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on December 8, 2012
Season two has more than met expectations, and the writers tweaked our noses a bit when the first half of the second season ended by stating on screen: TO BE CONTINUED, and then below those words: SORRY. So the second half looks like a kicker and the characters are becoming more intertwined and more team oriented. The bond between Nick and Monroe continues to strengthen. Particularly touching is when Monroe takes Nick in after Nick leaves the house he shares with Juliette. It's phenomenal, and heightens the greatest paradox on the show: a "Grimm" and a "Wessen" teaming up with total trust in one another. These two characters, and indeed the actors, have unbelievable chemistry between them. If you try to imagine casting two other actors in these roles, it's impossible.

Season two does not fail to entertain nor decrease nail biting in the least. Even I am poised on the edge of my seat wondering where all the plot lines will go. It's among the top three programs I've ever watched in my 58 years. This show will put the actors on the "acting map", particularly David Giuntoli. He's finally been given a chance to show what he can do and broken out of the small parts arena. I noted his performance as a guest in an episode of Grey's Anatomy; he brings strength and sensitivity to any role he takes on, and his Nick character shows this in abundance.

So tune in to this show if you have not done so. After the constant barrage of reality shows and fall-flat comedies, Grimm is a huge change. You'll get lost in its magic and forget your troubles for an hour each week.
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Season Two left many fingernail slivers on MY chest... and cheeze-dust from Chetos!
Brilliant writing, throughout EVERY season. Amazing which plot-lines end and begin in just 43-minutes
[I enjoyed the 55-minute re-constructed one]. One of my favorite FIVE programs, currently on-the-air.
It showcases MANY actors' resum`es. David Giuntoli has become more than a pretty face that, once, only
reminded me of [a recent] Superman's stunt-double.. He's developed into a capable leading man of merit.
I suppose I could Google it, but he's been in a few other shows as a guest-star. Nick's character has as
much TEETH as Monroe... BOTH men show their characters' CHARACTER.

Grimm is a giant step FORWARD from the other shows that I like:

After you've seen the first episode, season one, you'll be scooped up in the magic, and forget the world's B.S.
for 43-minute mini-movies... every single week on the tube, or like I do---here in Germany---BINGE WATCH
one of the five discs, a day, Monday through Friday.

Help keep the show on the air as long as SOME dumb shows that have been on TV for over twenty years. Buy every
season available:
Grimm: Season 1 [Blu-ray]
Grimm: Season 2 [Blu-ray]
Grimm: Season 3 [Blu-ray]
Grimm: Season 4 [Blu-ray]
Grimm: Season FIVE -- Blu-ray

A Review From NEAR Grimm's Black Forest,
SFC Michael John Groesch-McCluskey
U. S. Navy and U. S. Army, Retired*



*=denotes a 67-year-old man that dresses up like... well, the profile photo IS me; I live near Frankenstein castle,
on the Bavarian-Hessen border. When you are the same size as "Frankie", flaunt it!

Happy Howl-o-we'en!
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on September 22, 2016
Not as good as season 1. The storyline with Juilet not remembering him, getting involved with someone else, and then getting her memories back really just seemed to drag on and on and on and on...... It actually became difficult to watch. I had to force myself through several episodes so I wouldn't miss anything important and eventually it picked back up and got sooooo much better toward the end of the season. So if you find yourself losing interest like I did, just push through and it will get better.
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on October 23, 2015
Always one of the best "rarities" on Network TV ! Perfect cast ensemble. Loved it since Season 1 Episode 1. Purchased the Season 1 DVD Set. Super special effects...sometimes mind-blowing scripts. Season 2 picks-up the pace set in the first year of this excellent series. The interaction between the characters gets tighter as they mature in their roles.

The relationship between Nick & Juliette is strained due to her memory loss...making her character really grating at times. But that of the adorable Rosalee (Bree Turner) & Monroe shifts into a warm, sweet pairing that both actors make true and believable. Hank is brought "into-the-mix" this Season by being taught how to view Wesen...and finally understands how the change from human to Wesen/Wesen to human occurs.

