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on June 30, 2011
I bought this unit to replace a failed 7 year old Sony RDR GX-300 DVD recorder. After reading all the comments, I had mixed feelings. Upon receiving the unit and setting it up, here's what I found.

The Toshiba DR430 DVD Recorder is a solid DVD recorder. It records and plays all formats you'll ever need (+R, +RW, -R, -RW, and others I never came across). If you're over 40, your eyes may have a hard time with the remote, but some squinting will overcome this. This remote is like all other black remotes with gray buttons.

In regards to comments that this unit loads and formats disks slowly, that's a bunch of nonsense. All DVD recorders take a bit of time, period. Your not playing a store bought movie.

You can record in SP, LP and EP. You'll get different recording capacities per disk depending on quality wanted. Longer time = lower quality, less time = higher quality. Just like on the old VHS VCR recorders. It's a no brainer. You set that up easily with the RECORD MODE button on the remote. I never use the timer, I always use the ONE STEP RECORD button. Each push gives you 30 minutes of recording time, then the recording stops. Want to record a 90 minute movie off your Tivo, then press the record button 3 times, its that simple.

Paid $113 with free shipping and had it in 4 good condition. No dents in the box. It isn't repacked in a larger box though, but I received mine just fine.

The video and audio inputs and outputs are on the back You can use RCA or S cable. I'm using both and it doesn't care. There an input on the front, behind a small door, for recording (downloading) from a camcorder (or any other device).

The manual covers everything, but you have to read it to understand it. I got going in 15 minutes with the QUICK START sheet (4 pgs). One important thing to remember, after you make your recording on a disk, you have to FINALIZE it, so it will play on other DVD players. Remember to read up on FINALIZE in the manual, and you should have no problems.

The menus are very basic, especially the TITLE EDIT button, but simple is good. My earlier Sony DVD recorder took some time to get familiar with. This one is alot easier. A recommended buy.
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on December 1, 2010
I have 25 years of VHS tape of family events that I was worried might be deteriorating so I needed something to transfer them to DVD format. I read lots of reviews of various machines and finally settled on the Toshiba DR430. The low price was a big incentive. I am so glad I bought it. All I had to do was take it out of the box, connect it to my TV, connect the VCR to the Toshiba and I was on my way. No need to read the manual at all. Well, when it was done, I popped the first copy into another DVD player, I got nothing. No problem-I had not finalized it, which I found out when I called customer support (no manual reading for me!). He was very nice, directed me to the page in the manual, then waited while I followed the instructions to make sure I had no problems. It worked perfectly. The only thing that I would change is I would use DVD+RW discs instead of DVD+R so that I can edit the chapter names. I plan to buy some today. I brought the first copy to Thanksgiving and everyone watched the entire thing. Ha-I told them someday they would be grateful to me for videoing all those years and I was right. Even though then they were always waving me away.
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on July 18, 2016
I just bought my second Toshiba DR-430. I got my first about 7 or 8 years ago and it has performed flawlessly.
However recently when recording the playback would freeze up in places. I'm pretty sure this is due to a worn
out lazer. Because I have recorded probably thousands of hours of movies, tv shows you name it and have never
had a problem. Some gave it a bad rating simply because it had no manuel. Really? Come on It's a DVD recorder
not Brain surgery. This is as good a recorder as you are going to find for the price or I wouldn't be getting another one.
I record off Direc tv and Roku streaming player and the results is near HD quality. I have to give this one 5 stars.
These people giving 1 and 2 stars? I don't know if they are Stupid or maby they got a bad one. All I know is the one
I got was excellent. I recommend this DVD Recorder/Player.
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on July 29, 2013
I have always owned a DVD recorder since they first came out, paid hundreds of dollars for them in the early years. Since then they have come down in price but not in quality. This Toshiba recorder arrived in it's original box displaying the content, usually Amazon products come inside another box, so I didn't have to guess the content of this box I signed for. The Toshiba DR430 recorder does not come with a tuner, thus saving me money off the bat, also which it wouldn't do me any good because nowadays I need a converter box to watch television channels anyways. Don't buy anything with a tuner, save your money, if you can still watch channels for free with a built in tuner, trust me, that won't be the case much longer in the U.S., the television people just haven't gotten to your area yet. For around $100 this is a great product. It can be connect via RCA, S-video, Component, and HDMI. The instructions are easy to follow, the remote control is very easy to use, programming and finalizing is very simple, RCA picture quality is great but HDMI makes it a little better, and can record up to 8 hours, and is very thin so it doesn't take up much room. I recommend purchasing this DVD recorder without the tuner.
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on February 15, 2013
This recorder is good for the price; but is not good.


This recorder is a basic way to record 3-cable composite video onto DVD. The input of this recorder is classic 3-cable RCA inputs: one RCA cable each for L-audio, R-audio, and Video. It also supports 3-cable S-video with L/R-audio input. The 5-cable composite video (i.e. R,G,B,L-audio,R-audio) is NOT supported for input. HDMI is NOT supported for input. 5-cable composite and HDMI is supported on output only.

Most every device today will output 3-cable composite video.

The quality of 3-cable composite video output is quite watchable, but not great. Slight color distortion and blurring are typical. Note that higher resolutions of composite video are still MUCH better than VHS magnetic tapes.


