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on March 26, 2014
I'm a gamer. I have an Xbox One. I use it to (obviously) play games, watch Netflix and YouTube, listen to music, and even browse the Internet occasionally. And if I had a PS4, I know it would offer many of those same features.

It's for this reason (because I own an console that already does everything) that I DO NOT want a more expensive Smart TV with a bunch of built-in apps that I don't care about. Instead, I simply want a basic, reasonably priced, high-quality LED on which my Xbox One interface will look great. And this TV... it delivers. It is a 'stupid' as they come when it comes to LED TVs and that makes me very happy.

Additionally, newer Toshiba TVs have an excellently responsive Game Mode. Just go look over on the Input Lag database (search Input Lag Database on Google) and you'll see that Toshiba offers some great options. This TV isn't in the database yet, but I decided to go ahead and gamble and buy it anyway... and after a couple of days worth of TitanFall I'm confident that this TV is super-speedy for gaming. My daughter watched Frozen with the Movie Mode turned on and it looked great too, but honestly, like I said, this is a gamer review, so there's probably somebody else out there more qualified at telling you if the 120 HZ ClearMotion is quality enough for movie buffs.

So yeah, if 1) you want a pretty big TV on which to play games, 2) you're like me and see no need to double-dip by having both Smart TV and Xbox One apps that literally do the exact same thing, and 3) you're on a budget, then this TV is a GREAT choice.
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Enthusiast: Cookingon April 21, 2014
I was specially looking for a non-smart TV just for gaming and I picked this one. There seems to be a few problems with Samsung Smart TV's freezing up and I did not need that option anyway. If you are looking for a smart TV, I would recommend buying a Roku with this TV. You can't go wrong for the price since it is a 1080 TV. Also this is not a true 120hz TV, only in cinema mode and I did not see any difference in gaming and I am not using gaming mode since this TV seems fast enough. This TV is also a gloss finish which makes the picture more crisp! Once thing I noticed playing Battlefield 4 on my new Samsung and LG TV, that there is a certain map that has a cave and I can actually see with the Toshiba inside the cave and the LG and Samsung I could not, so I always hated playing that map till now

The colors are nice and crisp and there is no delay in the response time with the controller. I am using a HDMI connection and did a few adjustments on the colors from a previous review someone did. Amazon can't seem to keep this TV in stock, so I had to buy it from a different dealer. The only thing I did add was buy a Philips CSS2123B/F7 SoundBar Home Cinema Speakers for added gaming experience, otherwise it sounds pretty good with the built in speakers. The TV is also very light and can be easily moved around and it also has a VESA mount for mounting on the wall.

Update 7/6/2014 - The TV is used constantly for PS3 and I liked to so much I bought a 2nd one for my PS4! I just took the default settings on both TV's. The only problem that I found out when I have both TV's right next to each other one remote controls them both. Shut one off the other one turns on. lol! Which I only do for gaming LAN parties and then I just use the buttons on back of the TV. I watched a DVD through one once and the picture was amazing! You can't go wrong for the $219 Amazon price! This TV is so popular you have to wait a few weeks to get one.
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on July 22, 2014
The Toshiba 32L2400U is a great value TV. I wanted a great basic TV and this one sure fits the bill. I have four high end flat screen TVs and never use the WIFI or Smart TV features within them. (If you need WIFI, you can get that built into a Blue Ray player.) So when I went out looking for another TV, I did not want to pay for those features but LED and LCD (bright colors) were important to me as well as 1080p for high resolution and active 120 hertz speed for fast moving action scenes. This TV fits those requirements.

This TV is a name brand LED/LCD type, has plenty of input and output ports, has as good as any sound for built in speakers, is 1080p, and has active 120 hertz speed. Those are the important features to me. The picture is sharp, crisp with brilliant colors. The set up screens are very intuitive and I find the remote control very nice.

I had read some concerns regarding the stand being wobbly. That bothered me but unless you live in a earth quake zone, the stand sure seems stable enough for me. I doubt it is any more unstable then any other 32 inch TV stand on any other 32 inch TV. In short, the TV, to me, is plenty stable and I found the concern unwarranted. I might add the TV is almost feather light. If I tried, I bet I could pick it up with my thumb and forefinger. A small child could lift and move this TV with little problem. I might add it took me less then 5 minutes to install the stand. (Two screws on the back of the TV and four screws on the bottom of the stand.)

