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on October 13, 2012
Jonathan and Charlotte came in second place on the 2012 season of Britain's Got Talent. The audition video is amazing (available on YouTube). Simon initially panned them, until he heard those voices. He then told Jonathan he should drop Charlotte, Jonathan disagreed. After coming in second, Simon signed them for a million british pounds (about 1.6 million USD). I don't know which was more amazing Simon signing them or actually admitting he was wrong. Either way, while their story is amazing, the truly incredible thing about this album is their talent. Ave Maria is the best rendition I've ever heard. The entire album is an incredible mix of Jonathans powerful operatic tone and Charlotte's sweet pop vocals. It's a mix that's better than... well pretty much anything. Buy it, get a copy for your friends, get another copy for your family... Can you tell I'm a big fan?
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on October 11, 2014
First, let me start by saying that I love this album. Jonathan and Charlotte did have something magical going for them as a duo act and the mere fact that I bought a recording of two teenagers singing in a genre I don't listen to often is more than proof. I'm not from Britain, did not watch the emotional Britain's Got Talent audition until well after they both got solo contracts and do not remotely have a dog in the fight.
This is a beautifully recorded album which showcases the talents of both artists. Charlotte knows where her talent lies and uses her modern voice to great effect. Even so, you will still find yourself, as I did, just waiting for Jonathan to sing. This is because while Charlotte is talented and will do well for herself professionally, Jonathan is a bona fide musical prodigy with a rare, natural gift. Even a total naif will get chills when Jonathan opens his instrument up and goes hell for leather. You can't learn this kind of talent. It chooses you.

It is completely worth buying this album, just as it is crucial to hear any favorite artist at the very beginning of a meteoric rise. It will show you what both artists brought to two very different trajectories which merged for a short time. We are lucky that a smart music teacher brought them together but Jonathan's talent was too big to be contained in that space. What he needs is an empty stage and an opera house jam-packed with people. Don't forget to buy Jonathan's solo album, Tenore, which will be out shortly.
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on November 1, 2012
I give this CD 5 stars not just for the beautiful voices but also for Jonathan's Loyalty. I was moved by his BGT performance and was upset with Simon for putting them down; however, Simon was right. She is good but Jonathan is amazing. Don't get me wrong, she is very good but they have different styles. Some people may like the combination of voices. She can also go solo, as she is also very talented or they can stay together, as long as they keep singing we will all be blessed with such amazing talent.

The CD is very, very good, excellent, but Jonathan needs to be on his own. His voice was toned down. Jonathan is God's gift to his generation. He should not be robbed of his talent. Jonathan's voice is just so powerful; it will be hard to get him a comparable female voice; probably Joanna Marie, if I remember her name right, from one of his high schools videos in YouTube. I do like Charlotte. She is an excellent singer and has an excellent voice. It's just that singing next to Jonathan, Charlotte's talent is eclipsed as he is a Megastar with a Mega-voice. His voice is like a Supernova. Jonathan is the "Tenor of the Century".

I am glad that Jonathan and Charlotte were able to do this CD as the world will now know about them. We must remember that they are only 17 years old. The whole World is waiting for them, together or solo. He has just such an amazing voice that he can stand on his own and make an auditorium shake. In their BGT audition, when he sung, you could feel the power in his voice like he was bringing down the place and the whole ceiling was going to collapse. I have to admit that it brought tears to my eyes and every time that I see it, I still get that amazing feeling. Yes, that's how magnificent he is. She is good too. She can go on to Broadway or do musical theater and Jonathan can do opera. His voice moves me and that is something that does not happen to me as I'm not sentimental or emotional. Jonathan can sing very difficult pieces and makes it look so easy, like we could also do it. He does not even break a sweat.

The most wonderful thing is that Jonathan does not have only an amazing voice, but he also has a beautiful soul and stood by his friend, and it's not the other way around like most people think. I hope that he has built up his confidence to go onto the World stage alone. He has such an amazing voice, so much power, the tone, even when he sings the slow mellow parts. I love everything about his voice. I'm buying more CDs for my friends and I hope that one day he has a CD alone and best of all a World tour. I bought two CDs and I already gave them away to my best friends as I had to share it. I copy it to my phone while I get more copies. I should have ordered more.

Excellent CD, love it, love Jonathan and I love Charlotte too; and I love Jonathan's loyalty. The song selection is excellent. The Caruso rendition and the Ave Maria are superb. Their version of Forse is better than the original. I hope someday Jonathan signs opera in some major World stage. I can't say enough, I love the CD, I love Charlotte and I love Jonathan. Did I mentioned that I Love Jonathan. I read some reviews saying something about the orchestra drowning his voice. I don't really care; I want to hear Jonathan with or without an orchestra. You don't have to agree with me. I highly recommend the CD, unless you want to keep listening to them in YouTube.

