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Tomb Raider
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$24.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 15, 2014
I watched my older sister play this on her Xbox and instantly wanted to try it. She had been the one to introduce me to Tomb Raider after all, I just never had the chance to play it for myself until I moved in with my boyfriend, who has a PS3. So, I bought it and played it through. There were a few things that bothered me, but that was mostly the story.

From what I know of Tomb Raider, the story was marred quite a bit, excluding the fact that Lara is nobility. They make her strong character of the main games stem from her experiences on that island, which from what I know, seems more likely that it stemmed from what she endured as a child -including a plane crash with her mother.

Setting the main story errors aside, the game is very fun, keeping certain classic Tomb Raider moves, such as jumping ledges in certain ways. It is also very dark, and suspenseful. And on the small tv I first played it on, it can verge on close to horror midway through the game. Thats just on small tvs though, larger ones didn't give the same impression, I noticed.

Despite the number of weapons I get in the game as Lara, I always end up going back to the bow and arrows, as they are quieter and better for ambush that an Assault Rifle, Pistol or Shotgun. That, however, is just me.

Despite the story flaws presented in Lara's past, the game its self is a joy to play; dark, creepy, suspenseful and just downright fun, with plenty to go back through the island for!
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on December 31, 2013
I been a gamer for well over two decades and by far this is one the best game ever.
IT made me stop playing Far Cry 3, Dark Souls,, Borderlands 2 and made me regret buying Batman AC....
Call me what you want, I don't play as girl and I don't like action game. my prefered poison is RPG.
But I still rate this game as the best game ever.

Amazing graphics. The character models were skinned and rigged by the industry's best. Never seen anyone rigging a model without even a slightest "deformed" deformation.....again amazing. Background is utterly hauntingly beautiful.
A Perfect control. button placement is very intuitive and the control is precise. Only thing weird was the Quick Time Event....that was awful.
Great atmosphere. This game's story falls right between thriller and horror. Very intense, very VERY well done.
.The QTE was frustrating due to the artificially tweaking the difficulty of timing. The timing of the button pressing was VERY random and imprecise. So when to push the right button is a pure luck and a guessing game. I died more at the QTE then all other times combined. Really lazy on programmers part.

Overall a ten star game. This game should have won every award there is. This game should been a system seller IMO.
Please go buy this game and have a blast. when sequal is released that,s when I'm getting my PS4. You hear me Sony?
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on January 10, 2016
...which means a lot of banal dialogue, and some of the worst voice acting you've ever heard. Another thing
that annoys me about this game is how Lara is portrayed as a complete weakling . She's terrified
of using weapons when the game first starts out, squeals everytime she is grazed by a bullet, and does a lot of
crying, weeping and whining generally throughout the game. This is definetly not the cunning, tough adventurer we
were used to in previous installments of the game. Not sure why Square Enix decided to go in this direction.

Other than that though the game is pretty good, with outstanding graphics and thrilling gameplay. But again, we're
not seeing anything particularly new. It's basically "Uncharted" on steroids. So while I would recommend the game,
don't prepared to see something completely original, and be prepared to be annoyed by minor things like the
excruiating dialogue and truly awful voice acting.
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on June 12, 2017
From playing the older Lara Croft games to this new and gritty version of her is like night and day. The graphics are amazing, Lara is finally a real flesh and bone character. The action scenes had me on the edge of my seat. It is more of an open world game than the older linear games like Legend and Underworld. Just a warning, I do not recommend this for younger players as there is quite a bit of some really dark stuff : bodies everywhere, mutilations and torture, some of it pretty sick. However, the game was challenging, finding out how to survive this terrible place, solving puzzles, and incredible action and fighting scenes make this a great game.
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on May 13, 2015
I liked Uncharted Drake's Fortune (UDF) and was looking for something similar...this was it. Overall concept, weapons, movements & controls were familiar. There's a lot I liked about Tomb Raider (TR). Graphics were better (newer game) and the action was more realistic. I liked that you could go unnoticed or sneak up on the enemy. The death scenes (Lara's in particular) were especially graphic which I found amusing. There were some decent puzzles in the mix - I could have used more of this. Some of the shootouts were daunting at first, but you improve & eventually find a way through.

There were several downsides as well. UDF briefly utilized "movie mode" (where you just watch & listen) to advance the story line. TR did WAY more of this, but even more annoying TR (almost seamlessly) interlaces "movie mode" with "action mode" so you can't tell if you're watching or playing - this leads to unnecessary deaths and frustrations of wrenching on the controls with no response. The story line is pretty complicated and I had trouble keeping track of all the characters the first time through. There was a bit of a logic problem that Lara had so many allies but always ventured out on her own to do battle (Drake at least interacted with his two allies in UDF). There were only 3 memory locations for saving the game, so I couldn't bookmark the spots I liked. The ending seemed a bit anti-climactic compared to other games.

