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on December 4, 2013
These watches came in fake boxes. You cannot gift this product and it makes me wonder if the watches were real or fake. The boxes literally fell apart, were not genuine, and the "Tissot" logos were upside down. When you take the protective plastic casing off of the logo, it peeled the paint of the Tissot logo off. The box sleeves were badly worn and did not look remotely new. I am very disappointed and have no trust in this vendor or the products they are selling. Highly, highly disappointed with this purchase and experience on Amazon. Also, it cost $55 to return the items after shipping and insurance costs. BUYER BEWARE.
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on April 28, 2014
Real swiss timing, very solid construction, in the three years I have owned it I have had to adjust it due to lost time.... once? Maybe twice? The stop watch functions are perfect as well and the claims of being good underwater are no joke. The watch can also take some good scuffles as I get up to some rather active things here and there and after taking a half dozen or so good hits it still works. The crystal also never cracked or scratched to boot, just some scuffs on the case itself. In addition to all this the watch also has a very classic professional look that is quite clean and never fails to impress. I had had more than one person compliment me on it over the years.

Only complaint.... The leather band wont hold up under any sort of physical activity or lots of sweating from such activities. If you are in the market for a Tissot PRC 200 style watch (there are many styles) do yourself a favor and pay the extra bucks to get one with the metal band. Then if you feel the need go to a company like Hirsch and buy yourself a nice quality leather strap to swap in when you want. Heads up for those looking to get a new band for one of these watches, they are 19mm bands which can be pretty tough to find. If you are getting a leather band you can get a 20mm one to fit but it will be tight.

Tissot is a great watch maker and this is the best "cheap" swiss watch you are going to get. Can't recommend it, or Tissot as a company, enough. So if you want a real watch with solid mechanics behind it made by real professionals... you could do quite a bit worse than a Tissot PRC 200.
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on September 20, 2012
I read almost every review on this watch before purchasing it. Like others, I am reluctant to purchase something like a watch online because of the subjectivity of accessories. However, I really like this watch. The band is very good, it's a good firm leather that will require some time breaking in. The latch is a non-issue, I don't know why people keep bringing it up in reviews.

Now to the important parts, the watch face is very good. It has a black background and has strong lettering on the 12, 3, and 9. The dial is "busy" but it is organized very well. The dial contains three smaller pieces, two which count time for the stopwatch and the third which represents the seconds ticking by. The traditional "seconds hand" in the center is actually the stop watch. I like this design very much, I don't really need to know the seconds ticking by but for the stopwatch I want a precise measurement of time gone by. The stopwatch can apparently run up to 30 minutes (tracked by the upper left sub-dial). The inner bevel contains markings for a standard 400-60 Tachymetre, very good touch, I love it. The last part of the dial is the date, which works as you would expect.

All in all, I highly recommend this watch. The face is not too large, fits easily within the width of my wrist, and the thickness is slightly above average.
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on November 29, 2011
Bought this watch on 11/20/11, received it on 11/23/11. The watch looks even better in person. For the price range, I'm not sure you will find a better looking watch. I haven't owned it long enough to comment on how well it functions over time, but will update. My only complaint would be with the band, but I expected it after reading previous reviews. New leather bands are inexpensive, so I'm sure that I will be replacing. The clasp is the issue with the band. It works well, but getting the watch on and clasped can be a minor pain. Other than that I recommend this watch.

9/16/12 Update: The watch still functions and looks as good as when I originally purchased. Time is accurate. Took me a while to set the date so that it would turn accurately with each month, but no problems now. The band is still the only negative. It is a low quality material that has started to deteriorate. Initially, I did not care for the clasp, however I like the clasp now. I feel the watch has been worth the money.
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on May 14, 2012
I bought this watch because I liked the look and it was a seemed like a good price. I think the touches of yellow look pretty cool. However, the band is really really poor synthetic leather that feels like plastic. I'm used to calfskin on my Accutron, and this synthetic felt very cheap. The band squeaked when I moved my wrist, almost like plastic. The first thing my girlfriend asked when she saw it was if it was a plastic band. It looks and feels very cheap. The band is pretty thin as well. This was really all my fault, as I should've looked at the band width and given a harder look into synthetic leather. I'm just not a fan.

I actually didn't really mind the buckle. No real issues at all in that department.

The case sits very high up on the wrist, to the point that it didn't touch my wrist when wearing it. The tachymeter doesn't reset to 12; it's actually off just a bit. Very clear face, however.

I'm not really a watch enthusiast, as I have one pretty nice Accutron that I recieved as a gift. I liked the look of a nice watch so much that I purchased a Victorinox Chrono Classic XLS steel watch last summer through Amazon. This Tissot would be the cheapest of these 3 watches. I guess if one was to compare this watch with others in the $600-$800 range, this watch falls very short. However, I bet if this was my first watch, I probably would've been less critical.

I returned this watch after a day of use and purchased another Victorinox Chrono Classic 241316. Same black face and yellow accents, but it's just a better watch in every way.

