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on January 17, 2010
I was looking for a fair-priced DVD player that could double as a TV (and possibly a PC monitor) -- yes, in that order -- to use in our moderate-sized bedroom. Originally, I was set to order the comparable SHARP model but it was sold out, so I went with this TOSHIBA. I was a bit apprehensive about it because of all the negative reviews on its sound quality, but with Amazon's awesome returns policy and process in mind, I took the plunge. Here's my review after 1 month of ownership...

APPEARANCE: Looks great! The TOSHIBA logo on the front lights (and stays lit) when you turn the set on. This feature can be turned off, too. The remote control looks and feels cheaper and of lower quality than the set, but it works fine.

EASE OF USE: If you've ever used a TV and DVD player in the past, this is a breeze. Just scan the user manual for what you need -- hookups, DVD, channel programming, etc. The manual is also pretty easy to manage. Upon reflection, I could have skipped the manual, simply unpacked the box, plugged in the TV and popped in a DVD within 5 minutes. Figuring out the TV and getting the channels OTA took another 5-10 minutes. (I tried the cable hookup and it worked fine; over-the-air I needed an antenna.)

FEATURES: DVD player works fine; nothing spectacular and no problems. A bit slow at times when jumping from one section to another, but that might be the DVD itself. (Not sure.) This is the only feature I really cared about (for now).

PICTURE QUALITY: Excellent with DVDs! (Note, if the quality of DVD is meant to be grainy, like some old movies or shows, it will be reflected that way on the set.) Color is great, picture is sharp and auto-sized.

PORTABILITY: Did not buy it to carry around but it is light and easy to move from spot to spot or room to room.

Drum roll please......... And now, the most contentious aspect of this set....

SOUND QUALITY: We live in the city, an apartment about a dozen floors up from the street. So, we hear traffic, construction, planes, copters, sirens, dogs barking, etc. Our viewing distance is about 8-10 feet from the screen. Keeping that in mind, when there is no other sound in our home -- such as a toilet flush or heater/air conditioner/fan -- then we can actually hear well at volumes from 5 to 10. With the added noise, we need to temporarily bump the volume from 15-25. (Top volume on the set is 50.) With some DVDs (such as some of the Pink Panther movies or Night at the Museum II when Larry is whispering to the Smithsonian guard) we had to turn the volume to 35. We have never gone beyond 35 in watching a show or DVD.

We are satisfied with this set as (1) a DVD player and (2) an OTA TV. Have not tried it as a monitor, yet.

UPDATE (2/23/2011): (1) The DVD player has been in extremely heavy use for over one year and is still working fine (and so are the TV and Remote Control). (2) We also hooked up an old VCR... very easy to do, and works great with the TV, but the TV Remote Control does not (or can not) control the VCR. (3) One negative is that there is a lag between turning on the unit and it actually displaying an image, maybe 2-3 seconds that seem like an eternity; though this doesn't ruin the rating, it has become annoying because it also happens to a similar extent when changing channels.

UPDATE (1/18/2012): DVDs are starting to periodically freeze up. The discs are in great shape - no scratches, dirt, prints. But, for some reason they sometimes freeze, and the controls don't work (play, pause, ff, rew, etc..., except eject). Maybe it's due to heavy use(?).

