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on December 28, 2011
The concept of a mobile monitor is great! I am so used to my two 25-inch desktop monitors that working from my laptop screen alone has become cumbersome and inefficient. These mobile monitor products allow me to have an extra screen for doing side-by-side data comparison and other multi-tasking needs.

I tried three different mobile monitor products and the Toshiba was the worst of the three for my needs. The Toshiba 14-inch mobile monitor had the following problems: even though my laptop is new, the Toshiba required that I use both USB ports on my computer to power it. The cord they included didn't reach both of my USB ports at the same time. It used up both of my USB ports and would not work with a multi-port adapter unless the adapter was powered. It was also too tall to fit in my laptop bag, not because the viewable screen area is bigger, but because they included a wide strip of plastic under the screen. The AOC e1649Fwu was nice and much cheaper ($130). It ran well from one USB port. The picture was good, and the screen is 16 inches which is larger than the other two. Even though the screen was bigger it still fit in my laptop bag. The drawbacks of the AOC were that the screen was not anti-glare, it was thicker and round on the back so it took up more space in my laptop bag, and it didn't come with a protective case. The Lenovo was the best one for me and it is the one I kept. The Lenovo works well off of one USB port, has an anti-glare screen, fits very nicely in my laptop bag, includes a protective case, has easy brightness adjustment, and draws less power than the other two (5W). It is more expensive ($199) but well worth the extra money for me.
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on August 5, 2012
I am using two screens at home and was looking for a way to take this setting with me when I travel.
Then I stumbled upon this unique product. For a start I couldn't find any competing product so it's either you buy it or you buy nothing.
The screen comes protected by a cover that folds to hold the screen at ~60 degrees, it requires no power cord and even though it comes with a Y cable, it runs on a single USB connector, which is good since we always need these USBs for so many things.
The monitor only connects through the USB, it is not Plug and Play and requires installing customized drivers before the first use. Installation process was very easy and I also recommend to check the support page for updated drivers.
Brightness has two levels and is good enough for the office but it wouldn't be convenient to use the screen outside.
I expected it to be more slim than it is, which was quite a disappointment but it would still fit my Tumi's computer compartment along with my Lenovo T410 and airport security had never asked me to take it take it out.
Overall it's a great productivity product that I would strongly recommend to any road warrior out there.
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on October 11, 2011
I'm finally happy with my new Toshiba Mobile USB monitor. It sure didn't start off as a good experience, however.

First off, I may not be using this like most people would (i.e. as a truly mobile monitor for laptops). I wanted a third, small, monitor for my office desktop setup. It's used almost exclusively for Outlook and my To-Do List (Toodledo). I already have a 24" and a 22" monitor on my desktop so I didn't want or need something big since I don't have much room left on my desk. This size and compact form factor the bill nicely for the third monitor. The brightness is decent. The picture is pretty good. Nothing outstanding, but certainly good enough for the my intended purpose.

But, I was so very close to giving up on this monitor. First of all, they provide you with a mini-USB to dual USB cable. One USB is for the picture and the other is for power. They say that some computers will power it through a single USB 2 cable. Not mine (a newer Dell). The USB cable that they supply is only about 12 inches long and didn't even come close to reaching from the top of my desk to my Dell Tower under the desk. And, since it's a mini-USB to dual USB cord, it's not as easy as grabbing one of the many USB cords that we have sitting around. So, I ordered a USB hub from Amazon with a long cord. I then plugged the two USB connections from the Toshiba to the USB Hub. No go. It still would not get powered through the USB hub. So, I finally purchased two of the AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female Extension Cable (3.3 Feet/1.0 Meter thank goodness for Prime!). And, we finally have a winner!

