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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 25, 2014
Long story short, this GPS is just too cumbersome to use while on the fly. Basic functions that need to be accessed quickly are hidden several menus deep in completely counter-intuitive places. I owned an entry-level Garmin from 2008, which was far better than this "modern", high end TomTom.

If you don't enter an address exactly correct, the 1535 will not find it at all. For example, often an address seems like it's in a particular city, but it may really be just outside of city limits, or in a nearby suburb. The 1535 will not find the address in that case. In my line of work I'm on the road often, heading to unexpected locations, where I only get snippets of the address. This feature alone makes me wish I had avoided TomTom. Not only will Garmin correct you if you enter the wrong city, you don't have to enter a city at all when searching for an address. Garmin searches every instance of that address on the continent, and chooses the closest one to your location.

I often want to simply tap a point on the map and navigate there without inputting an address. The 1535 makes me wade through several menus to reach this function, which forces me to pull over. With a Garmin, by default the map is ready to be dragged around to find any point, and then the point just needs to be double-tapped to begin routing.

The voice command on the 1535 works well if you have the exact address ready. If you mispronounce it, or don't have the exact address, forget it. It's nice however to be able to simply speak the address while driving off without having to sit there and type it in.

The 1535 comes preloaded with banks, restaurants, attractions etc... The drawback is that you can't browse through them by items closets to you, sorted by category, as you can with a Garmin.

The 1535's traffic works well. It receives the latest info on traffic delays, accidents, inclement weather etc... and accurately calculates the delays into your route.

Don't be fooled by the 1535's "3D" feature, it's nothing of the sort. The store demo shows a car driving through a city, with buildings passing by. This suggests that the 1535 gives a live representation of the actual city though which you're driving. In reality, this is just a generic animation that plays when you exit highways within a city. The "3D" feature is nothing more than a head-on map view instead of looking down on the map.

In addition to these key points, most other functions are generally hard find and buried unnecessarily deep within menu levels. Unnecessary or rarely used functions clutter the menu making it even more difficult to reach what's important. Unimportant alarms sometimes go off while driving, taking your attention away from the road to find out what they are. For example, a chime goes off whenever there's a parking structure near your destination. Who cares?

I would strongly advise against purchasing a TomTom and go with any Garmin instead.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 25, 2013
This item is a complete waste of time. I've been using Tomtom products for years and when my last one gave up the ghost this was my replacement choice...What a mistake! My main problem: the live services could not connect, when you buy a unit mainly for the traffic function it should work this one doesn't. The other problem was with customer service to address this problem. send an email wait 2 days for a reply, get the reply send an answer and wait another day, another reply and another 24 hour wait and another. The point being that it shouldn't be 24-48 hours for each response from Tomtom yet this is the only way to reach support. The things that did work were overly complicated (unlike earlier models) and very non intuitive. In the end I'm returning this and I've replaced it with a different manufacturer and that unit is great! I don't recommend the GO LIVE....Go elsewhere!


The symcard issue was resolved before I returned this one. After using another manufacturers device my trip and seeing that units lousy traffic I've decided to give the TomTOm another shot with all the features working. I'll update after my next road trip.
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on October 19, 2013
OK folks, the reason the price is so low is because these units were found in a warehouse in 2011 somewhere and being sold now, at least that is what my packaging looked like. The unit was "new" but the package has a new SKU sticker over the old one and was from their 2011 packaging - so who knows? Anyway, I hooked it up to the laptop and TomTom recognized the device and the serial number, updated it and accepted the Lifetime Maps code that came with the unit. All good. However, in the car upon turning it on and routing my trip to Boston, my "free 1 year subscription" of LIVE services which includes the HD Traffic (the reason I bought this) was not working - and the message on the GPS was "My subscription may have expired" so, I went back to my house and tried to run the update again - and instead, I would have to purchase a $59.95 LIVE Services package in order to utilize the LIVE features. So, I called TomTom and surprisingly got a live tech pretty fast on the phone.

He told me my device did not come with the free subscription. I told him it was right on the package the unit came in. He proceeded to email me a case number and link and had me take a photo of the package and upload it to them - which I did while I made him stay on the phone to be sure he received it - which he did. He said "it would take less than a day" So, I went ahead and drove to Boston and used my Google Maps app so I could at least keep watch of traffic. It was rather annoying that without a subscription, this unit has no traffic or other features - so in my mind, I now know that it will be $60 a year for the LIVE services going forward after the 1st year. OK, thats $5 a month - another thing to note is that the LIVE services are based on ATT's cell network - which around here isn't that great.

