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on March 6, 2013
It has strength in exactly what I was looking for; a giant gorgeous picture and it does a great job with 120Hz, certain movies almost look 3D without having to wear glasses and it is lifelike. A little bit of a green push but I prefer green over red accentuation. The tinny sound is not a problem because I have a decent sound system to make up for it. What was disappointing is that 1) this unit will remember all kinds of parameters persistently but game mode always shuts off if you change inputs or power off. Not too bad to deal with but even with game mode, there appears to be a good 2-4 frames of input lag. It puts me at a bit of a disadvantage in say Halo 4. I play with my computer monitor (no input lag) and my roommates old Vizio 42" and there is less lag. It's still fun to play on but can be irritating to lose scores due to something you can't change. A minor issue to note is that above backlight settings around 60, there is a TINY bit of backlight bleed at the top but it is almost not worth noting. Such a great picture.

Anyhow overall very satisfied and everyone who watches with me is amazed. For such a small price and the longevity of LED backlights makes this a great deal. Just know ahead of time if you want to play seriously against others online this may be a frustrating experience.
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on April 24, 2013
We are using 3 of these TV's for our conference room setup (using Eyefinity). The TV's are nice, but 2 of the 3 won't save the settings after they go to sleep (Game Mode, and Pic Size Native).

The connection to the computer is different for the one TV that works, so I think it's responding to the signal that it's getting, just wish I could over-ride that. Called Toshiba, but after an hour of him trying to Register the product (required before you can get support) they hung up on me. See in their forum others having the same problem, but no resolution from Toshiba.

We install these setups as part of our business, so was looking at 30 or more TV's in the next year so will have to look for another brand.

Picture quality is very good, and when in Game Mode all the picture processing is off so it responds beautifully. Price was very good, and they mate up side-by-side very well (outside screens are tilted in).
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on September 2, 2012
I've had a larger Toshiba for about three years, and thought it was the best a television could be. Maybe not. The picture on this new TV seems almost "too real." Initially, it was good, but I could not get better than 480p resolution - still good. I finally figured out that 480 was all it was getting from the Blu-Ray player. Once I figured the settings out on both, it is clearer than looking out the window, at least my windows.

I was able to buy this TV and a wi-fi Blu-Ray player for less than the cost of the closest competing (in my opinion) wi-fi TV. I was looking specifically for the ability to stream Amazon video wirelessly. The Sony Blu-Ray does that.

You'll have to go to support.toshiba.com for the user's guide, or wing it.

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on June 7, 2012
This is a great TV if calibrated correctly. I was quite frustrated with it in the beginning, looked online and found following settings [...]They worked for me, hope it helps everyone else looking for good calibration.
All in all, great purchase for the price.

Set picture mode to preference before making these changes.

These settings found in Picture Settings and Advanced Picture Settings:
Contrast 96
Backlight 52
Dynalight Off
Brightness 53
Color 50 (it's already well-adjusted out of the box)
Tint 0 (same as above)
Sharpness 1
Dnyamic Contrast Off
Static Gamma 0
Color Temperature Warm
Cinema Mode Film
Clearframe Off

Noise Reduction Settings:
MPEG Noise Reduction Off

Theater Settings:
Picture Size Native (very important to switch to this)
Auto Aspect Ratio Off
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on July 4, 2013
I lived with an ex who paid $2,000+ for this EXACT tv from our local power company! I got a steal!!!!

My dad has a Sanyo, my brother has a Hanspree, both 1080p - 120hz.
But this one just looks WAY clearer, much for sharp, & clean looking images.

This TV also has a gaming mode which I love. I play a lot of on-line games. Especially COD. There is ZERO LAG!
I highly recommend this TV to anyone looking for a new TV!
This was actually TV purchase, before this I had an old 1992 box 24" TV. So, I was nervous forking out the money. But I am so glad I did. I bought the extra protection too!
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on July 2, 2012
Really great colors and clarity on this TV. For me it's a computer monitor, and also an upgrade from a 32' Sharp Aquios. There was nothing wrong with my Sharp so I kinda had some buyer's remorse as I awaited it's delivery. But once I set it up and went right for the BBC - Planet Earth Blue Ray's...I just said WOW! This TV is worth every penny...Amazon has THE BEST price I could find anywhere + free shipping ( 2 day ).

~ If I was paying full retail I'd still reccommend Toshiba for both the color and clarity. Hope my feedback helps.

( 6 month later update ) I only use this TV as a computer monitor....STILL absolutley love it!!!! Worth every penny. A couple things buyers should know.

