Customer Reviews: TomTom VIA 1605TM 6-Inch GPS Navigator with Lifetime Traffic & Maps
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Price:$249.99 - $299.95
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 14, 2012
I bought it 3 weeks back from Costco - have driven over 2500 miles since then during holidays from Chicago to Ny and St Louis. Hence feel I am in a decent position now to provide feedback.

Usability - Initially it was a challenge as I was using Garmin earlier - hence was not used to Tom Tom interface - now I sort of like it. Typically like Zip code search, also good is it gives a zoomed out route picture before starting any route - which is helpful specifically in long routes.
One -ve point is - when you start the unit - sometimes it is sluggish - i.e. if you press a button on a screen - it takes time to respond.

Accuracy/Navigation - Found the unit pretty accurate - it can guide you pretty much out of a parking space as well. It identifies any route changes very quickly. Also finds satallite pretty quickly and easily. I was suprised when it was helping me to drive out of a covered parking garage in St. Louis. Never got any issue with maps in 2500 miles I have driven - except at an exit in St Louis - though I havent updated my map yet after purchase - so assume Tom Tom should have taken care of it. I didn't loose satellite anywhere even when driving under covered road in cities.

Traffic - I will give it 3.5 points - couple of times it has helped. Though sometimes - I was driving in city highway with heavy traffic and it had no clue about it. Not sure if this is a problem with service/refresh rate. I though like the reroute options - it paints the alternate route in blue color (rather then red color of current route) - helps to take decision very quickly. Also I guess since this is not Tom Tom HD Traffic - thats why refresh rates are lower. Though I like that it gives traffic updates not just of highways but of city roads as well. After Independence day Fireworks celebration - I was exiting out of a very busy route - it drove me out from there to a much better route in minutes. Further I like how it paints the busy road with white color and an animations of slow moving object.

Other features I like:
Dashboard Mount - it is excellent improvement over Garmin mount. Lock mechanism of suction cup is excellent.
Switch between 2D and 3D is easy
Speed Limit indicator
Lane Assist is great - though wish if they can add more of lane assist. This was not available at all junctions.
Like POI - host of options available

Dislike -
On long routes if next turn is over 20 miles specially on highways - it shows a 1/4 inch blue horizontal bar on upper part of the screen (mimic blue sky I guess) - it was better if it would have shown map only in entire screen.

Why I will buy this model.
Accuracy/Navigation - Does what it is meant to do pretty accurately
6" Screen
Dashboard Mount.
Found no quirks
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on June 15, 2012
This is my first tomtom and i upgraded from a magellan 1470. I was a loyal magellan fan until I tried their latest 5220LM which froze constantly (i returned it). I tested my new tomtom with a 500 mile trip, and it was flawless. lots of features like lane guide at the major highway interchanges. auto zoom at turns. clear vocal instructions 2 miles, 1/2 mile, and just before turnoffs. at one point I asked it to provide a detour due to construction, and the tomtom confidently mapped an alternate route on the fly. excellent, extensive POI database. love the large 6" screen. good brightness, better than my magellan but still a tiny bit difficult to see on a sunny day with sunglasses. auto rotate when turned upside down (for mounting). Note this is a pure GPS, no other stuff like bluetooth or mp3 player.

setup was simple on a windows pc, you will need to download the "support application" so your pc can recognize the device first, then just connect via usb and follow the directions. you get a free firmware and a map update. After that, you will need to submit a registration code for follow-on (4 per year) map updates. the download itself was large and took me ~1 hour, but as my first tomtom it may be faster for others who know what to do. the update process itself when compared to the magellan was a breeze. the magellan is known for a really poor update process and often results in people bricking their units (just read the reviews). I found the tomtom update is much more flexible and forgiving.

I took away 1 star due to a few feature gaps vs my old 1470. first, the unit it a bit slower response wise than my magellan. for example when you type in an address or select a feature, there's a notable delay. second is due to how the tomtom presents town/city names in a search, which is a bit tedious. the magellan sorts the results based upon your current location. For example if you are in Boston MA and type in "CA", you see Cambridge MA at the top of the list. The tomtom just gives you an alphabetic listing of all towns/cities in the US that matches what you typed, so "CA" will give you every city/town that starts with CA. you have to type in a lot more characters as well as scroll down to find the town and state in the list. third, I was unable to find a full users guide online. it could be that it's so new they don't have one, or they believe one is not needed. all i know is I cant find it easily and this 1605 has a lot of features that a newbee like me would appreciate one being offered. forth, the traffic feature does not work if the unit is on battery alone (e.g. must use the supplied travel cord that has the traffic dongle). fifth, my old 1470 would provide a audible reminder "ding" at the point of making a turn, which i miss.

