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on March 20, 2010
My friend and I really enjoyed playing the first Rainbow Six Vegas on our Playstations. So we were really looking forward to playing the sequel, figuring everything would just be better -- because aren't sequels ALWAYS better than the originals? Well, R6V2 has some definite improvements over the original -- most notably the quality of the graphics and the more frequent saving of checkpoints so every time you both get killed you don't have to start over at the beginning of the entire level. And R6V2 is still loads of fun. But we've also got a couple of major gripes, so here they are:

(1) The game may be fun for four players, but for two players it can be really annoying. Why? Because no matter how many actual humans are playing the game, you're always in a team of four characters. That means that the characters that are NOT being played by humans are played by the computer. And most of the time, these "extra" characters just get in the way. These extra characters didn't exist in R6V1 so the two-player gameplay was a lot more fun and a lot less annoying.

(2) The grenade/infrared buttons have been switched. If you're using to playing R6V1, then you're used to pressing the Circle button for infrared and R2 for throwing a grenade. In the sequel, those two buttons are reversed. And so whenever you want to use infrared, you end up throwing a grenade instead. Not sure why the developers thought switching those buttons would make for better gameplay, but my friend and I have "committed suicide" several times because we were TRYING to enter infrared mode.

Other than that, a lot of what made R6V1 so fun can still be found in R6V2, so it's not like the sequel sucks. It's still a great game -- it just falls shy of being on the shortlist for sequels that surpass the originals.
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on February 21, 2011
Let's start with the good...

The split screen is why you should purchase this game. We all know games that let 2 people play on the same TV are becoming a thing of the past on PS consoles. And this one gets it right. There are 4 players on your team. The 1st player will direct their other teammates (much like old Socom games). This lets you control your challenge level. If you prefer to take a room out without any help from the computer players, then just have them hang back. If a particular part is proving too much for you to handle, send those bad boys in ahead of you. It also gives you tactical advantages, as there are usually multiple ways to progress through each area, and therefore you can send the team one way while you go the other. This game certainly feels less linear than everything else I've played lately. Sometimes enemies will drop down on top of you or come at you from multiple angles; including areas you've already played through. This makes for a much more satisfying experience than alot of other shooters deliver. The gameplay also feels fair. Not only do the weapons work the way you want them to, but the enemies can kill you just as easily as you can kill them. That being said, your health will still automatically regenerate over time. It's a nice balance that keeps the game from being easy, while also saving you the hassle of having to replay a stage 100 times just because you're too near death to make it through the end. Another cool thing about the game is the ability to breach rooms on ropes. It takes some skill at times to manage it without dying, but it's still loads of fun and I'm glad the option appears so often in the game. Your character's guns and armor are also fully customizable, and the more you play the more options you will have and the better your characters will become. The cover system is another thing that makes this game wonderful. It can be as problematic as any other cover system out there, but you don't pop to cover by pushing a button and then pop out of cover by pushing it again. Instead, you simply hold the button to pop to cover and let it go to leave cover. Simple, but amazingly refreshing.

Now for the not so good...

Where this game falls flattest is in the graphics department. When you're actually playing through a stage, everything looks decent. In fact, I've no issue with the in-game graphics (bland though some areas may be). But the cutscenes look sub par, to put it mildly. Having the computer players follow you can hinder your ability to move, as they'll huddle near you and not move aside until you command them to. I avoided this mostly by ordering them to the far side of a room or simply leaving them behind for awhile. Another annoyance is the timed maps and screen pop ups. When you pull up the map, you have to wait 5 seconds or so for it to go away. It would have been nice to have the option of immediately taking it offscreen whenever you like, as it takes up close to half of the 1st player's screen. Sometimes the game pulls up briefing maps to explain the mission in front of you as well. These come up on the 2nd player's screen and are just as large and annoying as the regular map; only these don't go away until the game is done explaining what lies ahead of you. Also, the audio can sometimes leave alot to be desired. The commentary of other characters fades entirely too fast into inaudible nonsense when you aren't right next to a character that is talking. I probably wouldn't have noticed it too much if it hadn't happened often (even during the last few minutes of the campaign). Lastly, the controls can be dizzying at times. Once you play for awhile, it isn't so bad. And it's not the 'run and gun' controls that are the problem. It's remembering all of the smaller nuances, such as how to turn on night-vision, which become a hassle. One analog stick is clicked to zoom and the other is clicked to crouch. It's easy to confuse them and that will lead to deaths that wouldn't happen if the control scheme were stronger. But these are very minor complaints.

