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on March 17, 2012
I was drawn into this book with questions: Who is this girl? What is she? Why can't she speak? Will she find her voice? The writing was compelling enough to keep me reading, and I could have bought this fantasy hook, line, and sinker, but the further I read, the stranger it got. I think the beginning would confuse a lot of young readers. This book will require a strong reader to stay with it. There are some sexual references in the story, so I would not recommend it for anyone under 14. At first, I thought the author created another world that is similar to Earth, but then she dropped some references that simply felt out of place and threw me out of the story (a bomb, Romeo and Juliet). There were references to fairy tales that I found believable in the framework of the story, but the references to the Bible were an odd stretch. They seemed so out of place in a world of strange creatures and gods. I wasn't sure where the author was going, and for awhile, I thought perhaps there was a Christian metaphor, and perhaps I missed it, but I never understood the purposes of the biblical references. In fact, I found them rather disturbing in a fantasy of this nature. I kept reading out of curiosity, but in the end, my last reaction was basically, "Well, that was weird." I realized that Maddy seemed wooden in some ways (which made sense to the story), but in other ways appeared to have feelings of her own, and seemed to grow throughout the story, but in the end, I felt that she was like a balloon that collapsed when her air was finally released. I debated as to whether or not to give this book 2 or 3 stars. I finally decided to give it 3 stars simply because I did read to the end, and the writing in and of itself was worthy. There were a couple of minor proofing errors ("form" where it should have said "from", and a comma after the word and -in the first sentence which almost made me close the book under the assumption that it was not edited), but beyond that, it was pretty clean. This story is strange, but somewhat fascinating. I think the author tried to over complicate things with the biblical references (which seemed wrong in the context of this fantasy), and she tended break the rules of her own world building. I suspect this will be one of those books you either love or hate. In the end, I don't think it was my cup of tea.
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on June 19, 2012
I absolutely loved this book. It was very well written, and explored some thought-provoking concepts. What does it mean to have a soul? What would you do to have one? How would you react on a journey of self-discovery that gave you some unhappy answers?

*spoiler warning*

I was especially intrigued by the exploration of the Jewish golem myth. It is not a well-known one, and I had begun to suspect that the author was basing the story on said legend before the reveal, and was pleasantly surprised that I was right. I was also quite happy with the ending, open as in The Lady Or The Tiger. Will the future be bright? Sad? We are left with the same commodity remaining in Pandora's box: hope. And the feeling that whatever the end, the trip will be worthwhile.

*end spoilers*

I started reading this tale not expecting much. I am left feeling quite glad that I read it, and with the desire to see more from I would recommend the book to YA readers, as well as adults.
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on March 22, 2013
Very different from anything I have read before. I really hope there is a sequel, although the book ended in a suitable spot. I wasn't sure who the heroine should trust, or love, and that is unusual, normally books are completely predictable from page one. This wasn't and left me wanting more.
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on April 16, 2012
I must say this book was amazing to read. I started out reading the sample pages of the book and when I was done I just knew I had to finish all of it.
The descriptions of characters and environment were really good, I could really put my own pictures on the different scenes through the well described details. The story is beautiful and I went through a lot of emotions while reading. I do not really think there is a lot to say, only that; if you like fantasy, love stories filled with drama, action and still with a touch of humor, then I am sure this book want make you feel bored at all. I sincerely love Titan Magic.
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on April 9, 2012
I saw that this book was free for Kindle for a short period of time, so I just downloaded it because it sounded interesting. It took a while for me to actually get to reading it, but I'm glad I did. While I admit it took a little time to get into, eventually I was sucked into the world and wanted to find out about each character and what shocking secret they had. I finished the book still feeling confused about some parts, but I liked the story enough to possibly reread it someday (which I never really do). Overall, I enjoyed Titan Magic!
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on October 13, 2011
Titan Magic delves into the psyche of its mute heroine as well as wider philosophical matters. And there is magic. And danger. Matters of life and death, sacrifice, identity, and freedom.
This is a fully formed and accomplished first novel.
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on March 11, 2012
I'm always on the hunt for a good fantasy read and this was well worth the download. The authors writing sucked me in and I spent the whole day reading it, just to finish and be sad it was over. I will most definitely be purchasing the next book this author puts out. Interesting characters, a unique story, I have nothing bad to say.
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on October 18, 2012
I found this story entirely too engaging and quickly recommended it to friends and family and have had many of them agree- this story was truly unique and the characters and plot were very enjoyable. I really enjoyed this book and will definitely read more from this author in the future.
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on December 15, 2012
I loved this book. It is a strange storyline compared to most things I have read but I really enjoyed it and felt like it was well written and easy to understand. The characters where easy to love.
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on December 16, 2013
I enjoyed the story a lot. It was very different. It kept my interest the whole time & i was a little sad when it ended.
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