The unit has an attached suction mount, which you can rotate to be a window or dash mount as the screen will rotate itself. includes usb cable, car charger with built in traffic link, adhesive mount disk (for permanent mounts), code for lifetime maps and a startup guide. No AC wall charger which seems to be the new norm, but you can pickup a cheap converter elsewhere. no idea if you can charge it via the usb cable to your PC, did not try.

In the end I know there's no such thing as a perfect GPS, but so far I like what I see and would recommend this unit. the few gaps vs. my old magellan are small compared to the accuracy and performance which are more important.
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on July 4, 2012
I've owned a Tomtom GO730 for many years and felt it was time to move to a more state of the art unit. The old unit, which was my first, did the job but had several flaws.

1. It would erase my favorites whenever it updated maps.
2. It had a dim screen
3. It's connection to the power source would disconnect due to loosening with time.
4. You had to flip thru a zillion screens to get to a particular feature that you wished to change.

Also, the unit cost me almost $300, and that's not including the cost of a case for the unit (another $35), a case to hold the unit and supplies ($35), a connection gizmo to the windshield ($65),yearly maps ($45/yr), and yearly traffic ($65/yr)

I had planned to buy a Garmin this time since I had heard such good things about it. But recently, I heard that Garmin's products aren't as good as they used to be and that Tomtom was improving.

The Garmin product I planned to buy cost about $350 and had a 5" screen (max for Garmin). This Tomtom unit which just came out, is half the price, with a 6" screen, and many desirable features...(no MP3 or Phone though)

1. It has a built in suction cup to connect to the windshield that works flawlessly. Don't need to buy one. It also adjusts to connecting to windshield or dashboard (The screen flips..a cool feature)

2. Maps are free for life.

3. Traffic is free for life and built into the power supply (no need for additional wires)

4. Screen is bright.

5. Favorites don't erase with map updates.

I've used it many times now and it works flawlessly. I'm very pleased.

