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Platform: PC|Change
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on September 29, 2011
It's an okay game I guess. Graphics are above average and the gameplay is interesting but like just about any other Tom Clancy game it has an air of childishness about it. What it actually is is a very dumbed down RTS game designed to function well on the consoles, which is the real reason there is a voice command system. Beware though, more than a tiny bit of ambient noise can make it malfunction. The good thing is that using the voice command is optional. Most likely on the PC you won't want/need to use it.

So anyway, you can actually finish this game in as little as 3 turns but you can drag it out longer than that and you can play or replay as a different country but what you'll find is that no matter what country you play or what strategy you use the game is always the same. There are some annoyances like the WMD option that you get if you are losing the game but the thing is that once you use it then the other side gets the option too and there's really not much you can do but resign yourself to losing a lot of units. About the only remedies to this is to always attack on two fronts, never jumble up your forces in a small area, and don't try to overwhelm the enemy with sheer numbers. Keep plenty on reserve.

It's cool to be able to upgrade your weapons and armor and the upgrades do work very well, they aren't just for show. You can even change the camo patterns. This feature is, in my opinion, about the best the game has to offer. Enemy AI will at times pull some good tricks out of it's hat but for the most part it's a simple, go through the motions and you're done type of game. Typical of Tom Clancy games in that even on the hardest settings they are never very hard to complete, mostly I think because they were made for kids.

I guess as long as you don't go into this thing expecting large-scale,epic battles that require alot of planning and strategy then you'll be satisfied. World in Conflict this game most definitely is not. To the casual RTS gamer that doesn't have alot of patience for strategic planning and tactical supremacy I would recommend this game but hardcore strategists and armchair generals will probably be highly disappointed. That's not to say that their is no need for strategy or tactics because there is but the game is very light on the amount of them that are required to be successful and there is always, always a workaround for bad decision making.
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on July 1, 2014
Embedded with a virus. Antivirus prevented the download, and a later scan proved the suspicious file to be malicious. Basically just got scammed, as there are no returns. Would have been in deeper trouble if I actually downloaded the game.
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on November 20, 2013
This game and it requires thinking. It isn't perfect but overall it is very impressive. It can actually be addicting if you are competitive. I can't understand the bad ratings. I was very impressed with it. My son loves it too. The pace is not as fast as the playstation version but it can still be very challenging. I have played it over and over many times and it seems to adapt to your level of ability. As I have gotten better at the game it provides more difficult scenarios for your to overcome. I have learned to handle some of the more difficult scenarios, but not all of them. A lot of the other reviewers don't seem to understand the true complexity of the AI.
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on April 20, 2012
With Tom Clancy's name being rubber-stamped onto ever-greater numbers of games like HAWX and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2, it was inevitable that someone would eventually try to make an RTS game. And since most of the people who know Tom Clancy titles mainly play on the consoles, the square peg of the RTS would have to be cut down to fit in the round hole of the consoles.

In doing so, they lost the ability to click and drag a lasso around units to order groups around, the ability to command more than a dozen units, and worst of all, the ability to move the camera around at will. In its place is a voice command system that WOULD be innovative and useful if A) it wasn't a laddered command system nightmare and B) it was trainable, so it could be taught to recognize my voice instead of confusing "Unit 1 capture A" for "Unit 1 Retreat." There is training, but it's there to teach the player to say the commands the same way every time, not to train the computer to understand us. Again, this was put in to compensate for the console's lack of mouse capability.

Aside from what I've listed so far, the game's biggest fault is the lack of strategy. The gameplay is always the same - either capturing nodes in a territory control game, or holding out against an attacking force for a certain amount of time. But between the unit's absolutely glacial movement speed, the cripplingly small amount of units and types of units you can command, their fragility, and how obvious it was that the developers really didn't care about this game, and things degenerate into a boring game of rock-paper-scissors that you always lose, because the enemy always has more units. Tank beats APC beats Gunship beats Tank. However the enemy units are always tougher, so you'd better have 2-1 odds if you want to win without heavily damaged units, and you won't have those odds. There's a system where a heavily damaged unit won't be able to move, and they have to be evacuated by helicopter or they'll die for real. It's supposed to encourage you to not throw your units away, because units that survive battles become more experienced, but it makes little difference.

The story plays out like some deranged fantasy told by someone recovering from general anesthesia and the removal of their wisdom teeth.

The game can perhaps best be summed up by a quote from the creative director, one Mr. De Plater: "every time they cut features out, it just made the game better."

Perhaps he's forgotten that a game needs features. Especially an RTS game. If you get this game, you either are such a fan of Tom Clancy that you'll buy whatever games bear his moniker no matter how awful they are, or you've been legitimately interested by the description I've just given.
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on March 23, 2013
This game is a classic gem that all true RTS fans should look into. Ubisoft outdid themselves with this one.

PRO: Works flawlessly on Windows 7 x64 without having to force it.

No need to give it admin privileges or set it into comparability mode

Has options for HD resolutions.

Engaging game play.

Good storyline.

Great control scheme with options for Voice Command interactions built directly into the interface.

CONS: Even though the graphics options include HD resolutions, the graphics are slightly dated...but you won't be paying attention to that part of it enough for it to be that noticeable.
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on February 9, 2014
This game has everything! From soldiers to tanks to helicopter to planes, this game with star strucking graphic makes the battlefield come to life as you command many of your units towards victory!!!!
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on February 15, 2013
The trailer really hyped me up for the game, and I bought headphones specifically so I could use the game's vaunted voice control, and when I didn't get the game for one Christmas, after the next Christmas I bought it for myself. So maybe I was setting myself up for disappointment.