So the bottom line to all this is this is a great TV for it's price. I don't believe you would be sorry purchasing it. I am retired, hold a broadcast engineer license, an Extra Class Amateur Radio License, and have tons of electronic experience under my belt. I like this TV so much I have just ordered another one of them.
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on April 2, 2014
If you are shopping for a TV but don't need all the bells and whistles that come with a smart TV, then i highly recommend this unit. It is a very attractive unit - slim and stylish. Best of all is the picture! So clear and bright. Definitely worth looking at when shopping for a reasonably priced LED TV.
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on November 4, 2014
I have had the Toshiba 50L2400U for one month and at least with regard to the most important function of a TV, the picture produced, I have found nothing to complain about. I do not have cable so use it for off-the-air and with Blue Ray disks. The off-air tuner picks up all channels (wish they were all 1080i) and Blue Ray disks look fantastic (highly recommend The Life of Pi for a visual treat). With any other TV I have ever purchased I have at least had to spend some time adjusting the color, brightness, contrast, etc. but with this set I thought the picture was perfect with the factory settings. I had some concerns that since it is only rated at 60Hz refresh (Toshiba claims a "120 Hz Clear Scan" so there is some uncertainly on this issue) that there might be some blurring with fast action but I have not noted any. I suppose if you did a side-by-side comparison with some of the more expensive sets some deficiency with the Toshiba might be noted but it certainly beats the 9-year-old 32” Sony Bravia LCD set it replaced (which cost $1688 at Sam’s Club back in 2005!)

Not that there is absolutely nothing to complain about: The program guide function is poor, showing information only on the program you are watching and the next one. I have another HD TV and 2 HD converters with this function and they all give much more info. (Wish they would just develop the best program guide and then standardize it for all TVs!) It would have been nice if an analog audio output had been included so that an external amp with analog input could be connected. Only digital optical audio and HDMI output are available so I have to either try a D/A converter or buy a new amp with digital input. Actually, the sound from the TV itself is fairly decent considering the small speakers used. Mounting this TV was a challenge due to the bulge in thickness at the bottom which interferes with the brackets. I had to cut about ¼ inch off the bottom of the brackets. Finally, some genius at Toshiba decided that when you hit the mute button it would first go to ½ volume instead of full mute. You have to press it a second time to get full mute. I suppose I will eventually get use to it but for now find it irritating.
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VINE VOICEon December 11, 2014
This is a great TV, not just for the price, but overall.

I have always liked the color rendition exhibited by Toshiba televisions and, thankfully, this TV is no different.

I'm using this TV in a bedroom and the screen size is perfect for me. I had a 32" LCD Toshiba that had an amazing picture but the size was just too small. I did calibrate the new TV using the Avia calibration disc, adjusting the Backlight, Contrast, Brightness, Color, and Tint levels. The result is an outstanding picture from at least 7-10 feet away (any closer and you can see some of the flaws in the picture, like the artifacting). I didn't notice much of an issue in the way of motion blur with this TV when watching sports. Viewing angles are very good as you don't have to be head on to see the great picture quality.

The built in tuner on this LED TV is much better than the tuner that was on my 2011 Toshiba LCD TV, as it pulls in and holds on to televisions stations much better than the older TV. TV stations change faster on the newer TV as well. I really like the on screen display which shows you the information on the current program you are watching, and it shows you information on the upcoming program too. Unfortunately, the TV does not show you the current time, even though you must select your time zone during the initial set up.

I watch HDTV using a Mohu Leaf 30 Paper-Thin Indoor HDTV Antenna OTA antenna for an uncompressed digital signal and I watch programs and movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video. Of course, I also watch DVDs and Blu Ray on my Sony BDPS3200 Blu-ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi. Since the Blu Ray player has built in wi-fi and apps, I didn't need a smart TV. I think that you get more out of a TV if it is just a basic TV. You can always add Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Roku to deliver a set of streaming options for your viewing pleasure.

I want to say that the sound quality on this TV is really good. You can use an external amp or audio system, but the built in speakers are very good.

The television only features an optical / toslink digital audio out. If you plan to connect the television to an older stereo, you will need a digital to analogue converter that can covert 5.1 dolby digital & dts into a 2-channel signal. Thankfully, Parts Express has this item for a very reasonable price.

The TV only features 2 HDMI inputs, 1 USB, and the component & composite inputs. This may be a dealbreaker for some, but for the price I paid ($329), I think that this TV represents an outstanding value for consumers.

The only real downside to this TV, for me, is that I am not crazy about the two-tone cabinet with the black frame and the silver base; I think that it just looks cheap as opposed to an all black frame / bezel and base.

Sadly, I had to return this TV due to a dead pixel in the lower left corner of the display.

I would definitely recommend this television to anyone in the market for something inexpensive featuring both very good picture quality and excellent sound quality. This TV is an excellent value.

Here are the settings I used after going through the calibration process for viewing the TV in a predominately dark room with one small light on while viewing:

Backlight: +62
Contrast: +85
Brightness: -7
Color: +6
Tint: +14
Sharpness: 0
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on January 6, 2015
A great HDTV that offers 1080i and 1080p as well as many personal preferences to adjust contrast, brightness and backlight. Good quality, sound. There are no issues with this TV and the brand name Toshiba, offers consistent good picture and sound.
Factory preset settings need corrected. (this goes for any and all HDTV's)
For this particular model, the best picture is when you go to menu, picture and then picture mode, Adjust Backlight to 78, Contrast to 47, Brightness to 31, Color -15 , Tint +5
and under the advanced picture settings you want to have Color Temp - Medium, Static Gamma +2, Dyna light LOW, and Dynamic Contrast LOW ....Enjoy !

