Customer Reviews: Titanfall - Xbox 360
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on April 8, 2014
As an owner of the XB1 version, I got a chance to play the X360 version, and it is surprisingly not a whole lot different from the XB1 version. I mean the resolution and texture detail is noticeably lower on X360, but the XB1 has 6-8x the resources and yet it doesn't look that much better. It is basically the same game. Blueprint (the team that ported it to X360) did a very good job.

Performance wise, it's even more similar. If you watch Digital Foundry's performance analysis at eurogamer, the X360 version's framerate is a bit lower overall, but I'd say it's actually more consistent. XB1 runs at 60fps when nothing is going on, but dips to the 40s and sometimes the 30s when titans are on screen. The X360 version runs 40-50fps for the most part, always staying above 30fps. And for those who prefer a more consistent framerate, there's an option to lock it to 30fps, which also pretty much eliminates the screen tearing. This option is not available on XB1.

Anyone looking to buy Titanfall probably already know what it's about, so I won't talk about the game itself. I'll just say that it's a fun game. Revolutionary? Not in my opinion, but it's definitely good.

While Titanfall looks noticeably better on XB1, it is not a looker on any platform, and it is basically the same game. So if you already own an X360 and are still considering buying an XB1 for Titanfall, I would take a good look at both versions before you decide. You could possibly save $450-$500.
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on April 8, 2014
Extremely pleased with the 360 version. Bluepoint did an amazing job with this port. It plays identical to the Xbox One version, the only drawback is reduced resolution (obviously). The graphics look perfectly fine and the gameplay is very fluid. I'm giving this 5 stars to let 360 owners know that this is the full experience. No need to spend $500+ to play this game. Titanfall on Xbox 360 rocks!!
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on April 24, 2014
I don't know. I got the game. I played it for a few hours. I don't know. I'm not disappointed. I'm not pumped either. I would have given it 2.5 stars, right in the middle, if that was an option.
I love multi-player games. I really do. But I don't like NOT having the option of when I don't want to get my butt kicked around by a 12 year old kid across the country, that I can flip over to story-mode or campaign mode and have a modest mind numbing experience. I was a gamer before the majority of my fellow gamers even had a gaming system or a PC. Their baby-fingers weren't working like they would have hoped yet.
I know why they build games like this. It's a consistent money suck. I get that. But what worries me is when this game fades into obscurity.....Do you just trash it, because no one is playing it anymore? I mean, every once in a while I can sometimes find some honest nimrod standing alone on some map in the original Call of Duty and queue up for a few frags. But by and large all I find is heavily modded, God-mode punks, seeing how many points they can accumulate with as little skill that they can muster, but with what they can tack onto their systems and equipment. Must be a hoot for them. Point is....I can go to the story mode and have a reunion tour if I don't want to participate in the "fist-fight in the phone booth". I was a bit put off getting thrown into a room with people vastly out-levelling me right from the get-go, but breathed a little easier when I realized how large the maps are, so I could ease into the water.
Anyway, this game will "do". Was it worth the 60.00 bucks, or so, that I paid for it? Probably not.
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on May 3, 2014
There's no single player. I knew this going in and it was well advertised. Don't know why some reviewers were shocked. I actually like single player FPS so I'm knocking off a star just for that.

The multiplayer is ok. There aren't too many multiplayer modes. Attrition is the team deathmatch mode. I found it to be a frenetic mess and probably won't be playing it much. There is CTF which is fun. There is Last Titan Standing which is my favorite mode. Everyone gets a titan. It plays like a mech game more or less. A mode they don't have would be the opposite of Last Titan Standing which would involve no titans, just pilots. A mode like that would be more like typical COD. That's a mode I wish they had.

All in all, the game is part your average FPS and part mediocre mech game. Playing Titanfall really made me miss MechWarrior on the PC and MechAssault on the Xbox.
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on January 19, 2016
BEWARE GAME IS ONLINE ONLY. There is no single player mode. Cheap budget and high priced excuses from the developers. Packaging is misleading. Can't comment on the game because I don't play online. I wonder what percentage of sales screws the purchaser because of inability to online access?
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on October 28, 2015
Personally didn't care for it. they have an interesting game concept, but needs a lot of work in other areas. Takes more than giant robots and par-cor to get me excited about a game. Map designs lead to camper's delight, and are big enough to encourage that practice.

Campaign was one of the worst I've ever played - no offline, true single player campaign, and the campaign advanced whether you won or lose the respective mission. Campaign consists of playing the "story" for one side, and then playing it from the other perspective. Cutscenes were absolutely boring.

Weapons were ok - robots were actually mildly fun at first, but got kind of repetitive. The human weapons were pretty similar to the Call of Duty mold, and there wasn't a very broad selection.
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on February 7, 2016
I was initially "worried" getting this game as its online only and I tend not to be big into those types of games. When I bought it though I couldn't beat the price and had a few friends who were recommending it. So I went for it...

Initially, I wasn't enjoying it. As with a lot of these, I feel like your first days online you get your a** handed to you by more experienced players which takes some of the fun away for me. But after a few days of playing a half-hour to an hour here and there, I started to warm up to it and now its effectively my go-to FPS.

What I really enjoy (after gaining some experience) is that while being a FPS, it becomes more than just that as you realize some of the cool stuff your pilot can do. Wallrunning/hanging is something I really didn't experience/grok till I was a gen 2 pilot, but its so key to the game and when you get good at it, they strategy, etc takes on a new level. Then there are the titans. They can dominate the field, but they're not invincible. In fact some of the stuff you can do as a pilot (as you pick things up/figure things out) make it a much more even fight (titan's still usually keep the advantage though).

