjustibility of the top is pretty cool - just push a button and you move everything.

Never mind five stars, our little girl gives it five kicks!

UPDATE: She's now 7 months and we have been shocked that she likes her gym *more* now (note she's not crawling yet). She now plays with the soft toys and we can set her in the gym and she'll play for 15 minutes by herself (rolling all over).
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VINE VOICEon September 21, 2011
Color: Animals|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This is by far the best play mat I've seen. It's a huge step up from my previous one.

My old play mat was overly bright. This one is tastefully bright and colorful with cute animal pictures on it.

I have to say, I'm impressed with the toys. They're cute and fun, and since they're detachable, they're fun to play with both on the mat and off. My baby likes the vibrating elephant. The mat comes with 7 toys or attachments.

The mat itself is quite large, so there's plenty of room for even older babies to play.

Here's the feature I love the most: The arch connector slides forward so you can change the arches to basically any position you want. Then the toy connectors slide back and forth along the arches so you can position the toys differently, too.

This worked great for my young baby because he wasn't able to focus on the toys when the arch was overhead. Then when I slid it forward, he loved it. I could also put the toys on his left (the side I'm supposed to turn his head to because he prefers the right). He could also kick at the toys by his feet.

When he gets tired of lying down, I can sit him up to look at the toys in front of him when positioned forward. It's also good for tummy time.

The mat folds in half and snaps together for storage, but it is still very big.

Be aware when unpackaging--The arches are spring-loaded, so when you pull the plastic off, they really pop out! I am so glad my baby wasn't nearby when I opened them because it would have really hurt him if it hit him. So give yourself plenty of room during set-up.

I'm very pleased with this fun toy!
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on August 25, 2013
Let me start off by saying that I love Tiny Love because their products meet international safety standards (Europe has such higher standards than we do!) and contain no PVC, phthalates, BPA, or flame retardants. They're the only company I could find that could make those claims! In my opinion, they don't advertise these facts nearly enough - I only figured it out after a lot of research.

Now, as for the actual gym itself, it's a hit in our house! I can't believe that all activity gyms can't adjust like this one!

Notable features:
ADJUSTABLE ARCHES. The best feature of this gym is that you can raise or lower the arches depending on your baby's developmental stage. Tummy time is so important and this feature allows your baby to fully engage with the gym while on his/her tummy - before they can even fully lift their head! The mechanism to do this is extremely simple and straightforward. Lastly, the arches have movable hooks from which the toys are hung. This is great because you can move the toys around or even add your own toys that have loops!

TOYS. The toys that come with this gym are great. There's a mirror, a monkey that stretches and bounces back, an elephant that has crinkly ears and also stretches and vibrates back (love that feature!), and 2 little sets of "keys" - one that's plastic and one that's more rubbery. Each of these toys has engaged my infant at different times!

LIGHTS/SOUNDS. The sounds that go with this gym are pretty standard. You have the option to have them play continuously or to have the baby initiate the sounds by pulling on the red rubber monkey that's connected to the middle of the device (this setting is changed via a plastic switch). The lights play correspondingly, lighting up different plastic pieces that have various animals on them. My biggest gripe with this gym is that I wish there were an option for playing music without the lights, as the lights are overstimulating for my son.

MAT. The mat is large and soft. It's easy to wipe clean if anything gets on it. It has large, bright pictures of animals on it. The elephant's ear crinkles and the zebra's tail is soft and three-dimensional. There's also a hanging "tag" that crinkles. The crinkly sound is the first one that interested my baby!

This activity gym assembled in seconds and has become our first activity every morning. Above all else, I'm happy to know that the materials coming into contact with my baby are consciously chosen to be safe and non-toxic.
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VINE VOICEon September 8, 2011
Color: Animals|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The first time we laid him down, my three month old hated this for whatever reasons a three month old would have to hate anything. We put him down and he started crying to the heavens. I don't question him because hey, a baby's got things on his mind like any one of us.

At any rate, he loved it the second time we laid him down underneath the arches and with good reason. There's a lot for him to see and do with the Gymini and the best thing about the whole package is that unlike most other play gyms, this one is fully customizable and easy to adjust to your needs. I've found that with other play mats, there's kind of an "either they can get to it or they can't" kind of ethic behind their initial designs and there really isn't much thought put into extending the product's life beyond even a couple of months or even to the level of parent interactivity that can be achieved.

With the Gymini, you can position the toys wherever you need to so your little guy/gal can have unrestricted access to them and it even has enough room for you to lay with your child and help them along as they play with the numerous stuffed animals the Gymini comes packaged with. You can choose to detach your tot's favorite toys and take them on the go, which is always nice. The mat's arches can be adjusted to pretty much whatever height or angle you need to provide your child with, which comes in very handy and helps put the Gymini head and shoulders above any other play mat I've used. The mat is spacious and comfy enough and my child really enjoyed the lights and sounds that the centerpiece makes. I'd recommend it solely due to the Gymini's customizable nature, which will guarantee you a good period of use as your child begins to develop and serves to cover their needs and keep up with them quite well as they make their way through the varying levels of change all kids go through. If I had one thing to nitpick about, I hate having to break out a screwdriver just to change out batteries but then again, I'd rather restrict my kid from accessing the battery case than make it an easy prospect for him to get his fingers into.

