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on September 18, 2017
Fun game! I bought this so I can play a shooter with my oldest son that doesn't have a lot of blood and guts. We haven't been playing very long so still working on not getting killed in the first few minutes but it's a lot of fun to have a shooter that incorporates the ability to jump into a titan (mech robot) and do some damage.

The game has a lot of weapons to choose from for both the titan and standard soldier. I still haven't decided if I like being in a titan or out of one better but there are definitely advantages/disadvantages of both.

There are definitely players online that are better than me but you shortly pickup on the gameplay and learn quickly what to do and where to go in certain maps to increase survivability time. Overall fun game and look forward to playing it more.
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on May 24, 2014
I remember seeing this game at E3 last year and thinking it's just another generic COD game with a gimmick on top of it and payed no attention to it for months. Then once the betas came out I saw some gameplay and it came across as a totally new type of FPS compared to COD/Battlefield. After watching more and more videos I really liked how the Titans fit into the game (not too powerful and there aren't any killstreaks or criteria you have to meet to get a Titan.) Since I don't have an Xbox One yet I figured I'd look at the 360 gameplay to get an idea of how "bad" it would look. Some of the comparison videos may make it seem that it is horrible but I was very impressed with the 360's version of Titanfall when I saw it on my TV. It does have occasional screen tearing (although no where near as bad or noticeable as BF3 on PS3 if you remember that.)

I bought the game during a sale for $37 and without a true campaign mode and no offline capabilities I don't recommend paying any more than that for it.

The gameplay is great, feels much smoother compared to any COD and for anyone that has played COD or other similar games you'll catch on pretty quick. You do have to play through a mandatory 20 minute training session as soon as you start the game which pretty much covers everything you can do in this game and all the features in it compared to a standard FPS. I caught on pretty quick and as soon as you start playing it you'll appreciate the map design, look and feel of the environment, and just different impression this game gives you compared to other FPS's. (The best I could compare it to would be Halo, although not a good comparison, that is about how different it is compared to Call of Duty.)

My only problems with the game are the lack of game modes (I mainly only play Attrition,) too many AI bots, and the Titan "gimmick" sometimes being a bit overdone, which makes me have to call it a gimmick. I'd imagine in any future installments of Titanfall there will be more content and game modes but also hopefully a campaign mode because if not I can see ever paying more than $35-$40 for an online only game that can get old quick. The biggest annoyance for me is the amount of AI bots you will face. They are very weak, have no intelligence, almost always all camp together from their spawn and it takes some of the challenge out of the game. I can understand the 360 version not being able to handle more than 2 six player teams but the Xbox One and PC version should either have all user controlled teams or 2/3rds user controlled teams with some AI to mix things up. The easy AI makes you think you're better than what you really are and makes the game get boring too quickly, especially in certain matches when you can't find opposing players and are just mowing down AI until you give away your position and get killed by another player. Rarely will the AI kill you, even in situations of 5 on 1 or higher, they just don't react very quickly. I think the 360 version should at least have a game mode where there aren't any AI and it's only humans playing against each other, even if it is a small number of people since the Xbox 360 probably can't handle more people like the Xbox One or PC could. My last gripe is how aside from some Burn Cards speeding up the delivery of your Titian it seems they all pretty much are ready at the same time and too often everyone calls in their Titan at once and sometimes you Titan gets destroyed before you even get to use it much. Not having killstreaks in the game makes the playing field more even but at the same times can clutter the map with too many Titans seeing anyone can call them in at any time no matter how bad they are and can continue to do so through the game aside from the build time it takes to have a new Titan ready. Too often all you're doing is trying to destroy enemy Titans that just keep coming instead of trying to shoot all members of an enemy teams which often means you have to call in your Titan to pretty much sacrifice itself to destroy enemy Titans and focus on shooting on foot again. Although when you are able to either dominate enemy Titans or not have any to fight and can use your Titan to shoot bots and enemy pilots it can be very fun and rewarding.

In closing I do like this game, it's something new and as long as implemented correctly can probably continue in future installments and get better. Aside from a few problems it's very playable just don't expect to get as hooked on it as you would a Call of Duty, it just doesn't have the same "I have to keep playing and fit a few more matches in" appeal. Even being the 360 version it's still the exact same as the Xbox One version with less polished graphics and smoothness but I had no complaints and was totally satisfied with it as it felt like a 360 game running at the Xbox's full potential. But as long as you can get it for a decent price it's definitely worth trying because more than likely you'll like it. Hopefully this game will be around to stay and will be a new FPS alternative for years to come.
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on April 23, 2015
This is probably one of my favorite games for Xbox 360. The gameplay feels flawless, and the action is endless. Even traveling from one end of the map to the other is exciting because of the unique way of traveling Respawn has implemented. Also, they have almost completely eliminated camping in this game. How? Because enemies could come from any direction. Unlike most games, where the only way to get into a building is through the door at the bottom, this game allows you to jump through windows, climb into the roof, enter from the bottom like normal etc.

