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on July 10, 2016
This is an amazing game. For one, the setting of this game is an island that can hold up to 100 Miis you either created in the Mii Maker and imported to the game or make one from scratch. You create a Mii that resembles yourself and the Mii is referred to you by your name and you are referred as "(your name's) look-alike" when they mention you.

Although a god game, you only need to manage their hunger (they don't starve, but you will have to feed them) and happiness. The happier you make your Miis, the more money you earn. You also earn money through daily donations at the plaza fountain. The plaza fountain serves as the location for the morning market where food is sold at discount prices and evening rap battles where skills are displayed in between two Miis and the first to slip up in rhyming loses.

As your island grows, shops open up for clothes, headgear, foods, interior design and a pawn shop to sell treasures won in games or harvested through dreams at night.

Dreams may also yield clothing, headgear and foods.

The window icons will tell of the status
Lights on: Mii at home
Lights off: Mii out at the moment
Blinds shut: Asleep
Black stick person and bubble: Problem arisen
Blue stick person and bubble: Sad
Green stick person and lines: Invite to play game
Orange stick person and bubble: Wants to make friends
Pink stick person and bubble: Romantic interaction

This game is a sequel to a Japanese title Tomodachi Collection that used a Nintendo DS and the Wii.

The game is very quirky and is one suitable for child
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on June 22, 2014
This was one of the "must get" titles for me when I purchased my Limited Edition Disney 3DS XL last week. It's SO MUCH FUN. It's also a little quirky, which makes it endearing and even more engrossing. You can decorate your apartment, become a pop star, play games with your neighbors, dress up in a new outfit (even a hamster suit!), become a news anchor - all in one day! The voices of your Miis take a little bit of messing with to get them to sound more human and less computer. The news update feature in the game can get a little monotonous. But they're very small annoyances in a game this layered and infinitely playable. If you like games such as Animal Crossing and The Sims, you will have a blast playing Tomodachi Life.
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on June 6, 2014
Very quirky game with a plethora of stuff to do. The game starts off pretty simple enough. You make your first resident for your freshly created island. You can either import characters from your Mii Maker collection or make a brand new one from scratch, which is ideal for adding any super custom characters you might want, like Nikola Tesla, and Conan O'Brien like I did, or you can use the photo to Mii feature which allows you to take a pic and gets transformed into a Mii. Kind of accurate, but I prefer the more manual approach. The game slowly reveals new features the more you progress and the more your Mii's level up. The heart of the game is the characters that you end up building. They all kind of go out and do their own thing throughout the day. They might be in their apartments, or they might be at work somewhere on your island. You must keep them fed and happy, or things might start to go awry. A few hours in, and already there's angry and depressed Mii's scattered that apparently don't want to make up.

- The character customization leads to some hilarious results
- Tons of items to collect and purchase
- Really cool features to unlock like the concert hall
- The fact that you can give each character their own voice
- The StreetPass features open up even more possibilities on the island.
- The Rap Battles are hilariously fun to watch

- Takes a while to get enough Miis' created for the game to really get fun
- Mini games need a bit more variation
- Voices take some tweaking at times in order to sound clear