Also, while it won't transfer all of the various voices that I had on the old Tomtom, it does transfer the ones u paid for, which is nice. IMHO, this is a great buy.
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on July 16, 2012
Having just used this 6" baby for two weeks driving all over LA, it blows away my new May 2012 Costco Garmin & November 2011 5" Magellan. Magellan's maps sucked. Example: Henderson, NV 2nd largest city in Nevada, not listed. Utah: 2-National Parks not listed. Nearly got into Mexico at Tijuana~wrong turn. Garmin's newest at Costco~voice command. Slow, and lots of wrong turns. Not to mention long routes. This baby gave me linked traffic cameras and re-routed me in LA at rush hour, saving me 45-minutes. Its screen blows away the small 5", the font is huge~Like 24-font bright yellow turn arrows. Love the Australian guys cues, like "Keep left" and you can see the bigger arrows of all the lanes so you don't have to get over. It also has huge speed signs and your speed so I don't ever look at the speedometer anymore and set the cruise control by the Tom Tom's screen. Super safety feature. Yes, it is a little slow, but the newest May 2012 Garmin at Costco was slower, with wrong turns, over a dozen times on my May trip to Long Beach, CA., it sucked. Granted it was not as bad as the Magellan, its maps were trash. The only thing better would be a 7" screen. I mounted it with a piece of tie wire for $2 from Home Depot, to my tweeter grill in left dash corner in my Nissan Altima, great for driving. You never have to take your eyes off the road. Buy it~for high traffic cities with traffic cameras, it even has ticket alerts. You can set up to 6 different tones to alert you of money saving traffic ticket cameras coming ahead. That alone saved me triple this babies cost. Better screen, better alerts, cop radar & ticket camera alerts~ BLOWS THE COMPETITION AWAY!
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on October 4, 2012
Wow, I'm impressed; I've owned seven GPS units over the years starting with the old Street Pilot series and ended with the Nuvi 5000 which ended life when the dumb stand-alone power connector attachment broke and Garmin told me they didn't have a replacement part on a three year old machine. I also own a Magellan Maestro which is a piece of garbage. It's designed to get you to an address in Chicago from Chicago through Alaska. I've also owned two versions of the PC based Co Pilot. The 1605 is the machine I've been waiting for, but didn't know it. I'm getting old and the 6 inch screen is a life saver. It's so easy to read. The quick start manual is junk and I would like to see a REAL manual (paper) that comes with the machine, but that won't happen with today's push to cheapen products as much as possible. I won't go over all the features that have already been covered by many prior reviewers and mention one or two that I love. The Via 1605 shows you well in advance the cross streets that are coming up. You might think "so what", but you'd be wrong. There are many times that someone has given you verbal directions on the fly without an address and all you have is" turn at this street a mile or two down the road etc. It's night time and no there are no street lights, or you're in a city that has street signs the size of a postage stamps, it's the sign is missing, hidden, simply would miss it, or the name doesn't match the one given since street names often change from one suburb to the next or might be marked with a highway number. The 1605 will show you EACH street name BEFORE you approach. It won't show you just one name but ALL the names of this street including the Highway numbers. If there are two highway (local, versus county, versus state) numbers assigned it will give you All of them. This has saved me many time especially on rural routes or at night. Another wonderful feature is that it tells you well in ADVANCE the name of the turn points or exits and continues to do so right up until the time of the turn unlike the Garmin which announces the turn two seconds prior (a slight exaggeration, but not by much). It also has tons of information about what's happening at the bottom and top of the screen with speed, time to destination, time of destination and the wonderful feature of telling you when speed or red light cameras are coming up in plenty of time to slow down. All this WITHOUT interfering with the map. The fact that the speed box turns red when you're speeding is also a nice feature. It doesn't have Bluetooth and frankly, I could care less. My car has a build in blue tooth that is far superior to anything built into a GPS since it use the whole car audio system which works regardless of road noise. I bought the unit on Amazon for $199.00. I consider this a deal. The turn lane graphic is nice and allows me the time to get into the lane I need to be in BEFORE the turn or exit. I also love the feature that ALWAYS tells you where the next turn is even if 20 miles away with a name and a graphic showing you which way you will be turning. In short, I love this TOM TOM. No, I haven't tried updating the map and I'm in no hurry based on all the problems everyone seems to have with updates regardless of brand. At some point I will, but for now since this is a 2012 product how old can the map be. I have a feeling that it will work well based on what I see with the other feature of this unit. If you're a Garmin user it will take some getting used to since the interface is slightly different, but there are loads of options and features to try and play with.
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on September 28, 2012
I have been using Tom Tom devices for about 7 or 8 years now, this is my third Tom Tom device.

I have never liked the 3d view offered by GPS devices, I have always opted for using them in the 2d straight down, North up view. That is how I used my last two Tom Tom devices.

This new device strips several of the most useful features away from North up 2d view.
-You can't see the name of the street you are on or the next one you are turning onto.
-The map will not "auto zoom" you must do this manually.
-The cursor is placed in the middle of the screen, but the lower 1/5th of the screen is taken up by the status bar, so you lose a fair amount of map below your cursor. The cursor should be displayed a bit higher to compensate.
-The unit is a touch screen and it is extremely slow in responding to touch.
-The unit takes as much as 2 minutes to auto switch between day and night view. (this is really a pain when you get in the car in the morning and can't read the now black screen or at night you're blinded by the dazzlingly bright screen.) It used to take a second or two for the switch.
-The unit is supposed to automatically leave the route summary and begin navigation after 10 seconds. Frequently I have to manually make it exit the route summary.

All of the above features that I list as missing in this Tom Tom have all been present in the previous two units I owned.
Another item is that directions on occasion have been ridiculously bad. In one case it wanted me to go 30 miles and 45 minutes out of my way to get to a destination that was only 2 miles away.

One other thing, which has been a long time complaint of mine is that the device frequently refuses to see a stretch of road or highway as a single road. For example traveling from one end of MA to the other one Rt 90, the Mass Pike, it should show it as 90 miles or so to the next exit, however instead it breaks it up into chunks showing you exiting onto the highway you are already on.