I give the Gymini a full five star rating and I think my son would do the same, that is, if he didn't already have so much on his three month old mind.
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on September 6, 2013
We own three of these types of mats, listed here in order from my favorite to least favorite. Tiny Love Gymini Move & Play, Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Gym, and Fisher-Price Rainforest 1-2-3 Musical Gym.

Here's my comparison: The first two, made by Tiny Love and Baby Einstein are very similar. They both come with lots of toys to dangle, and you can also add your own. They have lights and music which my son LOVES, and there is space to place other toys around my son for him to grab. Both can fold flat in half easily without taking them apart and can store in between my couch and coffee table, so they are easily and quickly put away and taken out when needed. Both are easy to wash, I just take off the arches and wash the mat part. This is important if your baby spits up a lot like mine :) I do not put them in the drier. Here are the differences: I like the Tiny Love mat better because it is much larger, so when my little guy starts to squirm around more, he will have more space to play. Also when I lay next to him and talk to him, he can see me better with the Tiny Love mat (on the baby einstein mat, the toys are lower and closer together so they are always blocking him from seeing me). Also, the Tiny Love mat is adjustable so that you can move the intersection of the two arches down so that your baby can look at the lights and music even during tummy time. Since my son is not particularly fond of tummy time, this helps a lot. The Tiny Love mat also has sides that fold up, which I haven't used yet but I'm thinking these might be useful when he starts playing with toys that can roll away but before he starts crawling. The Baby Einstein mat comes with a little whale that you can prop baby up with for tummy time. This doesn't work well for us because is is asymmetrical and he always ends of sliding to one side and becomes uncomfortable, so we don't use the whale.

The third mat, made by Fisher Price, I really do not care for at all. Is it so small that there is no space for me to place any toys around my son, nor can he move more that a few inches without being at the edge of the mat. The arch dangles too low so toys suspended from it are nearly touching is face, although the arch is not directly over his face anyways so he doesn't even really care about those toys. Although it's small, I would have to disassemble it in order to make it flat, which is not difficult but with a baby, I have better things to do, so it actually takes up more space to store than the other two I reviewed. There are no lights and minimal music. Disassembly to wash it is difficult since I have to take off the plastic sides. The only thing my son likes about this mat is the mirror, which he looks at during tummy time. (both other mats also have mirrors though) Pretty much, by son is better off just laying on a blanket.
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on July 31, 2015
My 2 month old has loved this playmat. He's befriended all the cute stuffed animals, and is consistently engaged by the other dangly toys. He can spend a long while in this, perfectly content yet highly active. I love the moving arches and how the sides can be easily raised to provide a secure play area for baby. It's a good size, and fun to look at while the baby is playing.

I was worried that it might be too stimulating because of the lights and music, and it is unfortunately a bit much for him sometimes. (the lights and music feature has 2 options: 1) constantly on, which can be overwhelming over a few minutes, or 2) on only when the baby pulls or hits the rubber dangle monkey, which can be frustrating when he can't hit it hard enough to turn it on as he's still too young to deliberately pull things). He'll be really excited about the lights and music, then get frustrated and whiny, kind of hitting the dangling rubber monkey that initiates the motion. He starts yelling at the lights and music, so I just turn it off and he'll go on talking to his stuffed monkey and elephant.

So, I would recommend not showing your baby under 3 months the lights and music...yet. They'll be so enthralled by the other stuff they won't miss it. Trust. When you do turn on the light and music feature, they'll be so excited for the new aspect to their playmat they'll fall in love with it all over again.
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on December 14, 2011
Color: Animals|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I love this play mat and before I get into all that let me start off by addressing the price. Although the list price isn't cheap Amazon's actual price seems to be about 30% lower and inline with prices for most of the other playmats.

The unique feature of the Tiny Love Move and Play Gymini with Adjustable Arches is... you got it! The adjustable arches. So you can take that center piece that has the lights and music and move it anywhere along the two arches to bring in reach or out of reach of baby. It's great for very small infants who aren't moving much or can't reach because you can bring it to them.

The mat is large and there's a great selection of toys one of which vibrates when you pull and release (the jitter elephant). There are some crinkly toys and different texture toys attached directly to the mat and a bunch of other hanging toys including a mirror. You can also hang your own toys when baby get's bored. The centerpiece (the one that you slide) plays a bunch of melodies and has two modes: continuous and "on-demand". The way on-demand works is that it only plays the tunes when the baby pulls on the hanging toys. There are also some animal images that light up and seem to captivate my little one.

I've also thrown the mat in the washer a few times after some throw-up and other accidents and it's come out looking like new. After a few months we're still using this mat almost every single day and I already feel that I would have gotten my money's worth if this had been an outright purchase. In any case it's something that'll be easy to pass down to the next child you have or to give, lend, or sell to friends or family.

I highly recommend it and I don't really have any complaints. If there's anything negative to say it would be that even when folded it's pretty big so if travel is the main reason for buying it you may want to look elsewhere.
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on March 31, 2016
I love this product. Most activity mats are so small and while that is ok for a newborn it doesn't really serve its purpose once a baby starts rolling. This product takes our child through several different stages. I had to look long and hard to find this but I am really happy I did. There are so many different features on this and it does so many things that other highly rated mats don't.
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