I'd stay away from this one and tame the expectations.
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on July 20, 2011
This was my first "high-quality" watch that I purchased and I'm glad I bought it. It's hard to appreciate the build quality and elegance of the watch from the photos -- you really have to see it in person and wear it on your wrist to see it.

The hands line up perfectly (which was not the case for my lower-end watches). The chronograph feature works very well and the buttons have a great snap to them.

I have an average build (5'10" 160 lbs) and the watch fits perfectly -- not over or under-sized. The weight is perfect also -- not so light that you can't notice it, but not so heavy that it's bothersome.

My only complaint was that I didn't like the band that came with it. The leather was a little stiff and the buckle was kind of hard to use. I actually purchased a Hadley Roma leather band with yellow stitching (also off Amazon) that looks awesome with the watch! Also, the illumination doesn't stay bright for very long (maybe about 2 hrs on a full day's charge).
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on January 6, 2012
This is my second Tissot and like others have said the pictures to not do this watch justice. It is a beautiful timepiece. The band was a little stiff but five minutes of flexing it with my hands got it to a comfortable flex level. Once you figure out to to properly work the clasp it is fantastic.

A couple of tips. When you open the Tissot watch box on each side of the compartment where the watch is located there is a small hidden compartment. If you look you'll see little pull tabs to open them. The manual is in one side and a book of Tissot repair centers is in the other. It is very easy to overlook these compartments and without the manual you will be missing some key features of this watch.

One of the features you'd be missing is on page 8 of the manual where it has instructions for zeroing the three chronograph hands. It is possible for them to get out of alignment and setting them back to their true zero point is a quick and easy operation.

This watch is a great value for the money. It has the look and feel of a watch that costs several times the price. Personally I think the black band with the black face looks better than the stainless bracelet.
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on July 15, 2011
This is a great watch, its price makes it available for people who are interested in a good value between price and style/quality. I'm fairly skinny (130 pounds) and 5.8 ft height and found that this watch fits my size just perfect. Although the size is good to me, it might look small to someone who is taller or bigger, especially since I have small wrists and the watch fits fine on me. I think it's best if you make sure to notice the dimentions before buying.

The outside estructure is made from stainless steel (not polished nor matte) and in two weeks of use it already shows some small scratches with normal use and care. Everything is Swiss Made so the movement (Swiss Quartz) and the watch itself have a great quality and feel. If you have this watch and think that one of the hands is off center, you can just reset the movement by following instructions on the included manual and the alignment will improve.

The buckle-clasp it's easy to use, just make sure to open the two mechanisms so it can be easy to put it on/out from your wrist.

It's style is casual, and it fits well with almost any clothing. It does look more expensive than it is, but it also feels like a great buy, so I highly recommend this watch to anyone who likes simple style, chronograph watches and Swiss quality.

I would like it to have a perpetual date (you have to adjust the date every two months aprox.) but it's not hard to do that quickly. An advice is to adjust it for the first time after adjusting time so it can "know" when it's am/pm, you have to pass the hours until you see the date change (am according to the watch) and then adjust the date. You just have to do this once every time you change its battery. After that you just have to adjust the date whenever a month have different days, but it will show the date correctly (i founf out that it changes date around 12-1 am).

The cronograph is easy to use and the hands are yellow which makes it look a little sporty.

The sapphire crystal has been tested by some impacts and it is simple really resistant, so far it has zero scratches without any special care.

For the price is hard not to include this watch into your collection, it can be for everyday use if you have more expensive watches without feeling "dirty", or it can be a great buy to someone young without lots of money at the moment (like me).
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on September 22, 2010
Bought this watch sight unseen, but researched for a week. I even went to a Tissot dealer (who had barely inventory!) to get a feel for Tissot. As it turns out Tissot is the sister co. of Omega, so the quality is tops in Swissmades. as i reserched, it turns out you CANNOT go wrong with Tissot, reputation, quality and value are great. OK so for my review of this watch...many reviews point out the wristband being an issue (NOT).. i have had the watch for 1 hour and am already used to the snap on enclosure. it protects the band, and allows for easy on/off. the band is synthetic leather but feels great and looks well. the face and quartz design are very handsome and different. the yellow accents give it a sport feel, but the design will also wear well with formal dress with no problem as i plan to wear this casual and with suits. the watch is not too big, but is thick.. but that gives it a great side view. the designs on the sides of the watch and the crown handles are great. For a ~$300 watch, i have been told by many that this is a huge value and phenomenal design...
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on November 19, 2012
I am very pleased with this watch, and recommend it highly to those seeking a fine timepiece. What I like specifically is the subtle, understated design. Many chronographs are full of unnecessary bells and whistles, while the PRC200 is simplicity itself. This watch is extremely accurate, and very stylish. The band and clasp system is usually only found on more expensive watches, such as Breitling. The sapphire crystal is a big plus, and something other watchmakers should consider on all timepieces in this price range. This is my first Tissot -- my watch collection is quite varied -- but will definitely not be my last. I would buy this again in a heartbeat.
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