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on June 18, 2013
You can't beat the price! I was a bit leery of the $10.99 price (vice the $40 average price of other name brands), but I received the cases today and they are a quality product. Similar to the quality incase cover that I have on my older Macbook Pro. Fits snugly, snaps on easily to stay. These are frosted covers with the silky rubberized feel to them. They do not interfere with the opening or closing of the Macbook. The sides are exposed where the ports are located. The sides are protected towards the front of the Macbook. There are two rows of air vents on the bottom cover for the front and rear portions of the Macbook. They are very light adding minimal extra weight. There are four distinct pads on the bottom at each corner. They function well; I'm not sure of their durability over the long-term. The pads seem to be made of the same soft material as kitchen cabinet bumpers (from lack of a better description). I bought two covers, different colors to change out once and awhile; still 50% cheaper than a single cover for most other brands. I don't know how the covers will hold up against scratches at this point, but they seem no less durable than the incase or speck cases that I have had. Then again, I'm only concerned about protecting the Macbook against scratches; I don't care if the case is scratched.

UPDATE In January 2015. Three of the four soft pads on the bottom of the case have torn off, but the case continues to function perfectly. The soft pads had a ring of tough plastic surrounding them which continue to support the case. I remain 100% satisfied with this case.

UPDATE in April 2015. I dropped my computer bag. The left front corner of the bottom piece cracked, but protected the computer. This case has taken a lot of punishment. There are dozens of small scratches on it, however, they are difficult to see because the cover is opaque. You can only see the scratches where the light appears through the apple logo on the computer cover. I am ordering another cover today.

UPDATE in May 2015. My replacement case arrived. The four bottom soft foot pads have been replaced by larger (diameter) hard, black rubber pads. Appear to be very durable. They definitely inhibit the case sliding around on table tops! Very nice improvement.
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on July 15, 2015
I really like my case. It came on time and was exactly what I expected. Some people complained that the case did not fit their computer; however, my case fits my computer perfectly. I have the macbook pro with retina display, early 2015 version (no cd drive). As some reviewers have said, there may be some people who have a different size/variation of the macbook pro so check your model number. Another complaint is that the case begins to chip and fall apart, I haven't experienced that yet but I have also been really careful with my computer since I recently purchased it. I've had the case for close to a month now. The case also feels like a matte finish almost and you can see the apple sign light up through the case so it is not completely opaque when the computer is turned on. Hopefully, you'll find this review helpful as well as the picture.
review image
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on September 3, 2014
The case fits perfectly well and worked very well for awhile but what became a really annoying issue was the pads at the bottom. Most cases have parts permanently molded into the case that keep the computer level and slightly raised. In this case, they are little pads that stick on. They stayed on for awhile but after removing my computer from my bag a few times they came off. The seller was very nice and sent me more immediately but even after replacing them they continued to come off. I just can't deal with it anymore (especially b/c the computer is then not level and I find the little pads all over the place) so I have ordered a different case.
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on September 24, 2015
The case was easy to be installed and seems to be very solid. The only issue I'm having right now is that there is a tiny stain inside the material of the upper case itself.

The stain is located at the area where I'm supposed to be seeing my glowing Apple logo, so this is really frustrating. If it were at somewhere else I'd be ok and just ignore.

And since the stain is inside the material itself, it's impossible for me to just clean it. What a bummer!!!

Dear Top Case, if you see my comment, I'd like to get a replacement for this defective upper case. Thank you!

Edit: Sent an email to the seller and I'm waiting for a response. Hopefully this will be resolved!

Edit on 09/28/2015: The seller responded immediately and offered to ship me a replacement case for the top part. I've received the replacement top case today and it's flawless. Their customer service is definitely top-notch!
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on August 6, 2015
I have the latest model 13" MacBook Pro w/Retina Display and this fits like a glove. I love the silky smooth texture of the item. I had no problem snapping this right on. The clear color is not completely clear. It has a slight milky haze to it but you can still see any decals/stickers that you may have. The bottom feet are rubberized and seem to be sturdy.
review image
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on October 24, 2014
This cover feels amazing. It fits is snug and secure (easier to put on and remove than the Speck I had). I just received it and based on what I paid for the Speck for my last Macbook, this is a solid alternative. It feels much better than my Speck and it's 1/4 the price. That's a winner in my book. Other reviews mention chipping and cracking (I don't see how that can happen but I will know after a few months of use).
review image
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on January 14, 2016
The product I have to admit is pretty good. The color is pretty accurate (hot pink). The feel of the case is soft and smooth and clearly has a rubberized texture as was promised. So far, i've only had it for a day, and for the price attached to this product, I would consider this worth it, I would repurchase again. The reason I give it 4 stars is during the installation, maybe I simply didn't hear it but there wasn't any noticeable clicking noises as I was putting the case on to tell me that I was doing it correctly. I felt like I kept having to press it on there more than I had to cause I was unsure, but it's on and hasn't moved or fallen off. One more thing, I do kinda wish it had a bit more clips on the case attach onto the laptop. The bottom corners of the case have a tendency to move up and down on the edge, and adding more clips would eliminate that issue. These minor issues are in my opinion, not so serious where I would be completely thrown off into repurchasing the case. The logo shines pretty well through the case.

All in all, decent worth it. Keep in mind, I'm sure many already know, this case WILL NOT protect your computer from drops. These cases are purely for scratches and appearance. The grips on the bottom are as intended, grippy. I'm a satisfied customer.
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on December 28, 2015
Don't usually do these reviews, however, I was so impressed with my $13 Top Case that arrived yesterday, that I felt compelled to comment on my new case. Previously, I have owned covers from "Speck" & "Kuzy" and they only held up for slightly longer than 1 year. This one may do the same, however, the others were much more expensive than The Top Case, so if I can only get a year out of The Top Case, what the heck, for $13 a pop, I can justify buying one every 6 month's if I had to. And finally, I purchased The Gun Metal Colored Case and although the apple logo cannot be seen until the lid is lifted, I do not consider that to be a great concern, plus the rubberized feel for the outside of the case is very attractive and feels good to the touch. Will buy another one, if I can get more than 6 month's out of it. (Late 2014 13.3" Retina Macbook Pro).
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on March 19, 2015
This is a very nice case, easy to install/remove, has a nice feel, adds a nice layer of protection, and for the price compared to the others... buy two!

I have read a lot of the complaints about this product and found yes I can see the problems that some people have, but for the price its well worth it:

1. Easy to install/Remove
2. Price!
3. Just looks/feels nice, also the black case masks the computer so it doesn't stick out as much (I am in an office that is 95% windows laptops). It protects your investment from the daily dings, scratches, and grubby fingers (KIDS!)

1. None really, I have had it for about a month now and I take my macbook everywhere I go and I haven't had any issues. If I do have any issues, I will simply just buy another one...
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on April 15, 2016
Very nice quality case that fits my MacBook Pro Retina 13.3 (A1502) perfectly. It was easy to install, fits snugly, and does not interfere with any ports or connectors. While the case has a soft "rubberized" feel, the case itself is very thin. It will undoubtedly do a good job protecting the outside of my computer from scratches and other superficial damage but it is not likely to cushion or protect the computer from a significant impact, where damage is not primarily to the case but to the electronics within. The apple logo shines through the case.
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