As I said above: The gameplay feels flawless. Getting into your titan is easy, and feels just like part of the action. I also love how they did not make titans invincible. A skilled group of three or four pilots could take down a titan on their own. I also love how everything you do to harm the enemy rewards you. Kill an AI grunt? -3 seconds to when you get your titan. Kill an enemy pilot? -10 seconds to titanfall.

Character Customization: This game has create a class, just like CoD. You can pick from ARs, SMGs, Snipers, and even a Smart Pistol, which automatically targets enemies and allows you to just pull the trigger when they are targeted. This Smart Pistol sounds OP but it's not. A enemy pilot with an AR will still be a challenge, due to the fact that lock on is not instant.

Titans: These gigantic mechs are the name of the game. You start a round off as a pilot on the ground. Your titan is being assembled in orbit, and you are notified when it is ready. The more kills you get during your time as a pilot, the shorter your wait for your titan.

There are two ways of getting your titan. The first is to spawn in it. This option is not available for your first spawn, as you must wait for 3 minutes, however if you die and and that time has run down, you have the option to spawn in your titan. The second way is during battle. You have the option to call down your titan where ever you are pointing. After about 3 seconds, your titan will apear in the sky and rapidly slam into the ground. It will not hurt you, even if it lands on you, but any enemies in the way will be obliterated. Once your titan lands, it will be placed into follow mode. This will make your titan follow you around the map until you either put it in guard mode, or get into it yourself. There are three titans. One is agile but has low armor and low shields. One has loads of armor and can take loads of damage, but is slow and cumbersome. The third is in between.

Overall, this is as of now, my favorite game for Xbox 360 ever. The gameplay is smooth and does not feel choppy, the action is endless, and the kills rewarding.
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on July 30, 2014
There are some pros and cons to the game, but I decided that the pros outweigh the cons enough for me to give it five stars.


The gameplay is great. Parkour in the game is seamless and easy to master. The controls are simple and make total sense. Any Call of Duty player will feel right at home in this game. It is currently my favorite game right now and has that great multiplayer experience that COD has been known for for so long (of course, the fact that a few COD developers were involved in the design helps). Titans are basically weighed-down versions of the pilot himself, and added a whole new sense of action to the game, which I loved. The weapons in the game are almost all really well done (see the cons) and seem balanced enough. There is enough of a variety for me to enjoy. A lot of people don't like the AI controlled minions, but I like them. While they are a little too easy, they do add some life to the multiplayer, and it is kind of fun to just burst into a room without any fear of dying and just take them all out. Of course, the real challenge in Titanfall comes in the titans and pilots.


The game takes a hard drive in order to run it. At first, I thought 1GB of Xbox storage would be okay, but it requires an actual hard drive, which was a first in any game I've tried. It also tends to kick me out of servers with a little more frequency than I'd like due to excessive lag and too much going on in the game at one (i.e. multiple titans exploding at once). With better internet connection, this could be resolved, but for slower connections, this could be a problem. The sniping in this game is not good, but that's because pilots move so quickly, meaning that you are stuck shooting at AI characters for points. Finally, a multiplayer campaign was not a good idea. No one likes to play campaign apparently, except for me. Because it's multiplayer, I have to find other people, but no one ever wants to play, meaning I'm stuck without the ability to play (however, Titanfall's multiplayer more than makes up for this.)

Although I did list a lot of cons to the game, I highly recommend this game for any COD fan or someone who just likes the fast-paced thrill of great FPS games.
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on October 28, 2015
Personally didn't care for it. they have an interesting game concept, but needs a lot of work in other areas. Takes more than giant robots and par-cor to get me excited about a game. Map designs lead to camper's delight, and are big enough to encourage that practice.

Campaign was one of the worst I've ever played - no offline, true single player campaign, and the campaign advanced whether you won or lose the respective mission. Campaign consists of playing the "story" for one side, and then playing it from the other perspective. Cutscenes were absolutely boring.

