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on December 8, 2014
As a dude who played the original tomb raiders as a kid, I think this latest title is a good example of how the franchise has evolved, and also not evolved. Its evolution is in the design. Graphics are amazing, and most of the environments are so compelling you feel absolutely absorbed by the game...

UNTIL you realize that the combat is so super weak you feel like you beat this game in your sleep. I'm a very casual gamer, and it felt like it required no effort at all to plow through this game on the regular difficulty. I guess you could bump it up to hard, but that wouldn't change the other problem with the combat, which is that the mechanics feel totally outdated. For example, in previous tomb raiders you could do really basic things like shoot while jumping, but not in this one. You just aim boring weapons at super slow moving targets and shoot them from pretty much any range, and that's how you whack mofos. The weapons are kind of like whatever – who really cares about upgrading your rifle since it basically kills everything effortlessly from any distance and you never really run out of ammo. Lastly, there's times where the game feels like some old crappy arcade game, where you have to tap "X" at just the right moment to get through a sequence. I saw that in this game and I was like, really, people still incorporate this into video games... why? No, really, why??

It's all good though. I bought this on Black Friday discount and it was a fun game, even though I plowed through it super fast. I guess there's a bunch of secret tombs you can find here and there, and secret items like relics (like little carved statues, which no sane person would ever really care about)... if any of that floats your boat. I was really impressed by every aspect of the game's design, but found the combat to be whatever. I think the game is worth checking out at least for the design.
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on June 30, 2016
This is a excellent re-master of Tomb Raider. I never played the original PS3 edition and my laptop cannot run the PC version well so I appreciated a low cost PS4 version.
Story: Game is well paced with a very linear on the rails plot but allows for easy exploring for crafting and collectables on the side without disrupting the main story. It's a well contained origin story an was entertaining. I did flinch a lot when it came to Laura getting injured over and over. I understand they wanted to create a sense of vulnerability you don't see in the action-adventure genre (I'm looking at you Uncharted) but it was gratuitous at times.
Graphics: The visuals hold up pretty well with a nice constant 60fps with medium details. I was impressed that they managed so many of the water details for damp clothes and rain on the PS4. It's obviously on medium details but it is visually stunning and one of the best looking games I've played on console.
Sound: Not a stand out here. The soundtrack was appropriately eery but often faded to the background and the climatic moments were generic as far as music goes. The background noise and sound effects were very good. I especially appreciated the immersive reverb of a taunt bowstring from my controller audio and my TV speakers.
Gameplay: Gameplay is addicting and exciting. Whether it's in 30-60 minutes bursts or hour slogs the gameplay will keep you riveted. I enjoyed the pacing of abilities that made the beginning of the game tens (though not difficult). The platforming is a mix of older style puzzles and moving around the map with various tools like ziplines and climbing gear. The combat is a bit clunky and lends itself heavily to stealth but by midgame there were some shooting sequences that I would describe as thrilling. Don't go expecting an amazing shooter or melee combat. Upgrades and crafting were basic and comparable to Uncharted and other games in the genre.

**shipped very quickly with no damage. Does not contain instruction manual but is not a problem. The in-game tutorial is fine.**
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on March 28, 2016
This game is my first entry to the Tomb Raider franchise and to be honest I've never been interested because I found the games unexpiring...but...I found the more dark- toned direction a better suit for the series, rather than making the same mistakes again. TRD has really crisp graphics and its really polished;however, I would've liked more animal types in the wilderness since only wild wolves seem to attack you(so cheap). The combat is great even thought you only face a couple of foes at once. There are multiple ways to take- on enemies; you can storm them with bullets or you can use stealth. I find the stealthy option to be unpolished because you can easily get caught and more ways to kill would have been nice. The story is crappy,unexpiring but and It wont win any awards ,but I've seen worse. The characters in this game could have been more like Nathan Drake and Victor sullivan because they look lame and they talk lame!