To get the most important thing out of the way first, the voice control system actually is nothing but a gimmick. It works, and I suppose it's a small miracle it does after the trouble computers have had since the invention of the microprocessor to understand human speech, but it's pointless. You'll need to use your mouse anyway if you want to move units anywhere that isn't a control node or to attack an enemy that was spotted, and at that point, what's the point of saying "Move unit five to cursor" when you can just click on it, and do in a quarter section that which with voice would take 5 seconds? It's pointless, and while all units are given ample hit points and "shields", as if this takes place in Star Wars rather than a few decades in the future, making all engagements take longer than 30 seconds, after the first time I saw a unit die because I couldn't order it to retreat and bring up transports to take out the helicopters that were badgering it, I said "screw it" and stopped using voice control altogether.

The second most important thing about the PC version of the game is that, playing this in middle of 2012 and writing this in February 2013, multiplayer is dead as a doorknob. As far as I can tell, Multiplayer, which was supposed to be this grand battle of world domination, and for all I know might have been back in 2008 and 2009, has no list of the number of people playing, but as far as I can tell, that number is precisely 0. So, if you are even curious as to what Multiplayer is like, you're late. It's gone, and it's not coming back.

Third, the story is a load of nonsense. The Russian Federation descending into a dictatorship with world-domination on its mind is taken as a given, as it was in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Also, it's assumed that a federal European Union is formed after the desolation of NATO, as some proponents in Europe have been calling for for a long time. But the most absurd thing is that between now and 2020 when the game is set, apparently the US and European Union hate each other with a passion, and have no qualms with taking a painfully obvious Russian maskirovka as an excuse to start a war to the death between the two governments. World events of the past 300 years or so has shown that isn't the sort of thing democracies do, and were something like this to happen in the real world, the result would be distrust between Europe and America, trade blocks, and if worse came to worse, a naval engagement or two, not a fight to the death. It's made even more absurd by the insults that soldiers hurl at their enemies in the game. American soldiers boast when they win against the Europeans in the game that "That's what happens when you take too many siestas." So, the ancestors of those soldiers fought against tyrants, slavers, Nazis, and Communists, and now they're murdering people whose only crime is napping too much? There is a reason that speculative fiction after World War II doesn't include many examples of First World democracies going to war against other First World democracies. It's because that doesn't happen in the real world, and with so few differences between them, it's about as absurd as New York going to war against Pennsylvania.

The game itself is the least noteworthy thing about this product. It's real time tactics/strategy. There's no base building, and a contrived reason in the storyline for why an engagement between less than 100 people and machines for some reason determines whether an area of land the size of Florida can switch control to the enemy's side, and the battles themselves are the typical rock-paper-scissors we're all familiar with, where helicopter beats tank, tank beats transport, and transport shoots down helicopter, and kinetic strikes beating everything (but just disable things, not kill them outright on account of units' aforementioned Star Wars shields). It's entertaining, and fun to get good at, as you need to get the right number of the right units to be in the right place at the right time for everything to work in your favor. Only trouble is that each dot in the battle map is its own separate map, meaning if you, say, hold Florida from an attack, and concentrate somewhere else, and the enemy attacks Florida again, and you hold it again, you can conceivably play the game on the same map with roughly the same units a half dozen times in the same game. The nice thing is that you can change the game's difficulty between easy, medium, and had, which corresponds to pushover, even match, and superhuman at any time, so you don't need to restart the entire game if you get good and want a bit more challenge, or find the Hard AI is causing the game to stalemate.

And that's the last thing I want to mention here, and the reason why this game I believe is on the edge between 2/5 and 3/5. The reason I ended the game was not because I reached an end in the narrative like with linear games, but because I got bored of playing the same maps over and over again. One victory for you will allow you to keep one map spot or take one other one, but one victory for the computer can make the computer take 2-4 map spots around the board, effectively reversing what you did. So, I ended up just setting AI to Easy and invading the enemy capital because I'd seen the England map about 6 times and was curious what the ending of the game actually was. And when I did, I found the game's ending is a 10 second animation and about 10 words, so I wasn't missing much.

So, to reiterate - working voice control is commendable, but pointless when you have a keyboard and mouse that does the same thing easier and faster. Multiplayer is dead. The story in the game is a load of hooey, and the game itself, while relatively fun, can really get after the novelty wears off, and re-conquering old territory will for me go down as one of the most exasperating things I've done in a game. So, I doubt that I'll play the game again, but if I do, I'll probably set the AI on Easy or Normal and just load the last save if things don't go my way, because fighting on the same damn map over and over again gets real old real fast.
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on January 9, 2015
worst download experience after downloading 7 GB of data,then found a file with a .afp extension. WIndows won't open it and web search only brings up something about some kind of printer program which is obviously nothing to do with this. Amazon does not seem to have any FAQs about game downloads, but I'm assuming its some kind of Amazon-encrypted file. So how the hell do I install this game??

Also giving a error message like, Disc is protected need write permission, run as Administrator, Antivirus may be blocking, what the heck is this i don't know
review image
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on January 15, 2012
I have played many Clancy games over the years and I don't think I have ever been more disappointed. The interface is clunky if you don't want to use voice control. You have to micro-manage you units which is silly to me in a strategy game. I.E. you have to tell your infantry to get behind cover. That is pretty silly in my mind.
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on November 15, 2014
very disappointed. Overcame multiple download issues; then wouldn't install. I haven't actually gotten to the game yet. One option presented was to complete the download and install on another device; then copy it over to my computer. Even if I was technically talented enough to do this (which I'm not), this raises the frustration level to "severe".

Sorry, ubisoft and amazon digital downloads. See ya...

John Bower
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