Not many cons in this title though. So far I've had a rap battle between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, various hilarious news reports happening all day long, and Fox Mulder performing a metal song. I'm just a few hours in, and there's tons more stuff to unlock and figure out how to do. Great game to relax and kill time. Even as I type this, new features are popping up before my eyes that I must attend to now!
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on December 11, 2015
I really enjoy playing this game. I downloaded the demo on Christmas day last year, and then downloaded the full game a few days later. My son and I have a lot of fun making people and dressing them silly. He loves when I throw food to a mii, and tell them to pick it up off the floor. he's silly. I had the game about 10 months, when my 3ds xl broke. I bought a new3ds in October, and didn't do the system transfer correctly, so I lost all my save data. I had to start all over. This time around, the game is still just as fun. I can't sit there for hours playing just this game; there isn't that much to do with it. I check in daily, and buy new food and furniture. I will say this time around ,it is much faster paced. my first save game took forever to get one person married, and took forever to have a baby. I'm talking like 6 months. This time around, I have 3 couples married and 2 babies all in two months. It's a fun game to play in short amounts of time.
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well, it's a game that's a cross from tamagotchi, and the sims haha. Well, you can create Mii's, import your Mii's and have street pass on to get Mii's while walking around. I find most people have that feature off though lol. But anyways, you start with this empty island, you create your first me, usually yourself and they pop up in an apartment. Each Mii gets their own apartment and as you nourish each Mii, and help encourage socializing with the other Mii's and buying the correct foods and clothes and things for each of the Mii's personalities, you get money and items to help keep feeding and clothing and what not your Mii population. As the Mii population grows and you keep your Mii's happy, the town opens up one store after another, all the while you still have to feed, talk to, buy clothes, etc for each one, so as your island grows in population, your whole day is shot by having to socialize with all your Mii's haha. So far, I only scratched the surface, but i'm sure the interactions with all the Mii's gets a little complicated later. 5 for now as it's been sort of entertaining so far. Oh and the game might have a bug, mine kept saying can't read sdhc card although the one supplied by Nintendo is still there.
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on September 22, 2014
I had heard about this game and was intrigued by it so I decided to buy it. I am a fan of Animal Crossing and wanted to see how it would compare. It's nothing like Animal Crossing, which I expected, but I still enjoyed it. Here's my list of pros and cons.

The Pros:

1. It's very quirky and unique in its humor. I like that it does not take itself too seriously.
2. It's fun trying different foods to your Miis (which you can get from your Mii Maker, create your own or get some via a QR code) to find out what they like or don't like to eat.
3. There are many different types of clothes to give your Miis to wear.
4. It comes with its own songs that your Miis can sing but you can actually change the lyrics to create your own.
5. If you are unhappy with the way your Mii looks you can change it, even after they are put into the game. You can not only change their hair but also make them shorter or taller, thinner or fatter, and even change their personality.
6. You can have other Miis visit your island via Street Pass. Sadly, I live in an area where Street Pass is rarely used so I have not tried doing this.

The Cons:

1. The dialog is very repetitive. It would have been nice to have more dialog that wasn't always the same.
2. You really cannot interact with your Miis much. You can help them with problems but you can't interact with them as much as I'd like.
3. Though you can change the lyrics of the built in songs you cannot create new melodies.
4. The regular music in the game is pleasant but nothing special for the most part.

Overall I do like this game despite the repetitiveness. There's something about this game that is addictive. Hopefully a sequel will come out in the future that can improve this series even more.
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on September 21, 2016
My daughter is not a huge video game player, but once in a while when bored or dragged to some boring place with us parents, she does enjoy some games. She said this one is a lot of fun. It seems to be something middle school and even high school kids might like, if it's their cup of tea. It's a game she has played on and off over the past few years and still enjoys it.
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on April 9, 2015
Arrived on time, wrapped in plastic. This is the third of these games I have purchased and Amazon seems to have the best price at $32. It's around $34 at Target and $39 still at GameStop. My kids and I have been playing the game for a few months. I believe it is similar to Sims, which I have not played. Essentially you get to create or you can download 'Miis' that are housed on your own island filled with a clothing shop, cafe, amusement park, interior design store, and more. You take care of the Miis by solving their problems, feeding them, giving them new outfits. They each have their own personality, talk to you with a voice that you customize, can get married and have kids, etc. There is also SpotPass and StreetPass type functionality to interact with other Tomodachi Life players.
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on July 14, 2015
Tomodachi life definitely mixes the cute and the weird. I think adults can have as much fun with it as kids if you're older than ten and thinking about buying it. I have a lot of fun importing miis and watching the extremely weird situations they get themselves into.

It can get fairly repetitive though, after you've got the motion of the game down. I still like to play it every day to collect items and watch it all happen. It's sort of like a Sims Lite meets Tiny Towers, without the house building.
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on May 25, 2015
This is a funny game, especially if you put people you know in it. I have caught my 3 year old singing parts of the weird songs in the game. Hilarious. It was disconcerting where kids would be marrying adults in the game. I wish you could put restrictions in it where it where my 3 year old was not marrying my neighbor. Talk about having a Sugar Mommy :O. Replay value is questionable since every day is pretty much a repetition of the day before and there is not much you can do to control what is going on.
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