I bought from Amazon for many years and have never left a review, that's how impress I am with Jonathan and Charlotte.
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on October 20, 2012
Jonathan Antoine (17) and Charlotte Jaconelli (now 17) are a classical duo who finished as runners up in Britain's Got Talent in 2012. Jonathan has the best male voice, technically a Heldentenor, that I have heard for decades. This is incredible for his age. Charlotte has a very good voice too, but the combination of their voices is nothing short of magical.

Many people found their original audition quite moving and watch it over and over. The UK video can be seen at [link removed search Youtube for Jonathan and Charlotte] and has 23 million hits at the time of writing. The semi-final video [search Youtube] shows them singing "Caruso" written by Dalla in 1986.

In the final they sing "The Prayer" [search Youtube - final] losing out to the winners, dog act Ashleigh and Pudsey. It doesn't matter: Simon Cowell signed them up for £1 million and the first result is this CD.

You can see something of their background and what led up to BGT in the Daily Telegraph article [google Telegraph Jonathan and Charlotte May 12] There are two excellent videos of them performing at The Sun - google "Jonathan and Charlotte perform for The Biz Sessions."

I got their autographed CD "Together" from England when it first came out (and ordered another from Amazon here). If you thought their voices good on Youtube you will be blown away by them on the CD with a good sound system. The dramatic operatic treatment of classical and new songs is amazing. Charlotte has improved greatly in the short time since they sprang to fame. She demonstrates a purity of tone like crystal, almost like a boy treble, on Ave Maria and now a beautiful full richness in the lower registers.

I have never heard a tenor sing with such power and spine tingling emotion as Jonathan does for Canto Della Terra. What is remarkable is that every track is wonderful unlike most CDs. I have never had more pleasure from music or been emotionally moved as much by music as these two do.
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on May 6, 2013
Even though I live in the USA, I follow BGT religiously (and I don't bother with the US version). I was in awe of the amazing talent of Jonathan and Charlotte as they revealed their talent to Britain and the world. I rushed to purchase this, their debut album, which came with a free MP3 delivered to my Kindle Fire. What a great deal!

The album contains The Prayer, from the audition and final, and Caruso, from the semi-finals. The rest of the songs are mainly pop songs translated into Italian. This can be a little confusing at that Elton John's, "Your Song"??

Jonathan's voice is even better than you heard him before. Charlotte is a revelation; her voice has come a long way. I expect Jonathan to become a star in the opera world and Charlotte to be a star in musical theater - I kept wanting her to do Phantom of the Opera. And I would love them to come back to together every year or two to record another album.

This CD is not perfect, I am sorry to say. The arrangements are often so over-the-top that I began laughing. The J&C version of Muse's "Unintended" probably fared best because the music is so understated. I still give the CD 5 stars because even awful arrangements can't keep J&C's talent down.
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on January 31, 2014
To all young listeners, if you thought all opera was screeching sopranos and bellowing tenors this CD will be a treat and not a treatment. This is a 5 star CD
You will experience the beauty of the Italian language put to modern and pop tunes performed by two very young and exceptionally voiced artists. The majority of opera fans neither speaks nor understands Italian but go to experience the beauty of the music and observe the majesty of the performers on stage in period costume. The neophyte to opera 101 will feel they are listening to opera perhaps for the first time which is good as it will expand their listening experience beyond the trash that is passing for music these days.
Jonathan and Charlotte take each work on the cd and tweak it so that their interpretation makes the listener feel that the music was written exclusively for them. Their solo voices are exceptional but the true beauty of their performance is their ability to take two very distinct and different voices and meld them into a harmony that is magical and beyond belief. “Caruso” will make you shed a tear or two, the Ave Maria is the best rendition I have ever heard. Charlotte’s crystal clear voice and her high notes will make the hair on the nape of your neck stand up.
Some reviews will claim Charlotte is not the proper match for Jonathan’s voice how wrong they are. Not all music is written fff for the male voice and yes Jonathan’s voice is powerful however when singing in harmony their voices blend magically.
If you are not familiar with this duo check BGT 2012 Jonathan & Charlotte. You will find their initial, semi-final, and final performances. They also have several videos on YouTube. Two different sites for their initial performance have garnered 43 million and 32 million plus hits and counting. It was also estimated 14 million watched their final performance.
Recommendation Buy! Buy! Buy this duo will merit watching as their careers progress.
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on June 24, 2013
I first heard Jonathan and Charlotte a week or so ago on the internet. Hearing Jonathan INSTANTLY has you mesmerized. I was awed, I cried and was left overwhelmed. I HAD to find their music. Thankfully, here it is. On Amazon. The cd arrived Sat. but I wanted to give it my full attention so I waited until this morning. The first song is The Prayer (the same song I heard them sing
on the internet) and again - it overwhelmed me. Charlotte has a beautiful clear voice and Jonathan is simply incredible. He will bring tears to your eyes and leave you breathless. To me, his voice is purity in it's truest form. Ave Maria is the 4th song and is, in a word... divine. I do not say that lightly and I've never used that word to describe anything before. I was telling my husband about hearing Jonathan the first time and what I said then still stands... Hearing Jonathan is like how I imagine Heaven to be. It is so beautiful, so good, so right.