The problem with HDTV's is that they are factory preset and need correction when they are home. Decreasing the Contrast and increasing Backlight and Brightness will have better overall quality. Contrast (white balance) is too high on all sets, by lower this, there is no white washing of brighter scenes, shirts, facial glares.
Regarding aspect ratio, or 16:9 Widescreen: There is the PIC SIZE button on the remote to fit the screen to the proper size of the image.

Regarding 60hz and 120hz - When the TV is receiving an image that is fast moving the 120hz automatically adjusts and keeps up with that rate of information being sent and received.
I read from others that they didn't have an "adjustment'' when in fact, this is automatically done.

Questions? Ask :)
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on May 25, 2014
My 37" Vizio blew out, and therefore I needed a new TV pretty quickly. For me, all I needed was a reasonable size, acceptable amount of HDMI ports (2+), and most importantly, NO SMART FEATURES!

After a couple days of consideration, I decided upon this Toshiba. It's a nice package all told with a nice big picture frame. It looks great on a mount. In addition, the picture quality is pretty good and the picture presets are customizable.

The only complaint I have is that the stock speakers sound a little tinny. Nothing a soundbar/subwoofer couldn't fix though.

After a couple weeks with the TV, I am so far satisfied. I was in desperate need of a TV, and this definitely filled the void. All told, I easily recommend this set because of the all-around encompassing package this television provides.
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on October 18, 2014
I finally got a HDTV in April 2014. I felt like I was the last person in America watching a tube TV. I wasn't sure what specs to get, so on Easter I asked a couple of my relatives. Both agreed it was worth the extra money it to get a LED TV with a 1080p resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate. But I didn't want a smart TV, just a TV. My nephew-in-law said it might be hard to get a TV with those specs that wasn't a smart TV, and he was right. The only brand I could find was the Toshiba L2400 series, so that is what I got.

I didn't want a smart TV since, as my nephew put it, "You take something simple like a TV and make it as complicated as a computer." Also, if the "smart" part breaks, you lose the whole TV. And to upgrade the smart part, you have to get a whole new TV. So I thought it best to get the TV first, then later add a Roku 3500R Streaming Stick (HDMI) for Internet access.

My nephew was correct about just a TV being simple. I took it out of the box, screwed the base to the TV, set it where I wanted it, and plugged it. All I needed to do at that point was to hook it up to the cable box, but I didn't have the correct cable. I called Comcast and was told I needed a HDMI cable. They would give it to me for free, but I had to go pick it up at one of their retail stores. It was only a few minutes away, so it wasn't a major problem, and I needed a new remote anyway. But I could have saved the trip if I had ordered a HDMI Cable from Amazon when I ordered the TV. But once I got the correct cable, I hooked it up, turned on the TV with the remote, and that was it. The TV worked. Nothing complicated to set up.

And let me tell you, going from a 23" tube TV to a 40" HDTV was an amazing experience. When I first watched a movie, it was like being at a movie theater, and watching the Pittsburgh Pirates was like being at PNC Park. And I hate to admit it, but the atheistic "Cosmos" reboot looked amazing. Those Hubble pictures were just dazzling. And in the six months since I got it, there have been many times when it just hits me how incredible the picture is. And I am glad I spent the extra money to get 40" rather than "just" the 32" inches I was planning on getting. The 40" fills the corner I have the TV in, so that aids in making the picture look incredible.

I only have a couple of small caveats with this Toshiba TV. First, there is no way to turn the TV on and off on the TV itself. You have to use the remote. There are times when I am walking by the TV and would like to turn it on then rather than waiting until I get the where I watch the TV from. That is important for the second caveat: it takes several seconds to for the picture to appear when you turn it on, so if I could turn it on as I walked by, it would be ready when I am. It also takes several seconds for the picture to appear when changing channels or the input. But again, this is my first HDTV, so I'm not sure if these issues are the case with all HDTVs or not.

But even though this is my first HDTV, I have watched other HDTVs when visiting relatives or in doctors' offices and the like. And the picture on this Toshiba TV compares very favorably to them, as far as I can tell. And after six months, it is still working just fine, with no problems.

So overall, I am very satisfied with my this HDTV, so I am giving this Toshiba TV five stars.
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on June 13, 2014
I have used it for my computer screen, and it's just OK. Perhaps at this size, most TVs are going to be just OK as a computer monitor, since it is only 1920x1080, and that resolution looks good at 32" or 37" but much larger like this 50" and you can tell it's not perfect. But as a TV display for regular TV or video games, it's great! The sound is what you'd expect for a budget TV, but it accepts HDMI input and has an optical output, so you can plug this straight into your home theater system like I did. Simple no frills TV that is perfect if you're looking for a simple display for your other gear.
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