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on October 20, 2011
-Easy to Use
-Supports plenty of formats
-Unlike most cheap MP3 player, it categorizes each song for you in its appropriate album, group, musicians, genre, etc
-The built in recorder works nicely
-4 gigs of memory (Yes!)
-Touch Screen, can use "pen" if you like
-MiniSD card slot for possible memory expansion
-Radio works well
-Plenty of options

-Impossible to create your own playlist
-Sound quality can sometimes be terrible depending on the quality of the MP3 (this was never a problem with other MP3 players I've had before)
-animated gif load incredibly slow
-Pen doesn't come with a slot
-Built-in speakers are pretty low, you'll always need to carry head/earphones to listen
-Unlikely to find an update online

Final verdict: I like it, but it could use some improvement.

[EDIT]: Well, about 2 months later, it seems my player has crapped out on me so as a result, the score went from 4 stars to 2. I don't want to say this, but don't waste your time with this item and see if you can pick up a Creative Stone Zen for cheaper price.
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on September 23, 2010
I bought this through "Bear Motion" via and it just arrived today. It took me less than a minute to figure out all the controls, it's that easy. I have no idea why some people are saying it's confusing. It's not. The only problem I had was that when I tried to download too many video/music files at time it caused it to malfunction and windows to stop recognizing it's usb drive. But, that was swiftly fixed by turning off and unplugging the computer, waiting a few minutes and then plugging everything back in and turning things back on. After I re-plugged in the player it recognized the drive the second time around. As long as I upload one file at a time I'm golden.

So far, this is what mine is holding to give you a rough idea of it's memory: About fifteen hour long episodes of a show I'm trying to get into and about a hundred songs and one e-book. After I added the fifteenth video the bar that shows how much memory is left turned red so I didn't chance adding anything else to it even though it looked like I could if I wanted to. I think it also depends on the video quality and format for how much space it takes up. All of mine are .avi and seem to look and sound pretty good. The one e-book I have on there is all in converted .jpg images so I just go to photos and read it there. Works pretty good. I found a great little pdf to jpg for ipod and other digital readers program if anyone's interested. You can google it. It's called "ebook To Images 0.9.13" If you have an old iPod you may find reading e-books in the photos sections a lot easier than in the notes section. Plus, it gets rid of all that scrolling. But, I'm digressing here. Back to the main topic, which is my review for P.E.'s 4gig digital player.

The radio stations are wonderful and the sound for the radio, video and uploaded music is wonderful. I like to listen to it without the headphones and it all comes in very clear. The headphones are great too. I actually needed a new pair, too, and these are even better than the ones that came with my old iPod.

Overall I am very happy. But, there are some bad points. Here's what I don't like about it:

It's too lightweight. It feels very flimsy as though if I breathed on it wrong it'd crack and break. I can actually look through the headphone jack on the side and see inside of the machine and the light inside. O_o

The touch-screen isn't as sensitive as it should be. But, that's not really that big a deal. So, you press a little harder. Big woop. I ended up using the back of the stylus as it seemed to work better for some reason.

I wish it came with a place to store the stylus.

It did not come with the charger that the instruction manual claims it comes with. At least I can always charge the built-in battery by plugging it into my PC. I might need to contact the manufacturer and order one, though, if I ever visit members of my family for long periods who don't have access to a computer in order to charge it while visiting.

I'm not sure if the 4gig version is meant to have a camera/video camera on it or not because the manual claims it does, but I can't seem to locate it anywhere on the player. This is not really a complaint as I don't really care about the camera one way or another. Though, it would have been nice to have one to take pictures/videos of my niece and nephews. It has a voice recorder, though.

That's it for the bad/so-so points. Just a few more words before I go;

It looks like there's more bad points than good but that's only because I didn't put all the good points in order. It really is a great little player. If I didn't think so I wouldn't be wasting all this time writing a solid review about it, now would I?

I am not sure how long the battery life is as I haven't used mine very often yet, but during one of my trips through town on the bus or train ride to visit family in another state I will surely find out. I'd recommend ordering the extra 4gig memory card to boost it up to 8gigs. That is what I am going to do. I heard that only certain memory cards will work, though and will need to research which ones.

Okay, so here's how I recommend this product: If you aren't too concerned with high-tech fancy-shmancy buttons and dials and just want something basic to play your videos, show off pictures, listen to the radio, read your e-books and listen to your music at a fraction of the price for other higher-end players than this might be for you. If not, then I suggest you save your money and invest in an iPod. I am one of those people who can't afford to fork over one to two hundred dollars on a media player and this one was perfect for me in price and function.

