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on February 14, 2015
Tomb Raider: Legend and Anniversary the graphics are pretty dang good, I played Legend a long time ago on PS2 and never finished the first chapter now that its remastered it looks much better and the controls are nice and smooth (just like uncharted games) but (TR) those are the hardest games for me

Tomb Raider: Underworld the graphics are pretty good too but the control is sloppy trying to run straight but it goes left, right, left, right and the worst thing is the camera is terrible makes me mad and the maps are worthless If I fall down to the water or die will be hard to find where i'm supposed to be coz it will makes a new check point and i'll be totally lost but hey 3 great games with a cheap price you can't be wrong! Now it will take months for me to finish it :)

USA Version
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VINE VOICEon June 28, 2017
Been a fan of the series since it debuted on PS1- you'll never forget that first jolt you got when the screen started shaking and the T-Rex appeared on screen!

This one's got all three of the reboot trilogy in one package- complete with all the bells & whistles. Graphically and aurally superior to the XBox 360 versions- smoother, better frame rates, and more polished- it's Tomb Raider like it oughta be. Even the controls continue to suck from time to time like they used to (remember the phrase "Tomb Raider controls"?). Ah, sweet memories. lol Only thing missing is the Underworld DLC, otherwise it'd be a complete package.
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on January 6, 2013
It took about one month for me to complete all three games on the disc with moderate play. The games are very challenging, especially Legend and Anniversary. Playing on the PS3 platform, I did not find any bugs on Legend. The only bug on Anniversary that I encountered is on level 13 (second to last level) where Lara is standing on a platform and a flying mutant (bat looking creature) is spitting fire at her. Lara and the mutant are frozen however the mutant continues to spit fire and Lara is unaffected. The only remedy is to reload the last checkpoint as the player loses all functionality of Lara. After reloading the checkpoint about a half dozen times and repositioning Lara each time that the mutant approached, I finally killed the mutant and proceeded through the level. Underworld is complete with bugs where Lara becomes stuck in the landscape. Every time that this happened, the remedy to regain Lara was achieved by firing a weapon. Underworld definitely has the most advanced graphics, however the camera would spin so fast and often erratically that I would become dizzy and get headaches which is my main complaint about the game. The controls in Legend and Anniversary are the same, except that Legend has hand grenades and Anniversary does not. Underworld implements a chimney jump that first stumped me on the Thailand level. A chimney jump is where Lara jumps back and forth between two close vertical surfaces (like the inside of a chimney) to go from the ground to the top of the vertical surface. Underworld also employs a sprint function not found on Legend or Anniversary.

Legend and Anniversary were very challenging and a few times I had to resort to using an online walkthrough guide [...] to get past some of the puzzles and to defeat many of the bosses. I needed help defeating almost all of the bosses in Anniversary especially the Centaurs which took me about a week to figure out. I actually had to watch a video to learn how to beat the Centaurs. Aside from the Centaurs, the only other place in Anniversary where I had difficulty was in Saint Francis Folly (level 5) in the Damocles room. In this room, Lara has to grapple onto a ring, run back and forth along the wall, jump off the wall perpendicularly and land onto a pillar. It is a near impossible jump that almost made me quit the game, however with internet assistance I was finally able to get past that part.

Underworld was as much a technological step forward as it was backward. Underworld employs new moves has awesome graphics and allows for a full inventory of weapons to be carried, but the camera is buggy, Lara often becomes stuck in the landscape and most disappointingly, there are no bosses. There are plenty of creatures to kill, but not a single boss.

Legend and Underworld have a Croft Manor bonus stage, but Underworld does not. I went straight the online guide to get through both Manor bonus stages. Overall I give this Trilogy a four. If Underworld had bosses and did not have all the bugs, I would give this Trilogy a five.
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While I'm still waiting for the new Tomb Raider I felt this would be a nice add on to my game library, and for the price and entertainment that choice turned out to be the right one. First and foremost if you already have TR:Legend and Anniversary for the Xbox 360and are wondering if there is a difference in video quality the answer is yes,while the previous mentioned console versions video quality was good Square Enix has indeed done a very good job and remastering much of the previous two games so that you get very sharp and detailed clear video graphics with this trilogy.As for the last game Underworld I really didn't see to much of a difference in video quality though that is somewhat understandable as that game was the newest one released so far.

There's really not much more to tell about the trilogy especially if you've already gotten other HD collection sets like Jak&Daxter/Ratchet&Clank/Sly Cooper,so for fans of the series or those who like adventure games in general here's a great purchase not only for the affordable price but now you no longer have to switch disc to play one of the three games....
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on September 29, 2015
Overall This Is A Good collection Minus the Tomb Raider Underworld Which is the worst of the bunch The Legend Game Is Good and a Ps2 and xbox port and one of my Favorite 2006 Games and Tomb raider one in hd is great

Underworld suffers from a bad camera Most Notably and comes across as Sloppy
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on October 30, 2011
Tomb Raider Trilogy for PS is a great bundle for a Tomb Raider fan. Although upon their initial release none of the three games received exceptionally high scores, all three are very proficient at what one might expect having played the classic Tomb Raider games. In each game Lara Croft goes to a variety of exotic locations where she is faced with organized crime and sometimes supernatural enemies. You learn a lot about Lara's background, childhood, and life story. Games take themselves more seriously than the original three games from the past generation. If you've played other games from Ubisoft where a character has to use their acrobatics to navigate walls, climb cliffs, and avoid insane danger, this feels like that. Something like Assassin's Creed would feel very similar. Another cool addition is that there are items scattered around and you may choose to collect them to unlock information and other extras for the game. Underwater diving and navigation has been improved and works great.