UPDATE (7/7/2014): DVDs have been freezing up pretty regularly for the past couple of years. Often it will go through previews but then stop before getting to the DVD menu screen. Also, on discs with multiple episodes, such as TV shows (Gilligan's Island; Are You Being Served; Simon & Simon; etc.), Play All does not end up playing all the episodes because of (you guessed it) freeze ups.
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on April 6, 2014
This has proved to have been an excellent purchase. It has been close to 5 years since I obtained this TV. It has performed superbly. Regrettably, within the last few months the DVD player has begun to fail. It often doesn't recognize a disc that is inserted. However, when it does recognize the disc, it still works flawlessly. I am not surprised that the player is beginning to go, as I have used it extensively. I have a huge collection of opera DVD's, which I am always playing. The failure of the player at this point after that extensive use would be quite expected. Most importantly, the TV itself works as well today as on the first day that I hooked it up. I couldn't be happier with the performance of this purchase. N.B. Just out of curiosity, I ordered the "Digital Innovations 60120-00 CleanDr Laser Lens Cleaner" from Amazon. I ran it once and now my player works as if new.
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on July 6, 2010
The reason sound volume is a big issue for some that review this tv is that they're trying to use a small size set in a larger room. This tv isn't designed for a medium to large room; it's perfect for a small condo living room or bedroom. The tv isn't that big ... and you're not going to be sitting that far away from it if you want to get good viewing. If you want a medium to larger room tv this isn't it ... there are plenty of great buys out there for larger tvs that are going to be more appropriate for those applications. But if you're looking for a second or third tv for the bedroom or small play room this will be a good choice (espeically with the built-in DVD player); and you'll find the sound level to be fine - in a way, the sound volume is a plus because kids/guests, etc. won't be able to turn the volume up to a level that's going to disturb you at night while being used in a room next to you!
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on June 2, 2009
Bought two flat panel HDTVs, this one and a Vizio, The Vizio is superb. This set only ranks as average or slightly below. If you have any slight hearing problem, you will not get enough sound level out of this set on a digital channel to be able to hear it clearly. Had to add Radio Shack's amplified speakers plugged into the headphone jack of the TV in order to correct this problem. The tuner is not anywhere near as sensitive as it should be. The Vizio pulled in 19 stations with the antenna, whereas this set only received 15. In a 22" set, there are not a lot of choices when you desire a built-in DVD player. This set needs to be improved.
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on June 15, 2009
This is a very nice small HDTV. It is the 22" version of Toshiba's latest (2009) revamp of their 19, 22 and 26" LCD HDTV DVD combo line up. I bought it to fit in our boat during the summer months and take home for a bedroom in the winter. It needed to be surface mounted in the boat and on its stand in the winter. I highly recommend this TV as the best in class for this size and DVD combo configuration. A couple factors cause me to nudge my rating back from 5-stars: The complications encountered in getting a truly flush mount, and I prefer the image fidelity of a plasma display over the harsh contrasty rendition of any LCD.

Some observations both pro and con for those interested in this TV:

Appearance: An attractive gloss black frame with minimal frame width around the display surface.
Remote: well designed with a familiar layout and comfortable ergonomics.
Power: Very low power consumption 61W. This means less heat and an ability to run the TV from a small 120 Watt inverter from the boat's DC battery bank.
Aspect ratio: a true 16:9 aspect ratio - correct for HDTV that has finally begun to predominate.
Sound: I found the sound quality and volume perfectly adequate for the size of the TV. It will not compete with my 50" Panasonic plasma, but its speaker size shouldn't be expected to for 1/7 the price and <1/4 the size.
Tuner: Channel changing is as quick as most tuners
Set-Up: very good "auto tune" set-up station finding
DVD - has scene marking function & full range disk control functionalities

Audio a noticeable dropout "hiccup" on channel change
Viewing angles degrade much sooner than the spec 160 - 170 degrees, particularly the vertical
Image: "screen door" image quality appearance characteristic of LCD display at close viewing distances
75 Ohm connection: orientation and lack of recess prohibits a flush mount without an "L" converter
Image resizing lacks sophisticated versions e.g "justify"
Superfluous: the logo light "feature"

Don't be put off by the "cons". This is a great TV and after doing weeks of comparisons I am convinced that it is the best of the class. I admit my preference for plasma, but in this size there simply is no such thing.
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on April 18, 2009
Bought this unit for our RV for over air HDTV and DVD/DivX, Netflix downloaded Movies. We have it ceiling mounted so it takes up no valuable counter space. Firstly, it arrived 2 weeks earlier than promised (supposed to be released May 1, arrived April 14th), so that was great!