Also, I noticed they have one in pink. Makes me wish I'd gotten that on instead. But, I can always find a pretty cover/skin. I don't really like the rubber skin/cover it came with.

Anyway, that's my review; as convoluted and run-on-sentencey as it gets.


~Ami E. Bowen
review image
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on June 5, 2011
So I got this for 84% off, which the original price was $200! Great sale! !!!UPDATED REVIEW AT END!!!

PROS: I like the battery life, sd card slot(mini), the charger can also be used for apple products, the picture quality was very good, and for $40, it is an over-all good mp3 player.

CONS, CONS, AND MORE CONS!!!: When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed is that how SMALL the mp3 screen actually is, and how it seems like it would break easily. Another thing is that I was confused on how to turn it on and off, and what the "m" button was for(home button). When I downloaded videos, and Youtube videos on it, the video sound was very, very bad. The music sounded great, but the headphones that were included were very brittle and fragile, and it ripped apart. Also, the stylus that came with it was VERY SMALL, and I lost the stylus just today in the grass.( going to get a new one), another thing is the touch screen is not very good either. The mp3 silicon case that comes with it was very bad and didn't seem to fit very well. The sillicon case blocks the headphone jack hole, the power button and was demented when i picked it out of the box. There is also no stylus holder either. I WISH THAT THE MAKERS WOULD MAKE IT SO THAT USERS COULD PUT THEIR PHOTOS AS A WALLPAPER AND PUT MORE GAMES IN THE DEVICE AS WELL!!!! ...I will update later, but i would not buy anything from this company again.


WTF, IS THIS A MILITARY GRADE MP5 PLAYER?? I've had this product for 5 YEARS and it is virtually indestructible! I've flattened it into a pancake, I've dropped it a million times, the plastic cover is missing, and the LCD screen is hanging on by its wires!

BUT... it somehow still plays music. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE?? I've been through 5 different cell phones, 3 iPods, 4 computers, but this mp5 player just refuses to die.

review imagereview image
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on October 20, 2011
Its a horrible MP3 Player. Worst touch screen I have ever seen in my life. I spent several hour but this thing won't work. Icon response is horrible. I want to listen to some lecture. But when you go on music section and try to use it its took forever and its such a dodgy that it took me forever to listen to it.

I won';t recommend it at all , if you want to through away your money buy some lotto ticket instead of buying this stuff. May be you have chance one in 100 million that you win, but this stuff won't even work one in 1 billion
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on January 5, 2015
Very cheap mp3 player but I've had this item for 3 years now and it works great overall. I have 300 songs and 8 videos currently on the item, still can add more to it. Also has a micro card slot at the bottom for extra storage. My music files aren't big so I'm sure this device holds much more than what I currently have on it. Also, I've dropped this player countless times and yet it still works great. Battery lasts about 8-9 hours straight. Battery preserves itself very well when it's off and even when the device dies, it still kicks a song or 2 out before it dies again. Don't underestimate this player. It's actually really good. Feels cheap, looks cheap, but it's pretty durable and handy. The radio option works a bit iffy but I don't really use it much.
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on December 15, 2011
I bought this couse i liked review of guy who seems to know this things,he later added that he is very disapointed but i already got it.Also i have chineese no name dual sim phone for several years now-works good.So,as always,ups guy puts it on the steps and do not ring bell,i found it when leaving house.Plug it in @ 12:30,came back@4-ready to operate.Comes with electric charger,stylus,protective skin,usb,ear peaces,dvd,has green light,when charged, and packaged nice.So i plug it in pc and it shuffle and suck all my music in 1 min,also promised to suck new music every time i plug it to pc.Had problem with photos couse my own stupidity,e-mailed manufecturer,they got back to me right away and photos went in painless.Everything is on double click.Gives you list of songs,names of artists,I had problem with favorits but kind of figure out how to do.Can use finger if do not like stylus.It is like my new friend now,i took it on 3 weeks trip-he is OK.Just do not beleive that it cost $200,it cost exactly what they charge or even a bit less.Summary:good sound,easy to operate,uncomfortable earphones, no clip.Good luck!
yesterday my thing play just for 30 min.,and i blame myself,probably i forgot to charge it,so today charged it and went for 3 miles walk-the same story-30 min.of playing and that it.So i played with it from november 20 2011 till to-
day jan.15 2012.I will be fighting to get my money back!
Now I have it for 2 years still going strong , always with me in the park or playing through car stereo . Highly recommend!
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on November 25, 2009
I bought this as a gift for a friend, with the intention of pre-loading some music for her to enjoy. I was pleased with the overall features and capabilities, but quite surprised to find that it didn't support one of the most basic functions of an MP3 player - the playlist. Reading the Product Description details on the Amazon page, it DOES state that there is no playlist function. It's rather buried in the text - being a techie, I tend to gravitate to the bullet lists of techical & product details. Fortunately, I was able to use MediaMonkey to convert and rename the files with a 3-digit sequential prefix so they appear in the file list in order. Kind of a poor-man's playlist.