Overall I find this TRD to be badass! It's not a perfect title ,despite that I enjoy the combat, the weapons modifications,graphics, and the dark theme. I recommend this game for the newbies and for the TRD veterans alike so If you like action/puzzle games this one is a keeper.
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on July 5, 2015
It came on the first day it was scheduled mon-Friday and it came on Monday. I love this game and to get for only $22.00 is amazing and I'm glad I did. I have TR for ps3 but I wanted it for PS4 in hi-def. The only problem was that the way it got delivered, I grabbed the package and heard rattling, the CD was moving around inside the sealed game case. So when I opened it (took all the plastic off) the Game kinda flew up in the air falling down on my desk. And everyone who buys this game you should all know there is a corruption issue when you are playing the story mode. During the helicopter scene at night my saved data crashed and I had to restart the campaign on saved files 2 and 3 because file 1 is corrupt and CANNOT be overwritten at ALL!!! So just a Warning out there for all you people it's square enix fault but just make sure when you are playing to save your data on atleast 2 save slots because if you don't and your file corrupts you gotta start all over.
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on June 4, 2016
Really enjoyed this game. It's kind of like Uncharted but the fights feel a lot less repetitive. The graphics and design of some of the scenes are downright breathtaking.
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on March 23, 2014
The short and sweet of it is:

- Amazing graphics and sound
- Voice acting is top notch
- Playability is incredibly fun and controls are spot on
- You can lose yourself in this game easily. I played for 5 hours straight one day and didn't even realize it.
- Campaign is very long and the script is interesting, albeit not really believable - but this is a game so who cares!
- Voice commands are nice - you can easily switch weapons or modes or bring up the map just by talking

- The quicktime events are really, really annoying especially on the higher difficulty. Half of the time the button presses aren't recognized
- There are some very rare bugs where you'll find yourself trapped in a spot on the map - most noticeably on the beach map while you are walking around in the cliffs
- Even with all the treasure maps, it can still be difficult to go back and find all items. Some can only be found by manipulating the environment (such as moving buoys)
- The puzzles in the tombs aren't hard, but they can be frustrating due to some glitchy clipping
- Multiplayer is "so so". It works just fine, but would like more modes and bots

Summary: Just buy this game already. It's my favorite so far on the PS4 platform. You'll not be sorry.
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on October 4, 2014
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition is a re-release of the Critically-Acclaimed Action-Adventure remake of Tomb Raider. So what does the Definitive Edition offer compared to the standard version released on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC? The Definitive Edition is the game with enhanced graphics/improved texture work to show off the power of the Next-Gen consoles: Xbox One and PS4, it runs on a higher resolution with improved frame rate (1080p/60fps), and all of the DLC (consists of extra Multiplayer map packs and weapons for online multiplayer). As far as the actual game, the single-player campaign/story mode is the best part about it because it has a good story and fun gameplay, the multiplayer is kind of boing even with good players because there really isn't too much to do in the multi-player. Other than that, the game has an awesome story mode and is definetly a fantastic game, especially is you are a Tomb Raider fan. If you haven't played it on Xbox 360, PS3, or PC, definetly check this version out on either Xbox One or PS4!
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on February 22, 2014
My last memories of Tomb Raider were on the Sega Saturn (ermagerd). Back then the game was terrifying and the wolves attacking you would make my heart explode. Even now I feel that my threshold for suspense hasn't changed much (sigh...).

Having bought a PS4 on launch day and being pretty disappointed with the majority of the games that came out; Tomb Raider Definitive edition has reassured me that I made the right choice investing in a PS4. I own Knack, BF4,CODG but these launch titles left me feeling somewhat empty inside.

Anyways, back to Tomb raider. What you should know is the game itself is not very long having said that, that's probably the only downside of this game if you even want to call it that. The average joe can probably complete the whole game in 10-15 hours. There are lots of side quests and findings items that can certainty tack on more time to ones game play (if you're into that). One should know though that the creators of this game really poured themselves into it and every minute is thrilling, captivating, and full of heavy breathing.

This game was worth every penny at $40. You won't want to put the controller down until you have raided each and every tomb.

Play on!
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on July 28, 2016
I really wanted to like this game, but the wonky, shaky camera causes a lot of dizziness. I'm not sure why some developers feel like the camera has to constantly move in order to make a game interesting. Don't get me wrong, a little camera movement is okay, but this one seems to go overboard. I noticed there were many complaints about this over the years when reading up on this game, but they've not done anything to address it. For now, it sits on the shelf. If it wasn't for that issue, it seems like this would be an interesting game to play.
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on July 13, 2016
This sat on the ground for months before I picked it up and played. Then I played non stop until I beat it. This game really surprised me. Great action, has all the tones of tomb raider with the modern game play. Totally not the game I thought it would be. Upgrading Lara to her full potential is gratifying and using a bow and arrow has never been this fun
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