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on August 12, 2012
This computer is not the fastest out there, nor does it have the most advanced features. But it's great if you need a very portable laptop and you don't have the budget to buy a macbook air. Though you can buy cheaper laptops, at similar specs, this laptop falls into the 'ultrabook' category as defined by Intel. The benefits to an ultrabook is the thin size, light weight, and long battery life. This is not even the best ultrabook out there, but it is one of the cheapest of those. The majority of the ultrabooks seem to be 900 and up, making this sort of a 'budget' ultrabook, if not a budget laptop.

I ordered this for my dad, who needed a new laptop for his work. Some notable points about it.

The laptop looks sleek, with a great finish that doesn't seem to make fingerprints too noticeable. The keyboard is a chiclet style -similar to the macbook air that this category of laptops attempts to follow- Which means it is more shallow than the usual keyboard. I do find it easy to type with, though it does take a bit of getting used to. It looks very nice, in a subdued sort of way. I wish the screen was a higher definition, but oh well.

One of the main reasons my dad chose this laptop. It is not as thin as some of the better ultrabooks, but it's thinner than the standard laptops, and -much- lighter.

As the other reviewer said, the boot time is slower than I expected from an SSD/HDD hybrid. Yet, it certainly boots faster than the 5 year old laptop it is replacing! Once on, it runs smoothly and quickly for office tasks, and streaming videos. The fans seem quiet, though I haven't tried to task them with anything pushing the computer's limits. It's not a computer for gaming, and I'm not even attempting it. It seems fine for daily use / buisness/ school etc. The Battery lasts about 5 to 6 hours of streaming video and web surfing, etc.

I don't use trackpads if I can avoid it, usually with a wireless mouse, so I can't really say whether that is bad or good. My dad says he preferred the old trackpad he used, but that this one is good enough.

I would recommend this laptop to someone who wants all the portability advantages of an ultrabook, but doesn't necessarily need something with super high performance. It's really a pretty decent little laptop. Comparatively, you might also like the Zenbook prime UX32a from ASUS, which is a similarly priced ultrabook that also has an HDD/SSD hybrid.
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on December 8, 2012
This is a good Ultrabook, but not excellent. HD makes noise sometimes (including some "clicks", which makes me wonder about its health; that I'll figure out just with time), more than the standard for most laptops. Touchpad sometimes fails on recognizing taps on some areas (it can be adjusted on its settings to make it work smoother, yet this is not among the best touchpads you'll find around). Battery life is fair good (does not last as long as the brand says), not excellent but not bad. Backlighting is a great feature that many Ultrabooks miss, makes it a plus for this one. It's not the lightest Ultrabook, but is light enough, easy to carry. It doesn't heat up much, what is very good. Its case is awesome. For about 650 dollars, it's a good deal.

Update (Jan 23rd 2013): The hard disk stopped making noise, whatever's the reason. It's been working good so far. SSD drive really makes a difference, this Ultrabook boots very quickly. Touchpad (even after updating its driver) still has issues, it freaks out sometimes, requiring me to restart the machine.

Someone has written in a review that this ultrabook actually doesn't have backlight as announced by Amazon. I confirm what's announced on the page here, it DOES have backlight, and it works very well (it's a smart backlight, after sometime without using the keyboard, the light turns off automatically).
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on February 25, 2014
A great laptop for the price (I got this for 499.00 on Cyber Monday) however, it's not without a few problems (I've owned this for about a year and a half at the time of this review).

The bad news:
(1) Casing is metal but not Macbook Air aluminum but rather some kind of fragile painted metal skin that I still can't tell what it is made of. Looks cool at first but the paint starts wearing off and you see spots (looks cheap) where the metal paint or metal skin wears off. Also scratches fairly easily so I can't imagine what would happened if I bumped this on something or dropped it (gasp).

(2) The wifi has connectivity problems. I know it's the computer because I have an iPhone and another laptop and they all function perfectly fine when this one suddenly disconnects or fails to connect at all. Might be a software issues with Toshiba though b/c it is easily fixed every time with a simple reboot (which is crazy fast... more later).

(3) The keyboard is very small and took some time to get used to typing with. Also lacks the imbedded num pad within the JKL side of keys on the right hand. Backlit keyboard is very nice though.

