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on December 19, 2017
Would agree with another review that said less would be more.

About the only thing good of this product is the knife, and possibly the screwdriver attachment. However, there are better mini-screwdriver tools.

Really good, sharp knife, especially since you can hide it in a wallet (it's a little thick). But, if you are looking for a multi-tool, this is not for you. The other features are a waist.

There are other cards that do not provide as Superior of a knife but provide a much better overall tool set than this product does.

This could easily of had the potential to be a great product, but I can't find it worthy of carrying around.

Pros: screwdriver, bottle opener, large knife.
Cons: Thinner sized competition, magnifying glass and Compass are useless waste of money.

Between: Tweezers are better than no tweezers,

I've probably gotten the most use out of the tweezers and screwdriver than any other tool on it, but only because of convenience that it was on me.
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on August 20, 2017
There have been many reviews of compasses that 'don't work'. I found this amusing, because compasses are extremely simple devices, their just floating magnets. So to one side and under this magnet are metal tools. If your going to use the magnet, first you have to take out the tools around it so it can be accurate. I've tested it, and it points north every time, just like every other compass. The knife was the reason I got it, its useful and easy to carry, the screwdriver tool will work for a simple flat head, thats about it. I wouldn't have given it that high but its taken alot of hits for the compass that weren't its fault. XD
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on February 7, 2016
I just opened this and decided to give it a light stress test. Below I will review all the individual features.
The short version is: If you're looking for something really basic, this product is average. For the simplicity of the tools, you would expect better quality.

Compass: 0/5 completely unresponsive, even after removing all the metal tools from the card.
Magnifying lens: Not easy to use because of its size. Wouldn't be good for much of anything.
Knife: Pretty durable (the blade) and only slightly awkward for its size. The build in tools are awkwardly placed near the blade
Flat screwdriver: Awkwardly placed, would be useless if the screw is recessed.
Phillip's head screwdriver: Slightly better placement than the flat, would work on slightly recessed screws.
Can/bottle opener: Not the cleanest opening but it works as it should.
Tweezers: Very narrow and flimsy, not sure what these could be used for.
Tooth pick: More firm than the tweezers, could be used for something if needed.
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on December 30, 2017
Can opener is too small to get a grip on to use
Magnifying glass is poorly made and pretty useless even for trying to start a fire
Compass is useless because of the metal that is right next to it from the can opener, blade and tweezers, so you have to take all that stuff out to check if the compass works and guess what.... It won't !
Other that those things.... It's Okay
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on October 25, 2017
I really wanted to like it. It has a few tools I often use, but it becomes an awkward EDC. While it could be stored in a wallet's credit card slot, it makes the wallet way too bulky. The quality of some tools (ie bottle opener) is subpar and take great effort to use. Eventually I gave up and stuck with a keychain-sized Leatherman and could not be happier.
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on October 13, 2015
I'm not going to lie, every time I show a friend this item I feel a little like James Bond. The approving looks it generates is well worth the price of admission, and seeing the looks of longing as I tuck it back safely into my wallet verifies that it was indeed a good buy. I like to do the occasional barrel roll after showing it off, but the frequent trips to the chiropractor have discouraged this. We can't all be James Bond, but this items will bring you as close as Pierce Brosnan, but not as close as Sean Connery. Just don't be like me and feel the need for flashy theatrics which just leads to high medical bills and insurance co-pays. And don't try to throw it at the wall like a ninja star, it won't work and your neighbor won't appreciate it.
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on October 8, 2015
[Zero Stars] This is an inexpensive tool that has the quality to back it up. This tool is not a quality SOG product. The stamp on the tool says: The Credit Card Companion (TM) TOOL LOGIC (R) Amazon and other sites have model number CC1SB associated with it. But it's been discontinued on several sites. And now I know why. I think the Amazon 3.5 star average is based on a previous design which looked and probably was much more sturdy and well-designed.

Here's what happens to mine:

The plastic tip (or end) of the metal tweezers broke off the first time I pulled it out of the tool.

The oddly-shaped screwdriver tool doesn't seem to be made for an adult to unscrew any tight or hard-to-reach screw. It's just too small.

