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on December 16, 2009
I bought this DVD recorder to copy many old family home movies on videocassettes to DVDs. Our home movies date back to 1988. After some advice from customer service at Toshiba, I have been able to use the recorder to dub my old home movies successfully to DVDs.

Like several other users, I found that when I followed the instructions for dubbing to DVDs, the recorder showed a "Barred" icon, a slashed red circle. After several attempts with different brands of DVD disks, I called Toshiba. I got some very helpful advice from the first customer service agent at Toshiba, but I was still unable to resolve the problem. I called back and talked to another agent, who was able to help me resolve the recording issues. Both customer service agents at Toshiba were very knowledgeable and did an excellent job of explaining their advice. I was very satisfied with Toshiba customer service. I will summarize the advice below so that other people who have difficulties with the recorder can try these steps to resolve their problems.

1. Because old videotapes may not track well when they have been unused for several years, fast forward to the end of the tape and rewind the tape before attempting to copy it. The recorder may refuse to copy a tape if it does not track well.

2. Eject the videotape. Apparently Toshiba DVRs (both the 610 and 620) can balk if the videotape is inserted before the DVD.

3. Push the DVD button and insert the blank DVD.

4. Press Record Mode (not Record) button and set the speed (I use SP).

5. Press the Setup button and select Recording. Select Dubbing Mode. Select VCR > DVD.

6. Press the VCR button and insert the videotape. Press Play and then Pause (not Stop) at the point slightly before you wish to start copying.

7. Press the Dubbing button. Push Stop when you want to stop dubbing. You can then insert another videotape to dub onto the same DVD, until it is full.

8. You can add titles on the DVD disk with the Top Menu button by selecting the part you wish to title and clicking on Edit and Edit Title.

9. After adding titles, you should finalize the DVD by pressing the Setup button, selecting DVD Menu and then Finalize (this may take a few minutes). Then you should be able to play the disk on another machine. I have been able to play finalized disks on my Sony DVD player.

I hope this is helpful for others having some trouble with these machines. I am very happy to be able to make digital copies of my old home movies.
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on February 11, 2015
Super machine to update my old VHS tapes. Amazing technology and the instruction booklet covers all the options. I am glad I took your offer with an unbeatable price.
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on February 6, 2015
Does a very nice job of converting deteriorating VHS tapes to long lasting DVD's. So far, I have converted about 90 tapes, and it works very well, just like the instruction manual says. About 30 of those tapes were S-VHS tapes that I dubbed from a S-VHS Player via a S-VHS cable into the Toshiba Combo. About 10 have been DV tapes, and the Toshiba controls the DV Deck perfectly. Having done a lot of video work and being quite picky, the DVD's have no discernible loss in quality versus the tape. One of the nice features is that it shuts down after a few minutes of no input, so you can start a dub, and then leave. I strongly recommend this machine.
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on September 20, 2013
If you need a comdo vcr and dvd I recommend this one. Once you get the tracking right on it for the vcr it works great.
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on August 12, 2014
I'm using this to archive old VHS tapes at work to DVD-R discs. So far, it's performed pretty well. Of the 300 or so VHS tapes I've converted, only 2 discs threw back errors that they couldn't be recorded. One of the error actually locked the machine up and it had to be power cycled. Still for 300+ discs, not too shabby.

I've had to clean the heads on this once so far. Most of these tapes I'm converted are from the early to mid-90s and have been sitting in terrible storage conditions. It's not too much of a surprise that the tapes are filthy and degrading to the point of mucking up the heads on the VCR mechanism. A quick cleaning with a wet-based cleaning tape, and everything was okay.

The process of dubbing it is simple:

1. Use remote to enter settings menu to desired max recording time of DVD (higher the time the lower the quality)
2. Insert blank DVD-R into tray (DVD-Rs are auto formatted).
3. Insert VHS
4. Press Dubbing button on remote
5. After a bit of time of the unit detecting no video on the tape, the unit auto-stops the dubbing and the VHS tape. This is actually a great feature. A Sony DVDirect VRD-MC3 and MC5, for example, will continue to record until the disc is full even if there is no signal from the video source
6. Enter the Setup menu via the remote and then access the disc menu to finalize the DVD. You can also edit the DVD menu and DVD title options before finalizing (which I don't bother with).

