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on February 9, 2012
I opened up the envelope it came in. Wow what an awesome color! Exactly the color I wanted.. I was almost too excited to put it on my Mac... Turns out the Buttons on the top row on the keyboard cover did not match the ones on my actual keyboard. Great disappointment. Maybe I just received a malfunctioned one? IDK but if this was not the case, then I do not reccomend this product. One off key defeats the purpose of the cover. Great color.. Not so great product.
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on December 23, 2013
I bought the cover for a macbook air I purchased in the last month and the keyboard cover doesn't match the keys that are above the number line. The dashboard button is still on the keyboard cover which doesn't match the launchpad key. Also the volume and iTunes play/forward keys are off as well. It's functional for keeping my keys clean until I can get someone better. It cost $4.00 for the cover including shipping -- so quality matches.
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on November 20, 2014
Delicious! I'm a college student and this really puts up with all my writing and programming I bought 2 they last for awhile but over time like all key covers they fade but these last sightly longer due to more vibrant color. Save your keyboard from having annoying crumbs between the keys...trust me we all secretly judge people when their computers are covered in dirt :) jk jk you will love this.
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on July 3, 2015
It's not gold. More like an ugly slightly glittered bronze. The keyboard case fits perfectly but the symbols didn't match mine.

(There was an eject button but MacBook Air's don't have CD/DVD players -_-)

Not to mention there's a sticky feel you get when you type. Which, in turn, makes it more difficult to type! -__-

To the MacBook Air ppl: don't buy it!
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on November 18, 2011
I've been looking for a keyboard for my newly purchased MacBook Air 11". I didn't feel like spending $25 for the Moshi, which appears to get the best reviews, especially as some reviewers said that it looks dirty after some use and cannot be cleaned.

Knowing from experience that I'd want a new cover every few months, I ordered both the TopCase and the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover each for about $4 including shipping (the prices w/o shipping are meaningless, since the shipping is 10X the 'price'). Without a doubt, the TopCase is a better purchase.

- Both are made of similar material (silicone) and both largely preserve the look of the keyboard (given the keys are black and the rest of the cover is transparent)
- The BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover is a little more slippery to the touch; I preferred the TopCase's feel
- The TopCase buttons all mold perfectly to the keyboard, whereas the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover's top row (function keys) have twice the height of my keys and the bottom row is also slightly taller than my keys
- The TopCase cover has the little 'nubs' on the 'F' and 'J' keys that help you position your hands without looking at the keyboard, the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover does not
- On a minor note, the printing of the letters and functions on the keys for the TopCase seem to fall exactly on top of the printing on the keyboard, whereas on the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover they don't fall on exactly the same location, so you can sometimes see two prints on each key (looks a little sloppy)
- I can close my laptop with the TopCase keyboard cover on, but with the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover, the laptop does not close (although I can force it closed, but without a latch it still pops back open a bit)

The one area that the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover was better was that it seems to stick better to the keyboard. I don't have a problem with the TopCase moving as I type, but if you drag both covers across the keyboard, the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover will fall perfectly into place and stop sliding, whereas the TopCase will continue to slide across the keyboard. I think that's because the TopCase is a little flatter than the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover, on which the keys have slightly more 'depth' and hence fall better into place, but it's hard to tell.

So, why only four stars for the TopCase?
- The greatest problem I have with the TopCase is that the names printed on the function keys don't actually match my MacBook Air 11"--some are moved (e.g. 'pause'/'play' is the F8 key on my Mac keyboard but the F7 key on the TopCase cover), others are entirely different (e.g. F4 on my Mac takes me to Launchpad, but the cover has a 'gauge' printed on it). The interesting thing is that the printing on the BLACK Silicone Keyboard Cover also has the exact same problem. I wonder if there is a different versions of the MacBook Air keyboard for which the covers are made?
- I wish that there was a way to see the lighted keyboard through the cover (e.g. by making the names of the keys transparent rather than white), but right now that isn't possible with the black TopCase (there may be a transparent version of the cover that would resolve this problem)
- I've only had the covers for a few days, but I can imagine that they would both cause the computer to heat up as they seal off the keyboard, which I understand plays a ventilation role for the MacBook Air. I don't use my laptop continuously, so it cools off when it sleeps and this hasn't been a problem for me.

As other reviewers have said, the mousepad that comes with the TopCase cover is a joke.
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on December 9, 2011
I had some coworkers with Macs that recommended this style of keyboard cover, so I shopped around on Amazon and picked these because of the price, Prime eligibility, the black color, and reported compatibility with the 13" MacBook Air.