Pros: Bright & good screen, light weight, FM Radio, upgradable memory, good touch screen, fast customer service response, external speaker

Cons: No playlists! Doesn't support FLAC, no storage slot for stylus, plastic case *seems* like it might easily break, only one (cheesy) game

All in all, I'd probably spring for the 8GB model, as it apparently has the playlist function built in, according to the descriptions on Amazon (which I read closely now!)

Here's the link to the product I purchased: The link at the top of this review is not exactly the same and doesn't have the playlist issue in the text - perhaps they've released a new bios that fixes the problem?
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on January 1, 2011
Its a good MP4 player. Simple to load music and pictures on it but not movies. I uploaded movies on it and some of them played others not. One video that lasts 4 seconds made mine crash always having to make me reset on the back. For other videos it would play normally but after 1 minute the volume would go out. The E-Books is actually Text files and if you dont read them often then it will corrupt and only be able to read the first page. Its a small. It has lots of nice feature but also needs improvements. I enjoyed mine.

The Solution for the Video problem is to Convert it to AMV then upload it in your MP4.
I have been unable to try this myself as I gave this to one of my relatives who liked it more.

The Good:
-Cheap. $40 for 4GB MP4.
-Lots of Accesories
-Good music sound
-Has a speaker where you can hear music if you dont like to wear headphones but its not loud
-Simple Drag-and-drop
-You can record audio on it and well as record music from the radio.
-You can change the colors and interface.

The Bad:
-Video compatibility. This was what cause me most headaches, so I forget about it and used it mostly for Pictures and music.
-E-Book feature is more like for decoration than use.
-Games feature 1 puzzle. (I never solved it, its hard :-) )
-Radio is not that good.
-Not many Apps. It could use a calculator, a calendar (It has one but in the Settings part instead of open use), a alarm clock and flashlight.

The Ugly:

If you are a IT Guru then you would be able to Hack into it and make it more user frendly.
But for most of us we are not.

I love it. Very good for very good price. If I had it now I would still work with it so I can make my movies play in it. Its very portable and Like I heard before "If you lose it or Break it. It wont Break your Heart because It didnt Break your Wallet."

For the Price I Got it, I used it and abused it and it still lasted. Some cheap things lasts longer than the good ones :-)
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on June 18, 2012
I'm not real disappointed with this product, but I'm not real impressed either. I read these reviews before purchasing this item and the pink MP3 by Pyrus for my 2 daughters. One of the MP3 players stopped responding to touch in just 2 weeks and had to be replaced. Pyrus was very easy to communicate with and replaced it no problem, so far, no issues with the new one. However, now it is 2 months since the original purchase and the black MP3 is having similar touch screen issues. I'm currently working with Pyrus to replace it as well.

It is also deceptive that you can play games (plural) on this MP3 player. It comes preloaded with one little puzzle game and I cannot find a way to load any other kind of game. It is also not easy to find out how to load video.

If I had to do it over, I would have bought a much cheaper, non-touch screen MP3 that just plays sound files for $15.00 instead of spending $35 on this. There is NO WAY it ever originally cost $249 as noted on the price.

My daughters really wanted a touch screen MP3 and we weren't going to spend $200 a piece on an ipod. But, you get what you pay for!
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on April 15, 2012
this player for what you pay for it is a good deal i have a i pod for my home got this player for work so in case i break it i didnt lose much got one for both of my brother's we have been useing them at work for a week i read the bad reviews on this media player and all i see is wine bags that was thinking for 40 bucks they were getting something close to a i pod so it makes a good unit for kids sports hikeing etc. the touch screen work fine for me it downloads music just fine with no promblem i just syc. with my lap top and it took all the files at once it didnt freeze or blow up on me head phones are ok til u buy some ear buds for it video works fine if this thing broke i would send it back and wait for them to send me another one so yes i do give this mp3 Five stars for being a great buy for its price
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