Now you should about some potentially not so nice things about this three game bundle. While the first two games listed on the cover run well(720p only) The third one, Tomb Raider Underworld runs poorly. By poorly I mean the graphics are choppy and frame skipping occurs. As a result it makes movement and jumping less fluid and more jittery. That is not how most games are so I think it is a poorly finetuned port of the game from the PC, because on PC it runs smoothly.

So I'd say its an excellent three game in one combo. It is really fun because you can see what the games leading to creation of modern high end games like Uncharted and Assassin's Creed were like. Trophies have been added as well.
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on August 16, 2013
Out of the three tomb raider games included i think the best was anniversary since it had the most puzzles and best story,it took me awhile to get used to the controls and the camera angles would sometimes go crazy and not aim correctly, and a few times where the controls wouldn't even register for some reason until i pressed the buttons a few times. Underworld and legend were okay but there was some glitches where lara got stuck sometimes and in underworld it froze a few times also for no reason, once it froze when i was wall jumping in underworld and lara somehow jumped over the wall and out of the map boundry and froze my ps3, the random freezing has never happened with any other game i've played before as my ps3 is less than 1 year old so its not my console or the disc which was purchased new from amazon. Overall i give 3 out of 5 stars for this trilogy pack.
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on April 9, 2012
There is a tone to the title, Right? I don't think that i have ever heard about this title anywhere else then i named it but you do agree about the subject, Right? The game needs no intro because this ripped lady been around the tombs her entire life so there is nothing new here just that its been re-mastered in glorious HD to see her... How do say it? Her "Features" if i may say it in a way that not offending her not in personal way but commin!! She is LARA misses CROFT for crying out loud. THE most respected and feminine women in the history of gaming. but enough about her and back to the game that it is a nice move from crystal dynamics to release this game just to be ready for the upcoming tomb Raider reboot of her lost young days this year to follow her in a journey that really defines her as the most adventurous and tough to bet her in bed, OHO did i say that out loud? Nevertheless a great game to pass the time and wishing that maybe, Just maybe Angelina jolly can get her body back the day she acted the spin-off movies to get the real feeling of being the queen of our lonely heart

Enjoy the game while you still can because the end of days is near, what do i mean by that?
Stay tuned for more reviews coming your way.

In the meantime, DO NOT get involved with lara cuz she is one helluva lady to pay your respect to.
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on December 5, 2015
I love Tomb Raider, so I was ecstatic to find that there was an HD remaster of all my favorite TR PS2/3 iterations! Anniversary was by far my favorite out of the three, and it's definitely worth it to see the graphical update on PS3! However, out of bias, Underworld wasn't as great as I thought it could have been. I bought the original standalone copy on PS3, and couldn't even finish the game because of a bug! Thankfully, they fixed this in the Trilogy! Three great games for the price of one! You can't pass this by, for sure! :-)
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on July 19, 2011
Yes, this does have Legend and Anniversary with improved graphics, but if you're expecting a direct port with HD graphics, then you should consider a few minor things. Emphasis on "minor". The graphics are mostly upscaled with added detail. Some of the lines/dialog has been changed (although this could be due to the PAL form that I received instead; no big gripe, I can still do trophies XD). Other than that, it's a perfect integration of the storyline between Anniversary, Legend and Underworld. If you ask me, it fits perfectly considering Natla and Amanda are important characters in Underworld.

Story-wise, the games revolve around Lara's mother and how her dad tried so hard to find her, but things became amiss. In Anniversary, it's simply a remake of the original Tomb Raider for Saturn/PSone and it does live up to being a faithful remake (although minor changes in the plot, but nothing too unfamiliar, ex: The release of Natla intro). In Legend, you are searching for artifacts based on the King Arthur legends, and in Underworld, the primary focus is Norse mythology which ties the previous two installments together and brings the story full circle (even though some questions are still left unanswered).

As far as the trophies go, if you are expecting simply a walk in the park, then think again. I was a bit letdown on how Underworld trophies was so ridiculously easy to platinum, that it only took me three days to do it. Legend, you have to finish every time trial. Anniversary being slightly easier but requires some skill (such as one silver trophy requiring you to not get struck by lightning during the revamped Thor puzzle in St. Francis).

Once I'm done with platinuming this game, or at least had my fill, I'll purchase the other HD remasters such as Prince of Persia and Sly Cooper. For now, I'll be scouting down an NA copy of Tomb Raider Trilogy just because I happen to be a collector. ;D
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