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on May 31, 2016
I think this is the best book in this Heroes of Olympus series so far.
All emotions, all tension , (almost) all expectations and thrills and drama are included in this one.
I almost forgot to breathe myself.
The story took you to the peak position and keep you there, it's really wonderful.

Since My favourite character always be Percy, I'm so thrilled that he had a chance to take a tour in Tartarus..(^_-)-☆
Because after all, he had already met and negotiated and fight with nearly most of the gods and Titans on the land, I thought it must be a good experience for him to challenge the big boss of Tartarus to enhance his power, and utilize it when the time comes.
All the chapters about his and Annabeth in Tartarus journey were so good.

And I'm so glad I had a chance to meet Bob, Small Bob and Damasen.
Especially Bob.
He was so sweet, so gentle and a very wonderful character.
His word 'say hello to the stars for me' was so powerful it still makes my eyes full of tears and squeeze my chest so tightly every time I thought about this book, even after more than a month since I finished it.

You will love Bob and small Bob so dearly, I guarantee you.

Anyway, cause I wrote this review after I finished all the books in this series, and because this 4th book is really great as I told you, I don't know whether I should make some caution for you to not expecting much for the next (final) book or not.

Of course, you've come this far you should finish it for good, but some times I wondered it might be better if I had stopped reading at this book and let my imagination end the series.
Especially if you are Percy Jackson's fan like me.
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on October 5, 2016
My son and I both are reading this series. We have enjoyed following Percy Jackson and his friends from the beginning. Rick Riordan does a fabulous job in his writing. I imagine it's a little more difficult keeping a younger mind's attention, but his style is funny and humorous and reads just the way my son sounds when he describes his crazy ideas. I mostly read it to make sure that my son's book reports are accurate, but I do find myself wanting to know what's going to happen next in Percy's life. I think we will both be sad when Percy's story ends.
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on October 23, 2015
The House of Hades was another enjoyable addition to the Heroes of Olympus series. This one wasn’t my favorite of the series but I still really liked it. I always enjoy Riordan’s take on Greek and Roman mythology.

Okay. So. There are a ton of characters that can be discussed because this series has SO MANY main characters. While I enjoy the diversity and depth of the cast, I do admit that it can get a bit overwhelming for the reader at times jumping between the differing perspectives. Especially because you are going to enjoy certain perspectives more than others. I know there were times where I wanted to speed through certain characters to get back to my favorites.

Obviously Percy is still my favorite perspective and character. I mean how could he not be? We have been through so many books with Percy now. As readers we have watched him become a legendary hero, so how can I not be attached. I kept wanting to get back to his and Annabeth’s chapters because those two were the two I was most invested in. Other than Percy though, I also really enjoyed Leo. He is just so funny and I really enjoy his sense of humor. Oh and Nico. He is such a grumpy little demigod but I’ve really taken a liking to him lately and I wish he would let these guys in. All of these guys on this quest are so great and I love how all the differing personalities have come together.

I do need to take a second to complain about the Roman camp though because damn they are so dumb. I don’t understand how so many dumb people can all be in one group. It is blatantly obvious that there is something big going on, but all Octavian and them can focus on is fighting a useless battle with Camp Halfblood. Maybe I’m just protective of Camp Halfblood but the Roman Camp really aggravates me.

As always I enjoyed the Greek and Roman mythology interwoven into the stories. I like that Riordan seems to be focusing more on the more ancient and lesser known beings this time around. It really switches things up and it’s nice to not see the same gods and goddesses again.

The House of Hades is a good read and a good addition to the series. It has definitely set the stage for an epic conclusion and I can’t wait to see where it all goes.
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on August 29, 2014
Okay first off I blew through this book in like three days. It was soo good and so totally different. We got to finally see in our minds what Tartarus is actually like. I never thought that Tartarus would actually be a body. Well Tartarus, the god Tartarus's body to be exact, I was happy to see Bob, the good Titan, again. Even if being in Tartarus he got his memories back but didn't return to being evil at all.
We also find out with why Nico is so grumpy and not very talkative with Annabeth anymore like he used to as a preteen. I had my suspicions that Nico might have liked liked Percy throughout the book but they were confirmed in this book by Cupid himself.

This book is really good and we learned a lot. Leo even visited Calypso and we learned what that line in the prophecy about a promise was really Leo promising Calypso to free her from her prison so that one day they could open up a car repair garage/food place.

A lot of the characters developed in this book. Leo's ADHD hasn't been too bad, Piper can charmspeak things to being actual living things while also learning how to fight, and being in Tartarus both changed Percy and Annabeth while growing them more together. Rick Riordan did just a good job on this book that I can't believe that we will only have one last book of Percy Jackson/the Heroes of Olympus books left. It is just so sad in my opinion as I love both book series and I just don't want it to end at all.

