Customer Reviews: Total Law of Attraction: Unleash Your Secret Creative Power To Get What You Want!
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Plain, simple, and to the point, this 21 chapter book is the burger without the pickle relish, onions, mustard and ketchup--just the meat! I have been working with the Law of Attraction (LOA) for some time now. The instructions are all here, without having to read through pages and pages of filler. This 2010 book has only 168 pages, so it is relatively small. It even has bigger print, to take up more room on the pages, BUT, make no mistake--the info is all here. You could probably read this book on a flight from Baltimore to Denver. The goal here is to present the LOA in a fast and simple way, so the average Joe/Jane can understand it, practice it, and achieve success.

Pay attention to each "rule", because each is very important. Note that "fear" is very challenging because we are surrounded by ways to keep us in fear (tv/news/crime/comparisons/punishment/stress/multitasking/lack/etc.). You MUST recognize your fears and PUSH through them or you are pretty much like a sailboat without a sail--"dead in the water". Another issue that is very difficult is the concept of "time". As the author points out, it takes time for your wishes to manifest. Think of it as a delay in the process. In our high-stress, multitasking, internet world, we don't want to even wait an extra minute in a fast-food line. LOA needs time to get the message up to the ethers, arrange a place for the air drop and have the package come back down from the Heavens.

Some of my LOA suggestions:
1) Follow the book. It provides good and clear instructions.
I also emphasize or add:
2) Practice. Start with small things, to build your belief in your own ability. Mentally "reserve" a parking place. Intend to see someone. Start easy.
3) It takes a HUGE commitment to working on yourself everyday--staying positive, living in gratitude, etc. (As the author explains, this raises your vibration.) I suggest you also get rid of as much negativity as possible.
4) Allow "time". This ain't "Bewitched" where you twinkle your nose and it appears. If you want a parking place, start working on it at least a half hour in advance. If you want a date, start working on it a week or more in advance. If you want something real specific, start WAY in advance. The less specific you are, the easier it will be for the Universe/God to provide. Do you want a car? Or do you want a Cadillac Model XYZ convertible. Be specific only when it is real important to you to be so.
5) Understand that "it's not always about you". It may boost your ability to receive something if it can also help others. If your intention is for a new car, think about WHY you want it. If it is so you can help others in some way, add that thought to your intention and be specific.
6) Understand that LOA works both ways. If you focus on negative, you get more negative. If you can only see your lack of something, you will create more of it. If you always focus on your furnace breaking down, it probably will. When you find yourself thinking negatively, picture a big red stop sign in your face and mentally scream "STOP"! Immediately shift your focus.
7) Mentally review all the good in your life every day and be thankful.
8) NEVER intend with the intension of taking away from someone else. It is just WRONG to try to take away someone else's free will or to take something from them (job/money) so that you can have it.
9) Finally, set your intention to receive "only that which is in your highest good to receive." Sometimes God, in his infinite wisdom, says "NO" and it's in our best interest. If you don't get what you want sometimes, accept that it may have been for a darned good reason and you may never understand why. Most likely, it is because God "recalculated" and is bringing you something better.

Namaste' - Ask and it shall be given; knock and the door shall be opened to you.
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VINE VOICEon November 14, 2010
Author Dr. David Che has studied most of the older books on the subject of the Law of Attraction along with most of the newer books. I to have always been fascinated by the ability of the mind to create ones reality and read many books over the past 20 years about the topic. The author brings together the most powerful secrets on the Law of Attraction and explains it in a manner in which anyone can understand it. This is one of those rare books that I had trouble putting down and read it through in only a few sittings.
The book explains why what we believe directly determines or destiny. "What you constantly FEEL AND THINK about, and consistently focus on, you attract into your life." The key is to not wish you had something or that you are a certain way, the secret is to feel like you already have or are a certain way. Do not wish for money, think and feel the way you would if you had money. Imagine yourself as a wealthy person, your subconscious mind does not know the difference between real and imagined reality when it is done vividly. Unlike the other books that simply state thoughts become things this book states that to manifest something, you have to have a burning DESIRE for it. You have to REALLY WANT it! This is what I have always called "you must be willing to pay the price" then you truly can get whatever you want if it is with in the realm of possibility. The key is to get your desires locked into your subconscious so it can take over and lead you to the thing you want. Your subconscious can lock on to a target and make your actions, beliefs, and thoughts create it. Enemies of the subconscious are doubt, worry, and lack of confidence. This is where your conscious mind must believe that what you desire is possible to not short circuit your subconscious. What you desire can be stretching yourself to the limits but they must be with in the realm of logic and reason. If you did not play high school or college football then it is impossible to play in the NFL. However the law of Attraction may put a college all star over the top and he may play in the NFL.
If what you want requires only your own persistence and perseverance the Law of Attraction works almost like magic. Bringing circumstances and coincidences to you that open up doors of opportunity you can walk right into. But you must take the action. If your dream is to be a doctor then you must go to medical school when the opportunity arises. I have been using the principles in this book all my life to achieve goals that seemed ridiculous and impossible for those around me. I am just so glad that they are now captured in one place. I could make this review twice as long covering the books great insights on happiness, detachment, and the science behind the Law of Attraction but instead I will just recommend buying this book, it can simply change peoples life.
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Imagine a football game. In the locker rooms, two coaches encourage their players to think, believe, KNOW they'll win, because if they believe, it'll happen. So the boys bump fists, knock helmets, and rehearse their war cries until they believe, from hearts to bones. But on the field, football isn't a contest of beliefs; it's a contest of strength, strategy, and preparedness. You can't pull two victories from one game.