The compass did not work. It spins but the direction changes as you rotate or turn the tool.

It has a small finger knife with a serrated and straight edge. But the design makes a slightly tough cut impossible without having the knife slip.

I may have just been sent a factory reject. I don't know. But this tool had a different design before now. Photos of it online showed that it looked more like a good quality SOG product. But this new version seems like a $5 item you'd find on a liquor store counter.
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on November 28, 2015
Well.. its a really cool gadget. I bought one for myself and one as a Christmas present but when I opened mine, the black plastic end to the tweezers broke off immediately the first time I pulled them out. I'm not sure if it's a fluke or what but I don't want to give the other one as a gift now because I'm worried it will break. It is still a pretty neat thing to have because if your in a situation that you actually NEED it, I don't think you would care too much that the end of the tweezers is broken off other than that you would have to kind of pry/pull them out with something.
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on June 29, 2015
I mainly got this so I could carry a pocket knife like device easily in my wallet. I was fairly disappointed in the product in many ways, heres the overall analysis of each part. Various differences in the pictures and description have led me to believe that this was indeed produced by another company and labeled under Tool Logic to appear american while in reality the packaging is in Chinese I believe (perhaps Japanese) and at no point do I see the Tool Logic logo. Picture I posted show irregularities in knife and packaging.
Size/shape: The item is about as long and wide as an average credit card but my main problem was its width. The product advertises a 3/16th of an inch width yet is actually more like 4/16th of an inch or 1/4th of an inch. Now this may sound like not much of a difference but when I first bought this I expected it to be the size the pictures showed as such I didn't read the entire description. The imagine depicts something more like about 2x the width of a card but in reality you're getting something 4x the width. If you have a slim wallet this may not even for my wallet it fit but made an unsightly bulge and took up much space.

Knife: The knife is actually probably the best part of the card. The knife comes very sharp even in the grooves but there are still many problems. One is if you have large hands like I do the knife either will not fit or feel uncomfortable and dig into your skin when using. Plus once again the knife differs largely from the picture. The knife in the picture has MANY more grooves than the actual knife and appears slightly longer. Plus the center hole is of a different shape. The color in the picture is more silver while the knife is more of a nickel color. The knife slides in and out through the side, stays firm inside but is easy to take out. 4/5

Bottle Opener: Opens bottles fine but one again the picture shows a much longer, sharper bottle opener than the one given. The bottle opener has the same nickel color as the knife. The bottle open slides in and out through the top, stays firm inside but easy to take out. 3/5

Compass/Magnify Glass: First off the compass does not work, rarely ever accurately pointing north. Plus contrary to the picture the compass is on the left side rather than the right side swapping places with the magnify glass. Plus the paint job is different. The magnify glass just appears blurry whichever way I look and whatever direction, very low quality. 1/5

Tweezers/Toothpick: The tweezers and toothpicks actually appear like they do in the pictures but perhaps a tad but smaller in length. The tweezers only stretch about 1/16th of an inch making them useful for only picking up paper or something similar. Plus the tweezers. kept sliding out of the case so I had to add a small sliver of duct tape so it would stay inside. The toothpick is actually quite sturdy but quite short so when going to places in the back of your mouth you have to reach in pretty far. 2/5

Rulers: Two rulers on either side one is six centimeters and the other is three inches. They are both accurate yet they have curved bottoms so it is hard to rest them when measuring. To measure the inch side the bottle cap open must be slid in as such it overlaps with the inch ruler. 2/5

Overall severely disappointed I would give this about 2.5 stars out of 5. For the product being overall decent apart from certain tools and the misleading images. The picture below shows my card along with the packaging. Compare this with the picture and you can better note the differences. The price is pretty reasonable for what your getting but be warned of the actual sizes.
review image
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on March 9, 2017
I previously had the older version of this. the new version is a great tool, but it seams a little cheaper quality then the Swiss army version, and a little cheaper then the previous version. all that aside, this is a great tool to have in your wallet. I always keep it in my wallet and find a need for it all the time
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