So in short, unless you're a stickler for amazing graphics, this game is a must own for shooter fans. The experience is unique, fun, expansive, and I highly recommend playing the campaign with someone you love. Teamwork pays bigtime in this game. And I actually can't wait to play through it on a higher difficulty.
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on October 19, 2009
As someone who has never played any of the previous Rainbow Six games, but love first person shooters, I decided to give this one a try. A used version off for about $20 bucks is hard to beat. I simply love how this game puts you in the middle of the action. The AI in this game is quick and sometimes downright crazy - so trying to take them out before they surround you is never boring. I do wish that the splitscreen mode in this game could be changed to horizontal, bc when i'm playing with friends its all too easy (even on a 42" flatscreen) for an enemy to come around a corner and kill you before you even see them when its a vertical split. You just don't have enough peripheral view in my opinion to have a good chance to live very long in some levels. You're constantly shifting your view from left to right in attempt to avoid getting blind-sided. This gets less of a problem with more co-op time under your belt. But you are GOING TO DIE MANY TIMES. If you are one of those players that has to get it right the first time every time, this game is unforgiving. Before you buy this game, get it in your head that you are going to get shot up more than your fair share of times. When this happens, grab another handful of chips and go again. The game overall is just so much fun, and after work I love to hit up the "terrorist hunt" mode and have a cold one. Never gets old. With the type of combat immersion and sharp graphics, there's no reason why you shouldn't pick a copy up at it's current reduced price.
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on October 20, 2010
I own both Vegas 1 and 2. Before I even finished playing the first I already knew that I wanted to play its sequel. The gameplay is amazing if you are into tactical shooters. Don't expect to just run in and shoot down all your enemies. If you do that, you'll have to reload checkpoints often. In this game, you must choose your equipment carefully and assign commands to your teammates to clear the area. Guns and clothing used are realistic models of the actual thing. If you liked the SWAT series you will love Rainbow Six Vegas. This is a more mature shooter compared to games like Halo and Call of Duty since the damage is realistic and you have to plan your approach for each situation. You cannot simply rely on your reflexes although that also comes in handy. I especially like the leveling up system where you get to unlock new items for online play. The story is good if you understand it, despite what others say. Graphics are quite good although they are not eye-popping. All in all a great game for those who enjoy this genre!
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on February 7, 2017
it is nice but of course this was a gift for my well NOW ex boyfriend , he loves it and it is nice to see him play this while we talk and be goofy friends
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on December 18, 2012
I've been playing alot of call of duty and picking this up since i've played some older tom clancy games and needed a challenge on the ps3. The story mode is fun and coop is a great time. The guns have alot more feeling to them and when you scope up you can see and feel the kick of guns. The AI is smart and unlike cod actively seek cover, flank, and team up with other AI. The multiplayer is still going and I enjoy the customizations and custom games. Multiplayer has a good handful of hardcore players that will make you a better player. If you've been playing alot of cod and feel burnt out and haven't tried Tom Clancy's taste of shooters, pick up this thinking man's shooter asap.
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on December 15, 2014
I was very pleased with the purchase the item is in really good shape with the original box and everything works great and the shipper got it here very quickly and nicely packaged!
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on July 3, 2015
I really love the first one multiplayer with its tactical and team based gameplay and this second installment improves it with the story, terrorist hunt, and the all so great multiplayer. Its seems they wont make a third but I'm really looking forward to Siege and The Division.
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on January 4, 2010
This is by far my favorite shooter.
-Stellar graphics
-Fun weapons
-Smart AI
-Realistic feel
-Awesome multiplayer
-Customizable weapons and combinations of weapons
-Customizable character, outfit, armer, etc.
-As you progress through the game you can increase your rank which unlocks new weapons and camouflauge.
-Controls are different than many other shooters, which took a while to get used to, but I learned to love it.

By far my favorite part of the game is the split screen multiplayer that I can do with my friends where you can choose the level, difficulty, # of AI, weapons. . . Awesome. We play for hours and only stop to go to bed.
The regular game play was fun as well, which you can also do multiplayer : ) Online play is not as good, but I am not an online player, so I never really cared. This game is definitely worth a try.
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on January 21, 2012
This game still has a strong online following despite it being an old release. The story mode is co-op and online co-op, and it is very satisfying to use an effective "order your teammates" system. The cover system is also very satisfying and well done. The online play, specifically the co-op terrorist hunt mode is what keeps me coming back to this game. Taking down 30-40 terrorists on realistic difficulty and 1-3 other players is very fun and intense. You really have to have strategy and skill to succeed on the realistic setting. I highly recommend this title, especially if you are a fan of FPS and are looking for a change from the Call of Duty series style gameplay.
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