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on April 12, 2017
This product did not fit my computer; the jack is way too short. Other customer reviews mentioned this problem and it may be that this is a problem with only particular computers. The reason I gave this seller only one star is not because the jack ended up being to short, it is because my computer model (Toshiba Satellite E105-S1402) was specifically listed as being compatible with this product - and that is false advertising. I recommend anyone looking for a power cable to read the reviews carefully. To anyone who has the computer model I just listed, it is unlikely that this power cable will work for you.
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on April 15, 2012
I purchased this item last month. After two days of receiving the charger, it was sensitive, meaning I would need to wiggle before the connection would charge. A customer service representative contacted me in attempt to remove or alter my last review. They offered to refund or exchange the charger for removal of my review. After accepting the proposal, I removed my review. Since then, it has been three weeks and I have not received a refund or exchange. Now, the charger does not work at all, regardless of wiggling the insert piece. I would not recommend purchasing this item.
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on September 7, 2014
When I initially purchased the product it seemed great and everything worked fine. Not 3 days later did the metal plug in detach from the plastic head. I could clearly see they used the cheapest possible method of attaching the metal piece to the plastic housing it belongs in. I wasn't even rough with the product, perhaps this is just a bad unit or perhaps it is a bad product. Either way it gets a two star review for now. If the replacement is good, I will edit the review...but this is not a five star product.
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on February 24, 2016
I paid for a Toshiba product and received an after market or a knockoff product.If I wanted an after market product or a knockoff, I would not have paid the higher price. The specs do not match the product as advertised.

Toshiba 19v 3.95a 75w PA-1750-09 PA-1750-04 PA3468E-1AC3 PA3432U-1ACA Laptop AC Adapter Charger Power CordToshiba 19v 3.95a 75w PA-1750-09 PA-1750-04 PA3468E-1AC3 PA3432U-1ACA Laptop AC Adapter Charger Power Cord
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on September 12, 2016
With 25% of reviews being 1 star, I think the user is selling refurbished units. Mine never worked. Apparently not tested before shipping. Could hear arcing and or buzzing noises coming from inside charger. It's disappointing to wait a week just to receive a defective item.
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on April 5, 2013
ThisToshiba brand power cord--bearing an identical part number--is not an identical replacement. Perhaps I should be grateful that it arrived as promised, has worked fine for 3 days, and appears to be well constructed.

However, it is 30" shorter than the cord that came with my laptop! No comfy seat in my home is close enough to an outlet to enable me to use my laptop in comfort while it is plugged in. (My rooms are normal size, and have sufficient outlets.) Unless I want to drag a power strip around from room to room, I'm stuck sitting in a straight chair at my kitchen table. Moreover, the new cord doesn't reach any of the plugs I've always used at the library. This is an extreme inconvenience and annoyance.

But Toshiba has added insult to injury by also nipping several inches off the little black velcro band it attaches for wrapping the cord to the brick during transport. The new one is too short to fit around the two.

How much more would a few additional inches of standard electical cord and velcro have cost the company? Maybe a dollar? I'd have been happy to have paid double that amount if the replacement cord had been the same length as the original. It is reasonable for a buyer to expect that a replacement part distributed under the manufacturer's label should be identical to the original part. I have many Toshiba products in my home. But after this, I will not be purchasing any new equipment from this company.
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on August 3, 2013
I purchased this charger as a replament for my original charger after the wires became frayed after several year of use. I selected this product because it was OEM and not a generic brand. The first time I ordered the charger it apparently was damaged during shipment and sent back to amazon, but no one bothered to inform me of this. I contacted them 2 days after it was supposed to arrive and found this out. Amazon refunded me and credited me 2 day shipping so I could order a second one. When the 2nd one was received each time I tried to plug it into the outlet it sparked. I tried multiple outlets and had the same problem with all of them. I can plug other things into the outlets with no problems or sparks. The charger does not consistently work either. Sometimes it won't even light up the power light on my laptop indicating that it is charging. Sometimes it lights up the light, but when I try to turn on my computer it just flickers the power light and does not start my computer. Sometimes it works. I am concerned that it is going to damage my laptop and frustrated because I was alread 2 weeks without my computer and now I'm having problems again.
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on August 31, 2012
AC adapter works well out of the box. I was hoping the AC adapter would be as long as the original (Part NO:PA3468U-1ACA Model:ADP-75SB AB) that came with the computer but its length is shorter, I needed it anyway. Also the original one has two prongs and this one has three, no problem though. I went to the Toshiba site for a compatible AC adapter but they showed me a 120 Watt Global AC adapter twice as big and so luckily I had time to cancel the order at Amazon before they shipped it. I then looked at the part number on my old AC adapter (which is what I should have done in the first place) instead of going to the Toshiba site. Im not sure if I am going to have the same problem again but this same part number AC adapter that came with my computer is going bad after 4 years that is why I am purchasing this one. The old adapter I have to twist it a bit and plus even added tape to make it work. The old one still works I just have to move the cable a bit so it makes contact. Furthermore, I also want to add that some reviewers think this is a counterfeit product, it clearly is not. Toshiba just happened to make an adapter with the same part number but different model numbers which means the adapters will have some differences. As far as I know there are two versions of this adapter. One of them is Part NO: PA3468U-1ACA Model:PA-1750-09 which is this adapter. The other one is Part NO:PA3468U-1ACA Model:ADP-75SB AB which is the longer version of the adapter but with two prongs only. I would suggest you buy one of these two adapters if it matches the same part number as your old Toshiba adapter and then you can decide which model you want to purchase.
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on May 30, 2013
I'm hard on my laptop but handy with electronics so I have repaired my power adapter end many times. The last time it died I was just shopping for a new tip to solder on when I found this. At $12 it was only a few bucks more than buying just the tip. I figured it was worth the risk, and it definitely was. It is identical to the original except that it has a safer 3 prong cord where the original only had a 2 prong. Great buy!
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VINE VOICEon December 14, 2011
Seriously, if the cord on your Toshiba laptop bit the dust and this is the replacement model, do yourself a huge favor and get rid of the laptop right now. This particular adapter is apparently one of the worst of any laptop line. Not only are there tons of bad reviews for it here, but on the manufacturers site as well, and over there, it retails for over three times the price advertised here! Although, with theirs you get a one year warranty instead of 90 days, which led me to wonder if these cheap ones are knock-offs. However, both the real McCoy and these cheapo adapters have terrible lifespans and suffer from many of the same issues, so I think they're the same. Just that buying it over there, you get to suffer the indignity of a huge markup in addition to getting a terrible product. I bought this adapter in early August and it has already stopped working in early December. The laptop doesn't travel and the adapter stays in a safe place. The adapter gets very hot and I think it's a manufacturing overheating defect causing them to fail prematurely. The proof is in the reviews. Read them and see how many people report being on their third or fourth adapter. I've had the laptop since December 2008 and the original adapter was okay. It at least lasted 2 1/2 years. However, now that it bit the dust and I'm stuck with these terrible replacements, I might just auction off the laptop. It's just not worth the headaches. I've worked with and owned many Dell and HP adapters that were abused to no end and still lasted and worked fine many years. After seeing the barely over 100-days lifespan of this adapter, I'm reluctant to buy another Toshiba laptop.
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