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on July 1, 2015

Step 2) Now, while your laptop is flipped over showing your rubber back, look at The words "Made in Apple...California..." Check to see if your model no. says "A1342"

Again, your model number should say "A1342"

.... "A1342"

3) If it does, proceed to buy this case. If it doesn't, search for cases with your exact model number. Even if your laptop looks exactly like the one pictured, it will not fit because it is made for another model. Again, "A1342"

NOW you may read my review! :)

My laptop kept getting scratched and I start college soon so I wanted to buy something that would protect my laptop yet keep it very cute, updated, and fashionable. This case delivered! I ordered 'Robin's Egg Blue' and the color is beautiful! It is rubberized and it comes with a neat little keyboard case too. Everywhere I go I get tons of compliments- one girl even went out and bought my laptop she loved it so much! So far it has held up extremely well and I can't wait to order it in more colors! I have the "Apple Macbook 2009 plastic unibody white edition " laptop and the case fits PERFECTLY. I have attached pictures so you all can see it too!


EDIT: October 10 2015

After 3 months of heavy use, the bottom of this case his broken in half (still useable though) and the snaps that hold the laptop inside have broken too. I still get compliments everywhere I go and the case is still rubberized. I LOVE THIS CASE! Since it didn't prove to be that durable, I'll have to give this review 4 stars especially since I just ordered a new one today. Still an amazing case.
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on March 26, 2014
So this is my second case I have bought from this company and wow do these cases rock! I bought the second one because I had to sell my old white macbook due to bills ( I hate bills! ) along with the first case I had. Well here I am now with my second case for my new macbook ( late 2009 white macbook ) and I have to say I love this case. It snaps on easy its built to last and feels great to hold. This case is made better then any other case I have used and it also came with a keyboard cover! I see keyboard covers on here go for like $5.00. This very sturdy case and keyboard cover together were only $12.00 NEW! Now thats a steal!! Below I will explain what I like about this case, what I don't like and just my overall experience with it. Is this case worth to buy? Read below to find out!

I bought this case because I just had my late 2009 MacBooks housing replaced. ( LCD cover, keyboard and palm rest ) These macs are my favorite but UNFORTUNATELY scratch very easy. So knowing how well this case is built from having one before I decided to buy another one. It got here fast ( about 5 days ) and was packaged very well. It was brand new sealed and was every bit as described. I put it on as soon as I got it. Putting the case on was pretty easy the hardest part for me was the installing the plastic case on the LCD cover because it holds on to my MacBooks lid very tightly which is great because I don't want it to fall off but at the same time if you are not careful it could chip the side of the MacBooks lid. After I got it on ( took less then 10 mins ) I could tell that this case is very well constructed and just overall built to last. It don't make my mac much heavier and I have easy access to all my ports. I love the feel of this case to. It has a soft rubberized feel to it but not so much that things would stick to it, just enough so it won't slip out of your hand. The case also has some foam feet on the bottom that won't rip off so easily. I like knowing that I can now place my mac in my bag without having to worry about it getting scratched or damaged. I bought this case mainly to protect my beautiful macbook from scratches and it does that well. Will the case protect my Mac from a 3 foot fall? No most likely not but thats not what I am expecting from this case because it does not offer 2 or 3 layers of protection like a otter box it offers one very hard plastic shell to protect my computer from scratches. Below I will list some things I like and don't like about this case.

1. Great build quality! The best I have seen in a case like this.
2. Nice feel to it.
3. Comes packaged very well.
4. Thin and light but NOT flimsy
5. Costs next to nothing. Around $15.00 including shipping.
6. Comes with rubber keyboard cover.
7. Fits my macbook well.

Things that could be better
1. I wish the LCD cover were easier to install
2. Honestly can't think of anything else. I am a very happy customer!!!


If you are looking for a hard case that is built to last but don't want to spend a ton of money then this is the case for you! Even though this case is cheap it is a very well built strong case that also comes with a keyboard cover. It fits like a glove and honestly I couldn't be happier with this case. This is the type of case Id spend $50.00 on but only having to spend $15.00 really makes this a steal! GO WITH THIS CASE YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!

PS. I took pictures of where the tabs are placed on the shell to show where they should be on the mac and how it should look after its on. Also I took some other pictures showing off the great build quality. I also put box tape on the palm rest to keep it from receiving scratches so if anyones wondering why there are bubbles thats why.
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on July 16, 2013
I noticed there are some mixed reviews on this product, so please read this BEFORE you purchase this case. My case fit perfectly, everything snapped in and the color is excellent (the apple logo shines through still).

MAKE SURE YOU READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. I have a white MacBook unibody (the later model) and it has the more rounded corners. This won't fit a MacBook Pro or the more square white MacBook. it's a great product so if you have the right laptop for this case I highly recommend it.
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on May 28, 2015
At first I loved the case. The finish was matte and the color was just as seen in the picture (purple case). After a few days I did notice it got kind of dirty, but I didn't mind because I figured it would come off with glass cleaner or even a little bit of alcohol. The dust was of course easy to clean off, but there were some marks that seemed more permanent and some didn't come off at all. I don't know what it was, it almost looked like grease because the surface looked smoother in that area than the matte finish....but I'm not sure because I tried to keep it off any sort of food and usually just left the computer on my bed.