If you like this review please go to my blog to read some of my other reviews:
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on November 11, 2014
The House of Hades follows up on the awful cliffhanger from The Mark of Athena. Everyone is on survival mode — Percy and Annabeth must survive Tartarus and reach the Doors of Death, as the rest of the team — Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, Leo, Nico, and Coach Hedge — travels on the Argo II to reach the House of Hades. Their trials and tribulations only grow worse with each turn of the page. Frank, despite his unassuming nature, must step up to take a leading role, while Jason continues to practice relying on others so that the weight on the quest is not entirely on his shoulders. Piper must learn to be more than just a persuasive voice. Hazel must learn to control The Mist and build up her confidence, as so much of this quest depends on her knowledge of the Underworld. Nico… well, he’s just a very complex individual. Meanwhile, Coach Hedge tries to conceal certain personal information, and Leo deals with the constant upkeep of their trireme, which is under unrelenting attacks and round-the-clock repairs.

The changing points of view allows the reader to keep up with the simultaneous events — sometimes jumping from one place to another at the most inopportune times, other times giving us just enough breathing room to relax for a millisecond. We follow Percy and Annabeth’s impossible and grueling journey through the most horrible of settings — in a surprising turn of events, there is more than just a horde of evil enemies down there… (a silver light as the end of this dark, dark tunnel?) As the larger group makes its way to Greece, they inevitably must separate — whether by choice or to divide and conquer their smaller errands along the way. Jason is able to get some insight into Nico’s antisocial behavior and inner turmoil. Piper and Hazel are able to bond as the only girls on the Argo II. Leo… experiences a change. As does Frank, who is becoming tougher and more commanding for the sake of his friends — he is such a caring and cuddly guy… until you mess with his crew.

I think Percy’s thoughts really sum it up quite well: “When he started looking back on the war with Kronos as the good old days — that was sad. [...] Their lives just got more and more dangerous, as if the Three Fates were up there spinning their futures with barbed wire instead of thread just to see how much two demigods could tolerate.”

more on
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on June 21, 2016
This was a great book. I enjoyed it very much. Keep in mind that this is a Riordan demi-god book. Some would say that once you've read one, you've read them all. However true that may be, I think there is a reason that he keeps writing them. They are just fun to read! Not just for kids either.
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on May 14, 2017
Ok. So here the jist. I have read every book in both series like more than four times, but this just speaks to me because of how the seven and Nico did just about everything to save Percabeth and meanwhile Percy an Annabeth both have to trust natural enemies in Tartarus. They realize that the prophecy is coming to pass whether they like it or not. Percabeth go through everything and they just about understand pain and basically suffering. They also realize.that fighting Gaea could easily be lost, but the seven will not let that happen. I love these books and I aspire to some day write something that many others will enjoy.
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on February 13, 2015
I read this book and I was blown away by it I could not put this book down. House of Hades is written by Rick Riordan and it is very good. It is and adventure were seven young boys and girls are sent on a quest to kill and evil villian. They go through many hard things and they were in danger many times. Two of the characters are lost and the other five must go to a place were they will have to meet up with them and fight a another very powerful villain.

I loved this book I would give this a 11 out of 10 but I can only give it a five star so that is what I am going to give this book. I loved this book because there was never a down part about the book. there was never a time where I did not want to stop reading it. I read this book for over three hours; like I said I could not put the book down. People should read this book it has twists and turns and you will never be able to know what is going to happen next. This book is great and you should read this book.
Written by Carrson, 7th grade
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on June 4, 2017
My 10 year old son has read everything by Rick Riordan and absolutely LOVES the series. These books are good enough to tear him away from his iPod and keep him waiting by the mailbox for the next book to arrive! Now I'm reading them too, and we have dinner conversation about Greek mythology and American history. Recommended for any young person learning the joy of books!
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on June 28, 2017
As we all know Riordan is an INCREDIBLE author. I read the olympians series as a beginning 5th grader and now I'm going in to 6th grade and I'm still reading it! My dad would get mad at me for not doing my homework first and just read read read. I would sleep at 11 instead of 9 and set an alarm to 6 just so I could read. This book I would give 999999 stars but I can only give 5. Bob was one of the best characters I feel like and I wish the series could go on forever! I recommend this for ages 10 and up unless ur a gifted reader like me, them read it in 4th grade. I never realized how good Riordan was until I had no books to read and finally decided to pick up the lightning thief. I was blown away and would not put the book down. I would definitely recommend this book as a read!
Written by Sam, 6th grade?(I dunno if this counts, I'm in the summer between 5th and 6th) [im writing this on my dads account so I'm not Yi Sun]
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