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Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Stroll
Color: Sunny Stroll|Change
Price:$25.25+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on November 18, 2016
My baby just turned two months old, and she is only now really starting to like it and play under it for more than a couple of minutes. I love that it easily attaches to almost anything. In the pictures I've included, I have it over the changing table, however, I've also tried it on her papasan, stroller, car seat, cradle, Rock and Play sleeper, and Baby Bjorn bouncer- and it easily fits all of these. Each end has a claw clamp that you twist/screw to tighten and loosen. I also love that there are hinges of sorts to adjust height over the baby- and which also serves to compensate for varying widths of whatever you attach it to, as well as it's ability to pivot either forward or backwards which lowers the toys closer or further away from baby by changing the angles. As of right now my baby is particularly attracted to the center mirror which dangles from the butterfly, and the spinning pinwheel. But, she also responds to the crinkle sounds that the wings of the bugs make. Five stars for versatility and baby approval.

p.s. I have the toy bar that specifically goes with the Baby Bjorn bouncer, but prefer to use this Tiny Love Stroll as I can adjust it so that she isn't hitting her arms and legs on it as she does with the Baby Bjorn one- which hurts her as it's metal and wood...
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on April 17, 2015
This was recommended to me from a public forum and I was skeptical at first but thought I would give it a try since it had such wonderful reviews. I'm so glad I did! My son is 3 months old and he just loves it!! It clamps on to almost everything and has been wonderful for his rock 'n play and swing. The crinkles and the colors really hold his attention. The butterfly is his favorite, he loves to grab at it, "talk" to it and smiles at it all the time. It's really amazing to watch him play with it. I am excited to see him grow with it.

When I first gave it to him, he could only tolerate it for maybe 3 minutes at a time, as it was a bit over stimulating for him. Over the course of a week or two, he's up to about 10 minutes before he's over stimulated again. It really is a lot to take in for a little one. But, I can see this growing with him for many many more months/years. My (almost) 4 year old niece has the same one and she still plays with hers!
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on February 10, 2018
After reading the reviews I was hesitant and purchasing this… But I figured for 29 bucks I couldn't go wrong.
1. It fits perfectly on my cosleeper/bassinet. It also fit on my crib nice and snug and did not wobble.
2. It detaches so that you can put it on a infant car seat handle or stroller. We did this when we went on vacation and drove for many hours, it worked perfectly on her car seat handle and help her go to sleep.
3. Another reviewer said the music was too soft, and it spun too slow. I found that to NOT be true.The volume I found was perfect and soothing. Also how fast do you expect it to spin?… It's not a ceiling fan, it's a infant mobile.

I'm very glad I purchased this, it was well worth the money. (all other mobile's were twice the price.) For only $29 I honestly thought it was going to be a piece of junk… I was pleasantly surprised. I would purchase again and recommend to friends.
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on November 16, 2017
This was a God-send item. We were gifted a rock n play for my daughter during her baby shower and were trying to find something that would attach so that she wasn't bored once she was more alert. Not only does this clamp on to the rock n play, but you can also bend it over so it adjusts to the reach of the child. Being only 2 months old, my daughter loves looking at the colors and the light reflecting off the fox's scope as well as hitting the bee to hear the shaking sound. We hung a couple other items that light up when touched on the arch too so she could have a few more things to wack, but she loves this thing to pieces and I have enjoyed hearing her babble on to the toys on the arch as she plays.
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on May 1, 2016
This toy is awesome!!!! It doesn't need batteries, is "baby operated"! I bought it for my babybjorn bouncer and it fits perfectly! Can fit on almost anything! So versatile and my baby loves it!!!! Yay!!!
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on July 20, 2016
I bought this arch in the hopes that it would fit on the Tiny Love Take Along Bouncer and it does seem to work! I travel a lot so I need something I can throw in the suitcase easily and both the bouncer and arch are perfect for this! I just got it so I'm not sure how my son will like it yet, but so far it's exactly what I was hoping for.
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on January 28, 2018
I didn’t know these little portable activity centers existed until I realized it would be great for my baby to have something to play with in her chair (we have a Chicco rocker chair). I LOVE this thing. My 4 month old baby can play with this for a good 10 -15 minutes before she starts yelling at it...we joke that she and the fox get in fights. And the bee is the best. We call it her BeeFF (you’re welcome for the pun). I feel like it’s helped her with her hand eye coordination for sure. So cute and so fun. At first when I opened it I was disappointed because I wasn’t expecting the fox and bunny to be flat...but now that she plays with it I don’t even think twice about it. Such a good purchase!
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on August 4, 2016
This was my baby's most favorite toy for a long yet! I got this for her soon after she was born. This went along with us wherever we went. Was it to the babysitter, vacation or even grocery!
This arch is bendable made to fit any small surface including the carriage, infant seat, bouncer, playpen and more!
The colors are so entertaining for babies- bright yellow, green orange and more!
The 3 different activities including the pull sting- spin the pinwheel, sun with a hanging mirror and turning ball of balls. The quality is also great- my sis has hers for 8 years now!
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on May 22, 2014
I bought the Sunny Stroll because it was the cheapest of the 3 options. The product differs from what is depicted. The "propeller" is actually a large green flower with a handle and pull cord akin to purple flower on the Princess Butterfly model. There are no pink ribbons on the sun in the middle (picture #5 is accurate, picture #1 is wrong). The flower hanging off the sun isn't the same colour as what is pictured. Also, the arch isn't reversible as the picture would suggest. There is a clear front and back (with the back lacking any detail). In the photos with the baby, the back is facing the baby and the front is facing the audience.

Having said that, none of these things were deal breakers for me. This fits easily on a car seat but we actually use it for the rock n' play. There are several joints that allows it to fit on things of various widths but it doesn't tilt backward or forward very far. I feel a little uncomfortable with the propeller flower, regardless if it's justified. I've spun the propeller and then stuck my finger in the moving parts and didn't find it painful. I don't think it could injure a finger. It keeps my baby entertained for a little while so what more can a parent ask for.
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on December 10, 2015
This is the single best purchase of ALL the baby items i have. I bought this and started putting it over the car seat at 8 weeks. She loved looking at it even then, about a week later she rested her hand on the handle -I believe it was accidental, but she learned quickly to do it intentionally. Now, at 7 months, she plays with it on every trip we take, it makes a huge difference! Sometimes, if she gets bored we will put it at her feet across her car seat and she will kick it and it normally buys about 20-30 more minutes of fun. It is exactly as the picture shows. The Butterfly has a spinning ball in the middle and she is just discovering that. The sunshine has a little mirror that hangs down and that is a favorite chew toy. There is a hanging butterfly that hangs from the spinning flower and she seems to love to pull that one off. (the hanging toys are soft and velcro through a hoop.) This is the most perfect toy for travel, commutes, shopping, whatever you need.
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