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Format: DVD|Change
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on May 20, 2017
I bought this because I've grown tired of Hollywood's all-action idiot-plot movies and I've searched for the Top Hit foreign films. My only wish is that the producer would've invested a bit more money and offer an English-voice-over version (I knew it was subtitled.). My "Tomboy" granddaughter is a bit too young to keep up with the subtitles, but her sister reads them to her. They were a bit surprised to see the foreign acceptance of how much skin is shown (e.g., a bathtub scene--very relevant to the story) and realize little girls don't necessarily have to wear shirts all the time--an American sexist bigotry. But they liked the story. The ending disappointed them, but that's the way life is sometimes.
The purpose of the bathtub scene was to "surprisingly" reveal that the main character was actually a girl. BUT with a name like "Tomboy," that was already given away. If people don't know the meaning of the word, the surprise and earlier scenes would've been more relevant.
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on August 3, 2014
The first third to first half of the movie would be a little boring if you did not already know from the title that "Mickael" was a girl. (There is a bathtub scene about fifteen minutes into the movie where she stands up in the tub and the audience sees just enough of her to confirm that she is a girl in case anyone may have been doubting it.) This slow pace is however appropriate for the story line since she is just fitting in as one of the boys. The movie is played out as a serious drama, it never goes for the quick laugh, or for that matter any laugh at all. It is the suspense that keeps it from actually being boring, you know that this situation cannot continue indefinitely. But when will her secret get out? What will eventually give her way? What will the reactions of the other children be? The suspense increases as situations develop where she has to try harder to maintain the illusion, such as preparing to go swimming. (I will add that just making herself a boy's speedo out of an old one piece swimsuit was not enough to maintain the illusion, she had to make additional preparations.) The suspense also increases as it becomes obvious that Lisa is looking at Mickael as more than just a friend who happens to be a boy.

The casting of the main character was excellent. I believe with the proper hair style, clothing, etc. she would be a lovely girl, but with the short hair and boys clothing she passes as a skinny boy who might be considered slightly effeminate but not enough to give her away. I have seen boys who acted more effeminate, but they also got kidded by the other boys for acting effeminate. During the movie the other children never make fun of Mickael for acting slightly effeminate, I suspect that the director did not want to bring attention to this slight imperfection in her acting (meaning the character's acting not the actress' acting, it was perfect for the character.)

Overall I liked the movie, I do however have two minor criticisms: There is a thirty second clip included in the "behind the scenes featurette" which appears to be a continuation of the final scene of the movie. I would have left it on the final scene if I had been editing the movie. My other criticism might be considered a slight spoiler. At one point while she is playing shirtless with the boys her panties are clearly visible above her shorts but none of the boys seem to notice that "he" is wearing girls underwear. The other boys might have overlooked her slight effeminate behavior, considering how slight it was, but wearing girls underwear is something else altogether.
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on June 4, 2016
Excellent movie! If you were concerned this wouldn't play on regular blu-ray players that aren't coded for region B, I was able to play this on my A only player without any issue so there is no region lockout on this movie. It has English subtitle as well, which makes this watchable if you don't know French language or are deaf and depended on subtitles.

To a few puritan who may be offended by seeing a 10-year old girl going topless, the actor hasn't developed anything and from the waist up, she looks like boy. If I didn't know the actor was female, I would have thought she was really a he playing a female role.

Overall a nice movie to watch to understand what a transgendered child may be thinking or feeling.
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on January 30, 2017
Although I overall liked Tomboy, the hand held close up cinematography was irritating. Way too close to enjoy. Two examples: 1) when the two girls were dancing 2) when "tomboy" was fighting on behalf of her little sister. Just not filmed well. I'm not a fan of hand held cameras in general. It spoiled the film for me... I suspect others too. Otherwise a well acted film.
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on July 20, 2014
A touching story, very well presented. The cinematography was quite well done -- audio less so. There were multiple points where the dialog was inaudible. The English subtitles were mostly well done, but in a couple of places, the choice of English translation did not correspond correctly to the French dialog (awkward translations--not incorrect, just not the best). The subtitles were also placed at the very bottom of the screen, and occasionally were off the screen on one of my television/dvd sets. I had to move to a different TV and dvd to make the full subtitle visible. One of the best aspects of the film, though totally incidental to the story, was the window into "normal" domestic life in France. Most of what we see in the US is an upper crust, glamorized story of the social elite. This was a story of middle class existence, life in an apartment, multi-ethnic origins, etc.
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on September 19, 2017
Sweet and sensitive portrayal of a ten year old girl whom identifies as a boy. I was unaware of the theme of this movie, but was very impressed with how the writer and director dealt with this sensitive subject.
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on September 9, 2016
It upset me when the kids turned on Laure because it's not disgusting. Though, I guess it is true to life in that public support for gay rights is actually going DOWN. Statistically, the groups that show the most support for gay rights - or GROUP I should say because upper class white women show the highest support by far and everyone else is at 50% or below in support - are having the lowest population growth. Still, I hated what happened which was assault.
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on December 31, 2012
I found the movie to the inner conflict of a young child with mixed feeling of sexuality, Today many kids explore there own mind and outer look to fit in to new beginnings in a new home starting fresh. Tomboy Sophie Cattani Falls into a new life by chance to explore the other half, only to find that it works to well. And with all things we have to face the web we weave and new feeling's felt and has to face all!
To me this was a film that touches on true life not talked about in America and forbidden feeling that is life. The Director and Actors did a great job in showing true life in this world today and the trials some go through to find there place. I hope that others will feel the same way with this film as the actors all make it true to life. I was very happy with the shipping which I was willing to wait a week but in 2 day I got this in Hawaii, That was fast.
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on July 14, 2014
A controversial film, primarily because the lead character was an underage girl that had like two or three scenes with her shirt off. All I have to say to people out there is, quite frankly, a pre-pubescent girl with her shirt off basically looks like a pre-pubescent boy with his off. So, truthfully, get OVER it because it's not a big deal. Anyway, as for the storyline, it was rather slow to me. Yet, at the same time, it did seem to personify youthful angst at its best. Uncertainties, the desire to fit in, noticing changes, and everything else that goes with the first signs of growing up. It also discussed a scarcely talked about element in today's society, which is what could happen when youngsters are faced with feelings for the same sex.
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on December 15, 2014
Great movie it played fine and came as expected, it looked like it wouldn't work but it did. The CD had stuff on it but like I said it worked and it is listed as used. It is an amazing movie. For people who do not understand this is about a transgendered BOY. He was born a girl but that does not make him any less a boy. As a child he does not fully understand this, as a transgendered person you generally don't fully understand it until puberty but everyone is different. The ending to this movie is very sad especially for someone who can relate with the transgendered and LGBTQ community it is definitely worth the watch. I would recommend this movie to everyone (:
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