So, after a week of buying different things and waiting for deliveries from Amazon, I was finally able to turn on the monitor and display my desktop! Now, for the drivers. The drivers that Toshiba includes are HORRIBLE on Windows 7. They are dated from March 2011. Do not install them! I have read other stories that they work equally as bad on Windows XP and Vista. I was getting constant screen flickers. When you let your PC go to sleep and came back it would not display ANYTHING on the primary monitor. The #2 monitor and the #3 Toshiba did light up. So, I had to CTRL-ALT-DEL to login in the blind. Once you logged it, the primary monitor would finally wake up. Doing almost anything in Photoshop would cause all three monitors to flicker and then the entire PC would lock up. You had to power off and restart. This happened four or five times over the first day and I was about to pack the thing up and send it back. Then, I found some new drivers on (verson 6.0 M1 dated October 10, 2011). After almost a full day of running the new drivers from DisplayLink, everything finally seems to be good.

My advice to you:
1. If you need more than 12" of cable, search for "AmazonBasics USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female Extension Cable" and grab TWO (2) of them. They come in a variety of lengths and are cheap (much cheaper than Best Buy, Staples, OfficeMax, etc.).
2. Then, when you get the monitor, forget about the CD. Go to, click Support, and download the drivers for your OS.

Follow these two steps and you should have a much better experience than I had.
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on February 7, 2012
First off, I'm an auditor for an accounting firm and use this product solely for work. For looking at spreadsheets, emails and other work related documents, this monitor works great. The screen resolution is ok but I'm not watching blue ray's on it either.

I had problems when I first hooked it up. The box only comes with the monitor, the USB cord and the install CD. I tried hooking it up and all I got was a blank screen. I tried calling Toshiba support (something I don't recommend) but their only advice was to send it back because the monitor is suppose to be a "plug and play" unit, meaning you are suppose to just plug it in and it should work instantly. (I'm also running Windows XP so there could be some differences with new OS') After reading other reviews, I thought the issue was a power problem. I don't the dual USB ports supplies enough electricity to support the monitor's power requirements which is either a smart marketing tool for Toshiba or a manufacturing defect. I bought a power adapter online(I would recommend buying from Amazon because I found one at Walmart for $80 compared to the $35 adapters found on Amazon). I also unistalled the software from the CD and went to the website to download their software ( > Support > Windows Software > Displaylink USB Graphic Software for Windows). After I did all of this, the Monitor works great, and it finally has become a plug n play device.

I also bought a 4 in 1 usb hub because my work computer only has 2 total USB ports.

Ultimately, I think think this device works great for my intended use. It is portable, lightweight and definitely increases my efficiency at work.
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on June 29, 2012
Pros and Cons of this monitor, so you can make an informed purchase:

- Light and thin, fits easily in any pc bag.
- Case is attached to the monitor, makes it easy to handle, safe stand and protect while traveling.
- 2 brightness levels, high and low, there's a big difference between those 2 levels, so they're really useful.
- No A/C adapter required, Ligthed On/sleep/Off button in the bezel.
- Good definition size (1366 x 768), Excellent image, no flickering at all.
- Solid brand name, 1 year warranty.
- Provided drivers and software work perfect setting up the monitor.
- Software starts running only if the monitor is plugged in, that saves processor resources when not in use.

- Mini USB port is on the left edge of the monitor, that makes the mini-connector pop out +1", if your pc has right usb ports they will bump each other.
- Screen def (1366x768)is not standard to laptops, your webpages need to be adjusted when moved over to the monitor.
- When the stand is open, it looks Bulky because the support is the back of the case, there's not slim rib to hold it standing (this is your payback for the handiness of the attached case).
- USB port takes a while to optimize the transmission speed to the monitor.(TIP.- always plug it to the same USB port).

OVERALL REVIEW: Very good product, good quality materials, fancy look, very easy to set up and control, little screen lagging for 2 or 3 days after installation - -> Recommend the monitor: Absolutely a YES !!

I rated 4 stars due to the protruding location of the mini usb port; Operationally it's a 5* product.
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on March 31, 2014
I have used this for years and its awesome! I travel every week for work and having that second monitor is key. When I leave it at home, I actually get mad as I feel limited with a single screen.

I've never had a malfunction with it in the past ~2 years I've used it. And Its been used for almost 5-8 hours a day, 5 days a week for about 400 days of those 2 years. No flickering or scratching either. The folio design for it makes it lightweight and protects the screen.

