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4.2 out of 5 stars 111 customer reviews
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Product Description

Platform: PC Download

James Bond... Solid Snake... Ethan Hunt... Based on their recent games, all these so-called superspies could stand to take a few lessons from newcomer Sam Fisher. His name isn't important; the important thing is that his game, Splinter Cell, comes from Tom Clancy's game studio and offers up the kind of sophistication and control you'd expect from the studio that brought gamers Rainbow Six. It's all about the details. When Sam enters a dark area, he's got two options, thermal and night vision. Thermal lets him see the body heat of an enemy soldier, even through walls and doors. Shoot through cover with a high-powered weapon, and you can watch as the heat fades from the body. Not dark yet? Shoot out the lights. Need a distraction? Pick up and toss a tin can. Come up to a door too thick to pass thermal readings? Sneak up to it, slip a fiber-optic lead under the door frame, and peek at what's beyond. When you're ready, open the door--just a little bit at a time. While Splinter Cell lacks a famous hero in the lead role, it does sport the famous technical military thriller author Tom Clancy in the title. And you can see the evidence of his expertise in every facet of the game. Who needs the baggage of Metal Gear Solid 2 when Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell brings you better weapons, better controls, better graphics, better spy toys, and a coherent story?

Product Information

Platform:PC Download
Release date February 18, 2003
Customer Reviews
4.2 out of 5 stars 111 customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
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Platform for Display: PC
I just can't put into words how awsome this game is; but I'll try. There are so many moves, gadgets, details in every goes:
The gameplay: Incredible! This game should easily win game of the year! Why? It's so realistic, so breathtaking, so nerve wracking at times that you really feel that you are Sam Fisher. Here are the basic moves: You can crouch, roll (to move quickly through one area without being seen), jump, double jump (jump off a wall to cling on to a pipe at the top), split jump (where your up against the wall doing the splits. You cant then jump down in surprise and knock out your enemy, or shoot him), cling to pipes (and move around, even hang from it while shooting down a guard). Those are just a few! You can knock people out, put a gun to their head and interrogate them. Use people as human shields, hide against walls, knockout anybody, slide down a wire, etc... So many moves, all so very cool, you'll really feel like a secret agent. Now with these moves, you must make it through dozens of levels to prevent a war from happening. If caught, the U.S. will have nothing to do with u. You're on your own.
Gadgets: Thankfully, with these awsome moves, you have perhaps the coolest gadgets ever thought up. You have gadgets to unlock doors, look under the door, climb walls, shock people to death, etc... So many cool gadgets! You'll need every one of them to get through this war. But that's not all! You later on get cameras that you can shoot into a room to see everything before you enter, giving you time to plan, think, etc... These cameras though (so cool) can also, when pressing the red B button, make a loud whistling sound that will attract guards.
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Platform for Display: PC
Needless to say there is a lot of hype surrounding SC. Most of it is well earned. Perhaps what SC does better than any other game is deliver a solid well made experience with a lot of style, polish and oozes atmosphere. In short: there isn't a single element in the game that is lacking. It's hard to think of a single good reason why someone should overlook this game. And for PC gamers the game got even more work to use the newest state of the art graphic effects. The games' lighting and shadows not only look impressive but also is a key to the vast amount of stealth movement used through the single player campaign. For once a game that not only looks good but makes the graphics an integrated part of the gameplay.
However I did not find it to be the game to end all games. Much of the campaign is scripted. Meaning some things will not happen with out the player triggering it first. This makes the game rather linear and requires some irritating trial-and error before you can pull off a perfect mission. There is also no type of multiplayer or other features to explore (would co-op be too much to ask for these days?). After you have played it once there isn't anything more to do but play it again and again, taking the same linear path to complete the objectives.
Splinter Cell however focuses on doing one thing right rather than try to do too much. Certainly it delivers a just plain cool game well worth every penny.
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Platform for Display: PC
Having read most of the reviews here I can see various points.
There have been high hopes for Splinter Cell and I think, generally, Ubi Soft have delivered. The graphics are spectacular, the sound is intense and the various movements and controls of Sam Fisher or intuitive and very easy to execute, for PC gamers anyway! However, this is not the in depth experience I was hoping to get into. A reviewer earlier talks about the whole thing being a stage and you the actor that tries to get the performance right. To be honest, that's not an unfair assessment, if a little harsh. Indeed, the point this reviewer is probably making is the fact that when HQ tell you to follow someone/get somewhere/defuse bomb etc. really quickly, their words are quite hollow. To explain this I will detail one of the levels. You are on an oil rig swinging from pipe to pipe to get to the main platform. Your CO shouts on the intercom that you must get to a certain point quickly before the whole thing blows. Well, I hung around for about 5 mins deciding where to go and then when I finally got there the whole thing did blow in what I can only describe as a pre-scripted marker. Unfortunately, this theme runs throughout the game. The CO says it's urgent, you run like a headless chicken to solve problem and get blasted. You quick save then load and take a bit longer. You then discover that it doesn't matter how long you take to reach a certain point, the action will only happen when you get there. This is an extremely weak point in the game and really dissolves any sense of tension. Games like Thief and Hitman 2 in particular do not contain any of this pre-srcipted scene setting and (not to sound too much like a snob) PC gamers will notice this very early on.
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By A Customer on March 14, 2003
Platform for Display: PC
After hearing much about the Game Splinter Cell I felt obliged to buy it after playing through the entire game here�s my opinion on the game.
The game contains only nine levels plus training, at first I thought the game was going to be extremely short but after playing it I realized each level was around two or even three levels in a normal game. It came on three CD�s so that should have been a clue to. (88%)
The graphics in this game put all third person video and computer games to shame. Not just the crispness and the sharpness of the graphics but also their attention to details. If you stand next to a chain linked fence your shadow is disrupted by the chains, something I never seen the programmers take time to do. In thermal vision if you kill someone you will see their body heat drain from their body. If you walk in some mud then into a building you will see footprints with the tiny details that you would expect to see in real life. (97%)
The sound effects are quite necessary to the game being based on stealth. You will learn to listen for the buzz of the camera, the mechanical sound of a gun turret, the footsteps of an approaching enemy, and the hum of a computer. All these have a distinct sound and let you identify the situation of the next room before even entering. Since this is based on stealth you will not hear any music unless your cover is blown, when the music is playing thought it�s quite enjoyable. (90%)
-Game Play-
I will break this into three sections �Moves� �Weapons and Gadgets� and �Level Design�
The game features so many different moves that I have isolated this segment. The game features few keys meaning that most moves are key combinations, easier to remember but harder to perform.
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