It turns out that the top row of function keys on the this cover (with volume control, display brightness control, etc.) match the first generation 13" MacBook Air (i.e. 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo), but do not exactly match the latest generation 13" MacBook Air (i.e. 1.8 GHz Intel Core i7) mainly because the latest generation MacBook Air has a backlit keyboard with new function keys assigned to keyboard brightness. I know this because I own both versions of the MacBook Air. That said, if you recognize this change, you can still utilize the function, you just have to remember which function keys to push.

The rubber skin is pretty thin and typing is still very easy, but the cover does impart a slighty mushy feel to the keys, and the response of each individual key is not as crisp. Without the rubber skin the keys are smoother and definitely more crisp. Finally, because the skin lettering is not opaque, it basically does not allow any of the backlit keys to shine through, which is a bit annoying since the backlit keyboard is one of the features that I really like (and was not available in the original MacBook Air version).

Overall I think it is a good product in terms of protecting keys from spills/splashes, but there needs to be version that is specific to the latest generation MacBook Airs.
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on February 14, 2014
I chose this cover as it seemed unique and cool-looking. However, I was very disappointed once I applied the keyboard cover to my computer only to find it was loose-fitting. Furthermore, within about a week (I don't use my computer terribly often) the color was already starting to fade. Although it was only $0.99, the shipping ($3.94) was more than the cost itself and quite frankly it wasn't even worth a penny. I would imagine all the silicone metallic covers are of similarly poor quality. To make matters worse, I purchased this and a hard case cover in the same transaction and incurred 2 separate shipping charges. This didn't bother me until I both items shipped IN THE SAME PACKAGE! Why am I being charged 2 shipping charges when everything is packaged as one? The weight of a silicone keyboard cover is so nominal it doesn't justify any more than an additional dollar considering the 2 were packaged together.
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on October 11, 2011
UPDATE (10/31/11): CHANGED FROM 5/5 TO 2/5 STARS
after using this product for a decent amount of time, i have confirmed that the heating has become an issue! even on hard surfaces the ventilation is extremely poor causing my macbook airs internal temperature to rise over 10 degrees C! thats about 50 degrees F! i have discontinued the use of they keyboard cover and will just use my macbook without a cover.. its sad because without the heating issue this product would be perfect!

after paying a total of $4 for this product, i wasn't expecting much, but when it came in i was surprised!! it shipped a day earlier than expected and the keyboard protector is really thin and seems like it will last me a while! I'm a full time student and use my macbook a lot for typing essays, doing research reports, power points, etc and am constantly eating while working. now i can finally eat in piece without my OCD kicking in about food oils, crumbs, finger oils, dust, etc!

-extremely thin! my macbook air 11 inch (2010 model) closes perfectly, and the oils and dirt doesn't get transferred to the screen as i had feared
-fits perfectly! for the 2011 macbook users this may be a different issue as some keys might be in a different order
-the cover does not move around while i type
-the BEST deal u can find on amazon for keyboard covers!!! come on its 32 cents! u can't get any cheaper than that!
-makes typing less noisy
-great rubbery feel to it
-many times i forget that its still on! it matches the keyboard perfectly!
-does take a little getting used to since it adds an extra layer between you and the keyboard
-if your buying this product for the mouse pad, then DONT! the mouse pad is a piece of junk
-after using my macbook for a while, i felt my macbook air start to get a little warmer than it usually does. this should be no issue as long as the fan doesn't start getting real loud. so far i haven't had any issues with the fan, but will update my review if it does. the reason for this heat is because it seems like MacBooks also ventilate through the keyboard, so with this cover, the heat must be transferred out solely through the fan. this should be a job that the fan can handle so i am not too worried
-great great great product! the inexpensive price makes it even better!
-would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to protect their precious macbook air!
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on January 10, 2013
I'd never be without a keyboard cover for my laptops. They not only look very cool, but they also protect your computer from getting dust, dirt, and liquids in between the keys and the case. They clean very easily -- for little pieces of dirt and dust, just lift and shake it off. And every now and then, take it to the bathroom and rinse it with mild soapy water, shake, and allow it to air dry.

I also like the way they give the keys a better tactile feel (not so slippery!). This cover has saved my bacon more times than I care to admit, since my dogs LOVE to come over and put their massive heads and paws across the keys when I'm working (and dog hair and sometimes a bit of drool otherwise could cause real problems!). I've even had minor spills of drinks that are resolved with a quick lift and shake of the cover.

I usually buy them two at a time, so there's always a backup in the event one might tear (or if I wear a hole through one of the key tops). I use my computer VERY hard, and these last at least a year for me. For the low price and good protection, you'd be crazy NOT to have one!
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on December 17, 2013
This thing is seriously completely worthless. It does not stay on top of the keyboard and overall feels extremely awkward to have. Kind of reminds me of when you sit on a couch with plastic covering all over. Probably one of the tackiest things I've ever seen. Overall this thing serves no real purpose, and will end up in your trash (Please Recycle). Do yourself a favor and DON'T BUY!!!
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