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on December 30, 2010
I purchased the Totes Superdome Auto Open/Auto Close umbrella in complete black and it's a purchase that I'm glad that I did.

The umbrella comes nicely packaged with a mesh sleeve that it fits into. The look is stout, with a classy feel that adds to the appeal. The sleeve that it comes with, is just plain okay, being a little tight and cumbersome to remove, due to the sliding clip on it's drawstring being difficult to release with a push. The size of the fully open umbrella is good enough for two or one very large individual.

It has a strong sturdy frame for those wind gusts that might blow your umbrella inside out. The 'push-button open feature' works very well by fully expanding from the retracted position at the base and the 'close feature' collapses the umbrella so you can manually pull the hood back to the base stem. The size of folded umbrella is shorter than most standard size umbrellas. It's not the smallest (but extremely good for its hood size), making it easy to store and carry around.

The one major drawback I would change, if I could, would be the handle size. It's not very ergonomic to the hand, being that it's small and short. The sturdy plastic handle feels strong enough but doesn't make for a feeling that you're gripping it well. If you can put that aside, an excellent umbrella to use.


Pros -

* Looks great
* Comes with a mesh sleeve
* Large enough for two
* Sturdy frame (resists wind)
* Easy to take with you (small enough)
* Auto Opens and collapse closes

Cons -

* Tight packaging sleeve
* Handle is small and unassuring
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on February 24, 2013
The big thing about this umbrella is that it is a medium-big one and still fits nicely in my backpack. Materials that constitute it are of good quality and finish seems to be good too. I didn't had the opportunity yet to test it in harsh conditions and high frequent use. About the 56 inch; diameter, I've measured it. What they call 56 inch; diameter is actually it circumference. It is the length of the diametral circumference. The diameter itself under the plane covered by the umbrella is about 50 inch, not 56 inch as advertised. Still, it has enough space for two.
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on April 6, 2017
This umbrella fails to do two of its essential tasks. First it does not open easily after pushing the button. It goes only halfway and then it needs to be handled and pushed hard to open. Second it does not close properly. You will need to struggle with it a lot to get it closed. If you are trying to use this "umbrella" under heavy rain, I wish you good luck, because while trying to open and close it for five minutes, you will be drenched in rain. I am ordering a new one from a different brand right now.
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on April 20, 2017
- Umbrella span is huge. Easily covers two people.
- Well built. It gets pretty windy where I live, and the umbrella has flipped a few times, but has flipped right back with the arms still intact.

- It's pretty heavy.
- The handle is a little too big. After half an hour, my hand got tired holding the umbrella in place (and yes, I was switching hands).
- The arms or spines or whatever you want to call them are SHARP. I've cut my hands several times on this umbrella when struggling with it on a windy day.
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on July 7, 2017
I do miss my outlet store so I had to go online and glad to find the product. Love the colors, I was tired of black and it always got confused with other umbrellas. The only thing that isn't clear is the "auto close" part. There is nothing that explains how to auto close it. There is a button that opens the umbrella, but that same button doesn't retract it. I had to close it up like any other umbrella. Guess I will go on-line and get instructions.
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on October 15, 2014
**editing my review (2015)***
It didn't rain much where I live so I've only used this umbrella a number of times. Unfortunately, the arms of the umbrella are fairly fragile and apparently bend and break very easily. After less than a year of use my umbrella is broken and useless. I'm disappointed as I originally thought this umbrella was going to hold up a little longer than some standard CVS version. It's large and compact, which I loved about it, but what's the point if it's not even going to last a year. If anyone knows of a better umbrella, let me know!

I love the design/color (the awning stripes), I love the size considering it's compactness. I even tested it in a good gust of wind and it didn't turn inside out (though I also didn't go to town with the wind because I really didn't want it to turn inside out).

I gave it four stars only mainly because this thing takes some serious strength to close (I have to put the handle against my stomach and use both hands to push against it in order to lock it in).

I saw some other reviewers say their legs got wet... Mine did too, however I really don't know what else one should expect when it's raining out. If you've ever had an umbrella that somehow magically protected your legs too please let me know, sounds like a dream.

All in all though I'm pretty excited to have an umbrella that fits in my backpack, still covers my entire body AND backpack when in use, and so far has held up against probably the most wind I will have to deal with. And the colors make me happy on such a gloomy day.
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on November 2, 2016
Totes really means it when they say lifetime warranty. A rib broke on my umbrella, not sure how, but I decided to try the warranty. Totes makes it pretty easy - you just cut off and send in the style tag and the velcro closing strap together with a $5 check for shipping. Within ten days I received a brand new similar model umbrella. I've always liked the way Totes umbrellas worked but stuff happens. It's nice to see a company that stands behind its products.
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on May 28, 2014
After years with a "standard" compact umbrella, with a 44 inch canopy, I knew I wanted something bigger. I still wanted it to fit in my backpack, though. I waffled between a few models, and settled on the Superdome. After a number of spring showers, I'm very satisfied with my choice.
This umbrella collapses down shorter than my old one (14" vs. 17"), though it does have some bulk. It's about the same size and shape as a glass soda bottle, for scale. The fabric is a nice tight weave, and it's got a good water-repellant coating that makes shaking it dry a snap.The ribs feel sturdy, and while it's not vented, it's manageable in 20 mph winds. The auto-open and auto-close work well, and I've yet to have it activate by accident.
My only complaint would be the handle - it's nicely contoured, but it's only 3 inches long. I could stand an extra inch of length to make it easier to hold, or at least some reshaping of the handle itself. It's got ridges at both ends, to keep your hand in place, but with the short length, one ends up in my palm. Not a dealbreaker by any means, but if you have "normal" size hands, it's something to consider.
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on December 9, 2014
Extremely disappointed with this purchase. I had a Totes umbrella for 2 years that I recently lost, so I purchased this as a replacement. I was let down from the minute I opened the umbrella and realized how much the quality had been downgraded from the previous version. In fact, I had paid less than $20 for the previous umbrella, and it was in perfect shape when I lost it.
Anyway, today was a pretty miserable, rainy day. The kind of day you need a good umbrella. And within minutes of stepping outside, this one completely bent out of shape. It no longer stays open without me holding it, and it no longer closes because the pole is completely bent. I took my last umbrella through the windy days before and after Hurricane Sandy without so much as a scratch. Really mad I spent this much money on this umbrella.
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on March 28, 2017
As a driver you need to close it with your left hand, so if you are right handed it could be a challenge.
It is also difficult when you have long fingnails.
It has a fairly large velcro closure, you don't have to fiddle with a small tab.
The carrying case has an adjustable strap which you can swing over your shoulder
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