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on February 2, 2016
Tipsy Bartender - You rule.

Love love love this book. It has become my GO TO book for all drinks delicious. The instructions are very simple, and the flex that you have with alternate suggestions if you don't have something, is on point. There are mostly fruity and sweet kinds of mixed drinks here, the kind that say more "Party" than subdued gin lounge. Lots of great drinks.

And Shots! Did I mention the shots? All of them with a sense of humor and tastefully presented. By far our favorites are the scooby snacks. There are ever a few "originals" that he shares from his LA Bartending days that fellow bartenders created on the spot. Justin's Big Ol...well, you'll have to get the book to read the rest of that particular drinks name!

The images alone make you want to try them. I have made most of the drinks in this book. I have read other books, and downloaded countless apps just to broaden my range of drinks. I'm OCD that way....but I'm telling you I keep coming back to this book! No one has done it better with such a high percentage of tasty drinks! This is the real deal if you are looking for a good time with friends and especially the ladies.

You have Cocktails, Shots, Frozen Drinks with Ice Cream, Martinis. Just buy this book. Seriously. Buy it.

After this the only book I'm coveting is the Death and Co book. If TB puts out another book, I'm buying it...sight unseen, I don't care. He set the bar that high.

I hope that my own enthusiasm about this inspires you to make an informed purchase decision. Live it up my friends.
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on February 19, 2014
Face it folks you are going to find yourself at some point in your life sitting opposite a bartender and spilling your guts about a tragedy in your life...Instead of doing that buy this damn book it will cheer you up. It has easy to follow recipes for creative drinks that are often based off mainstream popular cocktails. If you can make a martini or margarita you have the skills to make a gal any drink in this book.

Want to get drunk? Buy this book.
Want to get laid or in the words of Skyy " Want to smash!!"? Buy this book.

Skyy understands what it is to be a bartender and has taken that joy and turned it into a success on youtube and now turned it into a book that has pictures! PICTURES DAMMIT! What gal isn't going to be like "ooooh make me the pink one!"?!?!

All that said it will at least give you a conversation piece when you have friends over and the ability to add to your drink portfolio. Compared to other bartender manuals and cheat books this is above and beyond. The Bar Bibles of the world are often clumsy for novice bartenders, this is the best option out there! It is sure to give you some great nights and great laughs, at home mixology is suppose to be fun, mess up and have a good laugh! That's how we all learn.

~Your neighborhood Buffalo Bartender
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on December 5, 2016
I actually purchased 2 of these. Very good recipes inside. I will be purchasing a lot of liquor in the very near future for sure so I can try all the drinks in this book. The second book is for a Christmas present so an update from the recipient will be later.
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on March 20, 2014
Short and sweet...

You can definitely tell Skyy put in the time to keep it simple sweet and sexy with pictures of each drink included so you can see what they are supposed to look like. It's not just a list of drinks, it's a history lesson as well as commentary from experiences Skyy has had while bar tending and partying. You can really just sit down and read this book as a short story book and enjoy reading from cover to cover. No girls, except for the awful cover, just Skyy talking about the drinks, their history, and a little humor. Not like any other bar tending book I have seen on the market.

Now for the sour...

The name of the book is not relevant to the content and here is where this books flaw is.This is a book of cocktails from an over confident, egotistical male who thinks he is gods gift to women. Not a book you are going to find sitting on the shelf of any self respecting person with a title like "I'm having a girl over". What is your wife going to think when she sees you reading this book? But I guess that is not the desired demographic Skyy is after.