1. Start up is rather slower. From hitting the on button it takes about 30 secs to power up. I've read some reviews where people say switching channels takes forever...I cant comment on that because I only use 1 channel....but powering up is a REAL slow thing.

2. LED is WAYYYYY too clear. When I watch movies or TV shows on this TV I can tell that I am looking at a movie set or a TV set. The colors are so clear and crisp ...the illusion of movies and tv is almost all gone. Not sure if this makes sense...its almost like you can tell its a TV set and not real...really ruined Breaking Bad for me. Great set though...buy it if you can. Fantastic comp monitor!
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on January 5, 2013
I have to say that this TV is well worth its price tag. It thinness was it selling point to me

However, the preset coloring is way off took me a few days of tweaking to get it looking the way I want it since the standard color was way too warm and with no direct way to just reduce the red in the pictures.

The speaker on it is not too bad considering that thy're mounted on the bottom, but I don't pay much attention to that since I have a 5.1 computer speaker plug up to it

The base is wide which i like, makes me feel like it won't just fall over any day now.

Overall I would recommend this TV to anyone on a tight budget
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on April 12, 2013
this Tv rocks... crisp, clear, dynamic coloring, a simple remote, yellows are very good... fast action isn't choppy but smooth... we have watched this Tv for about 40 hours now... the recent "Bible' series on History was nothing short of spectacular on this flat screen...and we are more than pleased..

Amazon stands behind their refurbished or second market sets... I got a great deal.. had to acquire some missing bolts, washers, and such from a local hardware store... but Amazon credited my purchase accordingly.. and I saved more than $100 over lowest new prices found anywhere.....
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on November 25, 2012
I'm very pleased with the picture of this TV, which of course, is the main thing one wants in a TV. It's amazingly crisp and the colors are great. I don't notice any problematic areas of the screen.

I'm sort of baffled that it takes 15 seconds to get a picture after hitting the power button the the remote, and wondering if somehow there's some setting that I could change to alter this... but I looked through the menus and didn't see anything relevant. I also find the menus to be non-intuitive, although there's not so many options that you can't just look through them all when searching for a potential option to control.

I also find the stand to be surprisingly flimsy and disappointing, and the remote entirely inelegant.

FYI: I got the 46" model of this, and I use my TV with a Roku and an internet-enabled BlueRay player for Netflix, Hulu, and rented movies. And also that we recently got an 42" LG TV (LG 42LM6200 42-Inch Cinema 3D 1080p 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses), so I have a recent high-end point of comparison. I like this TV way better than the LG.

When all is said and done, I do realize that I prefer that TV manufacturers get the picture right first and that the user interface is a second priority. However, as a technical person, I am disappointed at the lack of attention to the user interface.

1. Beautiful picture.
2. Love the slim design.
3. Sound is great.

1. Wish the stand were more sturdy and that it rotated.
2. Wish the user interface was better, including the weird 15 second startup.
3. Wish the remote was sexier.

I don't regret this purchase because the picture is totally beautiful. But I do wish those details had been tended to better.

A couple of updates, 12/4/12: I just got around to connecting my older receiver and CD player to this, partly because I was curious about the interoperability with older components (no HDMI jacks). And I'm dragging my feet about upgrading the receiver, which I use for my surround sound. (Note: I recently moved, and haven't yet connected all five speakers, so I can't comment on that. Nor have I set things up, yet, to have audio go from the TV to the nice speakers.) Really, this is just a comment that the RGB works fine. That goes straight from the CD player to the TV, and then the sound (optical cable) goes from the CD player to the receiver (not through the TV). I do think this TV might have had more in the way of the older inputs, but I also think it's basically fine, and the bottom line is that I don't have to buy a new receiver right now to use this TV. And when I get another optical cable, it will be easy to go from the TV to the receiver.

Update, 12/24/12: I've hooked up the surround sound now, as well as the digital audio from the TV to my receiver. Again, I'm pleased with this TV, and that it works with my ~10yo receiver (again, I'm using digital audio). I love having the surround sound for my internet movies... Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.

FWIW, I have found that I'm used to the weird 15-second startup, though I do still find the lack of prompt feedback weird.
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on December 17, 2012
Box came earlier than I expected. Corner of box was dented. Was worried TV might've been damaged but all was fine. TV was easy to set up and navigate. Great picture. Nice that it has a couple extra HDMI slots to work with.
All in all, I think this TV is a great value and I'm very happy with it.

P.S. I baled on my potential Samsung TV purchase because of its recent problems with faulty capacitators. Why
reward a company that uses faulty parts then drags its feet in helping its customers. Not cool, Samsung.
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