In short: If you want to see a Fantasy/Horror-based Series that's got a great cast, good scripts, phenomenal special effects, and, superb production values... you can't go wrong with Season 2, Or, any Season of "Grimm" !!
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on December 21, 2014
I am already half way through season #3. The first season that set the stage for Nick Berhardt was a "builder" - He found out that he was not crazy after all, and was indeed seeing strange beasts under human guises. This second season is all about WHAT that kind of knowledge would do to his life, his future, his friends and fellow officers, and lastly, what it would do to his relationship with Julian. She (Julian) has noticed that Nick is all of a sudden very stand off-ish. He disappears for hours, sometimes whole days. He seems quite and withdrawn. She has no idea that he is a Grimm and Portland's only hope for justice for the dozens of secret creatures called, the Vessan. Where the first season was a builder, this second season is the 'tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive' and all that. As Nick tries to juggle his life and new found friends (whom just happen to be the very creatures his ancestors strove to eradicate throughout history. But Nick is different. He is a police officer first. And his sense of justice has found him PROTECTING the peaceful Vessan more often than killing them. He has found that they (the Vessan) are in the most part, not only peaceful creatures, but are beings that want the same things that any other American wants; the right to, life, liberty, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. But there are also the Vessan that have no regard for any other lifeforms other than themselves. They are the ones that suffer the Grimm's wrath. Throughout this second season, Nick struggles to maintain and keep his life, and his new duty, separated from the other. Soon the stress is taking its toll upon all fronts of his life. He risk losing everything; his relationship, and his normal human friends who find themselves terrified at the strange goings on. And last but not least, The mysterious factions only known as "The Royals" begin to send assassins after Nick. He is not...cooperating like the Grimm's of old. And if they can't control him...he must be dealt with. The scheming and subterfuge crank up to a season ending pitch. And you knew this was bound to happen, is the close of season two.
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on January 20, 2017
If Season 1 was like your nice next-door neighbour you wished would be a little more forthcoming about his past, Season 2 is that same neighbour gone on a rampage - it's like the writers are throwing out all the information and sub-plots they could think of - creativity rather than discipline. You'll want to clear your schedule to get through the 1st half of Season 1.

The 2nd half is a little more toned down, and those episodes are probably the best - you get a breather and can appreciate some of the new Wessen species - but then right at the end, the tension ratchets up again and we're back to the whole royal conspiracy thing. All your favourite characters are still playing, but they don't really let them just deal with their regular cases. Season 2 is less police procedural, more fairy tale drama. Which means less detective work (for them), more binge-watching (for you). You have been warned.

Nice that it's even more multilingual (French, Spanish, German) this season.
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on September 2, 2016
This is a show that is so successful and continually entertaining because it's been done so well. It's a perfect mix of a traditional buddy-cop crime drama and Grimm's Fairy Tales sci-fi/fantasy. A young Portland detective, Nick Burkhart, learns that he's descended from a centuries-old tradition of Grimms when he begins seeing "normal" human beings transform (woge... pronounced 'vogga') into hideous Fairy Tale-esque monsters (wesen... VES-sin; Ger. "a being" or "creature"). He inherits the family trailer from his dying Aunt who raised him. The trailer is filled with mystical weapons and instructions on how to kill the various species of wesen in the most effective ways based on their biology. Charged with his police code of honor, however, Nick doesn't kill randomly like his predecessors. He does go after (and kill) criminal wesen when necessary and uses others as CIs and friends. His compassion makes him a unique, likable Grimm and a legend among wesen who view Grimms as the kinds of nightmarish ghouls similar to the Bogeyman for normal folk. Aided by his non-Grimm detective partner, Hank Griffin, his reformed wesen Big Bad Wolf buddy, Monroe and Monroe's girlfriend, Rosalee, they solve a plethora of unique crimes. Great fun.
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on May 19, 2017
I expected another weekly fight etc show. Yep, that's there. However the creativity is there too. The writers know their Grimm tales. Watching how the legend is used to make a tv show is interesting, too. The quotes at the beginning are from the tales, I checked. The show is fun. Get your popcorn, sit down and watch.
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on November 9, 2013
This is a review for the entire Season 2 of Grimm. What began as just needing something to watch (and for free streaming) ended up as an absolute obsession.
In the beginning of Season 1, it took a few episodes before deciding if it was worth my time. Was David Giuntoli just another pretty face or did this show have any possibility?
First, let me tell you that as Season 1 wrapped up and I got wrapped up in Season 2, not only did the star, Nick, played by David Giuntoli prove to be a terrific actor - but the actors together do a superb job. I really like Hank, played by Russell Hornsby all the more once he was "in the loop" as to the real goings-on; and the development of the Captain's character was a nice turn of events. The character, Monroe, played by Silas W. Mitchell is the real maker of the show, because without him, it would be missing the element of humor and charm. And I love the addition of Rosalee! She's superb. The only character that's flawed is Juliette, who I found not only annoying, but her acting is sub-par and took away from the show. Everyone else made up for it though.
The writing, storyline, acting, makeup, special effects and scenery make this Season 2 of Grimm the best. I stayed up late last night to watch three in a row if that tells you anything!
(I do not recommend for children - let it be for adults only, in my opinion)
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on November 3, 2016
I must confess, I love supernatural shows. I love leaving the mundane and challenging the bad guys on TV shows such as Grimm. This series was obviously an attempt to capture the "Fairytale" craze of a few years ago. The Grimm ancient folklore stories are well intertwined with the just the right modern angst and create a whole new world to escape through. I like the main character and that makes a difference for me.The supporting cast in Grimm is excellent as well with many surprises about the character. Well developed characters, exciting (sometimes sensual) arcs for all the characters, and just the right amount of fun stirred in. Enjoy!
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