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on January 22, 2015
This thunderbird has struck many targets. When I purchased these I felt a certain energy within them and I had made
Plans to go
Out and practice all day with just one. So the day finally
Came when I went and set up wooden planks and boards to hit not trees because they have not hit a living organism yet for that is not their
Purpose until the time is right. When the moment came I could feel that energy growing stronger. When I held it in my hand I stared at the target moved my arm back and with a sudden burst of energy the knife was thrown. I must have been overwhelmed by its power because the first throw hit the board with such a powerful force it actually
Split the board
In half almost hitting the tree it was leaned up against. And the board breaking sounded like thunder. And when it struck I looked up and heard the battle cry of a mighty hawk. If you need a strong throwing knife This is the one!
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on November 23, 2011
I bought these because my girlfriend and i have fun throwing knives and have a nice target set up for it. These were inexpensive and seemed to be of higher quality than one might expect for the price (previously, we had been throwing shuriken, but thought the change in weapon style would be fun).
Anyway, the set of three we received came with a nice little sheathe that can hold each of the three knives in their own sleeve, and have a Velcro strap to hold all three in place. There is also a beltstrap on the sheathe.
The knives themselves are a bit less than 4 inches long, have a smooth handle with grooves to aid in your grip, and are sharp on both edges. The balance was good with the weight being evenly distributed along the knife. We are still getting the hang of the blades having only had them a few days, but when they do strike properly, they bite pretty deep into the knife target we have. I would speculate and say that flesh would be easier to penetrate should that need ever arise (let's hope it doesn't though).
One further note...all three in the sheathe are easily concealable. Each blade individually would be almost impossible to detect without a metal detector.
Anyway, we've been having fun with them so far. I wouldn't say they are military grade, but they are effective.
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on November 7, 2014
came in a box; is 2" by 7". sheath in good condition, uses elastic bands. the knives had plastic guards and are rather sharp. As noted by an earlier customer and confirmed by me, the central ridge does not meet at the point of the knife. the knives are 5.5 " long. handle is 0.5"wide and about 2" long; widest part of the knife is 1". knives have noticeable smudges on black exterior that easily wipes off. where it says thunderbolt there is also perfect point logo(not shown in consumer images) on the other side has the words in small print "stainless steel china" also is a little more than 1/16 of an inch thick.

havent tried it since i plan on giving it as a gift. seems sturdy and can probably handle dry wall, cardboard or cork board. it's good as a gift if starting out or if you have a friend who likes having weapons.
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on December 9, 2015
These were my first set of throwing knives but I expected something more substantial to arrive at my door than what I got. These are very light and thin knives. They weren't very sharp and were hard to get to stick into anything other than a cardboard box. I ended up giving them to my younger nephew who wasn't allowed to have a set of throwing knives like the ones I was hoping to get when I ordered these :-). I guess you could consider these a nice starter set for someone younger though. Just don't expect to go on Safari with John Rambo until after you upgrade. Enjoy!
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on March 19, 2013
These knives are good for a beginner. I'd assume that most purchased these because of their affordable price. Taking that into account I think they are quite good. They are very small and light which actually makes you try harder to throw them properly. I gave my first set to my wife. She thinks they are quite fun. I wouldn't sharpen them until you were ready or just throw them at any target however. I set up a compressed cardboard target for my wife and use a bow target for myself. I'm sure they'd work with a cork target too, but it you go slinging them at a hardwood or solid wood product you will kill them quickly. But the same is true for throwing stars and the like. The nylon sheath is simple but adequate.
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on January 11, 2014
The design is really cool, they throw great, and comes with a 3-pack sheath that holds all 3 blades securely, The sheath has a belt loop, as well as 2 elastic bands that allow the sheath to be wrist mounted. The bands are a bit tight half way up the arm, but then again I have pretty toned forearms. If you're fat, it may still go on your wrist, but beware of constricting your blood vessels, as that can lead to really bad things like numbness and stroke. Use it wisely. As for the blades, the points are very sharp, but the edges need some work. It doesn't really matter, since the points are sharp and will stick into your targets with ease.
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VINE VOICEon July 23, 2015
They're alright. They are a little small for good knife throwing, but the size makes them easy to carry. Weighted well, and seem good quality. Don't really like the holes in the handle, they seem to make throwing a bit more complicated. They catch on your palm and fingers so don't really allow a smooth release...or it could just be that I suck at knife throwing. Still I'm going to try a larger set with smooth handles.
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on May 14, 2014
Very small... so a hammer throw is tough. light weight as well compounding the issue. BUT, very well balanced and even though I am new at throwing knives I have found they stick well when thrown from a blade grip. Theses are not overly sharp, but do hold a blade fairly well... the tips are fragile and screws or bad throws can easily damage the tips. good practice knife overall for the price. My only suggestion is to paint them another color so you can find them when they bounce. Don't expect the sheath to be useful for very long.
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on June 27, 2013
I received the knives one day early. When i opened them, they were sharp and undamaged. I knew they would only be 5.5" and they are an excellent weight. I am very happy with this product, considering it was very cheap for good quality.

The only flaws would be that they scuff easily. If you throw them at a surface that is too hard, they will scratch the finish and possibly dull the sides. If I was throwing at a bigger target, that wouldn't be an issue.

The case is well constructed. The wrist strap fits well and the only thing I would complain about would be the Velcro holding the knives is weak, but it doesn't do much anyway.

I am satisfied with these knives. If you are a beginner, these would work well for you. Definitely what it is worth. You shouldn't be disappointed.
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on April 24, 2014
I just received these knives a few hours ago. Honestly I'm not thrilled with their quality or size and weight. I know that you have probably read other reviews saying the same thing. just to give you an idea of the size of these knives, I am holding one on the flat of my hand now and the point rests on the tip if my pinkie finger while the back-end is about a centimeter away from my wrist.
they are of a good enough weight for their size but the overall shape makes them difficult to throw using the thorn style no flip throw. When I used a flip throw I found they were good for about one and a half rotations. Any farther then that and they don't stick.
The handle is one aspect of these knives I do not like. Firstly they weakened the general structure of the handle in order to balance the knives. I understand why they did this but, it leaves the handle feeling very brittle. I feel like I could break them in my bear hands if I'm not careful. I don't even want to think about what would happen if it hit the plank back end first too many times. There is also a nonstick coating on the knives. This is a both good and bad as it keeps your hand from accidentally sticking to the knife when you are trying to throw it, but it also makes it difficult to grip and a safety hazard to those around you.
That being said for under 10 bucks its a pretty solid set for beginners. bad for long ranges but otherwise a fair purchase
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