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on October 28, 2014
Titanfall is a game that means a lot to me. It was the first game I bought for the Xbox One that I played to death. It was the first game I had, in recent memory, maxed out in rank (I became a generation 10, level 50 a couple months ago). This was before the Rank Chip was introduced in the latest update, as I'm still working to reach Tier 5 Diamond (I am a completionist, after all). It was the first game I could call Xbox One's first killer app that also happened to be a new IP.

I've played this game since the day it came out, so I've seen every update and enhancement from day one to the present. From the over powered satchel charges (they were like mini nukes) to the Titan Punch's ability to send opposing titans flying twice as far backwards, to Nuclear Ejection explosions being twice as big to becoming somewhat more balanced, this game has mostly changed for the better. Titanfall requires you to be adept not just with shooting the standard weapons, but with movement, positioning, and Titan combat. Being able to outmaneuver your opponent as a pilot or Titan is just as important as being accurate with your shots. You also have to consider when to use Burn Cards, cards that grant the user temporary abilities, like being able to see every threat on the battlefield through Map Hack, being able to call in a Reserve titan at the beginning of the match, and having a high damage version of the standard carbine or Archer homing missile launcher. Just one of these cards can level the playing field, or turn the tide entirely.

Then, there are pilot and titan abilities. I personally lean towards quick reload and warpfall transmitter as a pilot, as it saves time for increasing your rate of fire for weapons, and for the latter, gets your titan into battle quicker, as well as gives you a better chance to crush an opponent by dropping your titan on them (you even get a satisfying *squish* when you make contact with a poor little pilot). The weapons themselves may be standard fare, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, but there's enough variety in them to make them fun to use. Like using the Plasma Railgun to pop pilots into bloody chunk balloons.

An impressive feature of this game on paper is using Microsoft's cloud servers to render AI in matches. In practice, however, these guys, from the grunts, to specters, and enemy titans, are merely cannon fodder used to fund attrition points and decrease the clock for your next titan drop. However, it makes you wonder how future games will utilize this feature. At the moment, the player count for the game's population is pitiful, as most online console gamers are preoccupied with Destiny and past Call of Duty games, but there are enough people currently playing in order to get you into a match relatively quickly. Just be sure to select your correct zone at the start of the screen by pressing X and selecting the zone with the lowest ping. I look forward to what Respawn will do in the inevitable sequel, and hope players keep this game alive in the meantime.
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on June 6, 2015
This game is a lot of fun. I played the Beta and greatly anticipated its release when it came out. I played through the game's campaign mode and found it lacking greatly in storyline. The developers attempt to tell the story piece by piece while you are in the midst of gameplay and firefights, which is not easy to catch unless its played repeatedly. I did just that, only to connect the dots to find a non-compelling and vague tale. The campaign mode in most FPS games is single player or co-operative; however, Respawn and EA give a different interpretation of a campaign mode by essentially combining the story telling in a 6 vs 6 firefight mode of either "Deathmatch" or "Hardpoint" game types.

They gameplay is great and a blast! The ability to be a pilot or Titan is a great addition to an FPS, in my opinion. The online Multiplayer game types are fun to play from Last Titan Standing to the tradition Team Deathmatch. Although, the campaign mode and multiplayer modes feel basically the same. I don't like Call of Duty or Battlefield games because the feel is not intuitive and clunky. Titanfall was developed by both the makers of Call of Duty games and Battlefield games and to me the collaboration actually pays of in a smooth and fun gameplay feel.

I played Titanfall almost daily for several months, so the game has plenty of replay ability! I sold my first copy of the game to get the Master Chief Collection and being a HUGE Halo fan I was greatly disappointed by that game... I regretted selling my copy of Titanfall and decided to re-buy it, if that tells you anything!