You do need to use the remote to enter in any setting menu. You need the remote to finalize at disc. There are buttons behind the front panel to control the VCR portion, adjust tracking and initiate the dubbing process. You can also eject the DVD from the front of the unit. However, the fact there are no button controls to access the important menus, means you better not lose the remote!

Overall, initial disc setup for a blank DVD-R is very fast when compared to something like a Sony DVDirect VRD-MC3, VRD-MC5 or VRD-MC6 (all of which I also use daily). The slow part of the whole process is the finalization of a DVD. The unit lags behind any of the DVDirect models I have by about 50% more time required.

Oh, I connect the unit to an LCD TV via the HDMI port and everything works fine.
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on December 18, 2014
Signal output from the device no matter the source (VCR, DVD, L1 and L2) to my TV via HDMI lacks contrast and is washed out (blacks are dark gray, white is light gray). Component video has better contrast but is still washed out.

The VCR's picture quality seems to be of lower quality than a SONY unit I have so I've been hooking my SONY up to L2 and recording that way. Have transferred half a dozen VHS tapes to DVD this way. The quality of the recorded DVD is excellent, or at least as good as it can be from a VHS source; the DVD's I've made are indistinguishable from the original VHS tapes. Have not yet used the internal VCR to make a DVD so I cannot compare the output quality in that respect.

My LG DVD player does not recognize the custom chapter marks I make with the unit. Have not yet tried playback on other devices.

Do not know why some people say the unit is cryptic or confusing to use. I spot-read a few key sections of the manual and referred back to it a couple times at first, but aside from that the unit is easy enough to use.

So, in summary: excellent quality on the finished product, but has some quirks.
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on December 16, 2015
The VHS optical reader failed after 1 VHS/DVD dubbing (1st use of unit). Help & support telephone numbers included with unit either are not in service or will not support this product. Thankfully I also purchased the SquareTrade protection plan and after failing to contact Toshiba, SquareTrade stepped in to assist. They found the same problem but were able to come up with a contact number for support. Toshiba agreed the product had failed. The problem is that no direct replacement is available through Toshiba so they offered a "store credit". However, the Toshiba "store credit" could only be applied to computers and limited accessories ... none of which offered VHS/DVD recording/dubbing players (or any other VHS or DVD units). The Toshiba representative had no solution to offer me so I'm waiting to hear from a Toshiba manager on how to resolve the issue. Needless to say that I am very frustrated and have a very poor impression of Toshiba support. I'll probably never buy another Toshiba product.
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on October 5, 2014
This device is one of the few still left on the market that will take a video stream and put it on a DVD. It seems likely that the scarcity of these devices is artificial, as 5 years ago, there was a larger selection of devices made by a larger array of manufacturers. Panasonic no longer sells a similar device. I refuse to buy from Sony after they hacked their own customers.

This is a big clunky device for a very tiny job -- convert video from my medical camera and burn it directly on a DVD. The VCR->DVD function is really useless, as nobody has VCR's anymore, but I am grateful that it even can be purchased. The problem with availability of this and similar devices is likely the result of the aggressive efforts by the motion picture association to protect their intellectual property, as a device like this could be used to make a DVD out of video from any source, presumably including copyright protected ones too.

This device arrived in a box within box. The inner box had clearly been opened before, as it was retaped. The styrofoam holding the recorder was cracked - - so clearly this was a sale of a returned unit. Oddly enough, it was also mailed to my billing address rather than the shipping address. All that being said, it eventually arrived and worked OK.
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on August 10, 2015
When we purchased this item, we had a tremendous amount of respect for the Toshiba brand. Many of the technological products in our home are Toshiba products. We were trying to transfer VHS to DVD and this machine was perfect for our needs. This recorder was only in use for about six (6) months when it began to "eat" the VHS tapes. When we contacted the seller ("One Stop Shop"), they indicated that, since it was past the 30-day time frame for returns, they would not stand behind their product. In the future, I will never purchase any merchandise marketed through "One Stop Shop" and I urge others to be cautious about their selections as well. In addition, since the recorder did not hold up, I do not recommend this product.
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on March 12, 2015
I love it !! my grand daughter and I watch old vhs disney movies almost every day... I bought them long ago with the thought of maybe having a grand child one day..I am happy that we can watch them and that it wasn't a total waste of money. At the time I didn't think they'd be replaced by dvd's or whatever else..and we can watch dvd's also.... so I'm very happy to be able to view old movies and new movies.....Thank You...
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