The screen is a much smaller resolution than my laptop monitor so I put things like movies or outlook/word on it when I'm working on my main screen.

When I'm back in the office where I have a much larger second monitor, I still plug it in and it acts as a third monitor.
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on July 19, 2013
I do not have the biggest desk area ( in home office) and was needing a second monitor to serve as an extension of my laptop screen. I ordered this and am very pleased with its performance. I love the built-in fold out casing. It has proven to be reliable and a definte plus. Do not expect a HD screen, but the screen is clear and bright enough for me. All the lettering is very clear and the contrast is good. I have not found the length of the cord an issue and it works just fine with my laptop, just using the single USB connection. I stand it right next to my Laptop and select the Extend option and that allows me to be able to move screens over to it from my primary screen. Definitely worth the money. And at this time although it is listed as a discontinued item here on Amazon, it is still covered for support and warranty by Toshiba ( I called them and checked the website). Before this purchase I read all the reviews. One of them mentioned downloading the correct driver to get the best performance. I did not use the driver provided on the CD. I went out to the Toshiba website, which linked over to and downloaded the correct driver, in this case I needed an XP driver for this particular laptop. That did the trick. I have had No Problems. I have recommeded this to others.
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on December 28, 2011
I ordered this USB monitor just prior to the Christmas holidays. After I ordered, I actually found a friend that had this monitor. But a slightly older version.

The new version sports a leather case (similar to some Ipad covers). It remains attached and transforms into the stand. Much improved. The older version had a plastic cover that was somewhat difficult to remove.

The USB cable that comes with it is long enough to reach around the laptop but that is about it. If you need to have more space or your USB port is not located to the same side as the monitor you may want to get an extension cable.

Screen Brightness has a HI and LOW. Only those two settings. I have not found any issue with color or brightness. Works great indoors or sitting at a starbucks. Speaking of which - be warned - you may not get much done at Starbucks because people will constantly interrupt to ask you about your screen.

Thickness - This newer version of their monitor is thinner and much more easily portable than the previous version. Fits in my case right next to the laptop.

Power Button - There is a power button on the screen to turn it off....or you could just pull the usb cable out.

SOFTWARE - After reading issues with the Display Link software that ships with the monitor, I chose to download it directly from the website. I experienced ZERO issues with the software.

WISHLIST - The only thing I would have liked is that the monitor would have an additional USB passthrough port. That would have been a nice plus.

Overall - I am very pleased and already recovered the cost of the monitor through increased productivity. :)
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on May 6, 2013
I bought this because I needed another monitor while I was traveling for work.

I did some research before hand to figure out which monitor I wanted. I needed a few different things:
1) no power cord required
2) has some sort of case around it
3) was at least 14 inches
4) Light weight.

This gave me all three. It has been wonderful so far. During my research I discovered the updated drivers for this, posted in an earlier comment. I never had to experience the flashing screen or anything like that with the new drivers. So I would recommend that.

It does take 2 USB ports, but thats to be expected since it does not require a power cord.

Only dislikes, the screen brightness has only 2 settings and the resolution isn't as good as my laptop, but still more than adequate. I am being picky.

Definitely recommend this product.
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on April 17, 2013
This is such a great product. I downloaded the driver for my MacBook Pro from the DisplayLink's website and then connected the monitor with the provided USB cable that is over 2 feet long. The monitor is recognized after a few seconds and the display is flawless. The entire process took less than 5 minutes. The USB-powered screen is a little dimm. So I connected it with a compatible AC adapter from my retired Toshiba Satellite laptop (Toshiba's website indicates that 220 nits (cd/m2) is max brightness when using optional AC adapter PA3743U-1ACA). The screen shines beautifully with external power supply. Love it.

I would give it 5 stars, if the power supply plug is located on the same side of the monitor. It is impossible to put the monitor close to the main screen because it is either blocked by the USB or by the power supply. It would have been ideal, if both are located on the back of the monitor.
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