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on June 25, 2012
I don't know about the rat eating this stuff yet, but the carpenter ants around my shed are having a feast. Actually I havent seen one ant since I saw them feasting. Yep I hope they take it to there nests also.

I actually baited a 4 inch pvc coupling of some sort, and drilled tiny holes on both sides of the tube, then ran the wire through both bait blocks, then put the wires into the drilled holes, and crimped them back so the wire, and the blocks are stationary. However I placed it behind an upright fence with heavy equipment against it; prohibiting any animal larger than 3 inches getting to it. What a fabulous idea

Update: One week before I bought this stuff, I saw three med sized rats playing near my shed, almost every day, and late in the evening. The next week I put the bait blocks out, and the next morning I went to see if there was any activity. Yes! it had it's head inside the tube eating the poison, and when he heard me near he didn't even leave the bait tube, he just turned around, and hid his face in the shallow clover vines. It never ran away; so I left it to finish breakfast. They have been feasting every since. One block was completely devoured in 4 days.

I havent seen any rats in three days, however the block was still being nibbled on at night.

June 30, 2012...No more rats!!!!!!!!!
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on July 1, 2012
had a rat problem recently, and this stuff took care of it handily. we had rats in our garage that had gotten in through the doggie door, and gnawed their way into the walls of our home. it got to a point where we could hear them scurrying, digging, and gnawing at the walls almost every hour. we set rat traps everywhere in the garage baited with everything from beef jerky to peanut butter, and did not catch a single rat. i bought this stuff off amazon and dropped a few blocks into the mouse holes in the garage, dropped some more into some crawl space we had, and within a week the noise was gone. hopefully the rats are gone too, but i'll be ordering plenty more of this if they return.
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on June 13, 2012
Let's just say the Rats are dead! I put these behind the fridge under the sink cabinet and even one on a glue trap all bait was eaten or gone within 24 hours. I have a small dog so I made little barricades so he wouldn't get to the bait. Did it work? YES!!! problem is the rats when they're dying start bleeding from their private parts, and they all decided to die in my bathroom. It was awful 2 big rats within 1 day died. One on the bathroom rug the other in the toilet and they left a nasty blood trail - I had to throw away the rugs and Clorox the entire bathroom - was it worth it? YES INDEED! this product works very well someone told me that the rats get dehydrated and search for water so that's why they chose the bathroom. I hated the clean up but I'm not hearing them running around anymore. If you have a rat problem use this product cause we tried everything from snap traps to glue traps but nothing has been effective until I used Tomcat baits, most important check for where they might be coming in I found a hole in the wall and stuff it with steel wool so they can't chew through it but throw bait in there before you plug up the hole - I guess the rest will die in the walls ewwww!!
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on December 14, 2014
It works if the rat actually eats. But I've noticed you can leave it in the kitchen for a couple months and the mice just walk by it. I guess they have to be really really hungry to eat it. So the long and short of it, There in no hurry to eat it but when they do they die.
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on October 22, 2017
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on May 30, 2014
mice got under the hood of my car and built a nest in the air filter. it cost me and unexpected $150 to take care of this. the mechanic told me to buy this product and put it on the shelf, under the hood, by the window. no more mice!
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on November 8, 2016
Did it's job and took care of the rodent problem.
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on October 15, 2011
This product is one of the best solutions for pest of rats. I put these blocks strategically around the fence of my house and BINGO!!! No more rats. I suggest to put these blocks once a month and the rats will be attracted because of the smell of the product.. as soon as the rats eat a little bit of this, they go far away looking for water and die. This means that you don`t have to treat with carcasses of rats.
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on October 1, 2010
I bought this after I saw a roof rat in my balcony. I placed the baits in different placed around the house and backyard, and next day i noticed the one in the balcony is chewed ! I replaced it for 3 nights in a row and on the 4th day I found the Rat dead right next to the bait.
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on July 8, 2013
I am giving this product 5 stars not because I used it but because I called the poison number on the box and they were so very helpful. For some reason, my dog took this out from under the sink and ate the whole entire box! Needless to say, I was so worried he would be poisoned as well. The lady on the phone number on the box was very helpful and apparently a big dog can handle ingesting this whole box fine. I am giving it 5 stars bc it did not kill my dog, I did not get to use it.
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