(4) The mousepad is horrendous! This is the one thing I absolutely can't stand about this computer. I think Toshiba tried to copy MacBook Air on this one as did all Ultrabooks, but there are no left & right click buttons, but unlike other laptops, to click down is very hard and the mouse pad does not differentiate very well whether this is a left or right click. I cannot do any kind of work on this laptop without a separate mouse.

Good news:
(A) Great price: enough said

(B) 6 GB RAM!!! My friends' MacBook air only had 4GB RAM, perhaps at a faster speed but also at 4X the price.

(C) Great battery life. I'm almost 1.5 years into this laptop and I still get about 4 hours average on battery on regular day. Watching a movie straight through might only be 2 hours though. I can easily run a MS CHKDSK without this being plugged in.

(D) 3 USB ports along with 1 USB 3. Location is also make sense, good job Toshiba. USB 3 on here at least also supports sleep and charge (you can plug your phone in to charge without having to actually keep the laptop running).

(E) Boot speed is lighting fast, it's insane! Have a chormebook and the ultrabook is comparable. All of the programs might take a little longer to loan but normal functions such as internet & chrome are still fast & functional while they load. The startup is actually so fast, I almost never end up putting laptop to sleep (by closing lid) since the time to start back up are almost identical. If computer falls into hibernate mode it's actually slower to wake up from hibernate than just to start up.

(F) Does come with a good amount of bloatware, but the good news is I haven't had to install any extra hardware or drivers. Doesn't come with a Windows CD so I'm not sure what I'll do if somehow I had to reformat my hard drive.

Hope this helps! Great buy overall.
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on June 30, 2013
I like this Toshiba, but initially I had a lot of trouble typing things. The touch pad was too sensitive to be useful. Every little motion made the cursor jump to random places for both Word and email typing. It was so frustrating. Eventually someone helped me get rid of hot keys and then all the mouse functions. I am fine now. My suggestion to you is to ask the customer if they want Windows 8; don't just install it blindly.

Most people do not want to be pushed to learn functions they have no use for. They buy a laptop to do their work, not to learn to be a computer nerd. Some of the functions are put there for computer savvy people, and some of the computer nerds are really clueless about human mental habits and psychology.

It would be a really good idea for any computer maker to present an initial list to the customer as soon as the customer turns on the computer. On this list, useful questions can be "Would you like to have fancy hot keys, Yes/No?" "Would you like to have fancy mouse functions, Yes/No?", and "Would you like to learn hot key and fancy mouse functions, Yes/No?" Then the computer adjusts the computer based on the customer's answers and presents a computer that is to the liking of the customer. Then, the computer pops up a final window that says "For more functions of hot keys and mouse, click X."
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on December 24, 2012
I research as well prior to purchasing good Laptop/netbook and found the Toshiba was the right price /ratings. After using it for a month now it is a great product light weight screen jumps out at you easy to use and the 32 GB boot up is fast. One thing I found out when I upgraded to Windows 8 is the PC locked up we had to reset the PC I guess like most laptops with the battery inside there is a small hole under the back you have to hold in to rest. It wasn't the PC but Window 8 ...when you shut down Windows 8 you have to hold down the Shift Key as you shut down the reason is an app is running in background. This I hope an update will fix. JJJ Tech Pioneer(the supplier) was very helpful and would buy from them again thru Amazon...
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on November 19, 2012
i was kind of skeptical about this laptop because the price was pretty low for an ultrabook with features such as the toshiba u845-s406. i must say i was pretty surprised by its performance so far. it's very sleek and fast pretty light, and has good speakers. the only downside so far is it gets a little warm, and make some sound but still nothing to serious. although allot of people scared me with the non responding keyboard i found no problems with the keyboard but on the other hand the touchpad buttons can get frustrating. other than that the backlit keyboard is awesome-best feature if u ask me.
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on June 28, 2013
Everything is good except for one slight problem.
The space bar on the keyboard doesn't register unless you push down with emphasis.
If you don't, you will have words run together.

Other than that, it's working just fine for my needs.
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on April 15, 2015
Very fast came to Russia. Product description corresponds completely. Thank zakachestvennuyu sale. recommend
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on March 23, 2016
Item is great and as described!
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on January 17, 2015
I bought a Toshiba U845, and within 12 months the both hinges of the screen broke!
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