And thats what I find so striking about the game... There's a really well thought out and good balance across the board. Even as a level one pilot you can do a lot of damage with the tools at your disposal if you know how to use them. There's not really any one weapon or any one titan configuration that dominates them all... (even though there probably are favorites) The real differentiator is pilot/gamer skill in most cases which is the mark of a good FPS in my experience.

I also like EA's matchmaking system on this one. Generally, I find I'm put in with pilots who have similar skill level to me. Of course there's an occasional person (or set of people... watch out for teams who communicate -- gasp) who will dominate the field or a noob who's unfortunately learning the ropes but overall I think it does a good job of keeping the teams balanced and giving you room to grow.

So overall, really great concept/gameplay and can't wait to see what Titanfall 2 has to offer.
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on January 3, 2015
Giant robots. Advanced warfare technology. When you combine the two, you get great battles! The multiplayer is rather good! You get a ton of different weapons and skills that you can use. Only downfall is that there isn't a devoted single player mode/campaign. Other than that, you'll get hours of fun with this game!
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on April 21, 2014
The real staying power in a game like Titanfall or Call of Duty is the multiplayer game. Naturally since the consensus multiplayer standard bearer is the Call of Duty Black Ops series ( NOT the Modern Warfare series). I compare these types of games to it. Although Titanfall has lots of whistles and buzzers, it feels very limited. The maps seem large but they feel sterile. The action is so hectic and fast that there is no feel of employing strategies or tactics. It's just a in your face slugfest. Now maybe it's because I am just an old gamer, but even though many of the Black Ops games had small maps, it had feel of maybe you could actually be there.

Oddly I find I'm not excited to play this game after a long day coming home from work after everybody goes to bed, like I was with Black Ops. Perhaps as time goes on, further incarnations of this game will get better. However, for now, it is just ho-hum
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on May 24, 2014
I remember seeing this game at E3 last year and thinking it's just another generic COD game with a gimmick on top of it and payed no attention to it for months. Then once the betas came out I saw some gameplay and it came across as a totally new type of FPS compared to COD/Battlefield. After watching more and more videos I really liked how the Titans fit into the game (not too powerful and there aren't any killstreaks or criteria you have to meet to get a Titan.) Since I don't have an Xbox One yet I figured I'd look at the 360 gameplay to get an idea of how "bad" it would look. Some of the comparison videos may make it seem that it is horrible but I was very impressed with the 360's version of Titanfall when I saw it on my TV. It does have occasional screen tearing (although no where near as bad or noticeable as BF3 on PS3 if you remember that.)

I bought the game during a sale for $37 and without a true campaign mode and no offline capabilities I don't recommend paying any more than that for it.

The gameplay is great, feels much smoother compared to any COD and for anyone that has played COD or other similar games you'll catch on pretty quick. You do have to play through a mandatory 20 minute training session as soon as you start the game which pretty much covers everything you can do in this game and all the features in it compared to a standard FPS. I caught on pretty quick and as soon as you start playing it you'll appreciate the map design, look and feel of the environment, and just different impression this game gives you compared to other FPS's. (The best I could compare it to would be Halo, although not a good comparison, that is about how different it is compared to Call of Duty.)

My only problems with the game are the lack of game modes (I mainly only play Attrition,) too many AI bots, and the Titan "gimmick" sometimes being a bit overdone, which makes me have to call it a gimmick. I'd imagine in any future installments of Titanfall there will be more content and game modes but also hopefully a campaign mode because if not I can see ever paying more than $35-$40 for an online only game that can get old quick. The biggest annoyance for me is the amount of AI bots you will face. They are very weak, have no intelligence, almost always all camp together from their spawn and it takes some of the challenge out of the game. I can understand the 360 version not being able to handle more than 2 six player teams but the Xbox One and PC version should either have all user controlled teams or 2/3rds user controlled teams with some AI to mix things up. The easy AI makes you think you're better than what you really are and makes the game get boring too quickly, especially in certain matches when you can't find opposing players and are just mowing down AI until you give away your position and get killed by another player. Rarely will the AI kill you, even in situations of 5 on 1 or higher, they just don't react very quickly. I think the 360 version should at least have a game mode where there aren't any AI and it's only humans playing against each other, even if it is a small number of people since the Xbox 360 probably can't handle more people like the Xbox One or PC could. My last gripe is how aside from some Burn Cards speeding up the delivery of your Titian it seems they all pretty much are ready at the same time and too often everyone calls in their Titan at once and sometimes you Titan gets destroyed before you even get to use it much. Not having killstreaks in the game makes the playing field more even but at the same times can clutter the map with too many Titans seeing anyone can call them in at any time no matter how bad they are and can continue to do so through the game aside from the build time it takes to have a new Titan ready. Too often all you're doing is trying to destroy enemy Titans that just keep coming instead of trying to shoot all members of an enemy teams which often means you have to call in your Titan to pretty much sacrifice itself to destroy enemy Titans and focus on shooting on foot again. Although when you are able to either dominate enemy Titans or not have any to fight and can use your Titan to shoot bots and enemy pilots it can be very fun and rewarding.

In closing I do like this game, it's something new and as long as implemented correctly can probably continue in future installments and get better. Aside from a few problems it's very playable just don't expect to get as hooked on it as you would a Call of Duty, it just doesn't have the same "I have to keep playing and fit a few more matches in" appeal. Even being the 360 version it's still the exact same as the Xbox One version with less polished graphics and smoothness but I had no complaints and was totally satisfied with it as it felt like a 360 game running at the Xbox's full potential. But as long as you can get it for a decent price it's definitely worth trying because more than likely you'll like it. Hopefully this game will be around to stay and will be a new FPS alternative for years to come.
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