I believe the Law of Attraction really does work. I believe, if we put ourselves in the right mindset, we make opportunities. I believe we make fate out of the raw material God, the universe, or circumstance put before us. I've seen it play out in my own life too often not to believe. I do believe, I really do. But I do not believe this book for one minute.

David Che voices some of the vaguest life lessons I've ever read, scolds us if we don't take him at face value, and backs his claims with a weird mishmash of half-remembered science. He inaccurately describes quantum physics, mislabels parts of human physiology, mangles post-Freudian psychology, while telling us remarkably little about how to apply his pointers. After reading this book, I trust New Age self-help even less than before.

For me, the biggest, but not last, flaw is Che's attempt to reconcile the Law of Attraction with quantum physics. I could call his thumbnail intro "inexact," but that would be charitable, because he gets his data flat wrong. I'm no physicist, but I've read enough Feynman and Kuhn to know fact from baloney. I suspect Che learned everything he knows about quantum physics from a ninety minute Google search.

Consider Che's fourth chapter, about "The Ether in Space," an idea postulated by Newton and disproved by Einstein over a century ago. Che says: "Although science will say it's been proven no such Ether exists, you'll have to put aside that notion and firmly believe it to be true." This is just one place where Che asks us to put our faith in something not only unprovable, but downright counterfactual.

As if this isn't enough, the writing is atrocious. Paragraphs run two or three pages, sentences lack verbs, typos abound. The book is set in 16-point type with wide margins and broad line spacing, probably so you won't notice that, though 168 pages, it's ridiculously short. I read it through in three hours. For $19 MSRP, I expect a book not to look like it was written in one sitting.

This book is a masterpiece of ad hoc reasoning, spun from scraps half remembered and assertions Che explicitly says will only work if we believe uncritically. Anyone who doesn't test an author's assertions against observable fact deserves to lose $19 plus shipping. But such a person probably hasn't read this far into my review. Work hard, save your money, and see how much good stuff finds its way to you.
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on July 18, 2012
I recently finished reading Dr. Che's book and found it easy to follow and practical. I have read and viewed a lot of law of attraction products and videos over the past few years, including the Secret, Ask and it is Given by Esther Hicks, Wishes Fulfilled by Wayne Dyer and You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. While I found all of these products enlightening and useful, Dr. Che's book stood out because it was practical, flowed well from chapter to chapter and offers readers a step-by-step guide to attracting what they want in their lives in a way that can easily be integrated into their everyday life.

While I personally love the spiritual perspective offered by Wayne Dyer in his book, Dr. Che's book may be more ideal for individuals who are not interested in reading these issues from a spiritual or more cosmic perspective. Dr. Che's book also lacks the repetition in other books that seem to be making the same point over and over again in each chapter. Finally, what I found interesting and unique about Dr. Che's book is his chapter on detachment - an issue that was not discussed in other similar books. I found this to be an important step in the process and found it interesting that it was never discussed in other similar books.

So, what makes your book different from other similar books is that it is easier to understand, flows from one point to the next point with each chapter, offers a step-by-step perspective or how-to approach, is not repetitive, is practical and is ideal for individuals who are not attracted to spiritual or cosmic explanations about the law of attraction.

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on August 24, 2012
This was an excellent read. To be honest, however, this pattern of thinking (if you will), is not something that's new, it's just now being publicized, but it's something that has always existed.

If you follow the most successful people in history, they have the mentality that is in this book.

You have to believe you've already made it, that you are a professional, superstar, high successful. Then after you meditate about it and truly believe it to already happen in the past, then you forget about it, flip the switch, and turn into a "machine of gratitude"; is what I like to call it.

Don't wake up every morning saying "I have to work hard because I'm broke"

Wake up every morning saying "I have to work hard to give gratitude for my success"
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on August 3, 2013
I've spent years reading books on this very subject and even though I know from past experience that the law of attraction is real, Amazon recommended this and I decided to have a quick read. In my opinion, it is the best book for anyone interested in understanding the principle. David Che explains it in a way that makes sense and is easy to understand.

After reading this book I decided that it was time to prove to individuals that this really works.

