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Why would you spend an arm and a leg on other expensive brands when you can pay a fraction of price for “Instant Immersion” to learn and speak Spanish or any other popular language?

You will basically get the same material and even more with “Instant Immersion”. Let me tell you, why you must try this software:

Why this software?

I. It is simple to use and simple to learn

II. It is fun to use and fun to learn

III. It is Practical and logical

IV. It is interactive; therefore, it is not boring

V. It is built to fit in to your schedule; you can stop anytime and get back to it when having time

VI. It is the complete package with many toys, games and fun gadgets

VII. It teaches you the language the way the natives speak it

VIII. It is at the fraction of the price of other software of this caliber

What do you get?

A) 6 Interactive CD Rom of 2 for each level

B) 1 Audio MP3 CD

C) 1 Interactive DVD

D) 1 Fun Suspense Detective Game “Who is Oscar Lake?” CD Rom

You simply cannot beat the price! It will teach you interactively how to start from zero all the way to advance speaker!


Level1: Beginner

Level 2: Intermediate

Level 3: Advance

For whatever reason that you are trying to learn Spanish, this will work. It is an interactive software with loads of fun and games which will teach you grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, common and formal lingo, slangs, popular culture, traditions, and roots. It feels like you are speaking with the natives, after all, the best way to learn a language is to speak it with the natives.

The technology is awesome, sound is good, virtual reality is superb, games are fun, graphics are great and simplicity is the keyword.

I speak 5 languages. Primarily I taught myself Spanish on my own before I even took a Spanish course in college. I taught myself Spanish out of business necessity. I purchased this software set because I studied it and I knew that it is perfect to brush up on my Spanish; however, if you are starting from scratch or you are mediocre, it will also work great for you.

This is no complicated boring software system which you buy and after a short while you will set it on the corner to dust, never use it and will never learn anything! This software makes learning languages fun. This software is specifically designed for people who know nothing about the desired language to learn; however, if you already know some about the language, you can always brush up on the beginner level or just skip in to intermediate or advanced level.

As a lover of languages and somewhat of a linguist, I strongly recommend this software system to all. Go for it thus I test drove it and it did pass my perfectionist taste! It is fun and useful. Good luck.
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on September 23, 2013
Was considering Rosetta Stone when I happened upon the Instant Immersion Spanish language program. With good reviews from other Amazoners and given the significant price difference it sounded almost too good to be true. What a great program! The downloadable lessons work well on my MP3 player and, unlike other language programs that I have tried, the words and phrases are clearly spoken at a reasonable pace and are easy to understand. The interactive CD with several types of learning aids is very helpful and includes a cool tool that allows the student to record their own pronounciation and then compare with Spanish speakers. I like how the interactive CD uses photos and graphics along with spoken and written words to provide both visual and audio learning. The option to print flash cards and other learning tools or use them in virutal form is handy. Have not tried the interactive DVD on my TV yet. I am using Instant Immersion Spanish to refresh and enhance Spanish learned in several high school Spanish classes (more than a few years ago). This program is suitable for those who want only to learn basic phrases and those who (like me) are looking for a deeper learning experience that includes spelling and grammar. I am very satisfied with this product, in my opinion well worth the modest purchase price.
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on April 30, 2012
Designed primarily for beginners, despite the claims for intermediate & advanced. The talk-back feature doesn't give you enough time to say what is required and there is no way to adjust this. Some of the vocabulary is bizzare - who needs to know the Spanish for zoo animals? Some of the quiz questions focus on spelling, which seems fairly irrelevant to most visitors. Some quality issues with the CDs themselves. Plus, this is European Spanish, not Latin American, so lots of lisping involved.
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on May 24, 2014
I never took Spanish in High School because I was a knot head. However, after 50 years of Latin American travel, I have learned more and better Spanish than anyone I know who learned it in school. On the other hand, I don't always speak it correctly and while it doesn't bother me it bothers my college educated wife. So. i got this to listen too on my long distance drives and I like it because for me it;s just like a vacation in Guatemala or Mexico.
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on February 25, 2013
I moved to Southern California recently and the Spanish I learned in high school was very rusty. I picked this product up in hopes of brushing up, and though it isn't horrible, it isn't what I was looking for. It focuses on traveling, which would certainly be useful for some people, but not me. I also find that the quiz games don't cover all of the vocabulary learned. And though I know I get what I paid for, the clip art is so bad as to be distracting for me.

Definitely keep in mind that the accent is for Spain and not Latin America.
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on May 14, 2013
I had read numerous reviews on this program before I bought it. I have had some formal training in the Spanish language for work. I bought this package for the pure fact of listing to the cds while I am driving to work. I have only listed to the first half or about 10 cds. I have not utilized the DVD's nor the second half. However, I wanted to let you know that you either need to write down the vocabulary and verbs so you can learn the words and listen to the cd again. Or this package is great for a person that already has an understanding of the Spanish Language. I think you get a lot of verb conjugation and word usage for the money out of this package and very easy to understand. Good luck
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on February 15, 2013
I bought this to replace an older language program my daughter is using because the old one uses "Spain" pronunciation and words which are rarely used in other parts of the world. Being a Spanish speaker I am frustrated when she comes to me and is using words I have never heard used for common things. As well as hearing her pronounce her Z as a Th sound which is Castilian Spanish not Common Spanish. So now I have this great product but it is teaching her a different version of the language than what she will actually encounter in real life. Very frustrated. I could have let her continue with the old program to do that. My choices are at this point to let her do the full three levels and then work to correct the incorrect things or to invest in an additional program to replace this one. :( On the up side, they do have some fun games and many of the words and pronunciation does work for both. If I could do it again, I wouldn't have bought this program as it doesn't suit my particular preferences of dialect, however if you are wanting to learn "Spain" Spanish than it will work for you.
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on September 22, 2013
I purchased this product for my grandchildren and myself to maintain their studies over the summer and polish mine. Although they jumped right in, they had enough skills to recognize some problems. The biggest for us all is that too many of the final words in a sentence are cut off before completion. The grandbees got bored quickly, but I continued on alone. We have not used it again because I ordered them the Nintendo DS, My Spanish Coach, which they love. I do intend to get back to it for my own maintenance. Also it is important to know that I think this is teaching the Spanish of Spain, and not Mexico, if that matters to you. There are some small differences.

If you are starting out cold turkey, I don't recommend this product because you will get some incorrect pronunciations with the cut
off words. But if you already have that part down and know when something is wrong and just want to refresh; have at it.
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on March 15, 2013
this is definitely a useful too for learning a new language. i didn't like the CD's that came with it because of it's LONG lengthy explainations (it could have used more of just giving the pronounciation of the words an their meanings. the explanations were so long they actually lulled me to sleep). The DVD's that come with this system is FAR better. they are interactive and do a much better job of helping you get a better understanding of the language. and, the language is not to fast which helps a NEW language user a better chance of grasping the language. the additional tools (study booklets, flashcards, etc.) are very good, as well. compare to Rosetta Stone... this is a really good deal.
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on November 22, 2013
Bought this program to learn Spanish. It give you a lot of material at the fraction of what Rosetta Stone charges. The only problem I have with so much material to use is where to start. For others this might not be a problem. There are suggestions but not real lesson plans to follow. I like it when "tell you" where to start and walk you through the course to the very end. Not a deal killer but something I personally would like. All in all, very impressed with the quality and quantity of this package.
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