Composite video coming from many devices (including your DVR) will have a copy-protection signal encoded on the wire of your RCA or S-video RCA lead. If you try to record these onto DVD+RW/+R you will get an error "This program is not recordable in +VR mode" (or similar). This is done on a channel-by-channel basis, so CNN might be recordable, but HBO certainly will not. Unfortunately only DVD+RW/+R disks will be recordable in "make-recording-compatible" mode (see below) so as to work on other DVD players.

According to the manual DVD-RW/-R will record anything, but the DVD will not work outside of your Toshiba DR430.

If you want to record under the auspices of fair-use and defeat the copy protection you can do this easily with converter devices that normalize the signal to look non-copy-protected. I'm not going to explain what these converters are, but they will have 3-cable composite video input and output and allow one to record anything onto DVD+RW/+R.


The recorder primarily supports 4:3 aspect ratio. According to the manual "For DVD+RW/+R, the image will always be recorded in aspect ratio 4:3". It will record in 16:9 only with DVD-RW/-R.

To play the disk back on another video recorder you need to record in "make-recording-compatible" mode. This mode is only selectable for DVD+RW/+R.

So to summarize: you can't make a DVD that is 16:9 and watch it on a device other than the Toshiba DR430.


Before you eject the disk you have to "finalize" the disk. This means writing out certain stuff to the disk physical media to make the DVD+RW/+R disk work as a regular DVD for any device.


There are tonnes of obscure features like editing and title naming etc. I have no idea about these. I just want to put a disk in and press record when I want to keep something for posterity that isn't already available for purchase on Amazon.
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on October 1, 2016
Well, it lasted a couple months beyond the warranty period and then stopped recognizing discs. This is a problem with nearly all DVD recorders. I know… I've owned at least a dozen different ones over the years. It might not be so bad except the manufacturers don;t keep repair parts available so if you send one in for service, you likely will be told it cannot be fixed. The bad side of all that is now most manufacturers, like Toshiba, seem to have stopped making these.

I've pulled a few of these apart and can saw with confidence the actual drive unit inside is about the cheapest they can get away with. If they used a standard mount or connector then these could be easily fixed and the life extended. But, they don't so they can't. So,now I don't have a DVD recorder and that is a bummer.
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on February 21, 2011
Had this a few weeks now and it is still working fine. It replaced a pansonic which only lasted for about a dozen recordings, unfortunately it died after the warrenty. Seldom used the panasonic and never put "library" dish in it. The Toshiba makes it so much easier to label segments that I am glad that I had to replace the panasonic. I only miss being able to change the clip index image (and the wasted money for the panasonic).
I thought that I would replace the panasonic with JVC or Sony but was surprised with all their negative reviews and the positive reviews for this Toshiba. It is important to read the manual carefully because it is poorly written and those tiny DVD icons are worthless and need to be annotated with a magic marker.
Also wonder why equipment designers use no common sense and insist on making equipment with tiny buttons and then making them black on a black panel but then having chrome trim where it is least needed.
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on November 20, 2013
I bought this refurbished and it works perfectly! It's my first DVR and I'm so glad I went with the positive reviews, there were so many reviews for this product that all the people who gave it a great rating couldn't be wrong! This DVR is VERY easy to use. Being refurbished it didn't come with a manual. I've made a few mistakes with settings but have always been able to see what I did wrong and I haven't had any problems using the machine at all. I'm a housewife, not an electronics geek, so if you want a reliable easy-to-use machine I recommend it highly! The only "drawback" is that you can't just change discs to begin a recording at the last minute, the discs take time to load (a couple of minutes). They also take some time to "configure" when you stop recording a show. Finalizing a recording takes about 10 minutes. But the recordings are clear at any speed and I don't see these things as drawbacks at all, just plan for them when you record! Oh, and the Maxell DVD-R pack I ordered never arrived so I picked some up at Target and they work great, in a pack of 15 I've had 1 disc that wouldn't load.
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on June 29, 2016
I have owned and frequently used this recorder for almost a year and it is still working well. These DVD recorders are starting to get very hard to find.So far,I am quite satisfied with my Toshiba purchase. I also own an excellent old Samsung DVD/VCR recorder combo but Samsung stopped making them.By the way, my old clunky 65" Toshiba TV is 18 years old after heavy daily use, and still refusing to give up the ghost which is why I purchased this Toshiba recorder.Staples has frequent DVD sales at half price so my extensive home made DVD collection is growing. The Toshiba DVD recorder records good quality DVDs +R.
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on September 19, 2011
For the last 3 years I had been using a Panasonic DMR-EZ28. The Panasonic just died and I needed a new one. I had paid almost $300 for the Panasonic and got this one for about $100. This Toshiba seems like a much better deal.

I have only had this Toshiba for about a week, but I can already tell you it is much easier than the cumbersome Panasonic. I will never buy a Panasonic DVD Recorder again. They constantly fail to turn on and do not record when you tell them to. This Toshiba records immediately after you press record (no annoying Panasonic delay) and are a lot easier to use.

The one drawback to this DVD Recorder (and why I didn't give it all 5 stars) is it doesn't feature a DVD thumbnail on a finalized disc. The Panasonic one I had did and you got to pick what image you wanted displayed on your DVD menu after you finalized. This one just has text.

Overall, I would say this Toshiba is an improvement in terms of DVD Recorders. It is easier to use than the ones I've dealt with in the past and it is quick. The design is also sleeker and it is smaller than the usual models.
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