Weapons were ok - robots were actually mildly fun at first, but got kind of repetitive. The human weapons were pretty similar to the Call of Duty mold, and there wasn't a very broad selection.
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on November 14, 2014
Fantastic development in the FPS genre. The double jump and parkour elements are killer. The game play is fast, and they keep an even playing field by not having all sorts of crazy mods for weenies to buy or unlock after getting to some whacked out high level. I have to say I haven't seen evidence of hacks or fancy auto aim controllers, but that's because if you spent too much time complaining and not listening to the clues in the audio someone will shoot you deader than a doornail. This game has changed everything in the multiplayer FPS world. You have to stay sharp though because it only takes a second for someone to get a bead on you and drop you like . The titans are such a great addition. If you can look past some occasional server issues, it's easy to have a good time with this game. Playing against A.I. and real people makes this a winning combo. I am sure this title has captured the attention of all the big game developers. For example... The C.O.D. franchise pretty much copied everything except the parkour in their latest release. They should have copied that too because it is fricken great. To be fair to COD I haven't played it yet, but I don't need to to know they're using a double jump, slide boost, and plenty of A.I. I'm still having a blast with Titanfall since its release. gamertag: major masingil
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on July 1, 2014
Tired of the played-out and unimaginative Call of Duty yearly affair? The IMC/Militia wants you! Titanfall, from the people behind the last truly awesome Call of Duty games have made a game that somehow feels refreshingly new and somewhat addicting. Admittedly, we all played it at first because of the novelty of the Titans, huge, towering mechanical bipeds that unleash hell and fury on their enemies, but underneath what would otherwise be a simple gimmick the game itself has mechanics that make it play different if only fast paced every time. Titanfall takes achievements one step ahead by introducing burner cards, which are cards that you earn while completing in-game challenges and that add particular abilities that enhance your gameplay. Like using SMGs? There's a burner card that "amps" your shots. Need to level up faster? There's a card that increases the ammount of experience you make before you die. The gameplay is a nice change of pace too in terms of just running around aimless with no goals in sight, where you now also have extraction as an end of game scenario which adds a whole nother dimension of urgency to where the game goes after the score goal has been met. Essentially, most of what ails in modern FPS games has somehow been addressed here, and as a new studio we can only look forward to whatever will come next in the franchise.

In short, if you like run-n-gun shooters but you're fatigued by EA's yearly milking of the stale Call of Duty cow, this is your ride, man!
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on July 12, 2014
I'm a little disappointed after all the hype. You must be REALLY into multi-person online shooters to enjoy this game because there is no single person story mode. I suspect they rushed this out the door for the XBOX One launch and simply didn't have time to program a single person story mode. The network "grouping" function kills this game for me - while the grouping more or less evens out the overall balance of the two competing "teams," it is difficult to enjoy this game because it will throw your brand new character into a group with other players (on both teams) who are 30-50th level on their 4th or 5th playthough. It's just not fun to get waxed over and over again without having much opportunity to play with and against similarly experienced players, regardless of whether your team "wins" or not. AT THE VERY LEAST, players on the first 20-30 levels of their first playthrough should be able to indicate a preference to be grouped together in a beginner's league or something to provide the ability to practice and gain experience before being thrown to the wolves. It would be different if there was a single story mode to gradually hone your skills, BUT THERE"S NOT. Played a total of 4-5 hours and liked the concept and gameplay, but got bored with being cannon fodder for the hard core gamers.
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on January 13, 2015
It's got that COD feel with "parkour" and mechs. Nothing particularly new. There is no "real" campaign which was kinda disappointing. That would have been cool if it were a COD game where the campaigns are overly dramatic and get lamer and lamer. Titanfall campaign has potential for being a lot fun since there aren't too many games where you and a team of people can run around and shoot stuff in mechs. 60$ for an almost purely multiplayer game makes me feel a little cheated (good thing I got it on amazon for less). There aren't many guns, but maybe that's a good thing. I think that the card burning system is kind of stupid. Most of the time I forget to even use them. They could have incorporated random bonus things in a different way that didn't involve the tedious process of looking through a huge stack of cards and not being able to select cards because I have too many so I have to sell them.

pros: COD feel. fast paced run'n'gun action. mechs.

cons: card burn system. high price for just a multiplayer game.
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on May 26, 2014
Titanfall feels sort of like a small evolution of multiplayer gaming. I consider the former pinnacle to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Everything about that game just felt on point, with a few exceptions.

Titanfall, made by those same developers, is very similar, but more focused. The selection of weapons has been slimmed down significantly, but each weapon in the game is perfectly balanced to not be too over or under powered. There's no "noob tube" in this game. For instance, the Smart Pistol, which automatically locks on to a target and offers and one hit kill, would normall seem overpowered. However, it takes a few seconds to lock on, and in a game where everyone is moving so quickly, it takes quite a bit of skill and maneuverability to actually get the lock on to complete. Every weapon or power has a nemesis, something that negates its benefits. It makes the game a blast to play.

On the downside, single player content is completely nonexistent save for a brief training tutorial. YOU MUST HAVE XBOX LIVE GOLD TO PLAY THIS GAME. The campaign is an interesting concept, framing the multiplayer matches with storyline. However the storyline presented is pretty thin and weak and most won't be interested in multiple play throughs.

If you love COD multiplayer but find it getting a bit stale, I highly recommend this game. Just don't expect a lot of story out of it.
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