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Color: null|Size: L x W X H 8.6 x 4.3 x 4.1 cm / 3.4" x 1.7" x 1.6"|Change
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on July 28, 2011
I've been using an original version of this tool for the past 5 years, and would still be, if not for losing half of it on the trail. I bought this newer version as a replacement and have used it for three weeks. I find it inferior:

* Steel: I commute to bike in the northeast US; that means this tool will see everything from snow to hurricanes and everything inbetween. The original tool held up well, but, after 3 weeks of mild summer weather, this new tool is already pitted with rust. At this rate, I'm skeptical about the tool lasting to winter.
* Craftsmanship: The machining of the original tool was more exact. The 15mm wrench, for instance, fit snugly over bolts. On the new tool, the wrench fits loosely, gouging the steel as you work fruitlessly to try to change a tire on the road.
* Joint: The joint between the two main pieces is much flimsier than in the original tool.

The upgrade version of this tool [...] may be better, but it's hard to say. This tool, though, is poor enough that I'm considering just carrying a bag of tools with me.
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on December 4, 2007
It is a nice tool set, include all the allen wrenches you needed to adjust bike handle, brake and brake handle, speed rover, seat position.
It also include the chain tool for remove a section of the chain. In addition, it has two size spoke wrench for ajusting the wheel.

When you ride your bicycle, your tires may rub against the brakes. This is easy to fix wheel problem - spokes need adjusting. What you need to do is wheel truing.

Place bicycle upside down. Spin the wheel while holding a pice of chalk close enough to the wheel. After spun around a few times, stop the wheel and take a look those chalk marks. Do this process on the other side of the wheel. Tighten the spokes on the other side of the chalk mark and loosen the spoken facing the chalk mark. Adjust each spoke one turn.
Wipe out that chalk mark. Once all the chalk marks are gone, you can spin the wheels and using chalk to find the next spot to tighten and loose the spoke. At the end, you have a perfect round wheels :-)

The included spoke wrench has two sizes. It works fine for all our bikes.

I used this tool assembled a complete tandom bike in two hours. The tool felt little loose at the end of the assembly. But nothing really worn out.
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on July 5, 2011
As a new bike owner I purchased this to cover all of my bike tool tech needs, with the exception of tire levers. From a cost standpoint it was only a little more than tools that provide less, and other reviews noted how sturdy this tool was. To that end this tool has mostly met all of my requirements with the exception of the 15mm wrench which you'd normally use on pedals. There is simply not enough torque available with a tiny little 2" long wrench to remove heavily tightened pedals from the cranks, even when inserting the large allen on the multi-tool into the wrench which is supposed to give you the extra torque.

I do have some minor complaints with this tool: the wrench falls off easily (see product image, the wrench is displayed separately, the snap it fits on isn't tight enough), there is a small sliding nut that provides the largest sized allen wrench (you can see it in the customer uploaded images) and it often slides and falls off the tool. And overall the tool is too large, bulky, and heavy for smaller pouches and it ends up eating up nearly the entire pouch. Consequently, for home/shop use the tiny tools are difficult to use due to being bundled onto the multitool meaning things are in the way, or the tool is difficult to hold. Usually on the trail all I've needed is the allen wrenches and screwdriver. If I had to do it all over again I'd buy a much smaller multi-tool for trail use and separately a normal sized collection of bike tools for home/shop use.

Conclusion: I give this 5 stars for being what it's supposed to be. I ding myself 1 star for thinking buying a big, bulky multitool and expecting it to work like a small, tiny multitool and also an entire shop worth of man-sized tools. :)
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on June 2, 2015
opened at 6:30 PM 06/02/15 and it fell apart (see photo). DO NOT BUY THIS. I mean how do I put it back together? Why did it fall to pieces when I took it out of the plastic. Sorry for being so harsh but I'm a 63 year old Disabled vet - how am I suppose to fix this??:????
review image
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on August 15, 2013
The variety of tools is excellent, they are clearly labeled which is a huge plus, and the tools themselves are strong. As with most multis, the tire levers are lousy, but carrying around some small Pedro's levers is preferable anyway. They spoke hooks just make it so easy.

The problem for me when it arrived was the weight, poor quality attachment for the two sides, and the size, and ultimately led to me returning it. For half the price, you can get the Crank Brothers Multi Bicycle Tool (17-Function), and get the useful tools included in multis without paying for added weight and tools you won't use.

The Crank has the chain tool, allen keys, spoke wrenches, open wrenches, T-25 wrench, but ignores multitool features like the tire levers and wrench sizes not seen on bike parts (9mm open), chain pin compartments (unnecessary). This results in a package that is not only more compact in dimensions, but over 100g lighter (168g to 290g, don't know why it says 270g here but Topeak's website and the box itself say 290g).