After 24 hours, the unit still did not have the LIVE services and it was really bothering me - I e-mailed TomTom using the case number a couple of times with no response. I called TomTom and a rude tech told me that "they have up to 48 hours to fix the issue and that they are still within that 48 hours, and I just have to wait" She would not give me any other details or let me talk to anyone else. The second day passed and still no LIVE services. I actually did an RMA to Amazon to return the unit, totally frustrated and feeling like I have been ripped off, got a unit that may have been refurbished and shipped in an old package and was not registered in TomTom's database. I went to Best Buy and bought a Garmin nuvi 2757 LMT which out of the box had traffic and a nice interface.

Sometime around 3pm the next day I got an e-mail that the LIVE services had been activated. Curious, I figured I would try the unit one more time before shipping it back. The LIVE services kicked in and I drove from Boston to Hartford. I was pleasantly surprised at the HD Traffic. It was amazing. The other LIVE services worked well also. It was much better than the Garmin Traffic, even the Live Traffic they have using my Smartphone. I was impressed with the TomTom

Also, if you are considering a new 2013 Garmin, they took out the dashboard feature for some dumb reason - so you can only see one marker at a time when driving on a route - so you have to choose just one display marker between time remaining, miles remaining, time of arrival, temperature, current time etc. Only one of these displays on the screen and to change it you have to touch the screen (while driving) and choose just 1 of them - no more custom Dashboard - how disappointing and stupid to not allow a customer choose how they want their GPS to work, On this Tom Tom, it displays everything on the route and you can customize your dashboard.

So I am keeping this unit. Its 4 stars and not 5 because of the hassle getting it going and you can tell the design and interface is 3 years old and the web site is not that great. The old web site you could actually run your unit, enter your addresses, etc. Another reason is the $60 a year you must spend to make the unit useful, the catch I didn't realize. But its the best $5 a month if you depend on your GPS like I do. It's other LIVE services like Trip Advisor, Gas prices, Yelp - all really cool.

Overall, if you need to the most accurate LIVE traffic - its the best out of all of them out there. I don't know why TomTom doesn't put LIVE services on their 6" model - or have it as an option - it would be nice to have that available. For me, this particular GPS unit is the currently the best solution for my needs - a lot of driving to areas that are prone to traffic here in the Northeast.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 10, 2014
Live services failed on December 31, 2013. It is now January 10th and I still have no live services. I have been on the phone, off and on, with TomTom since Jan 2nd, to no avail. I have to keep calling THEM because they promise to call me back and I never hear from them. When I do, they keep having me to do the EXACT SAME THING: step outside in the cold, do a factory reset and a soft reset. Nothing. Each. And. Every. Time. NOTHING! When I bought the system, I did not have fuel services but I kept forgetting to call to find out why not. Now, I have nothing and they told me I need to drive to another area so it can connect. Really? I need to drive to another location to get my services to work when they were working in my driveway a week ago (except fuel prices)? Speaking of fuel prices, I was told that it would be up and running within two weeks of the date of the call. Guess what? NEVER WORKED!!!!

I will not buy another gps from Tom Tom. Period. I don't like that customer service probably were already aware of the many problems this unit is having and chose to continue to deceive the customers (ME) by not imparting this information when calling in. It could have saved a lot of time and frustration. I spent a hundred bucks on this unit and could have put that money elsewhere.
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on October 12, 2012
The product itself is a fairly good device and works well on most things. The live traffic worked well but maybe a little slow. I came upon a traffic incident that had I-81 shut down, the accident had been there long enough for the state to have electronic signs put in place 20 miles before warning of the closing. I was already looking for a way around and was within 5 miles when Google Maps started showing a backup, I was actually stuck in traffic trying to get off at an exit when TomTom traffic tells me about a better route. So even though it didn't tell me to far ahead of time it did show up with in a couple minutes of google maps. Other times it has been right on par with google maps traffic and has been great at re-routing.

I did have trouble with the next turn indicator and voice commands not working and then working off and on. Trid to work it out with TomTom service but they are a joke. Called three times got three different people that told me differant ways to fix the problem. All kept reading the script and saying to restart system, reboot system, factory reset and then it must be your computer. Had me change things on my computer to troubleshoot until they got it to a point that now my computer will not connect to the TomTom. So now I have a problem with my device plus a problem with my computer. Do Not use their customer service.

Ok thankfully I bought this through Amazon. Amazon replaced unit next day and with no problems. As said I think the 1535 is a good unit and I like it but TomTom sucks for customer support. Thanks Amazon.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 23, 2013
This GPS was not all I had hoped it would be, and came up short in several areas compared to my 4 year-old Nuvi. The interface is not as friendly, even though it does a lot of things the Nuvi can't do. It seems to take more screen taps to get the job done. First, it is difficult to switch the unit between vehicles because of the mechanical way the suction cup holds it to the glass. It takes both hands to remove it because it sticks like glue, and you have to pull with one hand while turning the locking/release device with the other. Also, It doesn't tell you the moving time with total time of your trip. Hopefully, the traffic function will make a lot of sitting-in-traffic time a thing of the past, so that issue could be a non-player. I travel in my job, so tracking both moving time and sitting times will impact on the pay I receive. Some jobs pay straight mileage, and others consider both mileage and windshield time.