Anyway, that didn't bother me TOO much because I figured it didn't look terrible as long as I kept it clean from dust. What really bothered me though was that my MacBook, which is what the case is supposedly designed to protect, still was getting dust from underneath the case!!! I took it off and my MacBook had more dirt piled up than if I hadn't put on the case at all.

Also, the case cracked around the hinges and on some corners where it's supposed to click around the edges. It didn't even last a month before that happened...I would have rated it better if it had broken but still kept my laptop clean. But it did neither so I wouldn't buy it again or recommend it!
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on April 6, 2017
The color is nice. Honestly though, after putting on my Mac and placing it inside my work briefcase (velvet lined) it started to peel the 1st day. There is a clear layer that covers the blue. This is what is peeling. I have since taken it off after about a weeks worth of use because it was starting to look very bad. I would not recommend this product. The only reason I am giving 3 stars is because I contacted the seller and they sent me another case in GREY color. That case looked much more elegant than the blue BUT, after 3 days, it started to peel too :/ Felt bummed out because I really liked the grey. I did decide to leave the grey case on just because the peeling is not as noticeable with that specific color case. Overall, I would not waste my money and time again on buying this case. This is a real review so please take the time you would be sitting here trying to decide on what color you would buy and go elsewhere and look.
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on September 18, 2015
After 4 months of use, I can say I'm half pleased with this cover. I replaced one I'd used for 4 years and really was pleased with the look, feel, color, and fit of this one. Instead of the hard plastic surface, it has a silicone-like coating which makes it much less slippery. While the top cover is still perfect, the bottom cover is having problems. My Macbook isn't sits on a stool on a laptop pad or it sits on my lap in the recliner. It hasn't been dropped, or even transported in a backpack. I noticed today that the two front corners have severe cracks forming in them. Also, the small tabs that are just behind these corners have even worse cracks in them and the one on the left broke half off about two weeks ago. Since the bottom is the part with the battery and processor, it's the part that gets the heat. I'm not having any issues with the Macbook (i.e., not overheating), but my guess is the amount of heat from use and charging is causing the plastic to be stressed. I don't think the bottom corners and especially the tabs will last much longer, and when the tabs break it can no longer be used. Fortunately, the top doesn't have any cracks and is as good as the day I received it. I will be sorry to no longer have the bottom, though; the feet are much better than the last one I had; they're probably my favorite feature of the bottom cover.
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on February 16, 2016
Case is perfect on my MacBook A1342. I got it in Robin Egg Blue. One the snaps on the top lid half was a tad difficult to get snapped into place, but I eventually got it after a couple different tries. I don't see that as a complete con though, because it means my case won't come off easily. :)
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on July 30, 2015
I ordered this case a year ago in Robin's Egg Blue with the matching keyboard cover. I was very pleased with the quality and how color-accurate the photos on Amazon were. An adorable case and it's kept my white Macbook IMMACULATE ever since I started using it. Furthermore, the other day, I took a really hard tumble and my laptop slammed against concrete. While my laptop is in pristine condition, my case took the brunt of it and one of the latches on the side cracked off, so I'm getting a new one. Let that be a testimonial to what a good investment this case is!

My one complaint is that the keyboard cover on the Robin's Egg Blue case is FAAAAR inferior in quality to the transparent ones. My sister has the pink one and her keyboard cover is much, much better quality. I had a hard time fitting the opaque blue cover over my laptop and making it stay put. It warped and because it didn't have the transparent base, it looked like a pile of rubber was melting across my keyboard, so I stopped using it. Overall, I absolutely recommend this case to someone looking to keep their laptop in good condition!
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on January 30, 2015
Exactly what I was looking for. Fits my MacBook 13" late 2009 edition perfectly. I have the computer that came out with the horrible design flaw of having a rubber bottom that heated up and warped. Eventually I just pulled it off and the metal bottom has been exposed with screws missing and I wanted something to protect it. I should have done this ages ago but I have it now and this case works great. Snaps on easy and is not bulky or awkward. The only thing I would say as a negative is that the material (at least the black on) is not as opaque as I had expected but it really doesn't bother me. Glad I chose this one. Good price.
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on November 8, 2015
This really does look great. I had a tired-old macbook that looked and ran bad. I went on amazon and bought a blue-elf battery, new RAM, and this case. 30 minutes of work, and it runs and looks like a new computer! My case was $15.99 shipped prime. I bought the black color, but they sell many other colors. It was packaged with great care and each piece was covered in plastic sleeves so they wouldn't scratch. It also included a free mouse pad from the retailer/manufacturer. It attached to my computer with ease. It just clips onto the bottom, then the top, and the keyboards skin just lays on top of the original. Super easy, and really looks awesome! I can't believe I waited this long to get one of these!
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