In spite of the complaints I enjoyed the game....overall UDF was more worthy of a replay.
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on July 28, 2013
I've been a big Tomb Raider fan since the very first one and I've played each one that came after.. As an 'older' gamer (at 68 I've been playing since my 40s) AND a gal to boot, not many great games have been designed for us gals (aside from the Final Fantasy series which has had female protagonists on occasion) until the last 8 or 9 years.. But Lara's been around for a long time and I bow down at the feet of Core Design and Crystal Dynamics for, not only bringing her back, but making her an even better whoop-ass heroine! She starts out a little weak, to be expected since this is suppose to be her 'first' real adventure, but it's not long before Lara is killing the baddies with the best of them!
The graphics in the game are just awesome, hard to some times take in the beauty with the violence, but I suppose it wouldn't be Tomb Raider without that part.. And, to tell you the truth, this granny, by the time Lara had died a few times, was ready to do some real bloodshed!
I sincerely hope Core Design and Crystal Dynamics are not going to stop with Tomb Raider Reboot but will continue to bring us more adventures of Lara Croft.. It's great to have her back in the gaming world again!
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on July 1, 2013
This could have been an easy 4 star game since it had no flaws due to poor programming like 90 percent of the titles out here now.
No getting caught in inescapable 3 inch deep holes, no invisible walls, no disappearing or floating objects, no vibrating things that should be dead, etc.
The potentially best parts of the story are ruined however by "push this button now" sequences. Why acquire all the expertise, if the bosses can only be killed by pushing one button when told then another when told and so on.
Another flaw was the map system can only be zoomed all the way in or all the way out. No in between.
Another is the fast travel can only be initiated from bases and then only from certain ones to other certain ones.
The enemies would have been more realistic if they could not locate you when you are hidden every time and shoot at you with pinpoint accuracy as you move even when they can't possibly see you. They threw grenades with the same accuracy. The grenades would land perfectly into any hiding spot and never miss. The grenade launcher you are provided with was anything but accurate.
I never could figure out what the "model" rewards were for.
Also Lara can not run which can look and feel pretty dumb and be frustrating when she is slowly walking from danger.
But again kudos to the programmers for not putting out poorly programmed mechanics. All the stuff that was included, works. Even if they didn't always make the best or most complete choices.
I could not justify buying any DLC due to the deficiencies being so frustrating.
Unfortunately the few flawless games like Resistance have too short of a single player campaign.
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on March 27, 2015
Well, what can I say and why didn't I buy this game along time ago?

(First of all I like Tomb Raiders (Legend, Anniversary, Underworld) but hate timers just like Saw if I can’t get it on time I’ll die or start over again from the top its hard for me I even use “easy” its frustrating and just not very fun to play, never finished it now in the dust shelf).

So I checked this one out and watched a walkthrough “Tomb Raider 2013” and took a chance and bought it, NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!, Just the same as Uncharted games !! The graphic’s, landscape, sound are beautiful, great puzzle‘s, treasures, great combat love the bow, the frame rate is smooth, even like the QT (QuickTime) great storytelling love how they got the voice documents.....

The Base Camps: is easy upgrading! and Fast Travel: If u missed something from the last level u can go back! Example: if u go to the first time in the dark night and missed something or can’t find/see it, u can travel back and it will be a sunny day instead.

The shipwreck beach it just like real life started a sunny day to a sunset to the dark night with crickets.

I’m a little scared of heights some times I get nervous and scare the crap out of me but good thing they got some good check points lol. If u love climbing games like Uncharted 1-3 and Splinter Cell Blacklist u will love this great game !!

I can't wait to play Rise of the Tomb Raider and Uncharted 4: A Thief's End soon!!!
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on January 10, 2014
I've enjoyed the Tomb Raider franchise (most of the time anyway) since the very first game, which a friend loaned me for PC when I was in college, and I later bought the Gold edition, then the next 3 games. The series lost its way for a while there, but the last, soft reboot was pretty solid (the Anniversary/Legend/Underworld trilogy).

This new game is a truly excellent piece of work, though, giving Lara Croft a level of personality - without compromising her sense of power - that she's never really had before. The puzzles are interesting without being too hard or opaque, the combat is really very solid (though perhaps a bit excessive), the overall plot is good (if not without its fair share of fridge moments), nearly all the characters are excellent (except for Samantha, who is the epitome of the helpless damsel, and a bit tiresome as a result), and the graphics are lovely.