When you update a device you add features, you don't strip them away. Tom Tom needs to learn that.
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VINE VOICEon July 28, 2013
The Good:
+ Large, Vibrant Screen
+ Lifetime Map Updates
+ Lifetime Live Traffic
+ Good Route Generation
+ Lane Guidance
+ Fast GPS Lock
+ Quick Route (Re)calculation
+ Clear Voice
+ Spoken Street Names (For Selected Voices)

The Bad:
- No Case/Cover included
- Computer Setup Confusing
- Awkward Mounting Process


Setup: The one-sheet instructions for using the device are pretty clear and easy to understand, but I cannot say the same for the web site. There are two different software packages to choose from, and you have to expand the list of devices to see which one you need - MyTomTom. The account creation process is unclear as you go through the steps. I had to refresh the page in order to proceed to the next step. Then I needed over 3 GB of updates for maps, fixes, and new features. It took about 20 minutes to download and almost an hour to update the device.

Mount: TomTom made a decision that is likely to split users down the middle in that the suction cup and arm are permanently attached to the unit. The suction mount works by placing the cup on either your windshield or the mounting disk affixed to your dash and rotating the lock 90 clockwise. Depending on how deep your dash is, this may be an awkward task for users with shorter arms. I would prefer the small lever mechanism that most Garmin units use instead. This is an unfortunate design decision since the mount and the unit are all one piece. Unless you want to invite theft and always leave your device mounted, you have to do this every time you want to use the TomTom. Later on, you will see the full implications of this.

Routes: When I test a GPS, I always start with places I know how to get to so that I can see how the routes compare with my own routes. I popped the unit up for my morning and evening commutes of 25 miles (which I have driven for 10+ years and know almost every reasonable way to navigate). The routes were good, and they would be easy for people to follow for the first time. I also went against the directions on purpose to test rerouting, and it was both fast and accurate. This can be helpful if your intuition tells you to go off route. I did this when it directed me to make a left turn across a busy six-lane road. You can bail out and make a U-turn knowing that the TomTom will adjust to your improvising.

Navigation: During a route, the TomTom gives clear spoken directions including lane guidance. This handy when highways split and exits. In addition to the voice guidance, the screen splits showing the route on the left and a detailed picture of the lanes on the right. For minor intersections, the bottom of the display will show arrows for each lane with labels for turn, straight, and turn/straight combo lanes. The TomTom also has the speed limit posted on the bottom left corner, and it flashes red when you exceed the speed limit by more than 5 miles. These are very helpful features, but you must also verify with posted signs as speed limits change and lane traffic flow can also change. My area is under heavy construction, and it would be an impossible task to keep up with the blocked lanes, closed exits, and reduced speed limits. However, it is a nice guide for travels in areas not under construction.

Traffic: This feature makes the TomTom useful beyond just figuring out how to get to and from unfamiliar places. If you have a commute of any length or with a number of alternate routes, the live traffic feature can be handy. When I was coming home the other day, I was sitting at a stoplight, and I saw a new traffic delay pop up. I clicked on the traffic bar, and I punched "minimize delays". The TomTom found a new route that was 1 mile longer, but 5 minutes shorter. I accepted the new route, and I was able to keep my commute shorter. Given the utility of this feature, I will use the TomTom regularly with voice guidance off. That way I can keep an eye on traffic without being told how to get someplace I'm familiar with.

Display: You may be wondering if there is any benefit to having a separate device from your iPhone or Android. TomTom even has an Android app that does a lot of what this unit does. However, the six-inch display is much easier to use. The split-screen lane change assistance would be a tight fit on a four-inch display. One other consideration would be if you would potentially share the TomTom with others. It's a little difficult to loan someone your phone.

Conclusion: I think the TomTom Via 1605TM is a very good unit with a good feature set. I think TomTom could stand to have a usability study done on their device setup web pages, and this would apply to any of their units. I would also like the flexibility of having the mounting mechanism separate from the main unit. Otherwise, the features of the device perform up to my expectations, and I have no reservations in recommending this unit. If you have questions that I have not covered, please ask in the comments field below.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 29, 2013
The TomTom VIA 1605TM comes with an Easy Port Mount for windshield or dash mounting (I keep mine below the dash), Lifetime map and traffic updates, Roadside Assistance (one free call for help), Advance Lane Guidance, Car Charger with an integrated traffic receiver (one piece unit), USB cord and setup sheet. The GPS case is black, measures 6-1/4" x 4-1/4" x 1-3/8". The large 6" screen is easy to read, has a high resolution of WVGA 800 x 480 pixels which provides sharp images on the screen.