Being this deeply and truly moved happens but once in a lifetime... if you are lucky. No doubt their journey will be incredible and leave us in awe.
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on June 6, 2013
Just as they did with Simon Cowell, when I saw the YouTube video of these two "kids" on "Britain's Got Talent," I was simply astounded ... especially by Jonathan, one of the more powerful tenors I've heard since Pavarotti died. Mind you, Jonathan is no Pavarotti, but given time and maturation )and a good manager), he could be. I was happy to hear that he "holds back a bit" when singing the duets with Charlotte because he doesn't want to overpower her, something he could easily do.

There are times when the orchestra is too loud, and while I can't fault these two singers, I do fault the producers who rushed these two kids into a studio with a mediocre orchestra and almost nonexistent orchestration. The more you listen, the more you'll hear that Johnathan is either trying to drown out the orchestra or vice-versa. The leader certainly should have done two or more takes, but again, Cowell knows that making a buck can be short-lived. I predict that in three months, you won't know who Johnathan and Charlotte are.

Having nothing to do with the recording ... their story is inspirational as well, from the time that Jonathan said no to Simon Cowell's irrational suggestion that he "dump Charlotte" (a quote). Musically, they are a good match, not perfect, but good. And their aspirations are different from one another.

For those who are thinking of nit-picking, Charlotte turned 17 just before the recording of the album, so they are the same age.

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on November 21, 2012
When I first heard them on Britain's Got Talent I was entirely enchanted. I still am so although I gave them an okay critique, the reason is my own preference. Why do they sing everything in Italian? It is Britains got talent and when I heard the intro to The First Time I Saw YOur Face, I was so excited. Then, in Italian. I felt the same about Paul Potts. Everything in Italian and some of the songs I really love in English. The words mean so much to me and I couldn't understand them. Why do they do that? Thank goodness Susan Boyle sings mostly in English. I am not sure I would have purchased the CD had I known it was in Italian. Some were most appropriate and others needed to be recorded in their native tongue. They are beautiful together and I know Jonathan relies on the calm and support of Charlotte. However, I tend to think he wil outgrow her in terms of his incredible voice. He will have to learn that there will be some aspects of his amazing talent that will require him to sing alone. I hope it doesn't happen for a long time. I truly believe it will eventually. She has her own genre and yes, I see they complement one another at this point. He is 17 - astounding. He has to learn that just singing isn't enough. He has to look to his own confidence when he performs. I know it will be a wrench for him and perhaps he will never perform without her. However, if the entertainment idustry is as I believe it to be, the challenge will be there. I don't always agree with Simon and when he said Charlotte might hold him back, I mused on that. Maybe not now - but later. I know she can have her own career and she sounded lovely on the CD. It will probably be his decision, to stay or to go. One day at a time. I wish them well. Absolutely inspirational and could be just as so, in English
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on November 27, 2012
I agree with Simon on this one - Jonathan is strong where Charlotte does not have the volume but there are moments they do sound good but Jonathan can do it alone like Andrea Bocelli. He will be able to sing with all the stars of his choice soon. At his age, he is very polished with his singing and with a rew more years under him, he will be a top performer performing all around the world solo with a fine orchestra. If it was the mix that made Charlotte sound weak, it was poor mixing, but after seeing her perform on tv and the album, she does not have the "it factor" to truly complement Jonathan. She needs to practice her breathing to get that voice out she is holding in at the present tine. I loved the album though and will buy the next one that comes out just to see if there is any improvement if Jonathan decides to keep Charlotte in the mix. Charlotte is a beautiful woman and does have a voice but it needs to be pumped up more. When Johathan sings then Charlotte follows, it seems she is whispering in comparison to Jonathan. I know they wanted to stay together but for Johathan's career, she needs to step back. Sorry, Charlotte, but that is how I see it as well. The best to you both.
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