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on November 9, 2011
I was excited when I ordered the product, got 2 of them actually with overnight shipping. Got the pen, and the stylus is the eraser portion of the pen. I wanted a FINE POINT stylus and got what every one else makes. Save yourself the money. Product is not worth it. Having a fat tip does not allow for FINE writing. Further, where the stylus is, the pen clip gets in the way and there is a taper where the ball point is. Maybe I didnt read the description right, but I was under the complete impression I would get a fine tip stylus.

I will give these to people who have no use for business applications.
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on February 21, 2012
I have been building quite a collection. I keep finding this or that stylus that appears to have a pointy end to use with drawing and handwriting apps, only to discover that the pointy end isn't useful for iPods, iPads, smartphones or tablets. Only the fat eraser-like ends work. As far as I'm concerned, I may as well try to draw fine lines with my thumb. This stylus looks like a ballpoint pen with an eraser. Which, as happenstance would have it, is pretty much what it is. Although the 'eraser' is actually just the same old fat working end for devices. Twisting the pen pops out a ball point which is pretty typical of inexpensive pens. It's not a gel writer or anything that distinguishes it beyond the pens we make off with from our local bank, or are given to us to promote some company or product. For its terribly fancy description, it's just average as a stylus and a pen. It has been relegated to my desk drawer to languish with the other stylii I purchased with hope and anticipation. Come on, all of you stylus makers. Is it really that difficult to make a stylus with a tapered end for fine line creation?
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on August 18, 2011
I bought this stylus for use with my iPad 2 along with invisible screen protector film from Am Express, and have not been disappointed with either of these purchases. That being said, this review is based off using the stylus solely with the screen protector mentioned above applied and I can't guarantee the same use with another brand.

First, the good:

-I rather like the size of this stylus; it's slightly shorter than a standard pen and one or two millimeters wider around, so it's not as large or bulky as a few others I've seen.

-It's fairly lightweight, but not so light as to feel like you're using something other than a pen or mechanical pencil. This stylus is a little heavier than the standard cheap office pens I'm used to, but I couldn't tell the difference until I held the two in my hands at the same time to really compare them.

-It registers well through a screen protector. I've never found myself pushing down more than I would using paper and pen when writing or navigating with this stylus; in fact, more often than not a lighter touch registers just fine.

- The ink the pen uses is quick drying and flows smoothly. This might not be a big thing for right-handed people, but for lefties like me it can be a huge positive. It also doesn't transfer to or scratch the screen protector when I accidentally use the pen end on the screen.

-Speaking of left-handedness, if you hold your pen at an angle--provided it isn't an incredibly severe one--your taps and writing will register just fine. This was a big worry of mine when I was looking at different styluses, as I've never learned the correct way to write left-handed and even trying to hold my wrist like that for extended note taking is uncomfortable.

The bad:

-This is minor, but I wish it had a top for the pen or that the stylus end itself was attached to a removable top so I could place it over the pen end. I'm so used to mechanical pencils that have the clip near the eraser that if I'm paying more attention to the professor than myself at the beginning of lecture that I'll occasionally look down five minutes in only to realize that I need to go back and rewrite my notes since the pen end doesn't register.

-I have a feeling that this pen wouldn't hold up to sustained chewing since the aluminum casing seems rather thin, so it'd probably be a good idea to keep this away from anything prone to chewing like a dog, cat, baby, or toddler.
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on March 29, 2012
Did a review of this stylus, while I liked the pen and stylus as far a feel, the tip did come off within a couple of weeks, in mail today I receive a package, strange, don't remember ordering anything. Open to find a nice letter from touchtec from the founder and CEO, mr Leto. Seems he read my review, sent his card and a new stylus. And pen refill, wow, double wow, when have u ever seen a CEO who cared about his product and stand by it. I am blown away, I am very impressed to the point your company is who I will do business with in the future. I appreciate your unrequested response and remedy of the faulty stylus, wow, still amazed. Imagine if U.S. auto makers had such a policy, well done Mr. Leto
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on October 21, 2012
Finding a good stylus is turning out to be a lot harder than I thought. This stylus is not bad but its not great either, for common use and simple drawing it works ok. For taking notes, it did not work very well for me, the rubber tip was not smooth going across the iPad. The other issue I had was with the pen side of this stylus, while it is a good idea, it also had issue. While writing the pen would twist and start to close, I would have to twist it back and after a a few lines it would start to close again. This should be an easy fix, most twist pens a slight locking when you open them and this one does not.
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on July 14, 2011
This so far has been a real game changer for me. My HTC phone was difficult to use with a "felt tip" stylus--to select a letter I had to push really hard on some of the onscreen keys and especially on the ones around the periphery of the keyboard. It was so bad that I was thinking that I needed to buy a new phone to get better more responsive technology. This stylus has been a revelation and completely changed my thinking--the "bubble" tip gets an instantaneous response from all keys with just the slightest touch. I could never have imagine what a great improvement this simple purchase would make and how much it would increase my satisfaction with my phone. I recommend this stylus unreservedly at this point with my only concern being the long term durability of what seems to be a very soft tip.
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on March 27, 2012
I am always looking for a pen that I can also work with on my iPad and I thought I had found an alternative to those other pens that are either to big or to heavy.
Was impressed at first, but then the pen as a pen is not that good, it tends to not write so I will have to change the ink.
As for the stylus, I can't say its the best, but it will get the job done if it does not have to be for writing on the iPad.
I can't give anything better that 2 stars since its just OK.... not good nor great.... its OK....
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on July 23, 2012
When it worked it was ok, when it didn't it was really annoying. The pen portion is fine and no issues there, but the stylus part was unreliable at best. Plus after about two weeks of use, the rubber part tore. Not what I would call a great product. I got it to use for Draw Something and just general browsing so my phone doesn't get too many smudges but I just had to stop using it.
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on September 14, 2011
I have tried several capactive pens and TouchTec II is by far the best. It has the look and feel of a Cross pen. It is well made, solid, and will last for a long time. The smaller capactive tip is really nice and works well with note-taking apps like Penultimate for the iPad. Besides producing a quality product, I am also impressed with the company. The company took time to send me a note and inquire about my satisfaction with the product. They also provided resources for assistance if needed -- a class act. Highly recommended.
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on July 2, 2012
I was pleased to receive this stylus/pen combo and used it enthusiaatically for a bit more than 2 weeks when the stylus became non-funtioning. It simply won't activate anything on my Kindle Fire screen. I've purchased a replacement (stylus only) for $3.00 which is doing fine so far. I like the idea of a dual purpose stylus, but I already have some wonderful pens.
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