GPS features include:
(1) Advanced Lane Guidance so you know which lane to get into
(2) Automatic day to night dimming of screen
(3) Automatically rotates screen 180 degrees when GPS is turned upside down
(4) Clock settings: 6:00, 6:00 PM and 18:00. The GPS clock is kept synchronized with the satellite clocks so you do not have to set it manually. You can also set the GPS to automatically adjust the clock to the time zone that you're in.
(5) Detour rerouting feature finds alternate routes for traffic jams, missed turns
(6) Free Lifetime Traffic and Map Updates for the life of the unit
(7) GPS status shows how many satellites your GPS is receiving signals from. Mine varies from 6 to 8 satellites.
(8) Help Me feature to find emergency services such as fire stations, hospitals and police
(9) IQ Routes: automatic rerouting, finds alternate routes automatically
(10) Keyboard selections include several languages, ABCD, QWERTY, AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards
(11) Latitudes and Longitudes - By pressing on the "Settings" icon, then the "Units" icon, you can select how you want the latitudes and longitudes to be displayed - in degrees, in minutes or in seconds.
(12) Left or right handed operation
(13) Map Share: make or receive other drivers map corrections
(14) Maps of Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, 48 U.S. states plus Alaska, Hawaii
(15) Micro SD card slot to add up to 32 GB of memory
(16) Plan route: You can plan your route ahead of time before departing.
(17) Points of Interest: over 7 million gas stations, hospitals, parks, restaurants and etc.
(18) Points of Interest: save your favorite attractions, destinations, parks, restaurants, etc.
(19) Speed alert settings to warn you if you're over the speed limit
(20) Speed Camera settings to warn you about them, one free download
(21) Spoken Street Names: gives turn-by-turn directions of street names and places
(22) View maps: in 2D or 3D
(23) Zip code or city name search
(24) One year warranty on new units

Note - The GPS does not have blue tooth or mp3 player features

Tip: Download the Google Chrome browser (it's free) before attempting to download TomTom's "getstarted" setup file and five map updates. I tried AOL and Internet Explorer browsers and keep receiving: Webpage error HTTP 400 Bad Request. After downloading the Google Chrome browser type in the web address: The first download to your computer takes about 27 minutes. The second to your GPS about 45 minutes (2.9GB). The two downloads did not erase my favorites or other settings.

UPDATE: Using AOL 9.6, Internet Explorer 9.0.17, I was unable to download the TomTom getstarted.exe file that has to be installed on your computer to update your maps and other files for the VIA 1605. To solve the problem I download the Google Chrome browser at [...] After downloading the Chrome_installer.exe file go to the directory on your computer where the file was downloaded to, click on the installer.exe file to install the 0.71 MB Google Chrome browser on your computer.

After the Chrome file was installed I used AOL, typed in the web address [...] clicked on the web address that I typed in and it opened the Google Chrome browser. Using Google's Chrome browser's web address box type in [...] - or click on the TomTom getstarted link if it appears on the page to download the file to your computer.

If the getstarted file is corrupt (doesn't work), go to your computer's control panel's Programs and Features listings on windows computers (I have Vista) and delete the TomTom (17.5MB) file and re-download the file using Google's Chrome browser.

If both files download properly (TomTom's & Google's), go to TomTom's website to log-in. Turn on your GPS. Then click on the green icon on the top right corner of TomTom's webpage. A box will open so you can login. After logging in click on the Manage Control link. Give it several seconds and it should show you are connected. If you have updates to download they will appear on the webpage. Scroll down the webpage and click on the download icon. After the downloads are completed, logoff where you logged in.

When you have updates to download, the icon on your computers task bar changes from red to grey and a popup box might appear to alert you. For some reason clicking on the number of files to download link from the taskbar popup screen doesn't work, so do what I suggested above, login on TomTom's website. It's been working for me. Don't know about Mac's.

1- The Navitech 584 hard cover carrying case is large enough to hold the VIA 1605TM GPS, traffic receiver and the USB cord. A snug fit, but holds everything. It's a durable case, but not a hard-hard case. Only took eight days to arrive from the UK

2- Most air vent and cup mount holders for the 1605TM GPS do not hold the GPS securely because the GPS's window/dash mount arm prevents them from doing so. They fall out if they aren't secured with string or rubber bands which cover part of the screen. The only way they will fit snuggly is by removing the GPS's arm by twisting it off. The GPS is heavy, weighs 10-ounces without the power cord. Also the clips that clip into car air vents are flimsy, break easy, may not be long enough to clip in securely.