I grew up in a family where both parents worked very hard to get through and we were by no means made-of-money. Every Thursday evening my Mother would take my brother and I to our local mall for the weekly food shopping. I was seven years old and as we walked to the mall I noticed an amazing vehicle parked in the same spot every week. After weeks of walking past it and being in awe of it, I said to my Mother and Brother "I will own a car like that some day." My Mother said "With all my heart I hope you do." I should say that the car was a Porsche. I had no idea how I could ever afford it, but I remember believing that one day I would own a Porsche. Years went by and I purchased my first vehicle. Guess what? It wasn't a Porsche. It was a $4,000 car and I had just enough money to buy it. I remember it having a sunroof and every time it rained water would leak and pour all over me. My bedroom poster was a picture of a Porsche and on my 21st Birthday my Mother purchased a cake shaped like a Porsche. I even recall going into a Porsche dealership and even though no salesman approached me, I did picture myself driving it. I wasn't too attached but just knew that one day I would own a Porsche. Meanwhile, I had upgraded my car to a $5,000 one with no leaking sunroof. I was working and studying at the same time but money was tight and there were weeks where I had to ask for a cash advance to get me through. Still, I would sometimes look at car magazines and check the classifieds to see the pricing for a Porsche. $85,000 was a little out of my price range but it didn't deter me from feeling that I would one day own a Porsche. Years went by, (and I won't go into what happened in case I want to write a book :) ) but I remember walking into the same Porsche dealership and purchasing a Porsche for over $100,000. This time the salesman did approach me. The first thing I did was drive to my Mom's as I wanted her to be my first passenger.

So, that's the positive side of the Law of Attraction.

The not-so-positive (or should I say, what I did to bring about what happened next. The law is the law)

I had finally made it. I had my Porsche, lived in an amazing house, had a very successful business and money was flowing. My thoughts and feelings had changed. Rather than feeling happy and content, I was fearful that "this was too good to be true", "this wasn't going to last," "I didn't deserve this" and more negative feelings. At this point in my life I did not know about the Law of Attraction. If I did, I would have probably changed my thinking pattern ASAP)

Then it started: I had a bad month in terms of sales, so I became fearful that this was the beginning of a downward spiral. I even imagined myself losing everything and thinking about what I would do "when" I had no money. I looked in the real estate section of the newspaper trying to determine what I would get for my house and of course looked in the classifieds to figure out what I would get for the Porsche.

I lost everything and while trying to understand why, came across books talking about this Law of Attraction.

I honestly know first hand that I caused these things to manifest and want people to understand that they CAN make changes and amazing things WILL happen.

I do not know the author and have no financial interest, but as mentioned previously, have read so many books on the subject that I really recommend this version.

It's an easy read and will certainly change the way you should think and feel.

Take it from me..
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on February 17, 2012
I have read so many books on the Law of Attraction---the old ones and a few of the most recent ones---thinking that I will find something new that will help me in my spiritual journey. Lately I have become bored with most of them because they are all saying basically the same thing. Although, Dr Che is reiterating the basic knowledge I have on the law of attraction he does include areas that some of the other books does not include; for instance, the Law of Detachment. There are authors who do mention being detached from the outcome; but, they usually do not elaborate on it the way this author does. Dr. Che also thoroughly explains the Conscious and the Subconscious mind and gives analogies to help you understand exactly how the two minds work. He gives you step by step ways on how to manifest your desires and how not to reach for the impossible in the beginning. He reminds you to focus on the positive but be aware of the negative thoughts that comes up in your mind so you can quickly erase them from your mind. This book is so easy to understand that I will use it as a guide for teaching my young ones. Thank you Dr. David Che for giving us a simple and concise guide to understanding just how the Law of Attraction/Vibration totally works.
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on June 6, 2012
I love this book. It really helped me learn about manifesting the law of attraction. I learned about the law of detachment also. I'm very pleased and impressed with the content. I like that it's quick to the point. There's no time to get bored and if you need help asap this is the book for you.
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on May 16, 2012
The book is easy to read and upfront about what one must do in terms of reading and re-reading in order to understand the principles involved in understanding the concepts of the Law of Attraction and creating what we want in our lives; in other words it is not an instant process.
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on January 18, 2014
This is THE book to read if you are a "student of the mind". I purchased this in October of 2012 and have just now read it! So glad I did and at the right time! I have read "Beyond Positive Thinking", "Think and grow rich", studied "You were born rich", "The science of getting rich", "The Power of the subconscious mind","Your Invisible Power" and am familiar with Thomas Trowers work, and have listened to "The Strangest Secret" countless times, however this is the book that ties it all together, explains lots of the "missing" pieces or what is so unclear that you would say "this does not work!". If you are familiar with the law of attraction I would say this is a must read but if not, don't start with this one, as it is the read that makes it all clear. Easy to read, enjoyable and exciting!
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