At 19 dollars to 33 it seems like a no brainer, unless you need one of the two tools I wish the crank included:
- A Bottle Opener (not needed for field repairs of any kind, but a nice touch)
- A mini-pedal wrench (Even the Topeak manual itself says the mini-pedal wrench is so weak it can't even remove a pedal if its tightened all the way, but the option is nice to have since multi's are for emergency anyway. The manual states "The mini pedal wrench's strength is limited. Never attempt to remove securely attached pedals from crank using the mini pedal wrench").

Last but not least, there is a well-documented difference in the customer service of these two companies. Crank Brothers are widely considered the best service in the industry for being accessible and standing by their warranty. If you can even get Topeak on the phone, good luck dealing with them.

Ultimately, the decision is whether or not the mini pedal wrench and bottle opener are worth nearly doubling the price and weight and forfeiting some warranty peace of mind. Some people may not mind spending the extra money and have plenty of space in their bag, but for someone with very limited space in their saddle pack but plenty of empty space in their wallet, I'd look at the Crank.
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on September 14, 2009
I have yet to use this tool for anything except minor adjustments, but I'm confident I'll have the tool I need when a road fix eventually comes up (for me or another rider). As other reviewers have noted, this is a comparatively heavy tool, but unless you're really concerned with the weight of every accessory, it's not a problem. I keep this in its case in my Avenir Bigmouth Velcro Seat Bag (Large- 73/106 Cubic Inches) along with a CO2 inflator, three cartridges, headlight, tailight, tire levers, patch kit, and more. Amazon's price is far less than you'll find at a local bike shop for this one.
review image
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on July 27, 2010
Unfortunately had to send the first one back to Amazon - excellent return service by the way. The tool is held together using a small catch which was defective. For the price I expected it to work. The replacement tool also has a defective catch, so I am guessing its a bad run on their production line. The catch is slightly better on this one, i.e. the tool holds together most of the time.
One comment on the Allen keys (wrenches?). They are all metric and will not fit the bolt on the iBert Safe-t-seat. You will still need to carry around the Allen key that iBert send to you. I really wish the US was metric.

Happy Cycling to you all.
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on February 26, 2014
I had the same tool for years, and i lost it a few weeks ago, so i bought this new one in amazon.

And the quality is not same, i think is not amazon's fault, but i really would love to find the one i lost and lost this new one.

The case has no clip, the old one did. The new one has only a lace, very poor. And the fabric is too thin, the old one was thiker and stronger.

The metal of the tool seem too weak.

I hope TOPEAK can read this and improve the quality as they use to.

Beside that, no problem at all with amazon.

Best regards.

Gonzalo Arata.
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on June 20, 2011
I purchased this multitool six months back and while I haven't had to use it all along (which I'm sure is a good thing) this has seldom let me down when I've needed it. Of course, there are a few things which you're better off employing other tools for or simply can't do with this, for e.g., swapping out clipless pedals/changing out rear cassette/swapping out crankset, etc. However when it comes to on-road repair this comes in very handy, so much so that I travel only with half of it in my saddle bag (the half which has the allens and tyre levers) and I've been served well by this. This is another nice feature, the ability to part out the multitool into two halves and carry whichever one suits your need. All in all, if you're on the road quite a bit then you can't go wrong with this tool.

EDIT: I've had this for a year now. The thing a cyclist needs most frequently are the allen's. Unfortunately Allen's on a multi-tool are the worst to don't get enough torque to turn really tight screws and the tool body can easily scratch your frame. The latter is a constant worry for me when I'm trying to adjust my seat or when trying to tighten bottle cages, etc. Hence 2 stars down (1 for unusable allens, 1 for coming close to bike frame). However, I don't see how any multi-tool can surpass this issue.
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on March 17, 2016
I have been using this tool for two years now. Today I felt an urge to tell how strong this tool is. I have use most of the items in the tool without any complaint. But the major test happened today: I had to take a couple of Candy 3 Crank Brothers pedals from one bike and put them in another one. These pedals were totally stuck with no grease at all used when installed. I needed to use the 8mm allen wrench to get them out. My bare hand force was clearly not enough to release the pedals, so I decided to use a 2 foot steel tube to help as a enormous lever (see pictures!) with the Topeak inside the tube. I had to produce so much force (extreme force!) even with this huge lever that I thought that this tool would very likely break into pieces. But I really needed the pedals in a different bike so decided to run the risk of breaking the tool. To my surprise I managed to take out the two pedals and both the Allen wrench and the case did not show even the slightest sign of bending, wear, whatsoever. In fact after installation in the new bike (now with grease), everything went back in place without any effort, and the two halfs of the tool attached as when new. Congratulations Topeak for a fantastic and indestructible multi-tool!!
review image
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