3- Sun shade glare visor shields for the 6" TomTom are nice but pop off when you hit bumps in the road. The visor should have been manufactured with clips on the side instead of just four on top that loosely clamps onto the VIA 1605TM GPS

4- Roadside assistance costs $79.95 a year for $100 coverage. Not worth it.

5- Speed camera coverage is not available in all of the 48 states, in Canada or in Mexico

6- VIA 1605TM GPS's come in sealed green colored boxes with the words Lifetime Traffic, Lifetime Maps and Roadside Assistance printed on the box. GPS's with maps only are marked VIA 1605M, come in green and white colored boxes. I won two bids on another website for lower prices and had to return both of them because they were unsealed, both had maps only, so pay the extra money to Amazon and avoid the hassles.
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on July 30, 2012
I bought this at my local Costco because of the price and the large screen. I took it home and began charging it up. I set up an account and downloaded Tom Tom Home. Everything went well. As i was playing with the GPS i noticed how slow it was at responding to the buttons i pressed, but a quick factory reset solved that problem and it never happened again. I love the fact that as soon as i plugged in the Tom Tom it searches for any available up-dates. I also read somewhere that someone couldn't find a manual for the 1605. I found it in about 30 seconds so i don't know what that was all about. One thing i did notice is that when i plugged in an address of a restaurant just to see if it would take me there. It did...Sort of. The Tom Tom told me that i arrived at my destination but the restaurant was 500 yards away. A sort of quick Map Correction fixed that issue. Overall I really like this GPS . It has many extras that my old Garmin didn't have. I just wish I could find accessories for this (screen protector, case that fits 6 inch display) because this is a rather new model.


It's been 2 weeks since my last review so i thought I'd update any of issues I found. First of all the screen is fantastic. I compared it to my Garmin and I don't think I can go back to a 4.3 screen size again however,Going from Garmin to Tom Tom is a bit tough when the POI on Tom Tom and not right. I mean there really not right. It didn't know about a Taco Bell that's been in the area for about 20 years. Also Tom Tom told me that theirs a McDonald's on my main road...Guess what...A McDonald's have NEVER been on that road. Tom Tom NEEDS there customers to use the Map Corrections because there maps are not so good. I took away another star because of the POI are incorrect.
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on July 22, 2012
I purchased VIA 1605TM unit from Costco because the Garmin 1450LMT I ordered from Amazon was shipped regular UPS instead of expedited, which I paid for. This was being shipped by an affiliate and not Amazon direct. After checking with UPS I found out it was scheduled to be delivered 4 days after I had to leave on my trip, which was unacceptable and forced me to cancel the order. I'm actually glad this happened as I really like the TomTom better. The unit is larger, easy to use and program, automatically redirects routes and above all NO pop up ads, which were complaints others have had with Garmin.
Like all new products there is a slight learning curve to use the unit, but this is a relatively easy process. It picks up satellites quickly and is very accurate, even with all the freeway construction in the Dallas area it's extremely accurate. It will also let you know if the shortest route is on a toll road and allows for re-routing to avoid the toll road. In the Dallas/Fort Worth area there are no manned toll booths except at the airport and a pass is required, so being able to route around the toll roads has been a big plus for me as I don't have a toll pass. Another nice feature is the auto night dimming, which I didn't even know the unit had until the first evening I was using it.
On line set up was simple and straightforward. After installation the program runs in the background and lets you know when upgrades are available and all you have to do is attach the unit to your computer with the supplied USB cable and it handles the update automatically. The suction mount is very easy to attach and remove from the windshield, which is a concern that I had. The large screen and audible instructions are a big plus, but the lane guidance has been one of my favorite features, especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that I traveled to. Being unfamiliar with the freeways here it's easy to be in the wrong lane, but 1605TM gives you plenty of advance warning to insure being in the correct lane for any transitions.
It also allows you to be warned when coming up to a traffic camera, which I have set with a tone alert. By having the alert I make sure to come to a complete stop with a 1-2 second pause before turning right on a red and to stay way back of the white line if I'm the first in line at a stop.
The only thing on my wish list would be to be able to program multiple addresses and have the unit program by the shortest routes. I am looking at real estate here and this would be a great feature as it would save time and fuel. Having used the 1605TM daily for over two weeks I am very pleased with its performance and highly recommend it.
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