All in all, this book is worth the $3.99 I paid for it as a ebook. However, it probably should have been an application for $1.99 on any, or all, of the numerous "app stores" where the name can be suppressed inside my phone or tablet where nobody will see it except me. It could then be easily used as a reference by any fly by night wanna be bar tender (like myself) where I wouldn't need this giant magazine sized book in hand. The drinks could be indexed by any number of key words and used where ever life takes me and my phone.
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on July 10, 2014
I love Skyy John's youtube show Tipsy Bartender so when he came out with a book I quickly bought the paperback version (the free e-book version was a plus). I wasn't disappointed. There are plenty of fun and great tasting drinks inside. The book is laid out very well with plenty of pictures and some funny comments by the author and a small list of the bare essentials "tools" you'll need to dive in and start mixing for the party. The best part though is by far the recipes. Finally a cocktail book anyone can understand. The ingredients and measurements (literally units of volume!) are right there next to a picture of the drink. I have a few other cocktail books some of them the measuring can be difficult to understand or vary from book to book. But with this book it's so clear and easy even a caveman could make a good drink.

All in all this is a great book. I hope he comes out with a second one featuring more drinks. I've used many of these drinks while entertaining people and not one of them has had a bad review. These drinks are fun, easy and taste great. Hell even handing the book off to someone to Russian roulette a drink is fun. Buy this book call some people and start getting your drink on.
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on March 18, 2015
I was so excited for this book to come in. When I got it, I have to say I was a little disappointed! It's made like a coloring book. Just Basic. I love Tipsy Bartender though so I will rock this book!

The recipes are easy and the pics are ok! Like I said, basic! A lot of different drinks to try! I wish he gave a list at the beginning of the book of all the alcohol he used that way you wouldn't have to go through every drink and figure it out! For an aspiring "at home bartender" (haha I'm just a stay at home mom that needs a hobby) that would have been helpful so I can stock up! He did give a list of tools and glasses that you might need/want!
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on September 12, 2014
This is an absolutely fantastic book. I have yet to try one of the recipes and be disappointed. This book is for exactly what the title says. Its a book to create simple drinks that taste delicious for when you have people over. This book isn't the crazy and complex recipes he is famous for on his youtube channel, but just because the drinks are simple, doesn't mean the drinks are bad. In fact, the simplicity of these shows that Skyy really knows his stuff. The drinks in here are superb, and I can tell that that he put time and thought into this. Additionally, some (not all) of the recipes come with either little funny stories or liquor knowledge that is helpful, and these made the book more personal to me.

The only slight downside is that there aren't as many recipes as I would have liked, but considering that all of the recipes are phenomenal, this book will last quite a while.
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on February 20, 2014
I have never been so excited to purchase a book until this book. I have recently subscribed to Skyy John's Youtube channel so when I found out he published a book on drinks specifically for women, light drinkers, and new drinkers it was a must have without hesitation. I really enjoy the work he put into creating this fantastic book so I just had to support him. I was actually surprised about how much information was in this book. I honestly was expecting the bare minimum neither did I know that there were so many recipes. The instructions are easy to read and follow compared to online recipes along with other cocktail recipe books. I'm the type of guy who is a minimal drinker who does not know what to order at bars. Neither do I like going out to bars so I strongly feel that by having and reading this book will help me create the finest drinks in the comfort of my own home for the people that matter most to me. And there you have it!!! My review on this amazing book.
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on February 25, 2014
I would recommend this book to anyone from a beginning drinker to the hardcore drinker wanting to try everything there is out there. I ALWAYS am up to date with the YouTube channel TipsyBartender and trying each drink that I can. Every party I go to with family and friends they always ask me to make a new drink or the most common the Rainbow shot!

Now with having this book I can just be sitting behind the bar or near the alcohol and have people point to what they want and I don't have to go digging through my notes trying to remember what was in the drink, perfect cheat sheet to keep the drinks coming.

I did have this on special with amazon prime but just couldn't resist and buy it and have it in paperback next day, to top it off I have the ebook for on the go when I can't find the book. Definitely going to be the best trending book and A MUST BUY for everyone looking for a good time
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on June 12, 2016
I love Skyy John and the Tipsy Bartender family but this book just wasn't as great as it was hyped up to be. Overall, I would recommend it though.
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