I don't recommend the game if you are looking for a strong hero to root for or a compelling story because you will be sorely disappointed; however, if you are looking for a game to run-and-gun and blow things up then, by all means, pick up a copy!
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on July 4, 2015
Great game even tho there's no real or basic campaign, I love this game and doesn't get old like any of my other call of duty games. Reason why is, u don't just shoot but also get to use other techniques and even you Titan which can be used by you inside it or just as ur sidekick for more fire power. There's a lot more than just shooting, there's strategy not just to win but to survive. Daily challenges keep things interesting as well. If games like this keep being developed I will completely stop being a cod fan
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on May 20, 2015
Man I love this game. Respawn Entertainment, the original creators of the Call of Duty franchise, made a game with to different FPS play styles. You have the pilot gameplay which is extremely fast paced, has high jumps, runs on walls, jump kicks, and Zip lines across the map. And you have the Titan gameplay, a powerful mech that moves pretty slow with mutiple weapons that do massive damage. I usually say Titanfall is Call of Duty and Halo combined. You also have grunts/spectres on the field with you, these are regular NPC's that fill the map of the game. People have complained about the grunts, they would rather have a game with more pilots (players), but I highly disagree. Everything in this game adds to the environment/atmosphere, when you jump off the plane to began a match you automatically feel apart of a war. The NPCs on the field adds a bit of intesity, they look up to the pilots and they will mention that once you land at the beginning of the battle. Grunts/spectres also helps with gameplay, in Attrition (TDM) you get 5 points for killing Titans, 4 for killing pilots, and 1 for killing grunts/spectres. This means you can possibly win a match without killing anyone on the opposite team. This gives the player options for winning a battle and offers another strategy. Grunts/Spectres also cut down your Titan spawn time and core ability. There's such a uniqueness to giving players other alternatives to winning a game. Now I haven't talked about the campaign because there really isn't one. The story is hard to follow because it just feels like a regular multiplayer match, it doesn't feel like a reason to care about these people or this war. Putting that aside, this game is great. I absolutely love playing this game, with all the DLC now free, a bunch of new game modes, and improved servers, there really is no reason not to own this game.
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on January 10, 2016
Might be the most missunderstood game out on the market today. After such a saturation of all these gigantic open world games we forget to appreciate those small fun online games. Granted I LOVE myself some Skyrim and Witcher and Fallout. However, sometimes I just want to play something fun and competitive with other people. This game truly mastered what it is to capture massive online matches with both Titans and Pilots. The burn cards are fun to earn and are even more satisfying to use. There is always something to unlock or a new upgrade to acquire. Granted, the game was not expansive enough for that original 60$ price tag, however, the price has dropped quite a bit since then. If you are able to grab this game for under twenty dollars then do it. You will definately not regret it. The game, like any other game, has a life span. This isn't a game you will play for hundreds of hours like the already mentioned open world games, yet it will be truly enjoyable for the occasional gamer.
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on November 15, 2014
3.5 stars if I could (looks like Amazon customers agree). I first must start out by stating that I LOVE playing this game, and would recommend it to anyone now that it's cheap - its mechanics, gameplay, graphics, etc. are fantastic, its a blast to play with friends, particularly since its an exclusive. However, there's always a small part of me that feels disappointed in what the game could have been. I bought this new off a third party seller here for less than $20, which was a great deal. However, if I would have paid the full $60 at launch for it, I would have felt VERY let down.

My issues, which are still very affected by the fact that the game is/was $60 at retail:

A big complaint - there is no REAL campaign. They didn't try to hide it, but still. It seems stupid sometimes, but many people & gamers (including me) would be so much more sucked in by some sort of story. Campaigns in shooters can have very fun unique missions and provide some sort of context/connection behind the premise of the game. Hire a writer to create a clever, even somewhat cliche story for the campaign and spend some more time on the design, and it would have made the game much better, even if it wasn't at a high standard.

Multiplayer is what this game is, and it's fantastic, but even that has its shortcomings. The amount of maps the game comes with, along with some minor customization gripes and missing features like private play, more modes, etc. are unacceptable. You have to pay a little extra cash for more maps, and still hope for more promised DLC, which may or may not come. It definitely borrows heavily from the mechanics/feel of Call of Duty, but not in a bad way. More options would definitely improve the play.

Other than that, its still a fun game, and if you're among others like me who finally got convinced to buy an XBOX One at the end of this year because of the holiday pricing, Master Chief Collection, or whatever, I would highly recommend getting this game. It will entertain you for many hours on end.