As mentioned earlier, there is perhaps too much combat, and it ramps up to it very abruptly - Lara's first kill is handled pretty well, suggesting how upsetting it is to have to end a life even in self-defense, but after that first one it becomes an almost casual affair nearly immediately. The sheer volume of human enemies on this island becomes a little comical if one stops to consider it for a moment, too. But still, the combat remained both challenging and fun throughout - from a gameplay perspective it was very well done.

In terms of the writing, about the only thing that could be considered a real flaw is Samantha. Her utter lack of agency is a bit sad, especially in a game with so many other interesting characters, and featuring more than one solid woman. I can totally understand that not everyone can confront adversity like Lara Croft, or even Reyes, but Samantha never once does anything to help her own situation, even when a reasonable person would (for example not putting up any sort of resistance even when she knows rescue is coming and that she is too valuable to kill), and in a few places makes things worse for herself (such as firing the machine gun mounted on the boat while it was being repaired, or wandering off in a burning building full of hostile forces when explicitly told to stay close). All of this adds up to making her a singularly unlikeable character, which is unfortunate, since rescuing her drives the entire story.

After these, the game's biggest weakness is that there isn't enough of its best features. Much of the best puzzle-solving is in the optional "tombs" scattered about the island, each of which is a clever physics problem or maneuvering exercise. There aren't nearly enough of them, even though there's a healthy number, and it was a great source of disappointment that none were added as DLC (the only DLC the game received were multiplayer additions, which didn't interest me).

For all that, though, these are minor complaints. The complete package of the new Tomb Raider turns out to be one of the best games I played in 2013. I only hope Square Enix is smart enough to recognize that this game deserves a sequel, and that we'll see another in the same kind of vein in a couple years.
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on July 3, 2013
That's right Tomb Raider fans: Lara Croft is back. But this isn't the impossibly-shaped sometimes uppity Lara Croft that we've previously been exposed to. This new and younger Lara Croft is full of self-doubt, but still manages to kick more butt than any previous incarnation of the character. The new Tomb Raider reboot shows us how Lara originally became the survivor and tomb raiding legend we're familiar with.

Tomb Raider was ready for change. Not only was Lara's appearance completely outdated and insulting to female gamers, but the action and adventure elements of the last few games have felt rather stale with storylines that seemed to flounder.

That's where the new Tomb Raider steps in. First, we have a brand new Lara Croft. This young girl, who actually looks like a real young woman, is setting out on her first real adventure. Lara has to learn about things the hard way in this game and you, as the player, are learning along with her. She is utterly believable, thanks to some incredible voice acting by Camille Luddington, and her story is so well written that you cannot help but to be dragged along on this crazy adventure with her.

Speaking of the story, you might want to strap yourself into your chair before setting out to play Tomb Raider. To say it is action-packed and adrenaline pumping is putting things mildly. It is an all-out balls to the wall "you could die at any given moment" sort of ride that will often leave you breathless as Lara climbs, jumps and climbs ropes over the expanse of the island where Lara and her friends are stranded.

While attempting to get off the island and fight the supernatural forces at work there, Lara must also contend with a score of enemies, both mortal and immortal. Equipped with a bow, several types of guns and grenades (all of these upgradable), Lara often has to fight her way through jungle and temples. Forget all that nonsense, however, that you've heard about sexualized violence - it's compete and utter b.s. These men don't want to rape Lara, they want to kill her and that is made obvious early on.

In addition to the main mission of Tomb Raider, there are also many side quests available - including additional tombs that Lara can explore. Because, well, it wouldn't be Tomb Raider without that, right? Most of those tombs do require puzzles to figure out how to get from point A to point B (aka the treasure), so those fans of the series worried about the lack of this can breathe easier.

But that leads me to the one point about the game that concerned me. The tomb puzzles seem to have been dumbed down a lot from previous iterations of Tomb Raider games. I generally was extremely challenged by the puzzles in previous games, but I figured these out a little too quickly. I understand that this game was meant to be marketed to the masses, but those of us who game regularly might be missing out on the challenge that the game should present to us. Even Uncharted has puzzles that are harder than these.

The other point that concerns me about Tomb Raider is all of the fighting that Lara does. There is a lot of fighting - a lot of Lara shooting her way through areas. Now I realize the other games had some quantity of this, but this new game felt more like a shooter at times than anything else. There was definitely a lack of balance between this shooting aspect of gameplay vs. the adventure part of gameplay. With that being said, though, giving Lara Croft a bow is a stroke of genius.

I don't feel that these two points take anything away from Tomb Raider , though - I think most people will find the game enjoyable regardless of whether they are familiar with the other games or not. The story and characters of Tomb Raider (especially Lara) will pull you along for its thrills. And once you're off the island, you'll want to explore it all over again.
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