Fired it up, attached it to our RCA, powered, rabbit ears antenna and it picked up 31 Digital or HD channels (we live in the East Bay, between San Francisco and San Jose)some as far away as Sacramento. I'd only been getting 12 channels, using the same antenna set up, on my HP PC with a Hauppage tv tuner.

So far, so good, but it was the picture quality that blew us away!! Now, we have a 42", 1080p Panasonic Plasma with BluRay at home, so are used to high quality, crisp images. This little tv's picture quality is superior to the 42" plasma and the color is 'true'. We've had it hooked up and running for 4 days now, and each evening there are a several bursts of "Wow, can you believe how sharp this picture is?" and "I am so impressed with the picture quality of this little tv!"

Can't speak to the sound quality, as we immediately hooked it up to a small sound system, but it plays DVD's and downloaded Netflix movies like a champ. Channel changing is not sloth like as in the previous model we tried.

We purchased a 19inch Toshiba TV/DVD combo a year ago and returned it because we were not happy with the picture quality or the sluggish response when changing channels - it also cost around $700! We went back to watching TV and Movies on the PC, but decided to try again with this 22inch model. We are absolutely thrilled with the purchase and for almost half of what we paid for a lesser unit last year.
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on November 29, 2009
We've had this TV for about six months now. It is in my sons room and he mainly watches movies on it, so I can't speak about over the air signals or quality in that regard. Overall it is a solid TV that serves its purpose. The volume is very weak and inconsistent. It is somewhat overlooked by the fact it is used in a small bedroom for a 2 1/2 year old. If this tv were being used in a larger room or perhaps in the kitchen I do not think the volume would be sufficient. The picture quality is great and it uses a very small footprint. The tv itself is very light and can be moved easily if needed. The built in dvd was the main seller for us and it has performed well. overall, a very good secondary tv.
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on February 7, 2010
If you want a reliable TV-DVD combo, the Toshiba 22-inch model is a good choice. If you plan to use it in the average bedroom, study, or kitchen environment, the audio, which is a bit anemic compared to its analog counterpart, is adequate. If you plan to watch a lot of DVD's in a noisy environment, you might want to add a pair of computer speakers plugged into the headphone jack, or connect to a bookshelf component syestem. If the set is for a game room or similar environment, you need a bigger unit, probably a 32-inch.

Otherwise, the set performs almost flawlessly and is easy to set up, especially if it is not your first HDTV. There is a sound level change when switching between analag and digital channels, but I suspect that would be true of any 22-inch set, and many larger ones. (It could also be a cable TV problem.) The remote works fine, and DVD player player performs without a hitch.

I consider the unit a good value, and would buy it again.
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on January 9, 2010
The TV set works just fine but the whole digital channel thing is very confusing and difficult to me. Perhaps the TV is at fault, perhaps not but here is what I observed.

When I connected the TV it automatically (or so it seemed) began to scan and note all of the analog and digital channels. Soon after it did this I got a print out for all of the cable channels for my area from the Comcast web site. None of the digital channel numbers match the numbers Comcast provides. Comcast uses whole numbers all the way up to the 800s but the Toshiba TV identifies these numbers as 25-001 or 55-003 which are totally different that the 3 numbers Comcast assigns. After spending about an hour and a half working on it I was finally able to make my own listing of the digital channels we watch regularly according to Toshiba. What a pain! (If this is explained in the 50 page manual, my apologies but I want something more intuitive and I'm not about to read a 50 page TV manual.)

The other things that are a bit annoying is the length of time it takes to come on. Perhaps this is some power saving feature but I'm used to instant on. Even the indicator light seems to be delayed.

I didn't notice any sound problems but it is played in our quiet bedroom.
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on May 8, 2010
Although this TV says it's a 22", it is not. In the old days, the size given indicated the diagonal size of the picture. This appears to be no longer the case. In fact, the width of the entire TV is 21.6" and the picture itself is no more than 19". This was very disappointing, as we had expected a larger screen. We are going to have to spring for a larger set for our elderly mother.

Other than that, the picture is great, the sound is good and it's very easy for her to use the DVD player. Too bad about the size.
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