Like me, you will also likely find yourself thinking that it is a good, fun game, but that had the potential to be a classic.
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on March 24, 2015
I'm trying to keep this short and sweet so I will cut right to the chase. If you are looking for a single player campaign look elsewhere, this game does not offer that and is not for you. If you want a fast paced, action packed, fun multiplayer experience then I definitely recommend this game. For the current price you really can't go wrong with it. I own it for all 3 systems (yeah yeah I know..) and I enjoyed the experience on all 3. However, if you have the option, I would recommend the PC version first due to better graphics (if you have a decent PC) and better contols (mouse + keyboard). The Xbox One would be second, and the 360 would be last. The gameplay is still intact on the 360 but graphics are kind of hurting as the system is showing its age. If you are still on the fence about purchasing it then I recommend that you check out Origin (EA's version of Steam for the PC) which lets you play the full game for free for up to 48 hours which will let you judge for yourself. I don't think you will be disappointed.
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on December 27, 2014
I wanted to love this game. Who doesn't like the idea of running around with a giant, weaponized suit of armor at your becon call? Gameplay is strong with a good variety of game types. Graphics are phenomenal and it is clear it was designed for the Xbox One from the start. Everything runs smoothly and multiplayer over Xbox Live is easy with plenty of matches to join. I knew the game had no single-player, which I was ok with for the price I paid. But the single player could have done so much to help you understand why the various groups in the game are fighting and why it matters. Maybe this isn't as important to some folks but the basic 'campaign' multiplayer room that was supposed to explain the story did little to clarify what was going on. So there I sit, one of the two warring factions, shooting at the 'bad guys' but not really understanding why or what each side means. Not a big deal, but it was a missed opportunity by the developers to weave a compelling story that you could augment and turn into the next blockbuster story like Halo.
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on May 7, 2014
Titanfall is loads of fun. Not since Call of Duty 4 have I had such a had such fun with a fps. The action in this game is fast and intense. The parkour gives the game a different twist to this particular genre. Then there are the Titans.

The graphics in Titanfall are decent. Everything runs at a pretty smooth framerate and the environments aren't visually noisy with a lot of clutter. You'll be able to see what you are shooting at.
This game has added a.I controlled soldiers on the battlefield which are essentially cannon-fodder, but they Give you something to do. It keeps the game moving at a brisk pace and keeps it from becoming a drawn out campfest. Then there are the Titans.
These 20 foot monsters are fast, deadly instruments that will wreak havoc on opponents who don't play it smart, but don't fret, the pilots are just as when you use your wits and the environment to your advantage.
The only things about this game that dissapointed me were the lack of a single-player campaign and the lack of customization items for the pilots and Titans. The weapon selection is pretty lean, but there is something there you'll find to suit your playstyle.
This game definitely appeal to the fans of FPS players who like to run and gun equals fun crowd. For those who like to sit around there is Battlefield or Call of Duty.....Or knitting class.
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on July 2, 2014
After seeing and experiencing what this next-gen of gaming consoles are capable of, namely, that they are up to par with PC capabilities (as in the case of Battlefield 4), I was expecting there to be 64-player online gameplay. Honestly, I believe that should be the new norm, so in my opinion, Titanfall and the creators thereof should have followed suit, but instead have fallen way short in that regard.

With all the A.I. squaddies padding our KDR's and preventing us from knowing where our skills really stand within this game, I find it a bit dull at times.

Titanfall is an excellent game in its own right, don't get me wrong, but it lacks the charisma of a game like Battlefield, and so, I don't expect for it to leave a lasting impression in the minds of gamers. I've had Titanfall for a little less than 3 days now and the excitement of it is all too quickly fading.

The dynamic of gaming is changing and gamers aren't going to be satisfied too much longer with anything less than 64-player gameplay. Any game that has it will shoot through the ranks piggy-backing on that alone, while those that fail to incorporate it will be left in the dust. Titanfall could've been a GREAT game, but as it stands now, it's a GOOD game.
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