This unit does not allow you to put an already-loaded micro-card in it so you can enjoy a slide show of your favorite pictures or listening to oldies stored on the card. This TomTom requires you to go through the formatting process before you can do anything with a card. This erases everything. Even then, there does not appear to be a way to access the data stored on the card, unless it is a TomTom app you have downloaded.

The Bluetooth function is not as easy to set up as the instructions direct. I was able to pair it to my Galaxy III in a fairly short time, but have yet to connect to it.

I had to go to TomTom's tech help line in order to register the device because it would not let me enter the promotion code that gave me free lifetime maps and traffic. Without the code, you will have to subscribe to those features on an annual basis. The Techie said he would call me back in an hour to see that the device had accepted the information. He never called back. Fortunately for me, I was able to get the program updates downloaded and installed in the GPS.

On the plus side, you can program it on the fly using verbal instructions, and it does provide lifetime maps and traffic updates. You can also buy apps that will allow you to be warned of intersection cameras -- about $29 for an annual subscription. I am hopeful I will grow to like it more than I do now, as I am somewhat disappointed in in it's overall capabilities. I would only recommend it if you are a person who needs the advanced capabilities of the device over and above those of your tried-and-true older one.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 1, 2013
This device functions exactly like my previous Via 1535TM (which was stolen) and I am sorry that I chose the GO LIVE version this time around. It does not come with an activation code and contacting tech support was a waste of time. I received an automated email telling me to try resetting the device which did not help (knew it wouldn't based on previous reviews I had read). Fortunately the traffic receiver charger cable that came with my other device gets me the traffic on this one but the GO LIVE services do not work.

While the TomTom device itself is, in my opinion, better than the Garmin, I would not waste the extra money for the GO LIVE features unless you want to spend hours arguing with tech support only to get nowhere.
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on March 17, 2013
I will preface my review by saying that I've used the TomTom Go Live 1535M only a few times and that was to travel known routes so I knew where I was going.

I had a small issue getting the software downloaded but I feel that was due to Microsoft's stupid Win 8 rather than TomTom. Once the software was downloaded & installed it was very easy to download the most current map and activate the free (for 1 year) services.

The split screen at critical turns is really helpful. The left side shows the map while the right side indicates clearly what lane and when you need to be in it. I've only seen this so far while on interstates but it is a huge plus. The HD Traffic is right on! It shows how far ahead there is traffic and how long it will take to get through it. I've not been offered alternative routes since the wait has not been that long but it will calculate a route around the tie up.

I bought this unit to use with our travels in our motorhome. While it does not have an RV setting that I've found it does let you choose route types and whether to avoid ferries and unpaved roads which we do want to avoid with the moho. While I believe TomTom will be very helpful, I think one would be very naïve to rely 100% of the time on it or any navigation device especially when using it in a large RV.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on November 21, 2013
I bought this new from Amazon and when I got it the Life Time Map code wouldn't work and I had to spend almost a week to get Tom Tom Support to help me with a new map code for life time maps. The HD Traffic that I was supposed to get a one year subscription with the GPS was expired. TomTom Support would not help me because their records showed that the one year subscription had expired the year before. I explained that I had just purchased the Go Live 1535M from Amazon new so they said to send a copy of the receipt and the barcode off of the box and they would review whether or not I would get my subscription for 1 year HD Traffic. I sent the information they requested and I never heard from them again and this was last July 2013 and this is now Nov 2013. I no lnger have the bar code because it was sent to them so now I am out $59.95 to update the HD Traffic I was supposed to get free with the GPS. This will be the last TomTom I wiull ever purchase because their customer support is the worst I hae ever seen. Amazon should refuse to sell their products. There are literally hundreds of the same complaints I read online about TomTom Customer Service or lack there of. My advice to anyone out there don't buy this or any other TomTom product.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 8, 2013
I love the biggish screen, the Bluetooth connectivity, the voice support and lots of other things about this GPS device, but attempting to update the maps via MyTomTom is driving me nuts. The TomTom call center (in the Netherlands, for South African customers) is friendly but inadequate in terms of making it work. The system either drops my connection, or fails to recognise me, or says there are 23 hours remaining for an update to download (!). Its latest trick: announcing that there are "no maps" on my device, even though I can see a couple of gigs worth of data there - that is, maps of the continental U.S. I am now negotiating with the local agent to send them the device and do it for me. On the positive side, TomTom's maps are excellent. In summary, Amazon delivered the goods as promised; now it's up to TomTom to finish the job to its customer's satisfaction.
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